The 10 Best Mass Gainers of 2024

A mass gainer is an essential dietary supplement for those who want to bulk up with fewer efforts. With this supplement, you’ll don’t have to struggle in the gym to obtain your desired body mass. There are many other benefits of weight gainers other than the typical weight gains. Most offer extra-nutrients that are essential for your general health – a mixture of carbohydrates, fats, and most vital, protein. Mass gainers are the best choices for people who want to recover and gain muscles within no time.

The more brands of mass gainers flocking the market sometimes make choosing the best package an uphill task. And also, if you’ve never used these products before, you’ll be overwhelmed by the tons of these options. However, we’ve done the hard job for you. Here are the best ten mass gainers that will help you choose the right gainer for training purposes.

#1. NitroTech 10lbs 103 Serving 100% Protein Powder Milk Chocolate Whey Isolate Muscle Builder

Are you looking for a protein powder supplement to improve your strength, build you more muscle, and enhance your overall performance? That’s possible with NitroTech Whey Protein. This product contains isolates and peptides as its primary source. For standard certification, the whey protein contained in this product is fully filtered using a multi-phase filtration system. Trust us; this product can build you more strength than that regular whey protein. We’re also proud to let you know that this is the #1 selling bodybuilder supplement brands in America.


  • Maintains high-quality standards with multi-phase filtration technology
  • The potent protein powder that gains you more muscles
  • It’s easy to mix & mix and also enhances recovery
  • Contain chocolate flavor that is a delight to drink
  • Includes lean muscle builder and recovery

#2. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder 10lbs Double Rich Chocolate

The other mass gainer on the lookout is Gold Standard Whey. It possesses 24g of high-quality protein that helps you to increase strength and build muscle. Also, it is essential for someone who is usually involved in constant training and needs strong muscle build-up. Whether you need a weight gainer with undoubtedly quality or the one that offers optimum outcome, this Gold Standard is the best choice to consider. You should take this supplement first thing in the morning, before, or after exercise. If you choose this product as prescribed, you reach your goals within no time.


  • Recommended to be taken in the morning and before and after exercise
  • Contains When protein Isolate (WPI) as its main ingredient
  • It improves mixing ability to avoid clumps and lumps
  • This supplement is thoroughly checked for quality
  • Comes with four different sizes to choose from

#3. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy KETO Friendly BCAAs with Green Tea &Coffee Extract

If you need to kick start your workday in its kind or want to gain muscles with ease, then Amino Energy mass gainer is the ultimate choice to solicit your help from. Without any contradiction, most regular users regard this product as a serious game changer. The energy it delivers will enable you to stay mentally healthy and focus, not to mention the delightful flavor. For coffee lovers, this might be the next thing to take over your delicious coffee because it offers more help than your delicious coffee. Plus, the BCAAs offer you quick recovery. What’re you still waiting for? This product is a big thing in town!


  • Has a unique formula of essential amino to offer you with the mental focus
  • Blended mix of amino acids to help in muscle recovery
  • Offers you the right amount of energy for the day
  • Includes ten plus delightful flavors to choose from
  • The formula is ideal for any time of the day

#4. BEYOND RAW Re-Built Mass XP Choc Hyper-Anabolic Complex 5g Creatine Ultimate Mass Gainer

Manufactured to offer its exceptional effect, Beyond Raw Re-Built Mass XP is endowed with many helpful features. For instance, the complex carbohydrates amalgamation fuel high-intensity exercise. Also, with the advanced creatine complex (2 varieties of creatine & blend of creatine precursors), your body can synthesize the creatine in a more natural way. Besides, 20/6.2 whey-leucine mix increases muscle performance and size. This body dietary supplement is from fully-dosed primary ingredients without any filler or any junky sprinkles. If you carefully stick to this supplement, you reach your goals quicker than you expected. It offers you impressive results more so when you use it together with an exercise program.


  • Has five delicious flavors to choose from; vanilla, chocolate, cream, cookies, strawberry
  • Includes an advanced creatine complex to help fuel high-intensity exercise
  • Capable of bulking you to gain a tremendous amount of weight
  • This dietary supplement is formulated to improve the muscle size
  • It contains 60g of proteins and 140g of carbohydrates

#5. GNC AMP 6.2lbs 50g of Proteins Increase Lean Muscle Mass XX Chocolate Amino Acids Max Gains

We’ve no words to describe this incredible product by GNC AMP Mass XXX because it offers more than enough benefits. From increasing lean muscle mass, stamina, strength to increase in weight, this dietary supplement has gained popularity in the market. Your body will be served with the appropriate amount of healthy fat, whey protein, micronized amino, and carbs to go handy with your training and enable you to achieve maximum gain. This product is manufactured using clinically certified ingredients to offer you endless possibilities of body mass. For athletes, this system provides the strength to run without getting much exhausted.


  • Manufactured with a suitable amount of carbs, healthy fat, whey proteins and so on
  • Amino acids & AMP absorbs faster and supports muscle protein synthesis
  • Has been clinically proven to offer supplement support for sport activities
  • Boost increment of the lean muscle mass, stamina, and weight
  • Uses three forms of creatine that help improve training outcomes

#6. Herculez Gainer Highest Quality 6lbs Almond Chocolate Flavor 3 Nutritional Component Mass Gainer

Are you thinking of getting a mass gainer formula with powerful and natural ingredients? Herculez Gainer is one of the best choices you can think of. It’s meticulously balanced to suit anyone who wishes to have superior and quality mass gain faster. Every serving offers remarkable 40g of the protein matrix, 60g of carbohydrates, and omega 3. Besides, this unique mass gainer is endowed with all the elements that are involved in post-workout recovery with full recovery shake. And for that reason, this product is referred to as the King of all Gainers. Unlike most gainers that are loaded with an unbalanced ration of substances, this exhilarating choice has three primary nutritional components. Even better, this product is manufactured without sugar, with the only 3g occurring naturally.


  • Allow weight gainers because of exceptional and powerhouse protein
  • It’s made from high-quality and laboratory tested raw materials
  • Boost the natural body hormones concern with muscle growth
  • Has a precise ratio of the major nutritional components

#7. Dymatize Super-Mass Gainer 1310 Calories 52g Protein BCAAs Mixes Easily Taste Delicious 12lbs

Packing on solemn mass is getting more serious with Dymatize super-mass gainer product. If you want to ingest more proteins, calories, and carbs into your body, then this dietary supplement is the way to go. Super Mass Gainer is suitable for hard gainers and possesses quick metabolisms or even individuals who find themselves too busy to gain sufficient calories for their day to obtain the muscle growth target. Besides, it has all the calories, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and BCAAs to enable you to built strength and gain mass. Anytime you try to gain weight, ensure you feed your muscles well. That said, embrace Super Mass Gainer as your one-stop shop to achieve your right mass and strength.


  • Formulated using high-quality ingredients & nutrients to gains strength and size faster
  • Has enough calories for burning and prevent muscle mass from being used as fuel
  • Endowed with protein concern with building and sustaining muscles
  • It’s ideal for hard mass gainers who have faster metabolism process

#8. NutraBio Extreme 6lbs Vanilla Taste Delicious Protein Carbohydrates & Calories Blend Mass Gainer

The formula is, for sure, one of the most ranked products as per user reviews. When you add vanilla Nutrabio with Milk oatmeal, you’ll get one of a kind taste. Stay focused on this supplement if you want to gain muscle more cleanly. The vanilla flavor is sumptuous, and for sure, you’ll like to have one. And also, this product sells at a fair price compared to its competitors. It’s also a great dietary supplement that one can use before starting to workout. Don’t hesitate to order this product if you find it helpful.


  • The shake has lots of vitamins compared to other protein powder
  • You’re able to gain remarkable mass and muscle strength
  • The protein powder info you precisely what’s inside it
  • It tastes great good by just adding some strawberries

#9. Clif Bar 2.4Oz. 12 Count Gluten-free Protein Bars Cinnamon Nut Swirl 20g Mass Weight Builder

Whether you are an in the worksite or the gym and you desire to build and gain something great, you ought to brace yourself an influential mass gainer. Clif Bar mass builder is, for sure, the best supplement you can think of. It has 20g of complete protein and amino acids that help you to recover and strengthen muscles. And also, since we take every ingredient equally, there is no need to sacrifice taste or even texture to gain all the benefits of the protein bar that works harder rather than easier. If you work harder in the gym, then you wouldn’t go wrong by purchasing this practical product.


  • Has 20g of tasty complete plant protein to help you build & repair muscle
  • Manufactured using high-quality ingredients which are also gluten-free
  • Ideal for individual who want to recover from a robust workout
  • Comes with favorite flavors that enable you to choose the best
  • Offers you enough energy for working out or working hard

#10. Muscle Milk Pro Series 12 Count 11 Fl Oz Knockout Chocolate Protein Shake Powerful Mass Gainer

Our list couldn’t have come to a conclusive end without this innovative product by MUSCLE MILK Pro Series. This protein shakes offer all the nine essential amino acids that your body is unable to provide. If you want to have healthy muscles, then proteins are necessary, as well as the time of intake. The main of this supplement is to maintain the protein level in your body at an optimum level; hence you can have sufficient nutrients to maintain, recover, and strengthen muscles. Moreover, it’s gluten-free and suitable for most people who are sensitive to lactose. It’s not too late to gain mass, choose this product, and you’ll never regret it!


  • Provide protein and vital nutrients to help heal and build muscle
  • Excellent source of 20 essential minerals and vitamins
  • Offers you immediate and prolonged protein delivery
  • It can be used before or after arduous workouts

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Mass Gainer


Of course, the mass gainers are orally taken. Therefore, you should opt for the one with your favorite flavor so that you can faithfully follow your routine. With your favorite flavor, you can always take without having any trouble.

Protein Source

The other thing to consider is the protein source. As you know, protein & building muscle mass are correlated; however, there are different sources of protein, and that calls for your vigilance when shopping. Some people are lactose intolerant, and plants that offer protein are their options.


This aspect could as well become the overall thing for mass gainers because they are energy, giving foods that provide you with sufficient fuel to carry out involving workouts. Also, it ensures you gain weight within no time.


Before you can settle with any of the mass gainer products, it’s worth considering the ingredient that constitutes the product. In so doing, you ensure you avert any flare-ups as a result of allergies and also enables you to take in mass gainer free from harmful substances.


When starting to take these gainers, we’re quite confident that everyone has a specific aim that they want to achieve at the end of using these products. For instance, weightlifters and bodybuilders alike can take large quality to ensure they live up to their objectives. However, for people with short term body gain plans, they should go for mass gainers that are more economical.


We’ve done an honest review on the best ten mass gainers you might want to consider for your next mass gaining endeavor. We know how it is sometimes difficult and confusing to grab a particular brand on sight, and that’s why we’ve done all we could to present to you some choices we found to outdo the rest in the market. Relax and feel free to pick one of the above mass gainers if you wish to gain weight within no time. Also, with that, we have offered you some things you should follow before you can pin down to any of the mass gainers. Better yet, if you still want to pursue more regarding things products, you can even do, but the bottom line is, the products above are prevalent in most households.

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