The 10 Best Hiking Boots for Men of 2024

Hiking boots are so essential gears for any avid adventurer. They become even critical when you go climb mountains with rocky and stiff terrain that needs a strong grip. Hiking boots for men offer comfort and performance yet stitching to their lightweight nature for easy movements. Moreover, the waterproof models are encouraging because even if the weather turns against you, you wouldn’t soak. So, are you planning to go hiking this festive season and you don’t have an idea on the type of hiking shoe you’ll go with? Chill, we got you sorted.

We delved into the market with the aim of finding the best hiking boots for men and the outcome was welcoming. If you’re still with me, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best hiking boots for men that surpasses all our criterion. They make the best selections on the market and if any changes arise we’ll inform you instantly. With everything considered, here is our precise list.

1. KEEN Waterproof Rubber Sole Low Profile Men’s Targhee II Hiking Boots

Are you an outdoor enthusiast and looking for the best boots to put on when hiking? Worry no more, KEEN hiking boots are here for you. They are designed from high-quality leather materials meaning that you can use them for long with no tears and wears. This hiking boot provides a four wheel drive performance for your feet. They are available in different sizes, thus you can choose a size that suits your feet perfectly. They are a perfect gift for a friend or a family friend. Also, it has the best traction control as the outsole has a 4mm lugs suitable for any terrain. You can wear these boots when out on the streets, on mountain or even when at the beach. They are designed to suit most outdoor events


  • Have breathable membrane to allows your feet breathe
  • The middle-cut- height design that supports your ankle
  • Have waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry
  • All-terrain outsole for the best hiking experience
  • The ESS shank provide for a safe and secure walk

2. Baffin Wool Insole Waterproof Breathable Single-Pull Lace Snosport men’s Hiking Boots

Hiking is a great hobby for most people. With the excellent men’s hiking boots, you will enjoy your hiking. Baffin hiking boots for men have a rubber sole that gives it a long lasting use. Besides, the sole can handle the toughest terrains. Its membrane is breathable and waterproof to keep your feet dry during wet seasons. Also, it has a fiber insulation of 4°F to always keep your feet warm. This boot opens up to 15″ round for easy wearing and removing of this booth. It has single-pull- lace system with a lace lock that keeps your feet intact in the shoe to avoid getting off. With the correct size then these are the most comfortable boots for hiking moment.


  • Have high grip sole for safe walk on slippery floors
  • Removable insole in case you want to clean it
  • The reflective highlights for safety when dark
  • The raised ankle edge avoid any ankle strains
  • Made lightweight for a comfortable hike

3. SCARPA Fuego 100% Leather Vibram Sole Classically-Styled Tall Cuff Mountaineering Boots

This footwear is designed for outdoor pursuits. SCARPA hiking boots are suitable for skiing, mountaineering and hiking events. This is one hiking that can take you to places. They are from leather materials, hence it is a long lasting boot. The heels measures about 1.5 inches. Also, the boots can open up to 15″ round for a perfect fit. With the great ankle support, you will be in them for long hours and feeling no ankle strains at all. They support your feet the best way ever to avoid any fatigue if you are in them as you work. These boots are worth any penny from your pocket as they are the best boots around.


  • Have Pro-Flex TX insole for a comfortable wear
  • Have gusseted tongue that protects your feet
  • vibram sole is free from tears and wears
  • Made tough to withstand most terrains
  • Well-padded tongue and ankle areas

4. LA SPORTIVA Men’s Makalu Synthetic Sole D-Ring Lacing Vibram Rand Mountaineering Boots

Are you looking for a boot to be worn during all the seasons? Look no more, LA SPORTIVA Hiking Boots for Men are here to suit all that your desires. Moreover, it can be worn during summer, spring, winter and autumn season of the year. The synthetic sole makes it an all-terrain boot as you access any tough environment with kind of these boots. Furthermore, they are comfortable to walk on as they have the best arch support and ankle support. With best size and good lace tightening, you will feel comfortable in these types of hiking boots. They are laced up to ensure it does not gets off as you work on hike. These are the best boots especially for utility climbers.


  • Have vibram sole with the best traction ability
  • Durable and strong boots that last long
  • The D-ring lacing keeps your boot intact
  • These solid boots can do in all terrains
  • Wider pocket to accommodate your foot

5. LOWA Padded Tongue & Collar D-Ring 7’’-From Arch Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boots

With the most thoughtful design, LOWA boots for men are all you need for your outdoor activities. You are assured of a long usage time of these boots because they are designed from strong leather materials. Also, their membrane are from breathable to prevent your feet from sweating due to too much heat. The midsole is designed to support the users’ weight. The rugged vibram outsole is designed to with all terrains. You can lace up these boots almost to your shin for a firm wear. For high boot lovers then these are the best boots as they measure about 4 inches from the ankle bone. Get these boots as gift for male friend or your male companion and he will really love them.


  • Specially designed ankle flex to prevent feet’s strains
  • The full length stabilizer supports your feet for long
  • Waterproof to keep your dry on wet environments
  • Have padded tongue for a comfort walk
  • The lengthy to protect on tough terrains

6. Vasque Breeze II GTX Leather Mesh Nubuck EVA Cushioning Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boots

Sixth on our list is Vasque hiking men’s boots. Vasque boots are from leather materials which makes them the most preferred hiking boots as they are durable. You can use these boots on any terrain as they can withstand the harshest terrains. The tongue is heavily padded to provide that extra comfort when out on hiking. Also, they are waterproof in case you come in contact with snow or water. They also are breathable in warm environments. The nice cushion is an added advantage as it feels more comfortable with such a feature. Though a bit pricier, they’re worth the price because they are much more comfortable to be in them.


  • Made sturdy to ensure you are always comfortable
  • Abrasion free upper mesh to avoids any wears
  • Have a padded collar for more comfort
  • Made lightweight to ease your walking
  • Good ankle height to keep dirt off

7. Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Durable & Lightweight Leather Canvas Hiking Boots

Life is more enjoyable out there with Salomon hiking boots for men. These boots are from both textile and leather materials. Each boot weighs about 640g to support any user’s weight. The out sole have a high traction ability which provides the best grip on all surfaces. The midsole has a height of 10mm to 22mm to provide extra cushion. These boots are lightweight and you can easily run when in them. Besides, the boots can as well be worn on most environments as they can withstand even the harshest terrain. The lacing system is uniquely designed as you can tie and untie the 3 top levels of laces as per your desires.


  • Easy-to- tie laces for a steady movement without getting off
  • Protective heel cap and rubber toe cap for safety purposes
  • Made breathable to avoid sweating when hot
  • Ergonomically designed provides extra comfort
  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry always

8. Salewa Mountain Trainer mid Gore Leather Rubber Sole 3F System TEX Boots for Men

You should own a pair of Salewa hiking boots for the best hiking experience as a man. They have a breathable lining that allows your feet to breathe even on sweaty conditions. The vibram outsoles are of rubber that can withstand any condition that any terrain poses. The 1.6mm suede leather has a fabric that is abrasion free. Here, you are assured of a long usage life of your boot with minimum wear. Also, it has a 360° rubber rand for more comfort. These boots can be used when hiking, mountaineering or when trekking. You are assured of a whole day comfort with these boots. They can a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for your husband as a wife or a female friend.


  • Have an ergonomic shape to prevent any bruises
  • Well-made collar to withstand any environments
  • The midsole offers more comfort and flexibility
  • Blister free as they are made of soft materials
  • Made lightweight for easy movements

9. Asolo Shiraz GV Waterproof Suede Synthetic Waterproof & Breathable Hiking Boots for Men

Asolo hiking boots are well-made boots with the best quality materials in the market. These boots contain fibers which makes them the most durable and long lasting boots around. The linings are waterproof and breathable to prevent sweating and getting wet when in contact with water. The vibram sole that provides a firm grip and braking on all surfaces. The outsole and midsole are well structured to comfortably accommodate you even on long distances. You replace their soles after a long usage time as it starts wearing off. They also have the best arch support -this is an added feature for your comfort. With the right size, these boots will never let you down.


  • The toe cap prevents your boot from wearing or tearing
  • The self-cleaning lugs prevents accumulation of mud
  • Great construction gives them an appealing look
  • Have high density midsole for extra cushioning
  • The soles are sturdy for a comfortable hike

10. Cole Haan Zerogrand Waterproof Heel Rubber Iconic ZG Leather Upper Hiking Boots for Men

Do you need a hiking boot costing lesser pennies? Cole Haan hiking boots is an affordable unit to acquire. Additionally, these boots have waterproof construction that makes them impervious to water in wet conditions. Moreover, they are available in different sizes, so choose a size that will perfectly fit your feet size. In addition to that, they have a great traction ability to avoid sliding on slippery floors. You also have that freedom of choice as you can choose from the many colors available. This is a best gift for friends or even a male family member.


  • The rubber pods has a good grip to avoid slipping
  • Have good lacing system to keep your fit firm
  • The molded sock liner provides more cushion
  • Have wooed collar to keep your feet warm

Things to Look Out for When Purchasing the Best Hiking Boots for Men


First off, a hiking boot should be constructed with breathable materials. This ensures your legs are dry keeps moisture inside your feet. The models surrounded with mesh will do well when it comes to the breathability consideration as to those with Gore-Tex lining. So for that case, ensure to consider the hiking shoes with leather and nylon construction for assured removable of excess moisture during summer season.


Most hiking boots on the market are waterproof. And in most cases, many avid hikers will opt for GTX models over other models units because they have proven beyond doubt that they don’t allow any leakage to occur. The coating in some boots are water-repellent to help shed water droplets away. Be assured to purchase a waterproof hiking shoes because it will help you when you are out hiking more so during the winter season.

Stiffness & Stability

A must-have feature for any hiking shoe is stability which have to do with a piece of plastic put between the outsole and the midsole, referred to as a shank. On the other side, the stiffness also will keep your feet in place even when you’re climbing a stiff mountain. In simple words, a stiff hiking boots will lower the calf-fatigue. Make sure to consider this factor, if you wish to acquire the best hiking boots on the market this year.


Last but not least is the weight of the boot. Hiking is a good adventure but have during your leisure time, but if you go with heavy hiking boots, you get wearied because you begin to climb that mountain. It is therefore, required of you to ensure the hiking boots you are hiking with are lightweight yet maintaining its sturdiness.


We hope by now you’ve at least gained something out of this review. As a man, you don’t have the time to go through hundreds of hiking boots that the market offer, that’s why we thought it wise to provide you this precise selection. This list was reached upon after various considerations, therefore, we are sure it offer marvelous hiking results. We guarantee you a money back guarantee and out of your purchase, we are certain that you’ll come for more. Given that, you’ll go by our consideration, we rest assured you that you get the best men’s hiking shoes of the time. That’s all we had for you!

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