The 10 Best Cosmetic Storage Organizers of 2024

Did you know that your professionalism is measured by how you organize yourself? That is why most cosmetics industries have addressed the need to make an organization through the introduction of cosmetic storage organizers. Cosmetic and makeup storage organizers are available in various designs, materials, compartmentalization, and sizes.

The cosmetic organizers you choose will always enhance the organization of your room. If you organize it well, it will contribute to the general look of your interior décor. How you choose to store your cosmetics will create a big difference in their quality. Additionally, a good makeup storage organizer is very important because it allows easy storage and retrieval of your makeup.

It is important to factor in what you need before making a final decision on which organizer to buy. In this review, we will discuss some of the features of the best rated cosmetic organizers and factors to put into consideration before making a purchase.

#1. HERSOO Large Capacity Brass Spin Mirrored Beauty Display Makeup Organizer Perfume Holder

This is a cosmetic storage organizer that has been uniquely designed to provide you with a classic organization of your cosmetics. This organizer is built from premium quality glass material that has been constructed with an elegant style. It has been designed with double electroplating, handmade metal, and oiling. This makes the storage organizer shiner and long-lasting.
It comes with larger storage compartments that are easy to install. These layers are organized in 4 layers each with 10 compartments. The compartments come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate all your items. Additionally, it has been designed with a rotating angle of 360o.


  • Complements any interior décor
  • It has 10 storage compartment
  • Large and easy-to-install
  • Features a unique design
  • It is made of glass

#2. Generic Large Pink Waterproof Dustproof Cosmetic Elegant Display Makeup Storage Organizer Box

Ihuiniya Makeup organizer is a large cosmetic organizer that can neatly keep your essentials in an organized manner. This organizer features three drawers of various sizes. The drawers can be easily separated either from the top or at the bottom. It is useful in storing all your expensive items.
This organizer has a hard storage space made of a clear material. This makes it both waterproof and dustproof. Also, it will facilitate easy cleaning of the organizer in case a need arises. This is an ideal cosmetic organizer for keeping your makeup tools, accessories, and cosmetics. Further, it facilitates easy storage and retrieval of your items.


  • It is a multi-purpose makeup organizer
  • Contains up of 5 compartments
  • It is dustproof and waterproof
  • Suitable for countertops and dressers
  • It has a large storage capacity

#3. MOOCHI Professional Waterproof Portable Cosmetics Large Cosmetic Makeup Organizer for Brushes

Moochi is a professional cosmetic storage organizer. This organizer features large storage compartments to accommodate all your essential items in a professional manner. Moochi organizer comes as a single unit without any assembly. Once you install it, it remains very stable, durable, and long-lasting.
It is built from a premium quality acrylic material that is clear. Apart from keeping you cosmetic in an organized manner, it also gives you a professional display. This material also makes the organizer dust-free, moisture-proof, and ideal for use in any place. Additionally, it is aesthetically designed making it suitable for any interior décor.


  • Designed with a large storage capacity
  • Stable and long-lasting
  • It is made of quality acrylic material
  • Easy to install without any assembly
  • It is dust-free and moisture resistant

#4. WONLINE Dustproof Modern Caddy Shelf Organization Makeup Organizer w/Holder & Handle

Wonline cosmetic organizer is a modern storage organizer. It features three divisions of drawers for separate storage of jewelry, lipstick, and brushes. This storage organizer stores everything neatly in its space and makes it easy to retrieve when a need arises. It has a height of 15.5”, width of 8” and length of 11.7”.
The top cover of this organizer is made of a transparent material for easy display. Its body is built with white material and fitted with cute handles. The lid of this organizer helps in preventing water and dust from coming into contact with your beauty items. More so, it can be easily cleaned by wiping with a towel.


  • Highly waterproof
  • It is fitted with storage drawers
  • Designed with a handle
  • Comes with sufficient storage space
  • The top cover is made of a transparent material

#5. DLY Modern Jewelry & Skin Care Vanity & Countertop Makeup Organizer Cosmetic Organizer

DLY Cosmetic organizer is an aesthetic and convenient storage organizer that neatly stores all your essential beauty items. This cosmetic box is designed with transparent lids. The lids keep water and dirt from coming into contact with our items. It can be installed either in your bedroom or bathroom.
This cosmetic organizer features wear-resistant, non-skid, light, and very convenient storage compartments. It has been designed to handle multiple storage functions. The transparent lid allows you to easily locate and retrieve your make with much ease. Additionally, you can clean with a towel thus making cleaning a breeze.


  • It is water and dustproof
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Anti-skid and wear-resistant
  • Has large storage convenient

#6. InnSweet Black 4Pcs Acrylic Makeup Jewelry Display Box Makeup Organizer Cosmetic Organizer

Insweet is a professional cosmetic organizer made up of a set of 7 drawers. It offers you an organized and neat arrangement of your makeup. The material used making it is much stronger and impact resistant than glass. It has been designed to accommodate various sizes of your cosmetics. Apart from being a convenient storage organizer.
This cosmetic organizer is equipped with several and large storage compartments. These compartments include a pair of small drawers, a pair of oversized drawers, 3 large drawers, and up to 16 compartments on the top side of the cosmetic organizer. It will also allow it to hold a majority of your essential items.


  • It has large storage compartments
  • Designed with multi-functional styles
  • It comes with stackable cabinets
  • Made of premium acrylic material
  • Ideal for any occasion

#7. HBlife 4Pcs Plastic Clear Polished Free-Standing Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cosmetic Storage Drawers

HBlife Makeup Organizer is a cosmetic storage organizer equipped with several storage compartments. It features several storage options that ensure the organization and neat arrangement of your dresser or make-up. This storage organizer is built with a durable acrylic material that is very transparent. Therefore, it will be easy for you to easily locate what you need from the storage organizer.
It comes with a set of 4 drawers which interlock securely with the help of non-slip mats. The interlocking drawers and stackable design of this cosmetic organizer allow it to fit into other drawers. Also, you can easily stack drawers above the base or use the pieces separately.


  • Has a clear hard surface
  • It is insulated with acrylic material
  • Features a large storage capacity
  • It complements any décor
  • Stackable and interlocks securely

#8. DreamGenius 360-Degree Rotating Transparent Multi-Function Adjustable Makeup Organizer

If you desire to perfectly store your accessories and cosmetics in a more organized manner, choose DreamGenius cosmetic organizer. Its makeup organizer comes with a rotating design of 360o. This design allows easy access to all the makeup products stored in it. It is an ideal gift to surprise your loved ones with it.
The trays are designed with an adjustable allowance for accommodating various types of containers and cosmetics. These trays are strong and durable enough to support heavy products. The upper storage compartment is ideal for keeping brushes and nail clippers. While on the other hand, the middle layer is good for keeping perfume bottles, washes, and skincare bottles.


  • Has a rotating angle of 360o
  • Designed with adjustable layers
  • It features large storage spaces
  • Fitted with strong and durable trays
  • Easy to install and clean

#9. AmeiTech Adjustable Cosmetic 360 Degree Adjustable 8 Layers Large Capacity Makeup Organizer

AmeiTech is a multifunctional cosmetic organizer that has been uniquely designed. It is suitable for organizing or storing all types of cosmetics. This cosmetic organizer can be installed in the bathroom, bedroom, dresser, or counter top. It is an ideal organizer for keeping lip gels, lipsticks, makeup brushes, nail polish, necklaces, eyebrow pencils, beauty gadgets among others.
This makeup organizer is constructed with premium quality PS material. The material is waterproof and dustproof. It can be cleaned through washing thus making it cleaning a breeze. After washing, it retains its color and shape. Additionally, it comes in a lightweight design which allows you to easily move it and install it in any part of the room.


  • Designed with 360o rotating angle
  • It features 8 layers of storage cabinets
  • Comes with an installation manual
  • It is light in weight
  • Easy-to-clean and water

#10. SORBUS 3 Large 4 Small Drawers Clear Stylish Vanity Bathroom Case Cosmetics Makeup Organizer

Sorbus Cosmetic and jewelry is a makeup organizer that will provide all the solutions for your dressing room. It will help you avoid rummaging through other items when trying to locate your favorite beauty product. This storage case facilitates the neat organization of your cosmetics and jewelry in a manner that is easy to retrieve.
This cosmetic storage box is built with a clear plastic material that is safer and much stronger than glass. With the transparent case, you can easily locate and retrieve any item you need from the organizer. This will always bring functionality and convenience by allowing you to have a clear view of what you want at any time. Further, this organizer is suitable for use in vanity counters, bathrooms, tabletops, and dressers.


  • It is fitted with large storage cabinets
  • Designed with transparent material
  • Facilitates easy retrieval of your cosmetics
  • It is constructed from durable transparent plastic
  • Comes in a stylish and sleek design

Factors to consider when buying a cosmetic storage organizer

There are several factors that you will need to put into consideration before deciding on buying cosmetic organizers. This is due to the existence of several brands in the market. The factors below will help you in narrowing down your search for a cosmetic organizer.


Various storage organizers are made of different materials that dictate their durability and functionality. Multi-purpose organizers offer more compared to simple ones. Such organizers allow you to sort and store your cosmetics in a neat and easy to retrieve manner. It also guarantees maximum safety and organization of your essential items.
Consider purchasing a makeup box that is ultra-durable and heat-resistant. It should also not get easily affected by harsh weather conditions. A waterproof case will be useful because the storage box is highly prone to spillage from makeup bottles or canisters.


Your aesthetic taste and style will be greatly manifested in the choice of cosmetic storage you choose to buy. Having a makeup organizer that complements your style will create a long-lasting impression for both your clients and friends if you are a makeup artist. In turn, you will create an iconic impression in their minds. To avoid derailing your marketing efforts, avoid buying unattractive makeup organizers.


Before buying any cosmetic storage organizer, choose the size that will fit into the available space in your room. There are also a variety of sizes for those people who like traveling or daily users. The choice you make will be greatly influenced by the routine use of makeup. If you have too many makeups and cosmetics, consider buying a storage organizer with a large storage capacity. On the other hand, a small makeup case will be suitable for you if you like traveling.


Ensure to always check on the quality of the storage organizer you wish to purchase. Quality is an important factor that will dictate how long your organizer is going to last. This is because such storage organizers are designed with premium-grade materials and high standards. Though they might be relatively expensive, they are worth investing in them. Cheap ones do not guarantee long service and safety of your items.


Finally, remember that what I consider to be the best might not be the same case with you. This, therefore, means you have to choose a cosmetic organizer that will meet your needs. An ideal makeup organizer should be sizable enough and guarantees maximum safety of your essential items. Consider investing in a portable, water, and dust proof makeup case if you always like traveling.

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