Top 10 Best Portable Fire Pits for Camping in Reviews

You can always keep warm and enjoy your camping events with your entire family. A fire pit offers you a more convenient way to feel comfortable during cold winters. Not only can you use it while out camping but also during beach parties, family gatherings, RV travels, and many other outdoor activities. Their lightweight and compact design is such an added advantage because you can easily carry it with you whenever you are traveling. Better still, they come with a carry bag which makes it more portable. This makes it more convenient for your family to enjoy your outdoor moment since you can narrate stories while enjoying the flickering effects.

All in all, how do we get to purchase the best brand out there in the flooded markets? No one would like to go through all the available models since it is such a tiresome task. Never worry anymore since we have made your work easier. We have compiled a list of the best brands that will offer you the best results. The list below contains the top 10 best portable fire pits for camping to aid you in your choice.

#1. Outland Living 58, 000 BTU 19'' Diameter Portable Propane Deluxe Outdoor Fire Pit

For a no-mess and comfortable camping experience, this portable fire pit for camping offers you the best results. This makes it the best centerpiece for RV travels, family gatherings, beach parties, and many other outdoor events. It has a compact and lightweight design making it easier to carry from place to place. Moreover, it sets up within a few minutes thus you would not wait for a longer period after unpacking it. Since it is safer for everyday use, this unit will always protect your camping grounds and forested areas. This makes it a great gift for your loved ones.


  • Approved by CSA thus safer for daily use
  • Has an enamel finish for longevity usage
  • The valve knob allows you to adjust the flame
  • Keeps you warmer with a heat output of 58000btu
  • Comes with 4.4lbs natural lava for flickers

#2. Fireside Outdoor Weighs 7lbs Full Size 24'' Lightweight & Portable Pop-Up Outdoor Fire Pit

There are more than enough reasons that will prompt you to try out Fireside outdoor portable fire pit for camping. This portable unit allows you to carry it with you to any place of your choice at any time with so much ease. It is easier to assemble this entire unit within the shortest time possible because it has a pop-up fire pit state of the art design. With the stainless steel mesh, you are assured of hotter and brighter fires with great airflow. Moreover, it has a burning area of 576 square inches to keep your entire family warmer. Featuring aluminum and stainless steel construction, it has a longer usage life.


  • Collapses into a smaller size for easier packing
  • Accommodates a maximum weight capacity of 125lbs
  • Cools down in 90 seconds for easier transport
  • Sets up in 60 seconds with no extra hardware
  • Designed from weather-resistant materials

#3. CAMPLUX ENJOY OUTDOOR LIFE Auto-Ignition 19'' Diameter Portable Propane Fire Pit

As an outdoor enthusiast, Camplux enjoys outdoor life portable fire pit for camping becomes one of your must-have accessories. It features a heat output of 52000btu to keep your entire family warmer. The included natural lava rocks offer you a romantic surrounding to share stories with your loved ones. Since it comes with a carrying belt, it makes it easier for you to transfer it to different places. Besides, you do not require any tools to set it up thus it will take you a few minutes. With an enamel design surface, you are assured of a strong unit with a longer usage life.


  • Offers you a clean and smokeless camping experience
  • Passed ETL certification thus safer for daily use
  • Easy to clean with the enamel design surface
  • The lava rocks cause a natural flickering effect
  • Has a gas cylinder holder that makes it stable

#4. Bond Manufacturing 54000 BTU Lockable Lid & Carry Handle Steel Propane Gas Fire Pit

Bond manufacturing portable fire pit for camping is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. It only weighs 18 pounds thus it is easier for you to transport it from one place to another whenever the weather turns bad. This unit is constructed from sturdy steel components that assure you of longer usage life. You can easily switch and adjust the flame as per your needs since it is equipped with a handy auto-ignition dial. Moreover, it does not require any extra hardware to set it up thus it takes a few minutes to assemble it.


  • The lock handle ensures easier transportation
  • Comes with a clear manual for easy assembly
  • Has a tank holder that keeps the tank sturdy
  • The included lava rocks save you on costs
  • Throws out lots of heat to keep you warmer

#5 Cast Master 3-in-1 2000 Dual Purpose Smokeless Portable Bonfire Grill for Tailgating, etc.

You can enjoy your time outside during winter periods with a Cast master portable fire pit for camping. It features a stainless steel construction which assures you of a strong and long-lasting unit. This unit has an advanced design that channels hot air and increases combustion whereas eliminating any smoke. You can carry it to your favorite camping site since it comes with a carrying bag. Additionally, you can load it with either hardwood or softwood with the result being only fine ashes. Since you can easily attach the metal rings, you can use them to cook burgers, brats, and other foodstuffs.


  • Designed from durable and rust-resistant materials
  • Easy to maintain with gas or fuel refilling
  • Has a sturdy construction for a long-lasting unit
  • Accommodates smaller pieces of wood

#6. Fire Sense 22'' Black Steel Portable Foldable Round Fire Pit w/Carry Bag for Camping

To meet your small fire needs, you can try out this portable fire pit for camping by Fire sense. This unit only weighs 7 pounds thus it is easier for you to transfer it from one place to another with so much ease. You can stow it in your car trunk or stash it in your RV because you can easily fold and collapse it into a smaller unit. Additionally, it is constructed from heat resistant steel components that assure you of longer usage life. It comes with a screen lift tool that allows you to add or remove the mesh screen without burning your hands. This makes it a great gift for an outdoorsy person.


  • Comes with its carry bag for transport
  • Made from quality materials that last longer
  • Has a compact design to save your storage space
  • Equipped with sturdy legs for stable operations
  • The cooking grates allow to easily place the logs

#7 Inno Stage Smoke-Free Portable Carrying Bag Stainless Bonfire Fire Pit w/Carry Bag

When it comes to a high quality portable fire pit for camping, you can put all your trust in this model by INNO Stage. It features a stainless steel construction that assures you of a strong, rust-resistant, and long-lasting unit. With the patent-pending double-wall design, this unit maximizes flame production whereas minimizes smoke. You can as well carry it to any place of your choice at any time since it is made lightweight and comes with a carry bag. This makes it a great choice while out tailgating, RV trips, outdoor entertainments, backyard, beach, parties, and bonfire pit, and so on.


  • Has portable handles for shaking ash away
  • Occupies a smaller space in your deck or car
  • Easier to operate by lighting and burning
  • The bottom part can be used as an ashtray
  • Makes a beautiful flame with multi holes inside

#8. SERENELIFE SLCARFP54 2-in-1 26'' Wood Burning Steel BBQ Grill for Bonfire & Picnic

Are you looking for a more versatile portable fire pit for camping? Look no further than this brand by Serenelife. Not only can you use it to keep yourself warm during colder nights but also as a barbeque grill. It is designed from high-quality steel materials that assure you of a strong and long-lasting unit. The included mesh spark screen protects you and your loved ones from flying embers that could cause accidents. Assembly becomes such an easier task since it comes with all the necessary hardware and can be done by two persons in less than 15 minutes. Not only can you use it while out camping but also during outdoor entertainments, picnics, and so on.


  • The steel legs keep it sturdy at all times
  • Comes with a fire poker for safety and control
  • Has a lightweight design thus can more portable
  • The side holder holds the wood for easy access
  • Heat resistant with the high-quality paint finish

#9. INCHOCO 16.5'' Foldable Stainless Steel Collapsible Portable Outdoor Fire Pit for Camping

During your outdoor activities, you can enjoy a warmer environment with Inchoco portable fire pit for camping. It only weighs 1.5 lbs thus it is easier for you to carry it from one place to another. Since it has a compact design, you can easily store it in your closet, car trunk, shed, and many other places. This wood-burning pit is ideal for use while out fishing, barbecue, climbing beach garden, and so on. Besides, it is designed from high-grade stainless steel components that are strong and long-lasting. After using it, you can put off the fire by pouring some soil and burying the embers.


  • Has a maximum load capacity of up to 11lbs
  • Easy to clean by dumping off ash after use
  • Takes only 30 seconds to fully assemble it
  • The steel feet are well designed for stability
  • Can be detached to ease storage and transport

#10. Caier Upgraded 16.5'' Foldable Portable Outdoor Fire Pit For Backyard, Camping & Patio

If you love camping, you carry with you this portable fire pit for camping by Caier. It is designed from quality stainless steel materials that are durable, strong, and rust-resistant. Assembly is such a hassle-free task because it does require any additional tools and only takes a few seconds. Since it is designed from stronger materials, this firepit can hold the wood with a maximum capacity of 12lbs. Not only can you use it while camping but also climbing, trekking, fishing, outdoor picnics, and so on. Better still, it collapsed into a compact size making it easier to store and transport it.


  • Designed from durable and heat resistant materials
  • Comes with a carry bag to ease storage and transport
  • Takes a few minutes to fully assemble it
  • Has a lightweight design thus easier to carry around
  • The plastic leg caps prevent damaging your floors

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Portable Fire Pit for Camping

Materials used

Most of these units feature stainless steel construction. This assures you of a strong, durable, and rust-resistant unit. With longer usage life, it means that you will have to regularly replace it thus it saves you on costs. It is always ideal to go for a unit that will last longer to keep you enjoying your outdoor moments.


Since you might need to transfer this unit from one place to another then you might need to consider a lightweight unit. With a portable unit, you can easily get to any place of your choice with so much ease. Most of them come with a carrying bag that allows you to transport this entire unit.

Ease of storage

You would want to consider a unit that folds and compresses into a smaller unit for easier storage. Most of these items can be folded into a compact size to ease both storage and transport. This also means that it won’t take too much space whether you store it in your room or your car trunk.


No one would ever want to spend more time trying to set up a unit. Most of these fire pits take the shortest time possible and you will be enjoying your moments with your family. They do not require any extra tools to assemble. Also, they come with clear instructions that ease your entire assembling process.


We do hope from the above list, you now have the right information in choosing the best portable fire pit for camping. They are equipped with different features to meet the needs of different persons. Depending on your needs and preferences, you will be prompted to pick a brand that is different from your friends. Anyway, they all offer you the same results at long last. All you are left to do is to pick that brand that will suit them best and you will never regret having done that.

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