Top 10 Best Surveillance Camera Systems in Reviews

Surveillance cameras have come a long way and they’re among the popular security appliances in most homes today. In essence, a wireless security camera offers impressive results as compared to the smart watch, wired cameras or even electric walls. First, it relays the happening in your home right into your smartphone, even when you aren’t around. Also, the coverage of these cameras is real and you have full control of them in your smartphone. So, if you want to acquire the best wireless security cameras, then, keep reading.

Currently, the market is flooded with various models and styles of wireless security cameras, which tend to prolong your search. However, after we researched its kind, we’re able to come up with a list of ten best surveillance camera systems in 2021 reviews. Let’s jump to the list.

#1. Wiya 2.4G Night Vision PIR Motion Sensor Indoor/Outdoor Home Surveillance Camera

Ending our list is Wiya outdoor home surveillance camera that uses a rechargeable battery. The wireless unit is easy to install because it doesn’t have any annoying wires plus there are screws to fix the camera on the wall or ceiling. Besides, it is built with a clear and sharp 1080p full-HD that offers high-quality images and images right at your hands. More exciting is the excellent night vision capability that can view up to a distance of 32 feet. For the all-weather purpose, this one is IP66 waterproof hence it offers you continuous service the all-time. What’s more, the flexible storage options will ensure unlimited videos are stored for later backtracking if need be.


  • Has a stylish & durable design for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Constructed with LED night vision light that views up to 32ft.
  • Offer local and cloud storage option for safe video storage
  • It is the simplest wireless camera to set up and operate
  • Built with motion-activated FHD video alerts

#2. IMI Mi. 1080P HD IP Night Vision Two-Way Audio Smart Dome Wireless Security Camera

What a great way to check your home and its environs clearly in both day and night, thanks to IMI wireless 1080P home security camera. The unit offers a 360 degrees coverage with high definition resolution videos. Also, it has a WDR that balances the bright and dark areas for you to see clear details. Besides, the camera enables you to have a chat with your family back at home through your phone anytime anywhere. Moreover, in case there is motion detected, this camera is capable of alerting you and relay to you some smartphone. It is a nice camera to keep in touch with your loved ones at home 24/7. The easy installation procedures and easy setup will reduce the expense of looking for an expert.


  • Has an alarm function that alerts you if there is an occurrence in your premises
  • Built with motion detectors sensors that trigger a video recording instantly
  • Enhanced night vision and clear two-way audio for easy communication
  • Easy and install and setup and you don’t have to look for CCTV expert
  • Offer a 360 degrees coverage and up to 1080p HD resolution

#3. Victure 1080P Home Wi-Fi Security Camera

Securing your premises even in your absence has become even easier with the introduction of the Victure 1080P home surveillance monitor. If there is any motion detected, the wireless camera will relay a notification to your smartphone through its app. So, it’s a great way to keep a vigil on your baby or pet in your home. For guaranteed video storage, the camera comes with micro SD storage and cloud storage, no occurrence with pass-by without your acknowledgment. And the super night-vision of infrared LEDs offers you a clear view even when it’s dark, and it does automatically when the light goes off. The two-way audio will enable you to converse with your loved ones at home in a clear and loud sound. Be the first one today to have a taste of this technology!


  • The fluent 2-way audio indoor camera offers you easy mode of communication
  • The smart motion detection will track moving objects in your house
  • Has advanced night vision that can extend viewing to about 30 feet
  • Built with 1920 x 1080 resolution that produces crystal clear images
  • Accurate baby crying detection will be relayed instantly to you

#4. Security Camera 1080P WiFi Dog Pet Camera - Wireless Indoor

Embrace a smart life by equipping your home with the Wi-Fi security camera. The sophisticated unit comes with almost all the security features that you may think of. 360 degrees, panoramic view will ensure it captures the happenings of all various vantage points. Additionally, the 1080P clear HD videos are impressive and you can see finer details of the occurrence at home. This surveillance camera is timeless, it offers you continuous check to your home even when you are asleep. We refer them to “third eyes”. Even when it is pitch dark, the night vision feature will enable it to capture everything up to 20 feet. Finally, setting up this unit is a hassle-free task, no extra tools needed.


  • The cloud storage service supports sharing and downloading of recorded videos
  • Has a real-time motion detection that alerts when motion is triggered
  • It monitors your house in a full HD 1080P in zoom, tilt or view pan
  • Smart remote enables you to get in touch with your family via a map
  • Has a quick connection with QR codes for easy scanning

#5. Mi PTZ 1080P HD Night Vision Waterproof Tracking Outdoor Wireless Baby Monitor

Mi home security camera offers a 360 degrees coverage. By a simple rotation, this camera is capable of capturing almost everything happening in the 360 degrees angle. If by bad luck, the SD card is full, the system will overwrite the unit automatically for continuous recording. You can view everything going on in your home in the palm of your hand. Included on this package are user manual, wall accessories kit and the home security camera. In addition to that, it only has a three-step installation procedure that is easy to set up and operates. Even better, the high definition videos and images will surely make you excited since you can have a real-time check of your premises.


  • Built with instant AI sound or motion detection system
  • Easy to set up and operate with 3-installation steps
  • Has fluent two-way audio and work with ALEXA
  • It supports multiple devices and security storage
  • High definition pictures and videos

#6. YI 2 Pcs Night Vision 1080P Surveillance System 2.4GHz Home Wireless Security Camera

YI wireless security camera is built with 1080p full HD quality videos and images. Since it is weather-resistant, this camera is suitable to be fitted outdoors. The camera also offers high coverage with a 110 degrees lens. Also, the motion-activated alerts will send the notification right to your smartphone. Besides, the 12 infrared LED beads offer a night time with a viewing distance of up to 50 feet thus enabling you to receive a low light performance. The two way audio with microphones offers an easy way to communicate with your loved ones at home. So, what are you still waiting for, this is a unit to count on for24/7 home safety!


  • The two way audio with clearer sound quality enables you to converse with people at home
  • Has a first-class night vision feature for excellent low light performance
  • Weather-resistant outdoor security cameras are good for outdoors use
  • Built with an optional 24/7 emergency response service for added safety
  • Full HD quality Video will relay real-time clear occurrence

#7. EZVIV 2.4 G Wi-Fi Siren IP66 Weatherproof Night Vision 1080P Outdoor Security Camera

Beware of the security of your home anytime anywhere using the EZVIV security camera. It detects any suspicious activities then produces a loud siren of up to 100db. Any moving event is automatically detected and notifications directly sent to your phone. An added advantage is that this security camera can withstand all weather conditions and operates as expected at all times. This camera is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. You’ll surely love this camera acting as a third eye for your home security. Order it today and you’ll never regret it in your life!


  • You can connect this camera to your phone through EZVIV app
  • Data can be stored on the SD card of storage of up to 256 GB
  • Has two lens options for a wider angle of view and a clearer look
  • Waterproof and dustproof for clear images each time
  • Has the strobe light that scares away, intruders

#8. Nooie 1080P HD Bullet Two-Way Audio Night Vision Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera

Are you looking for a security camera with the best picture quality? Look no further than Nooie security camera and you will never regret purchasing it. This security can be installed outside your house as it is waterproof and can withstand all weather conditions. It is two-way audio as you can listen and talk to your phone at any time or any place. You wouldn’t miss any details as it rotates 101° horizontally and 90° vertically. Additionally, it is equipped with high-quality sensors and a 1080HP camera lens for the best night vision. You can easily see all that’s going on at night from a distance of up to 49ft. By installing an app on your phone, you can easily know all that is going on at home.


  • Activation of anti-theft deterrent alarm keeps away intruders
  • The status light in the app can either be turned or off
  • Supports SD of storage between 4 GB to 128 GB
  • Uses a half-duplex system for the quality results
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun

#9. REOLINK 2-Way Audio 1080P Night Vision Argus 2 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Keep your home safe at all times with the best security cameras. REOLINK security camera has a rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi connectivity, this feature makes a cordless security camera. With a viewing angle of 130°, you wouldn’t miss any details. In case these security cameras are triggered you instantly are alerted by an alarm siren. This IP camera is designed to withstand all weather conditions like rain, sun or storm. You can safely store your recordings as it has an encrypted cloud service. Also, it has a built-in mic that you can listen to and talk to in case of an uninvited guest. It comes with a REOLINK solar panel for an uninterrupted power supply for steady operations.


  • The CMO sensors allow for clear night vision of up to 33ft
  • This wireless camera can be installed inside or outside
  • Works with Google assistant for smooth operations
  • Made lightweight for easy installations purposes
  • Supports SD card with storage of up to 64 GB

#10. REOLINK 2.4/5 GHz 4X IP66 Waterproof RLC-511W Wireless Home Security Camera

This security camera is probably the end of the long road search for the best cameras. It features 5MP HD videos that offer you the clearest images ever. The 4X optical zoom allows you to either zoom in or zoom out for a larger view and a more detailed view of faraway objects. Also, it has a viewing angle of 31° and 90°. This security camera supports an SD card with storage of up to 64 GB. You can save all the videos and snapshots on this SD card. Even during dark hours, this security offers you the best vision on distances up to 100ft. You are assured of safety as it detects any movement and triggers alerts like sending videos or images.


  • Using REOLINK app on your phone you can access the camera
  • Has a waterproof design hence suitable for all conditions
  • Supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable connection
  • 24 pieces of infrared LED for the best night vision
  • Can be installed inside or outside your house

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Wireless Security Camera


The initial factor to consider is the versatile nature of the camera that you wish to buy. The best option to go for is one that can also work as a baby monitor and at the same time work as a surveillance camera outdoors. For a baby monitor, it should relay to the guardian or parent the progress of the child when asleep or strange movements in the room when they are not around.


The next thing to remember when purchasing a wireless security camera is the coverage. Can it take real-time happenings for the whole room or the whole compound? The best option to consider is at least 180 degrees for full coverage. This will enable you to use at most two cameras for indoor and outdoor services. That said, be sure to check the angle coverage for the camera that you plan to acquire for optimum results.

Safety and Security

First of all, where do you wish to place your Camera? It should be a place that is not easily reachable by thieves or robbers. Also, it should be located in a hidden location that anyone can’t notice it with ease. The wireless camera also should use a protected network to avoid being hacked by hackers. If firewall settings are not set, the cameras could be hacked.

Image & Video Quality

The other factor to keep a close eye on is the quality of the videos and image the wireless camera is relaying to the clear occurrence in your residence. For instance, a 1080p full HD unit is the best because it offers you smart and clear images.

Night Vision

Last but not least is the night vision capability. The best wireless security camera should have LED invisible lights that aid in securing your home even when lights are switched off. This also enables your baby or family members to sleep without any interference from lights.


Securing your home is never in vain, and getting yourself a wireless security camera shouldn’t be a difficult task. How we wish you could know that these cameras give you peace of mind because you wouldn’t worry again about the safety of your baby and your properties at home. Aside from that, they are affordable and high-quality products with easy installation procedures. Besides, it doesn’t have wires to connect from place to place, everything is just easy. And that’s why we decided to suggest these units for you in this article. Order yours today and your home will be secure always!

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