Top 10 Best LED Camping Lanterns in Reviews

As a camping enthusiast, a LED camping lantern becomes one of your essential accessories. It is one great aid while cooking or while playing nightly camping games. Most of these lanterns work also as a flashlight for directional lighting. So now, whether you are pitching a tent or making a fire, this unit becomes the best source of light during such scenarios. Camping becomes more successful for sure with a dependable lantern. Anyway, not only can you use it while camping but also when out fishing, hiking, hunting, and performing many other outdoor events. Better still, it becomes a greater solution during power outages and earthquakes.

All that aside, how do you get to choose the best-LED camping lantern? These modern markets are flooded with a wide range of brands which makes it confusing sometimes to pick the best model. Worry no more, we have made a compilation of the best models that makes your work easier while choosing one that suits your needs. This list below contains the top 10 best-LED camping lanterns.

#1. Lighting EVER 1000lm 4 Light Modes IP44 Waterproof Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hiking

For a better lighting experience, Lighting EVER LED camping lantern is all you will ever need in your room or tents. It is free from any damages from all angles since it is made water-resistant. Not only can it be used as a camping light but also a power bank to charge your electronic devices such as mobile phones. This handy equipment has lighting modes to allow you to light your way as you desire. Furthermore, it can be used while reading, repairing a car, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. Since it has a longer playtime of up to 12 hours, you can use it during power outages and earthquakes.


  • Waterproof thus suitable for outdoor activities
  • Has a 4400mAh battery that holds a charge for long
  • Easy to adjust brightness by long pressing
  • Offers a 360-degree beam angle of bright light
  • Equipped with a hook at the top and bottom

#2. Streamlight Coyote 540 Lumens Siege Compact Cordless 7.25'' 44931 Alkaline Hand Lantern

As a camping enthusiast, a LED camping lantern becomes one of the necessary accessories. Streamlight LED camping lantern features multiple light modes to choose from to meet all your needs. It has a glare-reducing cover that ensures 360 degrees of light distribution. With the recessed power button, you can easily prevent unnecessary accidental actuation. Besides, the handle is ergonomically designed to allow you to lock it in a stowed or upright position. Also, the incorporated D rings allow you to use them as an overhead lighting system or a lantern depending on your needs.


  • Comfortable for use without impairing your vision
  • The battery indicator shows you the level of charge
  • Has an incorporated hook for hanging on ropes
  • Remains stable on slippery or uneven surfaces
  • Made waterproof to avoid water damages

#3. Eveready 4 Pack IPX4 Water-Resistant 360 LED Super Bright LED Camping Lantern (Black)

Never worry anymore about power failures because Eveready LED camping lantern is here to sort you out. This versatile unit can be used as a later or a flashlight to meet different needs. It offers you 360 degrees area coverage to illuminate your way during camping or hiking trips. The heavy-duty base is equipped with magnets making it stable when placed on top of a metallic surface. Moreover, it features four convenient lighting modes that ensure that you can light up your room as you desire. Since it operates with 3AA batteries you will always have the needed light and power at all times.


  • Can be used for directional lighting as a flashlight
  • Ensures a 16 hours runtime in lantern mode
  • Offers a reliable source of light for outdoor use
  • The SOS mode can be used during emergencies
  • Has two different battery configurations

#4. Lighting Ever 2600mAh 500LM 4 Light Modes IPX4 Waterproof LE LED Camping Lantern for Outdoor

Just as its names suggest, you are assured of a continuous lighting system with Lighting ever LED camping lantern. Depending on your needs, you can easily choose from the 4 light modes to meet all your requirements. It offers you 6000K white light with 500lm maximum brightness to light up your entire room. The built-in 2600mAh lithium-ion battery is well designed to allow you to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones. Furthermore, it has an IPX4 rating that prevents it from any damages whenever water splashes on it. You can also carry it to any place of your choice because it is made lightweight.


  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable operations
  • Acts as power for charging devices during emergency
  • Equipped with a carry handle for convenient transport
  • Provides a beam distance of up to 1148 feet
  • Suitable for use while hiking, cycling, and fishing

#5.ETEKCITY Lightweight & Portable Lantern Camping Lantern for Home Emergency & Outages

You have got more than enough reasons to choose this LED camping lantern by Etekcity. Operation is such a hassle-free task because all you ever need to do is to extend or collapse it and you are good to go. The tactical storage space at the top allows you to store smaller items such as keys and lose money. Whether you are using it indoors or outdoors, it becomes a perfect companion because it only weighs 0.57 pounds. Even better, it includes 30 individual bulbs that ensure perfect illumination for bright light. Also, you can use it for up to 30 hours when fully recharged.


  • Made from high quality and durable ABS materials
  • Takes up little space when it is fully collapsed
  • Certified by FCC to meet all safety requirements
  • Can be used during hurricanes and storms
  • Does not require any regular maintenance

#6. EZORKAS Outage 2 Pack Rechargeable LED Camping Lanterns for Camping Hurricane & Hiking

Are you fed up with cheap lanterns? Why won’t you try out this LED camping later by Ezorkas? It automatically turns on when you extend and off when collapsed for easy operations. Since it has a lightweight and compact design, it can be used by everyone including kids because it is user-friendly. You can as well attach it to any metallic unit because it has 3 strong magnets at the bottom part. Better still, it is designed from water-resistant materials which assure you of a longer-lasting unit even during rainy days. Not only can it be used during camping but also when hiking, fishing, backpacking, and so on.


  • Has 4 different light modes to choose from
  • The built-in battery has a longer usage life
  • Ensures sturdy tasks with the magnetic base
  • Comes with two USB cables for recharging

#7. GOLD ARMOUR 500LM Battery Powered 4 Pack Portable Lights Gear LED Camping Lantern (Black)

During power outages or emergencies, Gold Armour LED camping lanterns become an important accessory. It features the new COB LED technology that illuminates a larger area with bright and warmer lights. Children can easily handle and carry this unit because it has a lightweight and collapsible design. This makes it ideal for use during camping, hiking, power outages, and while reading. Its smaller size allows you to pack into your backpack or suitcase while traveling. Better still, it is designed from military-grade and water-resistant plastic components for longer usage life.


  • Ensures button-free tasks for easier operations
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Can be easily collapsed with one simple push
  • Smaller in size for easy storage and transport
  • Operates with only 3AAA batteries yet powerful

#8. TARKO 1000LM Portable Outdoor Waterproof Camping Lantern for Survival & Outdoor Events

Are you in need of an indoor lighting system? Worry no more, Tarko LED camping lantern is all here for you. The high bright LEDs have an output of up to 500 lumens to light up your entire tent or room. You can easily adjust the brightness levels depending on your needs for a perfect lighting system. With high-quality plastic construction, this unit can withstand any harsh environment without wearing off. Additionally, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 16 hours of continuous lighting period. Under lower lighting mode, you can use it for a period of up to 70 hours.


  • The USB port allows you to charge your mobile phone
  • During an emergency, the flashing red light is turned on
  • Prevents overcharging with the inbuilt protection circuits
  • Comes with a carry handle bag for easy transport
  • Ideal for hiking, hunting, exploring, and so on

#9. ENERGIZER IPX4 Water-Resistant Battery Powered 650 Hour Run-Time LED Camping Lantern

Do you have a friend that loves camping? It would be a nice idea to give him or her this LED camping lantern by Energizer. It is equipped with a handy button that makes it easier for you to power it even in the dark. This unit ensures 360-degree illumination to ensure that your entire room or tent has a sufficient lighting system. Featuring a water-resistant construction, you use it during stormy conditions without damaging it. Moreover, it puts out 500 lumens making it ideal for use in different conditions such as blackouts. Depending on your needs, you can easily switch between their different light mode settings.


  • Can be used for up to 65 hours under lower light mode
  • Has rugged construction to avoid water splashing
  • Easy to carry around with its lightweight design
  • The controls are simple for easier operations
  • Made sturdy for stable and safe lighting tasks

#10. VONT 2 Pack Portable Survival Lanterns LED Camping Lantern for Hurricane Emergency & Storms

If you are looking for a lifesaver during worse weather conditions then this LED camping lantern by Vont is the best choice. It features up to 30 bright LEDs that assures you of maximum light during the darkest moments. You can easily fit it into your emergency kit or back since it has a compact and lightweight design. Additionally, it is designed from high-quality aircraft materials that are strong, durable, and waterproof. With this, it can survive when submerged in 10 feet of water. This makes it an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for your friends and family members.


  • So bright to light up the entire room or tent
  • Has a longer battery life of up to 90 hours
  • Features a collapsible design for easier storage
  • Can be easily hanged at the roof of a tent
  • Made from durable materials that do not crack

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best LED Camping Lantern

Brightness levels

Most of these units feature different brightness levels. They are made adjustable making it easier for you to set it at a much comfortable brightness level. This is greatly dependent on the number of lumens it has. The higher the lumens the higher the brightness levels. Most lanterns allow you to choose between low, medium, and high brightness levels depending on your needs.


A larger lantern means more weight. Since you will need some convenient operations you would try to avoid a heavier unit. A lightweight lantern allows you to carry it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight. This also makes it a user-friendly device since it is portable for all persons including children.


No one would ever like a unit with a shorter useful life. With this, you might want to consider a lantern that is designed from high-quality materials that last longer. Most of these units are made from water-resistant and durable plastic materials. Additionally, this helps you to save on costs since you can avoid any frequent replacements.

Ease of use

Whenever you are stuck in the wilderness, how do you get to operate a later without facing any difficulty? So the power switch should be equipped in an accessible area making it easier for you to turn it while in the dark. All its contents such as battery compartments should be easily accessible at all times to avoid being stranded.


It’s never easy to choose the best-LED camping lantern. You will be prompted to consider a wide range of variables to come up with the best choice. With all this, you have got more than enough reasons to stick to our buying guide. It will help to ensure that you can pick the best lantern that meets all your needs in the best way. All these brands are indeed the best but only differ with their features. Therefore, go ahead and choose a model that satisfies all your needs. Good luck!

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