The 10 Best Punching Bags of 2024

Boxing is indeed a good exercise for your body. With the best punching bag, you can exercise in your house to the fullest. A heavy punching bag offers more benefits than you know. It provides you with an excellent overall workout by helping you shell out those extra calories. Besides, punching bags are suitable for beginners and experts for keeping in shape. So, whether you’re male or female, a punching bag is the perfect equipment to have in your recreational room in your home. And if you’re looking for the overall best, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to the hundreds of punching bags available on the market, picking out one is not a joke. On top of that, most brands claim to be the best making the chances of finding the right model to dwindle off. Nonetheless, we’ve got your back. In this review, we’re going to take you through a comprehensive list of the top 10 best punching bags you may want to consider today. Plus, we’ll offer you a buyer’s guide at the tail end of this post.

So, let’s hit the trail.

#1. RDX Unfilled Muay Thai Punching Bag w/Punching Training Gloves & Hanging Chain for Martial Arts

Our #1 choice and brand is RDX Maya unfilled punching bag. It has come a long way in shaping the world of kickboxing. This bag is torn and wear-resistant, you’ll be lucky to choose one. The material of this unit can weather so quickly anytime you throw at it. The punch training gloves it comes along with this unit will ensure your arms and fist are secured. The unfilled punching bag has all the necessary accessories to ensure a perfect setup. So, what next? Throw in enormous blows and strikes to boost your stamina and endurance!


  • Can withstand max weight without cracking under high pressure
  • The punching bag gloves protect your arms fully
  • Can accommodate the needs of most people
  • Enhances your stamina and endurance
  • It’s easy and straightforward to setup

#2. Aqua Training Bag 15'' 75lbs Full-Body Workout Approved Durable Punching Bag for Home Gym

Aqua Training bag is our runner’s up equipment to stir up your body. The 15-inches kit is a medium-sized boxing bag that is filled with water. When filled with water, it weighs 75 pounds. As a fact, it’s large enough to offer you a full-body workout, yet compact enough to be hanged in any space. It boasts a teardrop look that helps to stay in place. Unlike the traditional boxing bag, this model won’t fling around whatsoever. Aside from that, the vinyl construction with water filling ensures your joints and wrists are kept protected. So, what’re you still waiting for? Start upper cutting this boxing bag like a champ!


  • Includes stoppers and garden hose filling nozzles
  • Flexible and accurate while easier on joints
  • Offer full-body body workout
  • It’s durable and long-lasting
  • Offer reliable performance

#3. Flexzion Heavy Punching Bag MMA Kickboxing Workout Training Exercise Gear (Army Green)

Even though the Flexzion punching bag is pricier than the previous model, you’ll get the value for your money. The army green bag is professionally designed with heavy-duty material to last. It comes when empty to allow you to fill the unit with what you like; old clothes, plastic bags, cotton, and more. It comes with a chain that rotates up to 360 degrees with a swivel for hanging. This incredible kit is suitable for punching, kicking, boxing practice, general fitness, and martial arts. If you’re looking for a workout tool for the gym and home use, this one is your ultimate solution.


  • Best choice for boxing practice, martial arts, and punching kicking
  • Easy to set up and customize to meet your needs
  • Offer you a chance to fill with what you desire
  • Great unit for the gym and home use

#4. Locsee 63'' Free Standing Boxing Target Bag Inflatable Boxing Punching Bag for Kids/Adults

Whether you’re looking for a punching bag for your kid or yours, Locsee inflatable punching bag is the choice to consider. This bag has a height of 63 inches. And being a freestanding punching bag is stable and will offer you fun practicing and exercising sessions. Even better, it is suitable to use in both indoor and flat outdoor environments. It can withstand the beats and kicks, which in turn improves on hand and leg strength. Besides, it’s made from a superior quality PVC material that can stand the test of time. These boxing inflatable bags can boost kids’ and adults’ sports by improving hand-eye coordination and agility. What’s more, it is the best choice for practicing Karate, Muay Thai, Mixed martial arts, Grappling, Taekwondo, and BJJ.


  • Suitable for the home office, gym, and other places
  • Made of high-quality PVC material that lasts
  • No need to punch holes, it’s easy to move
  • Promote both adults and children sports
  • Good sporting activity for beginners

#5. UpgradeWith Height 62'' Indoor & Outdoor Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids & Adults

The kid’s punching bag by UpgradeWith is made from a superior quality PVC material that ensures it lasts long and safe for kids. This equipment is ideal for improving kids’ flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and also burning calories. This handy choice can also add more joy and relieve stress by kicking and punching the bag. This freestanding unit is quite easy to exercise anywhere, and it is ideal for the gym, courtyard, and home. Even if the unit gets deflated, it can be inflated within no time using a pump. Indeed, this is an excellent way of keeping kids away from TV screens and mobile. The steps of setting up this unit are clear and easy to follow.


  • Lightweight and durable to withstand continuous beatings
  • Essential training tool for your kids to learn martial arts
  • It’s made from high-quality PVC material
  • This bag is simple to operate

#6. Last Punch Black Life Gears Canvas 50'' Long 17'' Wide Heavy Punching Bag w/Chains

Are you looking for a long-lasting and reliable punching bag? Look no further than Life Gears by Last Punch. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to seize this grand opportunity. This equipment comes at #6 because of some of its distinguishing features. But first, you can choose to fill it with anything you want; speak of old clothes, plastics, cotton, etc. This bag has a length of 50-inches together with the chain and 17-inches full. The load depends on what you choose to fill it with. Kickboxing has never been this intriguing and exciting. Grab it now!


  • Allows you to fill with the material you need
  • Canvas is made from solid material
  • Excellent bag for the price
  • Great for boxing practice
  • The chain is well made

#7. Luniquz Unfilled Hanging Boxing Bag Kids Punching Bag w/Mount Chain for Boys & Girls

Luniquz Oxford punching bag has enhanced durability to suit kids playing and training. If you’ve recently bought a pair of boxing gloves for kids, you should get them to stress out this excellent punching bag. Besides, they can seamlessly exhaust their excessive energy and boost their health as well. This punching bag offers your kid many benefits, including preventing them from messing around and keeping them indulged all the time. Also, it helps to boost health and shape a robust body. Unlike inflatable punch bags, this chained bag is far ahead in practicality. We can entirely say that this equipment is a must-have for any kid. With multiple layers, it can buffer impact and offer long-lasting use. Best of all, it comes with a metal mount chain that ensures convenient setup.


  • The boxing bag can support a load of up to 20 pounds
  • Top zip closure allows you to fill the bag conveniently
  • Excellent for training your angel at an early age
  • Can withstand daily punching

#8. GROOFOO Unfilled Oxford Punch Bag Kids Boxing Bag w/Mount Set for Punching Sparring

Of course, kids are born to be full of fascination and energy. They’re usually on their way of messing around with things as they try to learn the world. Boxing or kickboxing is a brilliant way for them to burn out energy and promote health. Besides, the exercise instills them with self-discipline and self-defense as well in their entire life. Honestly, this unit was designed to instil punching skills to kids for joy and fitness, and it’s made from heavy-duty material with pro protection for kids punching. What’s more, it’s easy to fill and set up.


  • Healthy way for kids to exhaust excessive energy
  • Made from heavy-duty material that last
  • The best gift for boxing starters
  • Easy to fill and setup

#9. Tech Tools Heavy-Duty Stress Relief Suction to Your Desk Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

Have you ever wished you could halt work for one or two hours and hit the gym to relieve stress? Of course, your boss wouldn’t give in to such want, however, you can still have relieved stress right at the comfort of your working desk. The Stress Buster Punching Ball by Tech Tools is up to the task and aids you relieve stress at work or home. This equipment is made from resilient and durable material, and it will stand the beating from your fist without becoming deflated or weakened. Moreover, you can conveniently strike it time after time to relieve stress from your work until you feel better. It includes a pump to make blowing flawless.


  • Offers you a tranquil and calm working environment
  • Attached with a durable and reliable spring
  • Great for home and work environments
  • Relieve stress from your desk

#10. Fairtex HB6-6 Ft Unfilled Heavy-Duty Muay Thai Banana Bag Yellow Punching Bag for Kickboxing

If you’re just starting kickboxing or Muay Thai, you need to check out what Fairtex Yellow punching bag has to offer you. It’s one of the equipment designed to provide you with full contact total body workout. It’s even more relevant for those individuals who have a tight budget, and they still need a punching bag. Best of all, it’s handcrafted from the home of Muay Thai, Thailand. When filled, this kit weights up to 35kg. In line with that, it has a diameter of 36cm and 180cm in height.


  • The yellow color is attractive and superb
  • Handcrafted by experts to last
  • Offer your total body workout
  • It’s cost-friendly

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Punching Bag

Bag Type

The primary two types of punching bags are freestanding bags and hanging bags. Mostly, when people hear of the punching bag, they usually associate it with hanging bags. However, freestanding bags are an excellent option for individuals who are unable or don’t like to mount a hanging bag. Besides, there’re even hanging bags that have stands to deal away with the need of having to drill the holes in your wall or ceiling. Nevertheless, all of the primary punching bags come in various sizes, shapes, and styles.

Bag Material

Punching bags come with different surface materials with a different type of filling as well. The vinyl or leather outer covering is a bit pricier but can stand the test of time. On the other hand, textile or plastic material are still more affordable choices that offer plausible jobs; however, they may sometimes break down so quickly that other superior surfaces.

Bag Weight

The other noticeable aspect to consider is the bag weight. The weight of punching bags can range from 30 to 200 pounds. And the rule of thumb for acquiring the one that is half your weight. For example, if your weight is 180 pounds, then a punching bag of 90pounds is a good fit for you.


Don’t pay for a punching bag that will only last for a year; it breaks. As such, you should make sure that the material forming the punching bag is up to speed. Getting the value for your hard-earned money is fundamental, and at no point should you settle for a poorly made punching bag.


In a nutshell, punching bags are an excellent way of relieving stress while shelling out extra calories. Even though they might not offer benefits to everyone, it’s way better than other gym equipment. Before starting your exercise, it is essential to protect yourself with equipment like tape, gloves, and even wrist wraps to avoid injuries and damages from occurring. Whether you’re looking for a punching bag for your child or partner, the list above offers you everything. We’ve also gone a step further and provided you with a buyer’s guide to keep you on track as you figure out the choice that impresses you the most. Have a flawless and successful shopping experience!

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