The 10 Best Baby High Chairs of 2024

Most new parents usually face a rough time when it comes to feeding their kids every day because of the mess and stress it comes along. However, there are better ways of feeding your kid without stressing or overworking your back. A high chair will allow your baby to sit in the right position while taking food. Even better, the kid will sit appropriately without causing any mess on the house. Besides, a high chair offers one of an incredible way to provide kids with a proper diet without any struggle.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a simple yet practical option to feed your kid comfortably, you should ensure to go for a high-quality baby high chair. Even though it’s not that easy to find the best model of these units, we’ve done the hard work for you. We present to you the best ten baby high chairs you should check out.

#1. Peg Perego Five Reclining Seat Position Extremely Compact Siesta High Chair –Noce

The Siesta high chair is an excellent kit to take home as a new parent because it follows your child from birth through the toddler period. This multi-functional unit can be used as a comfortable recliner, hence ensuring your young baby is closely held. Whether you need a place where your child can sit, play or eat, this high chair has five recline positions and nine height positions that offer all that. As a fact, dining is made a family affair because this kit features multiple height adjustments and a removable tray that enable your baby to sit at the dinner table. Better yet, the floor-friendly caster wheels allow for an effortless transition from a playroom to the kitchen and vice versa. Moreover, it can fold with ease for easy storage.


  • Built with floor-friendly caster wheels for smooth movement
  • Has a buttery-soft prima class upholstery for comfort
  • Supports your child from birth up to 45lbs
  • It’s compact and foldable for easy storage
  • Ideal for keeping your young baby close

#2. Boon Glides Smoothly One-Tray Liner Flair Pedestal Baby High Chair (White & Grey)

Boon flair pedestal high chair is the best choice for new moms who want to start off training their kids how to eat. This one-piece seat is the smoothest, sleekest and cleanup is very easy. Besides, its dishwasher safe and can fit in a dishwasher seamlessly. And since it has systematic height positioning using a pneumatic lift, you can adjust the height until it matches the height of your table. It features a five-point harness with safety post that glide smoothly in any direction. Moreover, it includes one tray liner in the package. What’s more, it supports children up to 4 years while the maximum weight is 50 pounds.


  • Has dishwasher safe tray that fits in a dishwasher
  • The seat height range is between 21” – 24.25.”
  • The cleanup is unbelievable easy
  • Supports children up to 4 years

#3. Joovy One-Hand Compact Adjustable 5-Point Harness Nook High Chair (Turquoise)

This exhilarating high chair by Joovy features a large swing-open tray that works using a one-motion without the need of using two hands or even line up cumbersome rails. Better yet, the four depth adjustment enables you to get the tray placed correctly to ensure the food stays on the tray and not the baby’s lap. Also, parents can comfortably hold their kid’s while using the tray without the need of getting off the dishes from the tray before they can take the kid out of the chair. Additionally, it’s straightforward to operate and handle. In line with that, you can fold and store the chair when not in use to save you on space. Taking the baby’s meal to any place has never been easier.


  • Built with deluxe, padded, machine washable leatherette seat
  • Swing-open tray with four depth adjustments
  • Folding, compact, space-saving high chair
  • Has dishwasher-safe tray insert
  • It’s easier to clean high chair

#4. Graco Portable SimpleSwitch 2-in-1 Washable One-Hand High Chair & Booster (Zuba)

Feeding your baby has never been easier. 2-in-1 SimpleSwitch high chair grows with your kid from being a high chair to a booster. This unit has transitional features that make each meal for your more enjoyable. Not only does a high chair booster a great combination of your valued item, but a joyful way to bring your child to the family table. With three-position reclining seat enables you to get a comfortable feeding position or your baby. Even better, its machine washable that makes cleaning and maintenance hassle-free. What’s more, the one-tray removal makes getting your baby in and out of the kit simple.


  • Has three-position reclining seat that offers you perfect feeding position
  • Constructed with machine-washable seat pad
  • The 2-in-1 design grows with your child
  • The tray is easy to remove

#5. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 5 Point Safety Harness Sahara Burst Toddler High Chair & Booster

Fifth on our list is this durable dining chair from Ingenuity. This seat can be used by kids between the ages of 6 months- 5 years since it can be converted from a full-size high chair to toddler seat. Both the seat pad and tray are easy to maintain since they are dishwasher friendly. With three different modes of use: full-size high chair, booster seat and toddler seat, your child will be well accommodated as she/he grows. The tray has four different locking positions to enable your kid to access his or her stuff from any suitable direction. Children are always safe and secure because the toddler seat has 3 point safety harness whereas both the high chair and booster seat has 5 point safety harness.


  • Safe for use since it meets all the ASTM standards
  • Has a removable bolster for three reclining positions
  • Supports toddlers weighing up to 50 pounds
  • It can be used as a toddler or booster seat
  • Complements your home decor

#6. Baby Trend Dishwasher Safe Tray Compact Steel Frame Sit Right High Chair (Paisley)

You can now keep your baby comfortable and safer during meal times using Baby trend dining chair. This unit is of soft fabric that keeps your young one feeling comfy at all times. Its height can be adjusted in 6 different positions to cater for children with different heights. The three-point safety harness ensures that your baby is safe. Additionally, the frame is from high-quality steel materials that are reliable and long-lasting. Your baby can use the food tray in 3 different positions and can be operated by one hand. Since it comes when fully assembled, all you need to is to unpack and get it ready for use.


  • Strong enough to support children weighing up to 40lbs
  • Lightweight thus easy to move from one place to another
  • The serving tray is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • You can wipe the seat pad using a damp or wet cloth
  • Made sturdy to hold your child in a stable manner

#7. Ingenuity 2-in-1 Baby Base Slate Removable Tray Safe & Secure Booster Feeding Seat

Baby talk is always the best during mealtime. This is why you need Ingenuity baby dining chair. This seat is ideal for use by babies with a minimum age of 6 months. It has a removable tray that you can use it to keep your baby’s toys, snacks and other food substances at an easily accessible point. You can tuck this tray under the booster seat when not use for more convenience. As your baby grows, you can convert this chair into a toddler seat by removing the foam seat insert. When dirty, you can wipe it clean using a damp cloth. With only a weight of 5.6 pounds, you can quickly move it from one place to another without feeling its weight.


  • Has a foam cushion that keeps your baby seated comfortably
  • Easily attaches to dining tables to let you watch your baby
  • Has an anti-slip rubberized bottom thus remains sturdy
  • The tray can be easily wiped and is dishwasher friendly
  • Accommodates children with different body sizes

#8. Cosco 3-Position Adjustable Tray Easy Wipe Foldable Deluxe High Chair (Black Arrows)

Are you looking for a durable baby dining chair? Look no further than Cosco dining chair. This seat is from a high-grade fabric that is durable and comfortable. Since your baby is prone to messes, this seat is designed for an easier cleanup using just a cloth. With a three-point safety harness, it can comfortably support a child with a maximum weight capacity of up to 50 pounds.

Moreover, it is made lightweight and folds flat when you need to store or carry it. The three-position adjustable tray allows your kid to access snacks or toys comfortably. You are assured of the safety of the child since this seat meets ASTM standards.


  • Easy to assemble since it only takes some few minutes
  • The fabric is soft to keep your child comfortable
  • Offers plenty of space since it has a built-in cup holder
  • Folds quickly making it easier storage when not in use
  • Has reinforced legs that keep your baby steady

#9. Fisher-Price Multi-Color 3 Recline Positions Dishwasher Safe Seat Space saver High Chair

If you are looking for a compact baby dining chair, then you got it with this brand from Fisher-price. This unit has two height adjustment positions to accommodate children with varied height needs comfortably. The seat is resistant to spills; thus, you would not have a hard time cleaning or wiping this seat. With three different recline positions, your baby can sit comfortably during mealtimes. The deep-dish tray is designed to hold your baby from spilling food substances. Additionally, this seat is well cushioned to ensure that your little one sits well when eating. With five-point safety harness, your baby will always be safe and at a reachable distance.


  • The seat is easy to maintain as it is dishwasher safe
  • The tray is easy to attach and detach from the seat
  • Can be adjusted from a reclining to upright chair
  • Has a portable size to fit most dining chairs
  • Made lightweight making it more portable

#10. Abiie Adjustable 250lbs Natural Wood Toddler Baby High Chair w/Tray (Blue Cushion)

Are you looking for a baby high chair that will grow with your child? Look no further than Abiie adjustable toddler baby high chair. This unit is versatile and flexible and is an ideal dining chair for your baby. With EZ-seat system, it allows quick adjustment of footrest and seat to cope with any child who needs the chair easily. It doesn’t need any tools for adjustment. Besides, it has a one-hand removable tray hence making it an incredible choice for active dads and moms. Further, with strain resistant cushions, cleaning is made very easy – with just a wipe with a damp piece of cloth, all the mess and dirt are removed.


  • Sleek & compact design makes the chair’s footprint minimal
  • It has been tested & endorsed by OTs for its sturdiness
  • Has a modern design that will enhance your home
  • Assembling is easier with step by step guide

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Baby High Chair

Material & Strength

This factor is the most important thing to take into account before purchasing a baby high chair. The durability of any kid product should be considered with a lot of emphasis. Consider lightweight and durable material to ensure you get the value of your money. If you do so, you’ll rest assured that your kid’s safety is guaranteed. The best material you can choose are either solid wood or steel material.


The next aspect to consider is the comfort that your baby will get out of the baby high chair you wish to purchase. At least, it should allow an adjustable sitting position to enable you to sit in a comfortable position. With the better sitting position, your baby is capable of feeding in a jovial mood hence will allow him or her to grow quickly. In a nutshell, go for the best sitting position if you want your kid to sit more comfortably.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The other main aspect to consider while purchasing a high chair is the cleaning and usability aspect. Ideally, you should go for a chair that is easy to clean and maintain as well. In doing so, your baby’s health is improved, and the chair can offer long-lasting use until the baby grows. So, ensure that the chair is durable enough to be able to last for as long as the child requires it.

Ease of Storage

Well, high chairs are slightly bigger than the standard chairs, you can’t allow them to take over the dining room or kitchen space when not in use. It is therefore essential to opt for a foldable high chair that makes it easy to store and carry. Such models save you a lot of space in your house.


In summary, we’ve offered you some of the best ten options of the best baby high chairs in the market you might want to consider. If you’re seeking for the best way to train you to eat on their own in their early ages, opting for one of the above models is the way to go. Take into account the points that we’ve listed to enable you to purchase the model that best suits your baby. We guarantee you that your money wouldn’t go in vain because we have presented you with some practical and useful models in the market. Have an incredible shopping experience!

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