The 10 Best Roller Skates of 2024

If you’re an avid skater and love skating with friends on the rink, you know the importance of acquiring the best quality roller skate. Roller skating offers outdoor rolling exercises that create continuous joy for both kids and adults alike. Besides, these units help to build confidence and balance. Roller skates come in many types, including inline skates and wheel skates. For the former, they are perfect for advanced skating and are easy to maneuver with, whereas the latter offers optimum balance and ideal for an amateur.

For those who are thinking of buying a new pair of roller skate or planning to make a replacement, here is a comprehensive list for the best ten Roller Skates. We have included budget-friendly and quality models, so, be assured, you’ll find the one that matches your needs. That said, let’s see what each model has to offer.

#1. Roller Derby EZ Push Button Adjustable Sizing Boy's Trac Star Washable Comfort Liner Roller Skates

Let your kid get both comfort and high-skating performance with Trac Star roller skates. They suit perfectly a growing kid because they come with adjustable sizing to accommodate the growing feet. Also, since they are lightweight and use high-quality components, skating indoors and outdoors is made easy. The no-laces design and comfortable fit buckles make kids put on with ease by themselves. Your kid can always skate like a pro around the skating rinks and sidewalks. Count on this skating gears if you expect to get one right to its sizing.


  • The lightweight body with real cushioning makes cruising and turning easy
  • The 54mm Urethane wheels can move in both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • The Cam-Lever buckles enable children to handle with ease
  • Presents a push button to adjust the skate to fit up to 4 sizes
  • Built with the thick, padded tongue that offers a great fit

#2. Scale Sports Adjustable for Kids Size 13.5 Junior to 9 Adult Smooth PU Wheel Quad Roller Skates

The Scale Sports Roller Skates are suitable for kids who just begun skating and ideal for multi-season skate sessions. With adjustable sizing, your kid can always get a perfect fit with immeasurable support. They work well when used on sidewalks or the skating rink. The comfortable heel lining and buckle closure make it roller skates the great choice on inline skates. Even better, the strong and durable plastic body that keeps your kid safe from getting his or her feet hurt. It’s recommended that you brace up your kid with all the required safety gears like knee pads, wrist pads, helmets, elbow pads before skating on these gears.


  • Have strong made plastic body that protects your kid’s body from getting hurt
  • Constructed with smooth bearing and polyurethane wheels offer a smooth glide
  • Design with adjustable size and comfortable heel lining for full comfort
  • They are suitable for multi-season skate sessions usable on the rinks
  • They are available in 8 different colors for you to select your best

#3. WiiSHAM Sturdy Velcro Straps Fun Roll Adjustable with Four Piles Roller Skates (Blue Black)

This blue and black blend roller skates is one of the most liked gears by kids who want to explore skating experience. WiiSHAM Roller Skates is sturdy enough to allow your kid skate with confidence on the skating rink. This pair is made to be sturdy and robust to offer smooth skating. Besides, they have no comparison with the cheap and poorly made models. If you are looking for something that can support your child’s ankle fully while skating, this is the pair to have.

As a bonus, this pair is accompanied by helmet, set of knee pad, cute cones to ensure your kid skates with comfort and safety. When arriving, the wheels and trucks might seem a bit tight, but you make a little adjustment to make it move faster. What’s more, the Velcro straps will offer secure closure on your feet.


  • Available in a blend of blue-black color for a colorful skating experience
  • No-laces closure, instead, it comes with Velcro straps for faster closure
  • Comes with additional helmet and knee pads for guaranteed safety
  • Offer support to your kid’s ankle effortlessly while he or she skates
  • They are way better quality than the rented skating rink

#4. Mangoose Adjustable with Fun Light Up Wheels for Beginner Girls & Boys Inline Roller Skates

If you are looking for roller skates with a fancy and elegant look, look no further than Mangoose Quad & Inline Switcher Skates. The four adjustable sizes enable you to just push a button for the right fit to your kid’s feet. Over and above, these functional roller skates feature front toe stopper, ankle support, and dual straps that keep your child safe and secure as he or she skates. If anything, it is ideal for newbies skaters. Also, the great padding in the liner and tongue offer a comfortable fit for your kids. The illuminating wheels create a fun skating environment for your kid, which is also captivating. Don’t hesitate to bring these gears to your kid who is interested in skating.


  • Constructed with cast urethane wheels that suit both indoor and outdoor skating
  • The ankle support and dual straps ensure your kid’s safety is guaranteed
  • Padded well in the liner and tongue that offers comfort to your kid
  • The wheels are illuminated for a fun skating experience
  • Have four adjustable sizes that grow your kid

#5. Kuxuan All Wheels Fun Light-Up Doodle Design Adjustable Roller Skates for Girls & Ladies

Whether you need a sturdy, fashionable or comfortable roller skates, you have no idea what Kuxuan Roller Skates has for you in-store. Its ergonomic design makes it joyful to use. As compared to dull, poor quality and off the shelves skates that break after a day of use, this pair is designed with the highest quality standards to enable your kid to enjoy skating experience for long. Also, they are not only safe but also fashionable and durable. Your kid will be able to explore beyond your home environments. Additionally, the comfortable padded collars, the high-top shoe style offer increased support for your kid’s ankle. Grab it now!


  • They are designed with the highest standards to enable your kid to skate with confidence
  • Constructed with black epic star indoor and outdoor wheels attached
  • Safe, durable and fashionable for kid’s pleasant skating experience
  • The comfortable padded collars increase ankle support
  • Come in either purple or pink color

#6. Crazy Skates Ultra-Bright Lights & Flashing Lightning Bolt Roller Skates for Boys (Black Patines)

It’s more fun this coming holiday for your baby boy. All this fun is with Crazy Roller Skates. They are suitable for amateurs getting to know what it takes for a real skate. It has bright LED lights that surround the bottom of the skating shoe that are visible from all angles. The stable urethane wheels allow your toddler to stop or brake while skating safely. Besides, it features ABEC-3 full precision bearings to skate on indoor rinks or outdoor surfaces smoothly. These roller skates have a soft padded collar and are lined to keep your young one safe and comfortable. It is a perfect unique gift for your boy this coming Christmas holiday.


  • The LED lights have about 500 hours of battery life
  • Have flashing lightning bolt for an increased light
  • Made adjustable to fit for a stable glide perfectly
  • Designed from high-quality, durable materials
  • Easy to get on them and to get without sliding

#7. Otw-Cool All-8-Wheels Adjustable Safe & Fun Illuminating Roller Skates for Girls & Women

Do you have a kindergartener whose hobby is skating? Aw, Otw-cool Roller Skates is all here for your kiddos. These roller skates are available in small and medium sizes and are adjustable to suit your kids’ feet. This girls’ skates have eight wheels with illuminating lights to get your baby girl a fresh feeling when skating around. This lighting system does not need any batteries to operate and features pure urethane wheels that are durable. The ABEC-7 precision bearing allows for a smoother glide through both indoor and outdoor surfaces. These roller skates have soft padded collars to ensure that your baby girl is always comfortable while skating.


  • Have an inner lining that keeps your kids comfortable and safe
  • Double row wheels make it easier to learn and is safer
  • Made adjustable by themselves via a press of a button
  • They are strong enough to resist any form of impact
  • Have safety ratchet buckle for safer roller skates

#8. Xino Sports Fun Illuminating Wheels Adjustable Kids Roller Skates for Girls & Boys Age 5-20

Kids believe that it’s a fun time all the time. Xino Sports roller skates will indeed be part of their fun. These roller skates can be used by boys and girls aged five years to 20 years. They let your kid grow with them as it is available in 2 sizes, with each being adjustable by four dimensions. That means that your kids can use them up to adulthood. They have eight 82A polyurethane wheels with LED lights that flash while your kid skate for more fun and reinforced with Abec-7 bearing that ensures a smooth and fast glide through any surface. Finally, this is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your girl or boy who loves skating.


  • Weighs about 5.9 pounds for a smoother glide without feeling its weight
  • Made adjustable to accommodate your growing kid for long
  • Have thick padding that keeps your kid more comfortable
  • High-quality, durable frames hence do not break easily
  • The flashing LED lights allow you to use even at night

#9. Infinity Skates Adjustable 7 Colors Available Soda Pop Series Roller Skates for Girls & Boys

If you are not ready to splurge more on purchasing skating boots, Infinity skates are the best choice. These roller skates are recommended for beginners who are learning how to skate. They are available in 7 different colors, which include black, glitter pink, glitter blue, glitter red, and many more. They have a size adjustment system that allows you to adjust this roller skates in 4 different sizes. It will, therefore, comfortably accommodate your growing kiddos. Additionally, the urethane wheels will enable you to skate faster and smoothly on either indoor or outdoor surfaces. These roller skates introduce your young one to street skating and roller derby.


  • Have excellent ankle support to hold you comfortably when skating
  • Have an internal size adjustment system hence that good look
  • Beautiful laces to protect your legs by keeping them tight
  • Have removable wheels in case you want to change them
  • They are recommended for use by both boys and girls

#10. Chicago Skates Classic White Women's Premium Leather Lined Rink Quad Roller Skates

When it comes to experiencing more with skating, investing in high-quality roller skates is a must. Chicago roller skates have a sizeable front brake to help during sudden starts and stops. They are from high-quality, elegant leather materials that assure you of a durable pair of skating boots. They have 58mm urethane wheels that absorb any form of shock and are durable. These wheels have semi-precision bearings that allow you to roll faster and smoothly. The simple hook lacing system allows you to adjust them to fit you while skating. These skating boots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. With a weight of 7.65 pounds, you can quickly glide around.


  • Have well-padded ankle collar to keep comfortable
  • Made lightweight hence you won’t feel its weight
  • Adjustable truck to perfectly suit your own needs
  • Strong aluminum base for stability purposes
  • Have high-quality laces for a long usage time

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Roller Skates

Before you can dish out your cash to purchase roller skates, be composed and take into consideration the following aspects so that you can gain more out of your purchase. Also, the guide will enable you to make the decision that favors your needs.


For quad skates, they feature wheels with 62mm, and that offer a stable movement. If you need to move faster, you should get skates with larger wheels. However, small wheels meet rapid changes, but they accelerate quite slower. Besides, the wheel hardness will also contribute to the choice of wheels. If you opt for softer wheels, be ready for frequent replacement but better grip.


Well, for roller trucks, you need to be keen on the materials that make it. These include aluminum alloy, fiberglass, and nylon composites. If you have a larger budget, consider going for the metal truck that offers strength and lightweight. Choose a truck that will enable you to skate comfortably and nicely.


The bearings of any roller skate determine its smoothness and speed. The most suitable bearing that is adopted by most roller skates is the ABEC system. And also, if you expect to get a smooth rolling, then it’s recommended that you consider the 19 number.

Size & Fit

There are various sizes of roller skates, but they are true to their sizes. You should go for the size that suits you or your kid. Moreover, you should check for the stability and comfort they offer to your feet. Don’t underestimate this aspect because it’s vital.


In summary, the high roller skates make the best models currently in the market. Take pride in our list and read this guide to offer you helpful information with regards to the best roller skates in 2020. This article has cut your need to traversing all hundreds of thousands of pages on the internet into one quick-to-read page having the best roller skates. And even better, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get yourself the best roller skate; the models we have reviewed are budget-friendly. We’re sure; if you brace up with the right skating gear, your skating experience will pitch higher. Shop wisely, and welcome back for more!

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