Top 10 Best Platform Bed Frames in Reviews

You might be interested in a platform bed frame if you are a fan of low profile furniture, mid-February design, and minimalist design. They have a simple structure with ample space underneath to store some of your odds such as suitcases. Since they feature a sturdy foundation of either metal or wood, you no longer need any box springs for support. The slats are well designed to ensure that they can accy any type of mattress be it spring or latex type. So if you compare them with other bed frames, you will see that they have the most contemporary design and elevates the look of your bedroom.

The current market is flooded with a wide range of brands that get you confused to pick one of them. So you will be prompted to consider several factors before settling on a particular model. Anyway, we have made your work easier by compiling the best brands that you can choose from. The list below contains the top 10 best platform bed frames to aid you throughout your choice.

#1. Amazonbasics Queen No Box Spring Required 14'' Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

Behind every comfortable sleep, we have a smart base. Amazonbasics platform bed frame is designed for use by persons with a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. It offers you a noise-free foundation allowing you to turn or toss without any squeaks. You do require any extra tools or complicated instructions to fully assemble this device. Even better it is designed from durable steel materials that assure you of longer usage life. With the inset legs, you are free from hurting your legs since it is designed a few inches from the frame. This makes it the best gift for your loved ones.


  • Can be folded into a compact design to ease storage
  • Has a sleek black finish to match your decors
  • Ideal for use by those who move from place to place
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable operations
  • No more lumpy mattresses with the balanced support

#2.Zinus Sturdy Steel Frame Underbed Storage Full 14'' Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus offers you a double solution for a sturdy frame without the need for a box spring. This platform has heavy steel that offers you the needed support for your spring or memory foam mattress. The legs are equipped with plastic caps that protect your floors from scratches when you try moving them. Additionally, it supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 1500lbs thus can accommodate up to two persons. You can store some extra odds and ends since it features an underneath space of about 13 inches. Even better, it is packaged in one compact box that makes it easier to assemble.


  • Does not require any additional hardware for assembly
  • Has multiple support legs to keep it more stable
  • Made of quality steel materials that last longer
  • Ideal for use in both smaller and larger home spaces
  • No noises when you either toss or turn around

#3. Olee Sleep 18'' Tall Heavy-Duty Anti-Slip Support Black Noise-Free Platform Bed Frame

Do you need ample storage space? Well, you can try out the Olee sleep platform bed frame. It features an under-bed space of 18 inches which allows you to store some of your items such as briefcases. You are assured of a longer-lasting unit because it is designed from high-grade steel components. All the required hardware and tools are included thus it will take you a few minutes to assemble it. Besides, it supports all types of mattresses such as latex, spring, or foam memory. Also, the wood slats are well designed to avoid any squeaking noises at night.


  • Comes with simple instructions that are easy to understand
  • Has a lightweight design thus easier to carry around
  • The plastic caps prevent your floors from scratches
  • Extremely silent for any bed shaking activities
  • Ensures stable operations with the super sturdy frame

#4. HAAGEEP 14'' Heavy-Duty Beds Standard Size Steel Slat Metal Platform Bed Frame

Whether you have a latex or spring mattress, the Haageep platform bed frame offers you the best support. Its frame is designed from high-grade steel materials that are durable and sturdy enough for stable operations. This frame encloses your mattress in the best manner to avoid slipping while sleeping. The wooden slats are also well placed to ensure that you are well supported at all times. You do not need any box spring thus you can match your mattress regardless of its size. Better still, you do not have to worry about assembly since it does not require any extra tools.


  • Has plugs that protect your floors from scratches
  • The storage space underneath allows you to store more
  • Has a maximum loading weight capacity of 1600lbs
  • Offers you a comfortable and noise-free sleep
  • Can support two people at the same time

#5. Zinus Queen Easy-Assembly Mattress Foundation Solid Wood 12'' Wood Platform Bed

With brilliant craftsmanship, the Zinus platform bed frame will offer you the best results. This unit features a wooden frame with a solid steel interior which assures you of longer usage life. It has a beautiful cherry finish and rustic design making it one of the outstanding frames in the current market. The reliable wooden slats offer better support and improve the life of your memory foam, spring, or latex mattress. Moreover, the twin size supports a maximum user capacity of 250lbs while the other sizes support up to 500lbs. All the needed tools, instructions, and parts are included to ease the entire assembling process.


  • Looks elegant with the natural solid wood construction
  • The slats are well placed for better mattress support
  • Offers you the most comfortable sleeping experience
  • Does not require any box spring for any mattress
  • Well packaged thus it will take some minutes to set up

#6. Ziyoo Full Heavy-Duty 14 Height 3000lbs Reinforced Bed Frame Full-Size Platform Bed

When it comes to a platform bed frame that takes a shorter assembly time, then this brand by Ziyoo is the best. It is well packaged with all the necessary tools thus it will take you some 20 minutes to set it up. With a space of up to 11.5 inches underneath your mattress, you can store some of your accessories and keep your bedroom looking neat. Both the frame structure and leg structure are well reinforced thus this bed frame is free from sliding and squeaking. Additionally, it has a sturdy steel slat structure that assures a noise-free sleep. This keeps you sleeping comfortably throughout the night.


  • Available in different sizes to suit varied needs
  • Offers you a most sturdy and durable mattress support
  • Easy to put together by a single person
  • Stronger enough to support more weight
  • The included tools assure you of easy assembly

#7. HOMUS King Black None-Slip Noise-Free Heavy-Duty Steel Metal Platform Bed Frame

Homus platform bed frame is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. It comes with some sturdy metal slats and reinforced screws which enables you to make the frame more stable and comfortable. You can put it all together within 20 minutes because it comes with handy hardware and installation instructions. With the reinforced structure and seamless welding, you are assured of a comfortable sleeping experience free from any squeaks and creaking. Moreover, it features a heavy-duty frame construction that can support a maximum weight of up to 3500lbs.


  • Ideal for use by heavy sleepers and fat people
  • Has a subsidence design to keep your mattress in place
  • Ensures free noise design with the silent cushioning gasket
  • Does not require any complicated assembly

#8 ZIORS Full Easy-Assembly 14'' Heavy-Duty Steel & Wooden Slat Platform Bed Frame

Every night, you will enjoy your sleep and have the best dreams with the Ziors platform bed frame. It is equipped with 12-floor protectors that keep your floors safer from any scratches. Featuring steel and wood construction, you are assured of a strong and long-lasting unit. The widened wooden slats and multiple point bed legs offer you the needed support whereas improving the life of your mattress. All the hardware and tools are included thus it will save your time to save your time since it will take the shortest time possible. This makes it the best gift for your loved ones.


  • Space underneath allows you to store more items
  • Assures you of noise-free and none shake sleeping
  • Supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 3800lbs
  • Has a cushioning gasket for non-squeak operations
  • Takes less than 30 minutes to fully assemble it

#9. ZIYOO Anti-Slip Sturdy Steel Heavy-Duty Full metal Bed Frame w/Wooden Slats

If you are searching for a platform bed frame with a higher weight capacity then this brand by Ziyoo is a great pick. It is designed from stronger materials that support a weight of up to 3600lbs. You can enjoy your sleeping time because it does not produce any creaking sounds as you turn around. Moreover, it offers the best stability to your foam mattress because it is equipped with 9 strong legs and 20 wooden slats. You can use it with or without a box spring because it is much stronger compared to other frames and protects your mattress. Feature a steel framework, you are assured of a strong and long-lasting unit.


  • The included instructions make assembly easy
  • Has an ample storage space of 14″ underneath
  • Reduces noise with the center placed patented bar
  • Made from antislip materials for stable operations
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable operations

#10. Aromustime Heavy-Duty Steel Slat Easy Assembly 16'' Metal Platform Bed Frame

Are you looking for a high-quality platform bed frame? Look no further than this brand by Aromustime. It is designed from high-grade steel materials that assure you of durability and sturdiness. With an integrated compact design, you can set it up within the shortest time possible thus saves your time. Its unique structure prevents any noise any slosh caused by unevenness of the ground. Additionally, it is strong enough to support a maximum capacity of up to 3500lbs. Additionally, it has ample storage underneath it so that you can store some of your accessories.


  • Does not require any additional tools to fully install it
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable operations
  • Takes less storage space in your bedroom
  • Designed from quality materials that last longer

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Platform Bed Frame

Type of slats

Most of these bed frames are equipped with either wooden or metal slats. They provide good airflow in your mattress to avoid dumpy conditions. It would be a great idea to choose one that can accommodate different types of mattresses. They offer better support to avoid any lumps in your mattress.


These units feature some space underneath the frame. What differs is the amount of this space. This allows you to store some of your odds and ends such as briefcases. Additionally, this makes it easier to get in and out of your bed at any time. This improves its appearance since it will look like a floating bed.

General construction

Everyone would love a lightweight bed frame. Therefore, it would be a greater idea to choose one made from metallic materials. Most of them feature steel frames well known for their portability and longer usage life. With their sleek finish, they improve the general appearance of your bedroom.

Ease of assembly

No one would like to spend much time trying to fix something. These bed frames come with the necessary tools and instructions to ease your entire assembling process. Some do not require any extra hardware thus you can fix it within the shortest time possible. This will help save both your time and energy.


You can create a more streamlined and stylish look in your bedroom with platform bed frames. It helps you to free up your space while saving you on costs on box springs. So depending on your needs and desires, you will be prompted to choose one brand over the other. Anyway, they are designed with different features with the same best results afterward. Go ahead and pick one brand and you will never regret it. We do hope we have been of greater help during your choice.

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