Top 10 Best Kids Luggage in Reviews

Most parents face a lot of challenges while traveling with their kids. This is mainly because children have boundless energy and a shorter attention span. This will increase their chance of running around and throwing tantrums while traveling. They’ll also want to imitate you by carrying their stuff like you while on a journey and your luggage will be too heavy for them. This need makes kid’s luggage a necessity in your house.

Apart from their functionality, the majority of these kid’s luggage comes in cute and funny designs that will catch the attention of any kind that comes across it. Providing your kids with their traveling bags gives them a sense of responsibility. They will also help them develop decision-making skills because they will have to choose what to pack during packing. Below are the best-rated kid’s luggage bags for you to choose from when planning for a trip with your kids.

#1. American Tourister 21/28 2Pcs Set Minnie Mouse Red Disney Soft Side Bow w/Spinner Wheels

This brand of kid’s luggage is designed with colorful, stylish, and bright designs that are very attractive to the eye. It features a sleek body design equipped with a monotube handle, top-grip handle for ease of lifting, and single spinning wheels. The inner compartment of this luggage bag is fully lined with crisscrossing straps for neatly holding the clothing into place. American Tourister is equipped with a zipper around to divide the storage compartment into two separate rooms. Also, the interior storage pockets are large and meshed. The detailed and colorful Disney graphics makes the luggage case ideal for both girls and boys.


  • The interior compartment is divided with a flexible mesh
  • It has cross straps for neatly securing the contents
  • Constructed from durable polyester material
  • Designed with a retractable pull-handle
  • Easy mobility with spinning wheels

#2. Harry Potter Carry-On 21'' Hard-Sided Suitcase Tween Spinner Hogwarts Express Kid's Travel Trolley

Hogwarts Express is a 21-inch suitcase bag specifically designed for kids. This kid’s luggage bag is built from durable polycarbonate and abs composite. This hard-sided suitcase comes in an exclusive and lightweight design. This Harry Potter kid’s luggage is equipped with a large storage compartment. This main compartment is fully lined from the interior side. It is also spacious enough to accommodate your child’s essentials. This is a large traveling suitcase that allows more storage space compared to traditional luggage bags. From the front side, the case features the logo and eye-catching finish. Additionally, it is equipped with a retractable handle design and spinning wheels that create agile mobility.


  • Provides sufficient storage space than traditional ones
  • Has an awesome design with a log in the front part
  • Equipped with spinning casters for easy mobility
  • It is built from premium quality materials
  • Has a lightweight design

#3. Marvel 18'' Spider-Man Lightweight Easy-To-Carry Vibrant Spinner Spiderman Hard Side

Marvel Spider-Man is a hard-sided spinner luggage bag for kids. This luggage bag comes exclusively designed with a hard shell that is made of durable ABS/polycarbonate composite. It comes in a perfect size that is easy for your child to carry. This bag measures 18” by 12” by 9” and weighs 4.1 lbs. These dimensions make it more flexible to pack and carry. With a finish of a combination of vibrant colors, this luggage bag will be very attractive for kids. Apart from the colorful design is the excellent graphics of the spiderman in the front part of the bag. Additionally, the spinning wheels deliver smooth mobility of the bag.


  • It comes with a combination of vibrant colors
  • Constructed from polycarbonate composite
  • Feature extremely lightweight design
  • Has an ideal easy-to-carry size
  • Its durable spinning wheels

#4. American Tourister Carry-On 18'' Princess 2 Upright Luggage Kid's Disney Soft Side

American Tourister kid’s luggage comes with a soft and upright design. This kid’s luggage provides maximum storage capacity. It also meets carry-on-size restrictions. This makes it suitable for those who like traveling domestically and desire to remain light along the journey. It has a lightweight design that measures 3.86 pounds. The interior storage panel is equipped with a large meshed pocket that adds security and organization. Also, the cross straps are fitted on the storage compartment to facilitate the secure packing of your contents. It comes with an easy-to-pull handle. Further, it is designed with in-line skate wheels that roll upright for ease of mobility.


  • The pull handle is made of multi-stage aluminum
  • It has side carry-handles and retracting top
  • Designed with push-button handle style
  • Has compression straps for neat packing
  • Fitted with zipper system for closure

#5. Disney 20'' Carry-On Travel Frozen II Anna HardSide Spinner Rolling Luggage for Kids

Disney Frozen II is a spinner trolley kid’s luggage bag made from ABS/Polycarbonate composite material. This kid’s luggage provides exclusively full-size tween spinner cases from Disney. It has more space for your kid to pack his/her essentials. Also, it is more spacious and extremely lightweight compared to most traditional Disney Kid’s luggage. This 20-inch case provides maximum packing of your child’s luggage while maintaining its minimum overall weight. This tween spinner is equipped with 360o spinning wheels that are smooth and highly durable. These wheels are in child-friendly size to facilitate easy maneuvering of luggage even when in the airport. Additionally, it uses a zipper design closure system.


  • Equipped with spinning wheels for easy mobility
  • Constructed from premium quality materials
  • Large interior storage compartment
  • It features a retractable handle design
  • It has a lightweight of about 5.2 lbs.

#6. IPLAY Unicorn Pink Girls Travel Suitcase Carry-On Kid's Luggage Set w/Spinner Wheels

Unicorn kids is a carry-on-luggage that comes in a spinner wheels design. This is a lightweight kid’s luggage bag with a hard shell and backpack. Due to its lightweight design, it will not be heavy for your child. This is an ideal luggage bag for airlines, sleep-overs, or weekends away. It is constructed with ABS plastic material. The luggage dimension is 18.0” by 11.5” by 8.0” while the backpack dimensions are 13” by 10” by 4.5”. It is equipped with a set of 4 multi-directional casters that support up to 360o rolling thus allowing easy movement. These wheels will facilitate easy pulling and pushing of the luggage.


  • Fitted with extendable telescopic handles
  • The handles are of aluminum materials
  • It has 4 multi-directional caster
  • It is of a hard plastic shell
  • Has a lightweight design

#7. IPLAY Carry-On Suitcase Hard Shell Kids Dinosaur Luggage Travel for Boys Children

If you want to supplement your travel routine with a lighthearted touch with this new set of Dinosaur Kid’s Luggage. This kid’s luggage suitcase is covered with a frosted material that prevents it from scratches. It is an enhancement of the previous design. This backpack and luggage come equipped with a protective film that should be peeled off before using it. This kid’s luggage is designed with the convenience of your child in mind. It has been equipped with smooth-gliding wheels that facilitate minimal control when pushing. The interior side of the backpack is made of premium quality polyester material. More so, the dinosaur patterns in this suitcase are very attractive for your learner.


  • It has shoulder straps for ease of transportation
  • It is from premium quality materials
  • It has 4 multi-directional casters
  • Can either be pushed or pulled
  • Comes in a lightweight design

#8. NEWCOM PC+ABS 16'' Upright Cartoon Printed Hard Shell Kids Luggage w/Wheels for Girls

NEWCOM suitcase is a must-have kid’s luggage. It is made of a quality material that is safe for kids. This is a perfect suitcase for both girls and boys. It is covered with a thin plastic film on its surface that acts as a protective layer. This film will also prevent the case from wearing off while on the journey. It comes with ergonomically designed handles that are easy-to-handle. This telescopic handle is made of a 2-step push-button. The handle is made of strong and light aluminum alloy. The sides of this luggage case are equipped with a zipper closure system. Additional features include a pair of smooth and silent wheels on the rear of the suitcase.


  • The storage compartments are equipped with zippers
  • Interior storage compartments are divided into two
  • Decorated with durable printed patterns
  • It features storage pockets on the sides
  • Has rear wheels for ease of movement

#9. LTTXIN Kid's Black 18'' Hard Shell Carry-On Luggage Boys Travelling Kids Suitcase w/Wheel

Lttxin Cute Kids Luggage suitcase is ergonomically designed. This kid’s luggage case is made of extra-thick premium quality and anti-toxic ABS/polycarbonate material. The combination of these two materials equips the case with a hard shell that makes your luggage lighter, impact-resistant, and durable. The new anti-scratch design of this suitcase prevents scratches thus maintaining its beautiful look during and after your trip. This suitcase is equipped with a coded lock that facilitates easy operation. It is fitted with smooth and silent multi-directional spinning wheels. Also, it is fitted with an ergonomic, sturdy, and adjustable telescopic handle. The 3-step handle is made of aluminum material that makes it sturdier than other telescopic handles. Further, the backpack can be converted into a school bag.


  • Equipped with smooth and silent multi-directional casters
  • It is fitted with built-in and easy to operate code lock
  • Safe and ergonomically designed for children
  • It has a sturdy and adjustable telescopic handle
  • Comes in a lightweight design

#10. Stephen Joseph Mermaid Zipper Closure 18'' Shoulder Drop Colorful Classic Rolling Luggage

Stephen Joseph is a classic kid’s luggage bag that is not only functional but also fun to use. This bag comes with colorful, patterns, and exciting characters. This carry-on-size suitcase offers your child various designs to enjoy. The bag has been equipped with several pockets that have multiple storage spaces for packing. This luggage bag is equipped with easy-to-access zippered pockets and funny designs which includes glittering accents. It is rich in plenty of eye-catching features which makes it smart and stylish. An extendable handle design facilitates easy rolling when traveling. Additionally, multiple exterior compartments allow the simplicity and organization of your child’s luggage.


  • Colorful and exciting patterns equips the bag with super looks
  • Designed with a spacious main storage compartment
  • Comes with plenty of storage pockets
  • It has the ideal size for little travelers
  • It has telescopic handle styles

Factors to consider when purchasing Kids luggage bag


The durability of your bag largely depends on the frequency of your traveling. It is recommended that you choose a sturdy bag if you are prone to frequent traveling and long-distance journeys. This luggage bag will be able to withstand the tribulations and trials of long travels. For short, local, and less frequent traveling, a less robust and lightweight design is preferable.

Type of the Shell

There are two types of shells, a soft shell, and a hard shell. Hardshell provides maximum protection for fragile goods and cushion your luggage from wet weather. The only downside of hard shell bags is that they are not flexible and are highly prone to scratches. On the other hand, soft shell bags are equipped with extra storage pockets and are more flexible. Choose the shell type that meets your needs.

Zipper Design

When purchasing a kids’ luggage bag, it is very important to settle on a bag with strong zippers. The zipper design you choose to buy should be strong and easy-to-handle. In addition to that, they should have sturdy and durable seams.


The weight of this traveling bag should be manageable for your kid during traveling. You should also be able to manage it as additional luggage to your luggage in case the child asks for your help. Always expect them to ask you to carry for them because they will get tired after a while.


From the above review, you are now fully equipped with the necessary knowledge. You can apply these when making a purchase of kid’s luggage for your child. When it comes to choosing, you must pick on a luggage bag that suits your traveling needs. This is because of the diversity of each trip you make. Every kid’s luggage comes with its unique design. Therefore choose one that satisfies your traveling needs and that of your child.

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