The 10 Best Indoor Exercise Bikes of 2024

Nowadays people are too busy with their schedules to go to the gym. But the advancement of technology has given rise to indoor exercise kits like treadmills, elliptical, exercise bikes, etc. In this review, we are going to talk about indoor exercise bikes. The kit is relatively compact, unlike its alternatives. If you want a kit to burn a substantial number of calories in your body, then an indoor exercise bike is the right option to go for.

There are three main types of indoor exercise bikes namely upright bikes, spinning cycles, and recumbent cycles. Lucky enough, we have reviewed at least one of each of the models. That’s will make you choose the one that suits your needs.

When deciding to purchase an indoor exercise bike, you might tend to get confused since there are many things to consider. However, we have taken the confusion out of you and presented to you the best 10 indoor exercise bikes of 2020. You only need to grab the one that suits your needs. Here is the explicit review of each product.

1. DeskCycle 2 LCD Function 27'' Under Desk Top Quality Pedal Exerciser & Exercise Bike

First off, we have the DeskCycle 2 exercise bike. If you want to improve your health, productivity, and energy level, then this choice will meet your aspirations. Also, aside from losing weight and general health improvements you can count on this unit for a stress-free and happier living. Besides, it enables you to pedal under the desk as you concentrate on your other daily office duty. For a thorough exercise experience, it is advisable to set the resistance level to 3 or less when working under the desk. Because it is built with the wide front leg you can rest assured that the stability is guaranteed. What’s more, this kit is ready to take your exercise routine to the next level. Even better, it doesn’t cause any instant impact on your body, works smoothly and efficiently.


  • The display stand offers you convenient viewing because you can place it anywhere on your desk
  • Kensington slot enables you to secure the DeskCycle to your desk using Kensington laptop lock
  • The smooth pedal motion & Whisper-quiet operation does not disturb those around you
  • Has large pedals with adjustable Velcro straps to fit any shoe size
  • Comes with 8 magnetic resistance levels from easy to difficult level

2. FLEXISPOT Adjustable Seat & Resistance Levels Exercise Bike – Without Desktop White

FLEXISPOT exercise bike without desktop white offers you a great way to do exercise at a sit-stand desk cycle. The unit offer than just enabling you to lose weight by improving your health which in turn extends your lifespan. Also, the kit is way better than a treadmill desk because, with the seated exercise manner, safety is guaranteed. Moreover, cycling in most cases will boost concentration in a big manner. Additionally, the compact design saves you a lot of space making it an ideal exercise kit to use in the office. Furthermore, this unit offers a great method of burning calories right at your desk without causing a nuisance to your co-workers. You’ll surely love this exerciser if you embrace it for your daily workouts.


  • It is a low impact office home exercise machine that improves your health & productivity
  • Adjustable seat height ensures it accommodates people of different heights
  • Has 8 level of resistance from the easiest to the hard pedaling level
  • Comes with pre-install units hence no installation needed

3. Flywheel Home Built-in Tablet Sleek Handlebar Settings Exercise Bike (2-free month's subscription)

How about if we bring to your home the flywheel studio experience? Well, the sophisticated flywheel home bike with the built-in tablet offers you the cardio exercise experience. Owning this unit is a game-changer as far as your fitness is a concern. Also, the large display will enable you to track your performance which also improves your health. Moreover, elite coaching and high-intensity training will reach your fitness goals with ease. The tablet is full of recorded or live workouts that also motivates you towards reaching your fitness goals. Even if you have no idea about this unit, you’ll surely get along because the machine is friendly and easy to operate. Finally, this bike is from superior-grade materials that offer exceptional and excellent reliability.


  • Handlebar settings and multiple seats offer a perfect fit for any rider
  • Sleek and compact design for portability and easy storage
  • Has a pacer, race mode and TorgBoard that enable you to reach your fitness goals
  • Internet/Wi-Fi enabled (greater than 10 Mbps) & Bluetooth 4.0 enabled
  • Included a dual water bottle holders and weighed bars

4. Pooboo Pro LED Display Stationary Dumbbells Flywheel Quiet Indoor Exercise Bike

Are you looking for a simple indoor cycling bike that offers a marvelous cycling workout? Look no further than Pooboo Pro Cycling Bike. Think of any fitness idea and this kit will deliver to you fully. Also, the adjustable handlebars and adjustable seats offer you a customizable experience that takes care of your comfort. Even better, the frame and crank are from a heavy-duty steel material that is of high-quality and high-durability to fit any kind of fitness goal. Plus, it includes two black dumbbells. Besides, the machine is lightweight and compact to enable fit into a small apartment. If you will be relocating soon, then this is a good gear because it comes built-in with transportation wheels. Get yourself this machine and you will never regret its outcome.


  • The flywheel is easy to install and also easy to repair with no adjustments needed
  • The adjustable seat is from leather hence keeping you comfortable as you ride
  • Has a rock-solid construction with wide-base to offer exceptional stability
  • The brake & resistance have a resistance knob for easy adjustments
  • Multifunctional LCD keeps track of your fitness progress

5. ATIVAFIT 40 Lbs. Flywheel Cycle IPad Holder Indoor Cycling Bike for Home Cardio Workout

Are you a bicycle enthusiast who is occasionally faced with limited time issues? Well, with ATIVAFIT cycling bike, you can still bring the outdoor cycling experience but sticking indoors and making some greater workouts. The exerciser is smooth and works quietly. Also, it makes your exercise convenient and effective. Besides, the belt transmission is augmented by 40 lbs. the flywheel that offers varying resistance levels to meet your exercise requirements. Additionally, the top press down brakes offers a safe landing when you need an immediate stop. What’s more, the tablet bracket offers you a convenient way to watch TV as you cycle along. Make this one your ultimate choice since it’s affordable.


  • Designed with adjustable resistance with a top press-down brake
  • Comes with transportation wheels to enhance portability
  • Made with anti-skid cage pedal and adjustable lace
  • The maximum weight capacity is 275 pounds
  • Has a smooth & quiet belt transmission model
  • Built with a 40 lbs. heavy duty flywheel

6. FLEXISPOT Adjustable Seat & Resistance Levels Desk Exercise Bike –W/ Desktop Black

If you want an easy way to energize your work and get a healthier way to work in your office, then the solution is right here. Get the secret behind this practical unit from FLEXISPOT – W/desktop black. This ideal unit combines an on-demand adjustable height desk with an exercise bike to become a sleek desk bike that brings about your fitness goals. Also, it has undergone TUV SUD certification, therefore, you can be rest assured of distinguishable results out of this machine. When running, the unit doesn’t produce any noise, hence, it doesn’t disrupt those studying or doing other duties. Furthermore, since this machine has an adjustable seat and many resistance levels, you can always customize your workout the way you want.


  • Readily adjust its seat height with multiple resistance levels for a customized workout
  • Has an innovative design that allows you to sit, stand or cycle with comfort
  • Quiet & smooth pedaling does not disrupt those who are next to you
  • The unit has been thoroughly tested and certified by TUV SUD
  • Easily turn your office into an active environment

7. Cyclace 330 Lbs. Weight Capacity LCD Monitor IPad Holder Cycling Bike for Home Workout

If you are reading this unit by Cyclace for the first time then you have just won yourself the greatest workout kit. The unit comes with many interesting features that will surely change your workout plans. First, it comes with an extended seat support post that suits 5.1 to 6.5 ft. individuals. All your family members can make some tweaks until the unit work right for them. Moreover, the thickened and widened frames support up to 330 lbs. Besides, the 36 pounds flywheel offers smooth and powerful riding. Lastly, with the adjustable resistance, the machine can accommodate your workout requirements. This bike is an excellent exerciser to gift your loved ones at home.


  • Comes with four-ways adjustable seat with two-ways adjustable multi-grips handlebar
  • The ergonomic resistance bar offers more comfortable press down and rotation
  • Has an extended seat support post to support people’s height from 5.1 to 6.5 ft.
  • Built with holes on the chaincase to assist in heat dissipation
  • The 36 pounds flywheel stationary bike offers smooth riding

8. FLEXISPOT Adjustable Seat & Resistance Levels Exercise Bike –Without Desktop Black

Another results-oriented indoor exercise kit by FLEXISPOT – without Desktop Black. When in operation, it doesn’t produce a lot of noise, hence making it a great choice to use in a busy office. If you want to burn countless calories then this is the workout machine to go for. Also, the continuous use of this kit will improve your health and increase your lifespan. In case you want a fit size, you would need to adjust your V9U using the adjustable seat height. Even better, it is a low impact home office exerciser that delivers amazing results. Be assured to improve your productivity while at the workplace. Get yourself this gear for a great workout experience!


  • Uses 8 resistance levels thus enabling you to get healthy irrespective of your fitness level
  • It is a low impact office& home exercise machine for improved productivity
  • The pedal works smoothly and quietly hence it doesn’t disrupt others
  • Has fully undergone TUV SUD test and certification

9. BCAN Magnetic Upright Foldable Exercise Bike 330 Lbs. Support (Grey/Black) -2019 Version

Is there any reason why you will waste a lot of money and time while you can get an exceptional workout right in your home? It is high time to go for this space-saving magnetic bike by BCAN. Also, the unit can fold up with easy and fit the small space for immediate workout. You can count on this unit for any kind of body exercise. Besides, it is efficient and convenient. Since the seat is padded and having ergonomic handlebars, you can expect to reach your maximum potential with ease. Furthermore, the incredible arc steel design makes the unit strong and long-lasting.


  • Can accommodate riders with up 330 pounds weight capacity
  • Has an upright magnetic bike with multi-functional monitor
  • The seat is cushioned with 5 adjustable height angles
  • Built with large LCD screen for progress updates
  • Comes with two transport wheels for portability
  • Works well with riders from 4’8” – 6’2”

10. FLEXISPOT Adjustable Seat & Resistance Levels Desk Exercise Bike –W/ Desktop White

If you need to concentrate fully with your job while you make some cycling, then the best choice to purchase is FLXISPOT desk exercise bike- w/ desktop white. The unit offers versatile to use because it accommodates individuals with 5’1” to 6’2”. Also, the adjustable lever is adjustable with a press of a button. Moreover, it is user-friendly and operation instructions are quite simple to understand. Aside from that, the machine is tested and certified by TUV SUD. The desk surface can accommodate a laptop or a notebook. Needless to say, this kit is affordable and will surely serve your exercise needs. To wrap it up, this pneumatic increases activity for adults, boost focus in teens and improves sleep for grandparents.


  • Offer a space-saving solution since it has a revolutionized design
  • Comes with a wrist pad that displays distance, speed and time
  • The desk and seat have adjustable height to suit various riders
  • Suitable for riders with have 5’1” to 6’2”

What to Look for in an Indoor Exercise Bike

If you want to make great use of your money, you need to purchase an exercise bike of high-quality and the one that is reliable. Together with that, here are some other important things to consider for a successful purchase.


Every model of an indoor exercise bike has a different style. Therefore, you need to understand each style and the one that best suits your needs. The main styles of exercise bikes are upright, recumbent and spinning models. The upright bikes are the one that suits beginners because of its compact look. Secondly, recumbent bikes offer you more reclining positions. It is suitable for individuals with physical limitations. Lastly, the spinning bikes are more robust with flywheels. They offer high-intensity workouts.

Flywheel Weight

The second feature to note is the flywheel weight. This is the inner system of an exercise bike. The weight of the flywheel is a direct determination of the bike’s motion. The higher the weight, the more comfortable the ride becomes although it comes with a price. For beginners, they can work best with flywheel weight of between 15 to 22 lbs. yet for the pros riders, they may opt for weight up to 33lbs or even more.

Display & Programming

The best indoor exerciser bike to have is the one with display and programming capability. The reason being it enables you to track your workout performance. There are those kits that come with simple measurements display but there are those that display calories burned, heart rate, distance and more. Acquire what best suits your needs.


We hope the review has offered you important information as far as exercise bike is a concern. Of course, there are many indoor exercise bikes on the market but our selection is the best. Then also, our rounded list is affordable. Whichever the style you are looking for, we have it presented to you. No need to break the bank to look fit and healthy. Consider a style that meets your interest and acquire. Burn those unnecessary calories and start staying healthy by grabbing one of these units, you thank us later! Have fruitful cycling!

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