The 10 Best Toddler Tricycles of 2024

As kids get older, they tend to get more agitated and entirely independent. At this stage, parents would face a rough time trying to keep their children. However, if you want to keep them busy, it’s now easier than you think. Acquiring the best toddler tricycle is the only thing you need. A tricycle is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and can greatly help your kid to develop his or her mobility skills. On top of that, it can also help them to feel confident and independent with their skills pretty early. Besides, it enables the children to bond with their family, thanks to the top level of credence that is needed to accept your kid to ride alone.

We’ve spent much of our time sifting through the market for the most entertaining and safest tricycle. And it’s during this research that we found the best 10 thriving toddler tricycles. These products have outnumbered the rest options with novel and ingenious features that deliver exceptional performance. Let’s find out more.

#1. Besrey 7-in-1 Trike Stroller Bike Baby Tricycle w/Parent Handle Rubber Wheel for Boys/Girls

Bersey 7-in-1 Kid’s Tricycle offers the best riding experience for your growing child from the age of 1-6 years. This tricycle is designed with an anti-UV canopy that ensures maximum protection of the baby against aggressive rays of the sun. A window is attached to the canopy for easy monitoring of your baby. Your toddler can easily sit in or leave the seat with the help of a flexible safety bar. It is designed with a reversible seat that can be adjusted to either face the front or rear of the bike. This seat design will allow you to easily interact with your baby. With multiple positioning of the backrest, you can always recline your baby to a comfortable sitting position. Additionally, the double braking system guarantees smooth riding and fuss-free steering.


  • Ideal for use by kids who are 10-72 months
  • Comes with easy to remove the safety bar
  • It is equipped with a foldable footrest
  • Has a holding capacity of 25 kg
  • Designed with a rear-facing seat

#2. Kaw 4-in-1 Aged 1 – 5 Years Old Kids Tricycle w/Safety Seat, Canopy & Storage Basket

KAW is a 4-IN-1Kid’s Tricycle which is built with a sturdy and durable frame made of steel material. It is uniquely designed with adaptive features that accommodate the needs of your growing child. This tricycle comes with different and easy to convert riding stages. These 4 stages include push trike, strolling, independent trike, and training trike. The tricycle is equipped with a PE seat which is highly durable. The seat has three levels of the harness that ensures the safety and comfort of your baby when sitting on it. The parent is provided with a flexible push handlebar that allows full control of the tricycle during an outdoor playing experience. Also, the adjustable awning creates maximum protection against UV rays of the sun.


  • Constructed from a sturdy and durable steel frame
  • It has a storage basket for putting playing tools
  • It is designed with 380o rotatable seats
  • It has an easy-to-adjust push handle
  • Comes with adjustable awning

#3. Little Tikes Red 5-in-1 Reclining Deluxe Ride & Relax Trike w/Adjustable Seat

Deluxe Ride and Relax Recliner, 5-in-1 kid’s tricycle is a perfect choice for both the baby and the parents. It does not only deliver fun but also allows the baby to safely exercise and develop coordination and balance. This tricycle is good for 9 months to 5-year-old children and has a limited weight of up to 50 lbs. It is ergonomically designed with an adjustable seat with up to 3 levels of recline and cushioned with a soft covering material. The seat is designed with a high-back style to maximize comfort. With a large canopy, our child will have all-round protection against the sun. Additionally, it has a large storage bucket and a bottle holder for parents.


  • Suitable for children between 9 months to 5 years
  • Has a full-shade canopy for maximum protection
  • It is equipped with an ergonomic high-back seat
  • Can accommodate up to 50 lbs.
  • Comes with an adjustable seat

#4. Joovy Tricycoo Blue 4.1 Kid’s Push Tricycle Toddler Trike w/Front Wheel Pedal Locking

Joovy Tricycoo kid’s tricycle is the best equipment for introducing your child to coordination and balance. It is an ideal tricycle for growing children as young as 10 months old up to 5 years. It is equipped with a removable and adjustable push handle that gives the parent full control until the baby learns to control the bike. This tricycle is designed with an adjustable cushioned seat and padded headrest that optimizes the comfort of your child. It is equipped with 5 harnessing points and surrounding arms for comfort and safety. The front wheel is designed with a pedal-locking system and foldable footrest. Furthermore, your child is assured of protection against the sun with the use of a large canopy attached to the tricycle.


  • Fitted with a large canopy for protection against the sun
  • Designed with customizable stages for growing babies
  • It is equipped with a cup holder and storage basket
  • It is equipped with removable parent handles
  • Has a comfortable padded seat

#5. Yvolution 4-in-1 Ages 2 – 5 Years Removable Pedals Y Velo Flippa 4-in-1 Toddler Trike

Yvolution Flippa Kid’s Tricycle has been upgraded with a steering handlebar for a parent. It has been designed with many considerations for your growing child. Parent handlebars allow you to have full control of the direction and speed of the tricycle when your kid is still learning to ride until they learn to safely control it. It is a perfect tricycle for children who are two-five years old. This tricycle can be easily converted into a two-wheeled bike through a simple twisting and flipping. It is equipped with removable pedals that allow easy conversion.
It also comes with adjustable handlebar bars and seat that accommodates the growth of your toddler.


  • It is designed with large wheels with good ground clearance
  • It is easy to convert by twisting and flipping
  • Equipped with easy-to-remove pedals
  • Has adjustable handlebars and seat
  • It comes with four riding modes

#6. Schwinn Adjustable Sculpted Seat Roadster Tricycle for Kids & Toddlers

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for kids creates long-lasting memories and thrilling riding experience for your child. This 12’’ roadster tricycle is made with a retro-style design that has a low C.O.G (center of gravity). It is easier and safer to climb on it and climb off when playing. This tricycle kid’s bike is ideal for use by children who are 2-4 years old. It is built from a steel frame with a retro-style design. The seat can be adjusted to move back and forth with additional 5 lock-in levels. This lock-in position makes the bike very accommodative for a growing child. Additionally, the cruiser handlebars are designed with a mustache-style, equipped with a bell and chrome fenders.


  • Handlebars, tassels, and the bell have chrome-finish
  • It has a classic bell mounted on the handlebars
  • The seat is designed with 5 lock-in positions
  • It is equipped with an adjustable molded seat
  • The rear deck is built from genuine wood

#7. Radio Flyer Ages 9 Months – 5 Years 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike Red Toddler Tricycle

Radio flyer is a 4-in-1 stroll-and-strike kid’s tricycle that offers flexibility with growing children. It comes with 4 convertible modes for children with varied ages starting from 9 months to five years. These modes are infant trike (9-18 months), steering trike (18 months -2 years), learn-to-ride trike (2-3 years), and classic trike (3-5 years). With an adjustable seat and durable steel frame, this tricycle will last long without experiencing wear and tear. It is equipped with widened rear wheels that facilitate a quieter riding experience. Footrest and parent steering are removable during the early stages of the child. Additional features of the tricycle include the storage bucket and cup holder.


  • Ideal for kids between the ages of 9 months to 5 years
  • It is equipped with an adjustable seat.
  • It features a 3”-diameter cup holder
  • Comes with an adjustable canopy
  • Designed with removable footrest

#8. XJD 3-in-1 Upgrade 2.0 3 Wheel Toddler Kids Tricycles for 1 – 3 Years Old Kids

Every parent is greatly concerned with the safety of their kids when they are riding or playing. XJD 3-in-1 tricycle is designed with enhanced safety features that maximize the safety of your toddler. These 3-in-1 features are baby ride-on, foldable tricycle and toddlers glide. Apart from giving your child a funny experience, it will also help him/her to develop leg strength, self-confidence, and balance. It comes with four riding methods which include steering trike, infant trike, classic trike, and learn-to-ride trike. The tricycle has a frame made of carbon steel and durable widened wheels suitable for different terrains. Also, the seat and handles are padded with a soft material to enhance the comfort of your child.


  • Uniquely designed with an adjustable handlebar
  • It is equipped with a padded leather seat
  • It has a sturdy frame made of carbon steel
  • Tires are made of anti-slip EVA foam
  • The bike has 3 convertible modes

#9. 67i 3-in-1 Kids Tricycles Ages 1 – 3 Years 3 Wheel Convert Removable Pedal Tricycles

The 67i Kid’s Tricycle is a convertible kid’s bike which is very accommodative to growing toddlers. The bike is ideal for growing children between the age of 1 and 3 years. It has up to 3 riding modes which include classic tricycle, push tricycle, and balance bike. It is suitable for kids who are 0.7-1m tall. The benefits of this tricycle to your kid are enhancement of flexibility, balance, coordination, and more fun. This bike is constructed using a carbon steel frame which makes the bike very strong. It is equipped with adjustable handlebars and seat that gives room for your growing toddler. The handlebars have up to 5 angles of adjustment and are easy-to-grip. Further, the handlebar has a maximum tilting angle of 60o to prevent falling.


  • Equipped with an adjustable leather seat
  • Has a maximum load capacity of 25kg
  • It has adjustable anti-slip handlebars
  • Easy-to-convert without any tools
  • Wheels are made of EVA foam

#10. INFANS Age 2 –in-5 Years Storage Basket Lightweight Tricycle for Children & Toddler

INFANS kid’s tricycle is a 3-wheel kid’s bike that enables your child to develop confidence and effectively learn how to ride on a tricycle. This development will help in enhancing adaptability, position perception, coordination, and balance of the child. The bike is constructed with a sturdy and classic frame made of steel. It is ideal for use by children aged between 2 to 5 years. It is equipped with highly durable tires made of EVA materials. These tires can withstand long use without wearing and also they do not need inflation. The seat is designed with rear and front adjustment positions that make the tricycle very adaptable to growing children. Additionally, your toddler can easily control the bike with a rotatable handle of the tricycle.


  • It has a lightweight construction for ease of control
  • Equipped with EVA tires which are inflation-free
  • The handles are fitted with an anti-skid material
  • Has a rotatable design of the handlebar
  • Suitable for use by kids aged 2-5 years

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Toddler Tricycle


Children’s products need to have advanced safety features to be safe. That is the same thing when it comes to shopping for the best tricycle for your baby. Plus, if you live is a very busy neighborhood, it can be the best idea to opt for a model like Schwinn Roadster that features a safety flag to increase visibility.


The place where your child will be riding their tricycle cycle is also an important aspect that you need to pay attention to. Keep in mind that not all tricycles can move in all-terrain, and even others are ideal for indoor use. In that case, you should be aware of your terrain. A dirt path or gravel road might be good for Radio Flyer trike, but not suitable for Fisher-Price trikes because they’re smaller without wheels that can handle such surfaces.

Ease of Setup

At least you should consider a tricycle that can be put together with ease to make things easy. Some ideal models are those that come ready to use out of the box. Opt for models that require less or no assembly at all. As such, the tricycle needs to be assembled with ease and it should be properly put together. Without putting it well, it might end up being dangerous. On top of that, if the trike doesn’t come with tools for assembly, you might want to consider a toolkit.


In the end, the main thing that matters when looking for the best toddler tricycles is your child’s preference and requirements. You should be in a position to clearly define your child’s likes and dislikes. If anything, your child’s happiness is what matters at all times. Fortunately, we’ve provided you with a guideline that will keep you on track as you try to find the best toddler tricycle. Every aspect we’ve mentioned plays a crucial role in enabling us to find the best trike. We hope that after reading this post, you’ll be in a good position to purchase the right unit for your child.

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