Top 10 Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitors in Reviews

If you suffer from blood pressure, you surely now have the benefits of having your blood pressure monitor. This unit isn’t just an essential piece of equipment but rather a necessity. Since diet and lifestyle can have a great impact on a person’s blood pressure anytime, having a blood pressure monitor close to your hand offers pragmatic health assistance. With such equipment, you’ll be in a position to get correct blood pressure readings anywhere and anytime.

So, when it comes to monitoring your blood pressure, Omron stands as one of the most reputable and best brands that most individuals look for. Best known for its portability, accurate reading, high-tech system and user-friendly program, Omron is the surest medical equipment that won’t let you spend a fortune.

If you’re hunting for the best Omron blood pressure monitor that will work in tandem with your medical needs, then this post will set the record clear. We’ve reviewed several Omron blood pressure monitors, but in this article, we’re going to review the top 10 best Omron blood pressure monitors in the market.

#1. Omron HEM-7271T Superior-Quality Japanese Menu Human Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-7271T Human BP monitor is a common kit in Japan because of its quality and reliable performance. We make it top the rest of the Omron version because it’s built with special features that make its result to be trusted. It features a wide display screen that is easier to read. Besides, its construction is second to none, you can bet a long-lasting use. The arm cuff is also ergonomic and comfortable to wrap it on your left upper hand. The buttons are visible, however, it’s written in Japanese. But the goodness is, the screen displays reading in numerals. What’s more, this kit displays the clock.


  • The arm cuff can support a wide range of arms
  • Constructed to stand the test of time
  • Offer reliable and accurate reading
  • Displays crystal clear readings

#2. Omron M3 Accurate & Quick Medical Accessory BP Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Although it’s a new Omron model, M3 digital Automatic BP monitor has proven to live up to its name. It delivers quick and accurate pressure readings. Plus it’s reliable. And to ensure accuracy is maintained, this kit uses IntelliSense technology that ensures the cuff is inflated to the peak pressure to suit your own BP level. For sure, you’ll get close to 100 percent accurate reading with this appliance. This advanced unit features a memory function that enables two users to keep up to 60 readings each.


  • Has a memory function that store data of two users of up to 60 readings each
  • The cuff size is from 22 cm – 42 cm to suit a wide range of people
  • It’s simple and easy to offer an accurate reading
  • Comes with a high blood pressure indicator

#3. Omron 10 Series Wrist Easy-To-Read Screen Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron 10 Series BP monitor is the latest unit of checking BP level that boasts an exceptional technology that makes the readings accurate and reliable. The hi-tech is more helpful when viewing your BP level at any time. Contrary to other models of Omron BP monitors, the 10 series is crafted with a TRUE READ MODE that shows three-successive readings and the mean rating of the three measurements. Other than that, it checks inconsistent heartbeats that enable you to confirm if there are other underlying health issues.

This kit is known to offer reliable and accurate blood pressure and pulse readings. Even better, physicians use this device to track their patient’s BP and further recommend it to patients who need their blood pressure measurements checked from time to time. It’s easy to use and portable. And to spice it all, this lifesaver unit allows you to make a comparison of your previous and present readings in case there’s any non-uniformity in the last 200 stored readings.


  • Fully tested and recommended by physicians
  • Cuff fits snugly in all size of the upper arms
  • It much portable and a breeze to use
  • Offer accurate BP and pulse reading
  • Comfortable and simple to adjust

#4. Omron HEM-6131 Automatic Wrist Body Movement Detection Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-6131 BP Monitor measures your BP through the use of Oscillometric method. It can work on an average of the last three and detect an irregular heartbeat as well. Besides, it can also detect body movement. Even better, it has memory storage that can store up 60 sets of readings. The IntelliSense technology ensures up to date readings. What’s more, this unit is excellent and compact to make it easy to use. Additionally, this unit works more consistently than an arm cuff.


  • Uses IntelliSense technology for more impressive accuracy
  • Can store up to 60 sets of readings flawlessly
  • Has larger and easy to read display
  • Constructed to last

#5. Omron M2 Classic 7121E Intellisense Hi-Tech Comfortable Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

When it comes to checking your blood, Omron M2 Classic 7121E automatic BP is one of the best devices you can rely on. This handy kit uses IntelliSense technology to provide a comfortable, painless and quick measurement. It comes with 21 memory available that allows you to reference your previous data. Using this device is hassle-free with one-button operation. Besides, it features an irregular heartbeat indicator. The large easy-to-use display offers you reliable and visible readings. What more, for most people who have had the privileged to use this machine, they have an incredible story to tell. So, what’re you still waiting for, this is your ultimate solution to keeping your pressure level up to speed.


  • Has clear instructions with a chart to jot down your readings
  • Great blood pressure kit for the price
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • This machine is easy to use

#6. Omron RS2 HEM-6161-E Quick & Accurate Advanced Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

If you’re seriously looking for the best blood pressure monitor in the market, you’ve found the right fix. Omron RS2 HEM-6161-E BP monitor is a convenient and reliable kit to count on. First, it delivers accurate reading that is easy to read as well. The other good thing with this version is the fact that you can use it without the need of removing your clothing. Also, if an irregular heartbeat is detected it reports it right away. This machine also has a good reputation because it has been in the market for quite sometimes. You’ll never regret shopping for this advanced yet affordable Omron blood pressure monitor.


  • Has a larger screen that clear and easy to read
  • Can seamlessly detect an irregular heartbeat
  • Offer accurate and reliable reading
  • It’s quite easy to use

#7. Omron 7 Series Black Easy-To-Read Display Quick & Accurate Convenient Blood Pressure Monitor

Are you hunting for a handy blood pressure monitor that doesn’t strain your pocket? Look no further than this practical and simple unit by Omron 7 Series. This unit comes with many impressive features that make it a choice for most households. First of all, it features a cuff tightness monitor, an irregular heartbeat monitor, a memory and a movement monitor. Besides, it saves the last 30 readings for hassle-free comparisons. Better yet, it inflates quietly and slowly and takes records of the smallest reading when the pulse is detected and moves on up to the highest measurements.


  • Uses IntelliSense technology for a more accurate reading
  • Saves records of up to 30 BP readings
  • Displays clear and accurate reading
  • It’s seamless and easy to use

#8. Omron HEM 7120 One-Touch Operation Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Home BP Monitor

There’s no better tool to check your blood pressure level than the Omron HEM-7120-IN version. It can measure your BP and pulse rate quickly and simply. That’s not enough, it offers you reliable, consistent and accurate blood pressure readings. This kit is compact and fully automatic as well. Moreover, this tool works perfectly using an oscillometric proposition to measure your BP and pulse rate without any hassle. Even better, this machine leverages its sophisticated IntelliSense tech for controlled and comfortable inflation without the requirement of pressure re-inflation or pre-setting. Most importantly, operating this using is as easy as one-two-three. You’ll like it.


  • Offer accurate reading with no bells and whistles
  • It’s fully recommended by physicians
  • Can detect an irregular heartbeat
  • Easy one-touch operation

#9. Omron B.P. Hem 7130-L Unlimited Memory w/Free App Easy to Use Blood Pressure Monitor

Unlike the previous Omron version BP monitor, Omron HEM-7130L BP monitor offers a more convenient and comfortable upper arm blood pressure reading. It’s also one of the most reputable and medical recommended devices for patients who want to track their blood pressure level from time to time. Besides, it’s crafted in a compact design with an entirely automatic BP monitor screen. Best of all, it functions on high-end hi-tech oscillometry. And since it’s guided by an Intelligent Body Motion Sensor, the device measures the static BP and dynamic BP with a precision of 99.9 percent.

The unit can keep up to 200 records with valid date and time. Aside from that, this is #1 popular home blood pressure monitor that is suitable for people above 40 years. You can conveniently connect this device with a free app from your handheld device that is Amazon Alexa-enabled. What more, this gold wrist monitor also has other top-notch features including ultra-silent inflation and Heart Zone Guidance.


  • Has an indicator that alerts when BP level goes beyond the required level
  • Among the trusted version of Omron BP monitors
  • Measurements are taken discreetly and quietly
  • Provides accurate and up to date reading

#10. Omron M2 Easy-To-Read Display Quick &Accurate Reading Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

This simple yet fully automatic upper arm BP monitor offers you quick, comfortable and precise blood pressure monitoring at the comfort of your home. Omron M2 automatic BP monitor has thrived in the market because of its quality and affordable price point. It uses a sophisticated Intellisense Tech to ensure that the arm cuff is at the right inflation and doesn’t inflate up too high. Even better, this clinically tested and approved M2 basic also boasts a hypertension indicator that shows a symbol on the screen when the reading goes higher than the required blood pressure level of 135/85Mmhg.

When using this kit, you should make sure that the cuff size is fitting. Omron M2 comes with standard size arm cuff to suit a circumference from 22cm to 32cm. You rest assured to get unmatched readings from time to time as you indulge this blood pressure monitor.


  • Uses advanced tech for accurate and quick reading
  • Has a larger easy to read display
  • It has been clinically validated
  • This kit is fully automated

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

When buying your BP monitor, be careful not to fall prey of cheap and poor quality models. Follow this guide to have an insight of what your dream model should have.

Reading Accuracy

To begin with, you need to buy a BP monitor that offers accurate and reliable readings. As a fact, you’re shopping for this unit because you need to know your correct blood pressure level. As such, you should check the labels and specs section to ascertain that it has been clinically tested and even better, approved by notable health bodies.

At least, it should have undergone several validation processes before it can be availed in the market. Even if you don’t have time to check for these details, it doesn’t hurt if you can scroll down on the customer review section to see what customers say about the model you’re about to shop. You should consider accuracy as your #1 criteria before paying for any BP monitor.

Cuff Size

The second aspect to consider is the cuff size; this is the part that you place around your arm. Cuffs come in varied sizes. With the right cuff wrapped on your arm, you rest assured of accurate readings. Besides, it will provide you with greater comfort as you go through the process. And for that reason, it’s recommended that you opt for the appropriate cuff size. If not, you may end up getting the wrong reading. The cuff shouldn’t be too loose or too tight but instead offer a snug fit.

Digital Display

Most BP monitors boast classic and unique digital display screens to allow you to check your measurements or readings of your blood pressure level. It’s vital that you easily read the data instantly, which you can thereby record the correct medical information. The Omron BP monitor comes with an easy-to-read backlit screen with visible digits for easy viewing. Choose the one that’s readable with comprehensive information.

Device Integration

Since these units are creatively and innovatively crafted with modern tech, you’re now at a position to connect the Omron blood pressure using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Besides, you can also pair with any available app and keep the information on your handset. And with this, all patients who require to update their medical or doctor assistant with their normal BP reading will be much convenient.

We’re certain that after you read this post, you’ll be at a good position to choose a blood pressure monitor that will spice your life.


Picking the best Omron blood pressure monitor can be indeed a lifesaver. With regular checking and accurate readings, you can make the right changes in your lifestyle and diet. However, before you can settle in for such changes, you need to acquire a trustworthy and reliable model of BP monitors that you can rely on to prevent the risk related to high blood pressure. There is no doubt, Omron remains as a reputable and well-established brand that offers reliable and unmatched blood pressure monitors. That’s why we went down and offered you a set of 10 Omron blood pressure monitors stunning in the market.

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