Top 10 Best First Step Baby Walker for Reviews

A baby activity center is an excellent kit of ensuring your child remains entertained while at home. Besides, they also serve as a way to engage kids’ minds, boost their motor skills, and ensure their development is kept on track. As you know, kids usually like to touch or feel anything that’s around; therefore, a baby activity center will enable the little one to get busy. Currently, there is a wide range of options available in the market, hence making a choice seems a daunting task.

So, the process of choosing the one that will suit your needs should not be a task anymore. We went out of our way and researched the best activity centers for kids. In our research, we were able to get the best ten baby activity center. We have done more than enough to enable you to acquire the best kit for your baby. That said and done, let’s get into the details of the list.

#1. Skip Hop Multicolor 3 Stage Interactive Explore & More baby's View Activity Center

Are you looking for the best kit to keep busy your baby as a mum? Skip Hop baby activity center is here at your disposal. This activity center has a 360° rotating seat that turns and stretches to accommodate your kiddos comfortably and has top attachment clips that allow you to position your baby’s toys anywhere in this baby activity center. The light-up piano offers your baby three ways to play. It only weighs up to 15 pounds, and it can support babies weighing not more than 25 pounds.


  • An adjustable foot support system to suit the height of your baby’s legs
  • Has a unique discovery window allows your baby to see their feet
  • Cleaning is more natural because you only need to use a dry cloth
  • Easy to assemble as does not require any extra tools
  • Removable legs to fit perfectly into your carrying box

#2. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Machine Washable Activity Center

Surprise your baby girl this coming holiday with the Fisher-price baby activity center. This activity center offers your baby three ways to play, thus going to have fun all day long. It has three height adjustment positions for longer usage time of your growing kid. Also, it has activity toys and plays some music for up to 20 minutes for more fun. The fabric seat engages your baby in all directions for them to discover the many toys and activities. Your baby can safely roll down as it has an add-on ramp with shape sorter bugs. The playmat is safe for a machine wash. This unit should be used by babies who are unable to climb in and out each time.


  • Has a soft, colorful mat to allow your baby to lay down comfortably
  • Has removable legs to ease storage and transport purposes
  • Music alligator that plays some soothing music for your baby
  • Spins for up to 360° to engage your baby in all directions
  • Playful lights that engage your baby’s growing senses

#3. Delta Children 2-in-1 Adjustable Height First Race Safe Walker Activity Tray (Blue)

Delta Children walker is fitted with three adjustable height positions to fit your baby perfectly. This walker is used as an activity walker or a walk-behind walker. It has fun developmental funs to entertain your baby each day. It can be used by children weighing up to 25 inches of height less than 30 inches. The presence of music leaves your baby entertained at all times. The chair cover can be easily removed, making it easy for a clean up and is safe for a machine wash. It accommodates babies of a minimum age of 8 months and a maximum period of 18 months.


  • Available in both blue and pink colors hence suitable for all babies
  • Has a movable steering wheel and to engage your baby’s senses
  • Versatile as it can be used as an activity or walk-behind walker
  • Easy to grasp the handle to avoid any hand strains or sliding
  • Has a removable tray in case your baby needs to a snack

#4. Jolly Jumper Original Baby Exerciser Saddle Jump & Play Super Stand for Active Babies

Does your baby tend to move around always? Worry no more just duct tape him or her onto Jolly Jumper baby activity center. This unit does not only provide a fun but also keeps your small one physically fit. It has a tall, sturdy frame that always remains stable as your baby engages himself or herself having fun. The seat keeps your baby in an upright position hence preventing anybody strains. It is suitable for babies from the age the three months and above weighing up to 13kg. The spring action is ideal for active babies who always bounces back and forth each time.


  • Well-made saddle seat that comfortably holds your baby
  • Easy to assemble as it does not require any extra tools
  • Weighs about 15 pounds which makes it easy to carry
  • Adjustable height to accommodate a growing kiddo
  • Folds flats to ease transport and storage purposes

#5. Disney PeekABoo Electronic 12 Toy Station 360-degrees Fun Activity Jumper

Fun time is all babies’ thoughts. It is all possible with the Disney baby activity center and has 12 toys and more activities for a more fun world for your baby. It has a comfortable seat that rotates up to 360° allowing your baby to move back and forth. It produces the most soothing music for both your baby and you as a parent. When the baby jumps, he or she activates the Minnie lights, and the music starts playing. It weighs up to 12.83 pounds, making it one of the portable baby activity centers in the market. It has lots of toys attachments allowing your baby to access them as each day passes happily.


  • Four adjustable positions to accommodate your growing kid
  • Easy to clean as you can simply wipe any dirt off
  • Provides babies from the age of 6 months
  • Made lightweight making it easy for you to carry
  • The seat pad is safe for a machine wash

#6. Tiny Love Black & White 4-in-1 Magical Tales One-Size Walker & Mobile Activity Center

If you are looking for a baby activity center with many activities for your baby to explore, look no further than the Tiny Love Black & White 4-in-1 mobile activity center. This play center encourages your baby to discover the seven developmental wonder; creativity, cognition, language, senses, excellent motor skills, emotional intelligence, and gross motor skills. These exciting and fascinating features will help kids more excellently by discovering a new world around them. Furthermore, the seat can rotate 360 degrees to enable the kid to explore all the toys around it. This unit comes with adjustable height settings to grow with the baby.


  • It is constructed with a 4-in-1 design for your kid to grow with a creative mind
  • Has a compact construction to make it easy to store when not in use
  • Comes with six developmental toys for your baby to explore
  • The removable seat pad makes maintenance hassle-free

#7. Baby Einstein Adjustable Height Music Themed Neighborhood Symphony Activity Center

How about making music to muse your baby and turn them from being a listener to become artists! Indeed, the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony activity center will turn it into a reality. The tiny hands can touch the electronic bongo drums to activate the sounds, lights, and multiple languages. The baby can adjust the piano to produce unusual and humming sounds, and also, he or she can play the guitar to make colorful beads dances and jumps. And for yet another exciting thing is a tambourine mirror to offer your baby a unique way of watching oneself while performing.


  • The baby bouncer can rotate 360-degree for your kid to explore all available activities
  • Comes with many musical themed events to engage and interest your baby
  • It inspires your little one’s artistic creativity and entertains them
  • Your baby can play on the floor with a removable toy station
  • The height is adjustable to enable it to grow with your baby

#8. Bounce Bounce Baby by Bright Starts Adjustable Height Seat Spins 360-Degrees Activity Center.

Do you want your baby to get moving with a perfect activity station? Bounce Bounce Baby is the way to get started. It is also loaded with toys to offer your baby bungee like bouncing effect when he or she jumps up and down. Besides, it has an alligator with an in-built xylophone that plays fun and charming sounds when the touch touches it. And with the three height settings adjustments, this kit grows with the baby while its seat rotates a 360-degree to enable the baby to access tons of toys. You wouldn’t compare the fun that this model offers to your baby as to those other cheap models in the market.


  • Offers a bungee-like bouncing effect when your baby jumps on it
  • The three-adjustable height settings grow with the baby
  • It is among the unique bounce pad with multi-color pad
  • The seat can spin 360-degree for full access of all toys
  • Comes with a seat pad that is machine washable

#9. Ford F 150 Raptor 3 Ways to Play Walker by Bright Starts (Lightning Blue) for Ages 6months Plus

If you need a walker kit that can support your child throughout his or her growth stage, opt for Ford F 150 Raptor to enable your kid train to walk with ease. Your kid will look cooler behind the wheels of these smart kit. In case your baby wants to high gear, he or she can make the selection there and then. Even better, it is built to last long and offer support for multiple growth stages. Besides, the unit has enough stability to provide guaranteed safety for your child. Moreover, the authentic truck lights, sounds, steering wheel, gear shifter, and the sturdy constructed gear will drive your baby’s imagination far from reality. Since the steering wheel is removable, it provides an enjoyable activity center for the baby to play.


  • Two kids can play while in the normal walker mode and even push-behind mode
  • The frame is adjustable to keep the baby’s toes in the right height
  • Capable of driving the baby’s imagination to a higher level
  • Comes with three play modes that grow with your baby

#10. VTech Sit-To-Stand Adjustable Speed 5 Piano Keys Interactive Learning Baby Walker (Blue)

Are you looking for quick steps for growing babies? It’s never a big deal, VTech baby walker is here for you. It trains your kid to start standing. You can attach the walker on it while the baby grows to get on learning as they make one or two steps. With many turning gears, spinning rollers, light-up buttons, and shaper sorters, your kid’s motor skills will be developed. Also, it comes with 2 AA batteries that ensure music play continuously.


  • The musical system features over 70 sing-along songs, sound effects, and music
  • It features a removable toddler play panel to develop excellent motor skills
  • The 2 AA-size batteries are included to offer continuous musicality
  • The pretend telephone handset enhances role-play fun
  • Has adjustable speed control on the wheels

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Baby Activity Center

When shopping for the best baby activity center, here is a guide that will help you get yourself the best of the best model.


Among all other factors that one should consider when purchasing the best baby activity center is the safety that the unit offers. As you know, this is a baby’s gear; safety should be guaranteed. While your haunt for a safe model, ensure to have one with safety features. One unusual thing to ascertain that it meets all the safety standards provided.

Size, Age & Weight of the Body

Again, the baby activity center comes with various specifications of size, age, and weight requirements. Also, while looking for the one that matches your kid’s needs, always check on the manufacturer’s specification for the right weight, age, and size. Don’t buy a unit that you’ll later realize it runs too low for your child; you’ll end up wasting your hard-earned money.

Adjustability Feature

Also, the other thing to consider is the adjustability feature. An adjustable baby activity center will enable you to offer a comfortable fit for an individual kid. Besides, it means that it will be more versatile to adjust to any conditions. So, when making your purchase, consider the extent to which your preferred model is adjustable.

Design of the Seat

Well, the last thing you might want to consider is the design of the seat. These units come with different models that suit all children’s needs. The design of a baby activity center will determine how it will offer your baby comfort or not. Look at the general plan, does it suit your kid or not.


As parents, the care that we offer to our kids will determine how these will be innovative and creative. By allowing them to play on safe activity centers, you open ways for them to adventure and explore their curiosity. Our comprehensive list is enough to enable you to grab the best model. We have included everything you ought to know about the baby activity center. And also, the small guide we have presented forth will keep you on track as you go through the purchase process. Choose one of the above products, and you’ll never regret making a purchase.

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