The 10 Best Nursing Pillow and Positioner of 2024

A nursing pillow is designed to provide support for your arms and back when you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby. It elevates your baby to a more comfortable position when nursing. This pillow also provides support for the baby during propping, sitting, tummy time, and other baby’s discoveries during the early infancy stages. Additionally, you can use a nursing pillow for support when sleeping when you are still pregnant.

The best breastfeeding pillow is the one designed with a shape that rounds and fits your waist. It should also be filled with firm material that positions the baby in the right position. This quality of a nursing pillow will ensure that both the mother and the baby are comfortable during the feeding process. You can freely choose your best feeding position by adjusting the position of the pillow.

The market has been flooded with many different brands of nursing pillows making it difficult for you to make a choice. This article will provide you with an insight into the best-rated nursing pillow and what to consider when making a purchase.

#1. Infantino Elevate Multiple Angle Altering Floral Adjustable Nursing Pillow & Positioner

Infantino Nursing pillow is designed with 3 levels of adjustable layers that raise the baby to assume a core comfortable feeding position. It gives the mother more options for holding the baby when nursing. The height of the pillow is customized as the baby is growing to meet the baby’s size at every stage. This brand of the nursing pillow has a compact design that easily folds. Once you fold it, secure it with the attached tidy ribbons for closure. The pillow is machine washable and can be tumble dried at lower settings. Therefore, the pillow is easy to clean whenever it is necessary.


  • It has adjustment and elevation of the baby’s head
  • Designed with multiple layers to support various positions
  • It is made of premium quality polyester fabric
  • Machine washable and easy maintenance
  • Compact and easy to store

#2. Boppy Cotton Blend Fabric Black & Gold Notebook Original Nursing Pillow & Positioner

This is an ideal nursing pillow that comes in various allover designs. It provides easy ergonomic positioning during feeding, propping, sitting, tummy time, or when discovering little toes and fingers. It has made a bottle or breastfeeding an enjoyable experience with your baby. Also, it relieves your back and arms by lifting the baby to a better feeding posture. It is fashionably designed from a blend of allover fashion and cotton fabric. Both the pillow and the cover are machine washable with much interference of their shapes. All Boppy slipcovers come in a standard size and are sold separately. They fit easily and are secured by an invisible zipper.


  • It provides relief to your back and arms during the feeding process
  • The cover is made of blended cotton fabric and allover
  • Delivers versatile use that lasts up to 12 months
  • Comes with a machine washable pillow cover
  • The Boppy pillow cover has a zipper design

#3. OMORC 100% Pure Cotton Waterproof Breastfeeding Pillow & Lounger w/Detachable Backrest

OMORC Nursing Pillow guarantees convenience and comfortability of both the mother and the baby. This position is equipped with adjustable straps for secure fitting around the mother’s waist. The buckle ensures that the pillow stays in place without sliding away from the mother’s waist. With a storage pocket fixed on the pillow, you can conveniently keep a tissue or a pacifier. It is made from natural cotton fiber and crafted in an ergonomic design. This high quality feature properly positions the baby in a comfortable suckling position. It is highly portable with an attachment of a removable back and headrest for easy storage.


  • Equipped with convenient pockets for keeping baby’s supplies
  • The pillow has an adjustable backrest and headrest
  • Comes in a firm and flat 3D design of cotton
  • It is made of 100% cotton material
  • It is more elastic and breathable

#4. Nene Infant Feeding Propping Slipcover Bib Nursing Pillow & Positioner for Girls & Boys

Nene manufacturer is committed to upholding the production of quality nursing pillows for mothers and babies. They produce updated feeding pillows that have been equipped with the best and attractive qualities. Nene nursing pillows come in cute patterns and soft design with handles for easy portability. They have patterns for either boys or girls. They come in various sizes that offer comfortable propping, feeding, and sitting among others. It is equipped with a patterned slipcover made from cotton material. This slipcover is fully machine washable and is fastened with an invisible zipper. It also comes with a long-lasting wash warranty that will take you through your motherhood.


  • Comes in an ideal size for comfortable breastfeeding
  • It is equipped with a patterned cotton slipcover
  • Fitted with a handle for easy portability
  • Has an invisible zipper design
  • It is machine washable

#5. Boppy Machine Washable Versatile Easy Care Barenaked Comfortable Nursing Pillow & Positioner

Boppy Bare Naked is the original award-winning nursing pillow that will relieve you back and arm when you are feeding your baby. It achieves this by raising your baby to a more comfortable position during bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. This nursing pillow delivers maximum support for your baby in tummy time, propping, sitting, and other discoveries within the first year. The entire pillow is made of 90% polyester and 10% cotton materials. The fabric used in making this pillow is machine washable. It requires 30oC/85oC Fahrenheit and lowly tumble dried on a delicate cycle. A tennis ball or a sneaker covered with a pillowcase can be thrown into the washer to help it maintain its shape.


  • Relieves your back and arms by lifting the baby during feeding
  • The cover fits snuggly into the original pillow
  • It is of 10% cotton and 90% polyester
  • Has a waterproof protective slipcover
  • It is machine washable under 30oC

#6. Miracle Baby Peony Flower U-Shape Machine Washable Breastfeeding Head Positioner Nursing Pillow

Miracle Baby is a nursing pillow for breastfeeding and positioning of the baby. This pillow is made of 100% cotton material and covers with a soft and ergonomic slipcover made of a fabric that is friendly to the baby’s face. It comes attached with a small removable pillow that elevates the baby to a better position. The large pillow comes in a U-shape design to provide support to the mother while relieving her back and arms. It is covered with a removable slipcover that is machine washable. You can easily wash the whole pillow by putting it into the washing machine. Further, it can withstand several washing without losing its comfort.


  • Puts the baby in an ergonomic position during feeding
  • Provides cushioning during sitting training
  • It is a machine washable nursing pillow
  • It is constructed with a polyester core
  • Comes with a durable cotton cover

#7. Comfyt Breastfeeding Baby Lounger Multifunctional Nursing Pillow & Positioner for Mom's Baby

Comfyt is a multifunctional nursing pillow that can either function as a mother’s positioner or lounger support during breastfeeding. It elevates your baby to a more comfortable bottle-feeding or breastfeeding position thus providing a relief to both your back and arms. These pillows can be used as support pillows and positioners in different developmental stages of the baby. It also facilitates more bonding between you and the baby. This support system is uniquely designed with comfortable and bouncing features. With the U shape design and the adjustable seat-wrap, it guarantees maximum support and safety of your baby. It is an ideal support system for sitting up, tummy time, and growing infants. Additionally, it is equipped with a pocket concealed at the bottom for keeping the seat wrap when not in use.


  • It’s hypoallergenic, anti-dust, and anti-bacterial memory foam
  • Has a u-shape design and adjustable seat-wraps
  • Designed for supervising the baby when awake
  • Relieves your back and arms during feeding
  • Ideal pillow for baby’s support and nursing

#8. Nursit Rings Print Zipper Pull Easy to Clean Versatile Pillow Basic Nursing Pillow & Positioner

Nursit is an affordable infant support and nursing pillow. It delivers versatile nursing support for both the mother and baby either while at home or during traveling. This is a multifunctional pillow that the baby can use when learning to sit upright on the floor or used by the mother on the waist for nursing support. This nursing pillow comes in a patented design that features a microfiber filling. This microfiber filling is hypoallergenic and safe. This nursing pillow is safe and fully washable by a machine. You don’t need to remove the slipcover or the fillings when you want to wash. Additionally, it is recommended for use by 0-6-year-olds.


  • It has a patented design with hypoallergenic fillings
  • Can be used either on the floor or around the waist
  • This pillow is machine washable and can be dried
  • Provides versatile pillow for the parent and baby
  • Has the ability to retain its shape after washing

#9. LAT Nature 100% Cotton Soft Aseptic Vacuum Packaging Nursing Pillow & Positioner

LAT Nursing Pillow is a uniquely designed nursing pillow that comes with a recyclable vacuum bag for storage. This will ensure that the pillow does not occupy much storage space and prevents it from getting damaged by bugs, molds, and dust. It is designed for use by both the parent and the baby during breastfeeding propping and bottle feeding among others. Also, the mother can use it when sleeping or sitting. The design of the pillow allows it to be used to offer support on the floor when the child is sitting or can be worn to aid in proper nursing. It comes with a slipcover made of 100% natural cotton. This cotton fabric is extremely soft. Additionally, the cover is covered with a zipper for a snug fit.


  • The zip is stacked away to prevent injuring the baby
  • It comes with a recyclable vacuum bag for storage
  • It is protected by 100% cotton slipcover
  • The cover is easy to put on or remove
  • Safely covered with a zipper design

#10. SWHRIOPD Multifunctional Cotton Adjustable U-Type Newborn Breastfeeding Pillow & Positioner

If you desire a secure and the most comfortable nursing pillow and a positioner, SWHRIOPD Newborn is the best choice for you. This is an adjustable breastfeeding pillow that comes in a U shape design. It is a perfect nursing pillow that delivers secure and comfortable breastfeeding and proper latch-on support. The pillow can elevate your baby into a more comfortable position that will relieve your back and arms during bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. The front part of the pillow is made of cotton material while the back is made of Minky Dot plush. It is filled with polyester fibers with 3D design. The U-shape design allows it to be easily wrapped around. This will provide more support to sore shoulders and weary back.


  • It is an ideal pillow for comfortable breastfeeding
  • Easy to put on/off with the help of zipper design
  • Wrap around style provides back support
  • Filled with polyester fiber with 3D design
  • Covered with a cotton slipcover

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Nursing Pillow & Positioner


Nursing pillows are made using various materials. The differences in the material have a great impact on the maintenance and support of the nursing pillow. The material used in making a pillow determines how frequent should the pillow be cleaned and the best cleaning method to be employed. The best nursing pillow is the one made of natural material, normal cotton, and organic cotton. This is because they will have a soft effect on your baby’s skin.

Cleaning Method

Your nursing pillow is highly prone to spit-ups and spills as you nurse your baby. This makes regular cleaning a necessity. The best nursing pillow to go for is designed with a washable pillow and removable cover. It is also easy-to-clean pillows with covers made of liquid repellent fabrics. This is because they dry easily after washing.


You need to consider the portability of your nursing pillow. This will facilitate easy feeding of your baby when you are at home or traveling. Apart from feeding the baby, it can also provide support for your baby when you are outside the house. Consider purchasing an inflatable pillow and one that is equipped with straps because they are easy to travel with.


Various nursing pillows come in different shapes and designs. The shapes include “U”, “O”, “C” and others “Crescent”. Choose a nursing pillow with the shape that fits the type of your body. It should also provide maximum support for your arm. Also, it should fully wrap around your entire body.


Finally, we highly recommend that you purchase a nursing pillow more especially during your early nursing stages. This is because you will be exposed to wakefulness blurs and too much exhaustion. A nursing pillow will help in providing extra support and a comfortable breastfeeding experience.

These nursing pillows are eco-friendly and come in different sizes that accommodate babies nicely. Choose a nursing pillow which is designed with more features such as desirable height, zippered, dual sides, and straps. It should also be machine washable for easy maintenance. With this article, you are now equipped with the know-how to apply before making a purchase.

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