The 10 Best Electric Skateboards and Savers of 2024

Technology is changing drastically, and performing most tasks has been taken to a higher level. Did you imagine skateboards that you use to push or drag using your feet could get better? Well, technology has made it possible. Currently, compact electric skateboards have come to make skateboarding more exciting and enjoyable. They are built with small motors that work more efficiently than the old ones which use to produce a lot of noise.

Also, for safety purposes, they have different types of protective gear that make your skateboarding fun and safe. These gears include knee savers, wrist savers, elbow savers, etc. If you hope to enjoy skateboarding, it’s fundamental to brace yourself with all these gears.

While skateboarding can be a manageable activity, the process of choosing the best electric skateboard is more involving. Besides, with various models flocking the market, you tend to get overwhelmed with the full range of units. However, today, we’re going to take you through a comprehensive review of the ten best electric skateboards and savers. We have compiled this list after thorough research, and we hope you get your suit effortlessly.

#1. Voyager Neutrino 350W Brushless Motor 12.5 MPH Max Compact Electric Cruiser Skateboard

For a new riding style and speed, it got to be with Voyager electric skateboard. This skateboard only weighs 9.5lbs and can accommodate the weight of up to 176 lbs. It has two-speed modes for beginners and experts. You can easily toggle between these two modes using the wireless Bluetooth remote controller. This controller also allows you to check on the remaining battery percentage of the remote and skateboard. It is suitable for both kids and adults. With a maximum speed of up to 12.5 miles in just an hour, you can cover up to 7 miles when fully charged. The 350w wireless motor hub allows you to skate smoothly and faster.


  • Easy to set up as it only takes a few minutes and you are good to go
  • Has a length of 27 inches to support both feet without sliding
  • The auto shut feature turns it off after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Made water resistant to skate during wet weather
  • Has a compact design making it easy to transport

#2. AZBO 400W Motor 11 MPH Top Speed Portable Mini Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

Are you a skateboarding enthusiast looking for the best skateboard? Look no further than AZBO electric skateboard. This skateboard has a rechargeable wireless remote control that allows you to adjust your speed or check the level of the battery. It has a powerful 400w motor that enables you to skate at a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour. The 2.2 Ah battery can be fully recharged in just 1.5 hours for a long ride. This 7-ply maple board is strong enough to support a weight of up to 243 lbs. The PU wheels absorb any form of a shock for higher speed on any terrain. Also, it has a waterproof surface to keep safe, always even on wet surfaces.


  • Faster as it can cover a more considerable distance in some few minutes
  • Made compact and lightweight to fit into your backpack
  • Has a radial concave shape for a smoother ride and turns
  • Constructed from sturdy materials that last long
  • Has a non-slip surface to keep you from sliding

#3. BLITZART 28'' 12 MPH 8 mile Range 250W Hub-Motor Mini-Flask 2.8'' Wheels Electric Skateboards

Are you learning how to skateboard? Get BLITZART electric skateboard. This electric skateboard has a bamboo deck with 5-ply maple wood and two layers of bamboo making it sturdier. It has a maximum speed of up to 12 miles in an hour, meaning that it can cover a distance of 18 miles when fully charged. The ergonomic remote control allows you to control your skating speed to suit your needs. It has a wrist strap making it easy to fasten around your wrist. Additionally, it has been equipped with a 4.4Ah lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully recharged for 2 hours. You can easily maneuver around as it only weighs 9 pounds.


  • Strong enough to support the weight of up to 250 lbs.
  • Has to speed modes for both beginners and pros
  • The remote has a hold function to get in and out
  • The deck has a grip tape to hold your feet firmly
  • Easy to assemble as it only takes a few minutes

#4. Aceshin 250W Motor 7 Layer Maple Waterproof IP54 Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

Make yourself a fair deal when it comes to skateboarding by getting Aceshin electric skateboard. This electric skateboard is suitable for use by kids from the age of 8 years. With a weight of fewer than 14 pounds, it can support a weight of up to 220 lbs. You can simply control the speed of this skateboard using a remote control that operates on a range of up to 47.2 inches. It has two modes for beginners and advanced skaters. You can skate with a maximum speed of up to 20km per hour when fully charged. The brushless hub motor allows for a smoother ride with fewer problems. The 7-ply rock hard maple deck is strong enough to support more weight.


  • Equipped with a lithium battery that can be charged for 2 hours
  • Has 4 led indicators to notify you of the battery percentage
  • Wheels are designed from PU materials that are durable
  • Made lightweight making it easy to carry it with you
  • Has a handle that makes it easy to transport

#5. Hiboy Wireless Remote E-Skateboard 350W Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard for Youths & Adults

You got to explore the world differently this coming season with Hiboy electric skateboard and has four different modes of riding and braking. It features a U-shaped design, reliable trucks, and seven layers of maple deck longboard for its sturdiness, and you can skate at a faster rate of up to 18.6 meters per hour. Besides, the wheels are designed from high-quality, durable PU materials. These four wheels can be easily replaced if need be. This unit can easily climb a 20% grade hill with no difficulty at all. Also, it has brushless dual hub motors that allow for stable power output and a smooth-riding experience. This item weighs 16.5 pounds to ease your skating without feeling its weight.


  • When fully charged it can cover a distance of 13 miles
  • Has a wireless remote control to adjust your speed
  • It accommodates a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.
  • Designed from high-quality materials to last long
  • Made sturdy to avoid sliding while skating

#6. SKATEBOLT 25 MPH Top Speed 2ND Generation 8 Layer Maple Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

A skateboard should be safe, affordable, and convenient, and that’s what it’s replicated by SKATEBOLT electric skateboard. This skateboard has brought a new system of transportation to the limelight, making life even more comfortable. It offers two modes of rides, the normal and sports modes. With a high speed of up to 22 km/h with its compact design in the usual way can take you through vast traffic seamlessly.

Even better, while in the sports modes, it can take you as fast as 40 km/h. The powerful motor that has a 500 watts is powerful enough to go anywhere. The batteries installed also are powerful and can move as far as 15 to 20 miles. Besides, to guarantee your safety, this skateboard has undergone EMC, FCC, ROHS, and LVD certifications. This electric skateboard can serve as the best assistant to commuters to go to work, school, and short trips.


  • This skateboard is approved with EMC, LVD, ROHS, and FCC for assured safety
  • The remote control is made with a finger ring to enable you to hold it securely and naturally
  • It is made with eight layers of Northeast maple that makes it durable and stable
  • When fully charged, the electric longboard keeps cruising up to 18.6 MPH
  • The unit is equipped with two red warning tail lights for safety

#7. BLITZART Tornado 38'' 17 MPH 350W Hub-Motor 90mm Electric Longboard Skateboard

If you want to skateboard like a pro, consider BLITZARD Tornado electric longboard skateboard. It offers you a speed of over 17 MPH and battery working up to 10 miles when fully charged. This layered skateboard is durable and stable enough to withstand any skateboarding environment. Also, the deck has a grip tape with a concave shape to enable your feet to stay firm on board. It is capable of supporting up to 250 lbs.

The other exciting thing about this unit is that it comes when fully assembled, ready to go. Moreover, the ergonomic wireless remote makes it easy to hold and make controls. The two speeds comfortable suit beginners and advanced riders. Finally, the hub-motor for this model is less problematic compared to belt-driven motor units.


  • Constructed with 6-ply maple wood deck for more flexibility and sturdiness
  • Has 350 watts brushless hub-motor is more reliable than belt-driven motor
  • The hold function on the remote help one get on and off the board
  • The two-speed modes for beginners and advanced riders
  • Shipped when fully assembled and ready to ready

#8. Koowheel D3M 2ND Generation Dual Motor 350W 36'' 24.8 MPH Speed Electric Skateboard

Are you on a tight budget, yet you don’t want to miss your skateboard hobby? Koowheel D3M is the ultimate solution. The two riding modes offer a simple way for amateurs and experienced riders to use the same kit. Also, it is constructed with seven layers of Canadian maple panels that are tough and elastic for motorists to have enough traction while making their way out heavy traffic.

The new dual 350 watts motor with the replaceable PU wheels has a unique design that will enable the engine to cool faster and offer a maximum speed of up to 24.8 MPH. Even when on a high speed, this skateboard can still retain its stability and balance, thus guaranteeing your safety and pleasurable riding experience. Additionally, when the battery runs out, you can make a replacement within 15 seconds.


  • Constructed with seven layers of Canadian maple panels for more traction while riding
  • The two rider modes offer an easy way for amateurs and experts to ride
  • Built with dual 350 watts delivers a maximum speed of up to 24.8 MPH
  • It is stable and well-balanced for safety and excellent riding experience
  • Has a quick remote button to unlock the speed limit

#9. Triple Eight ABS Shell & Impact-Absorbing EPS Foam Liner Deal Skateboarding & Bike Helmet

Skateboarding can never be fun and enjoyable without the right gear. That said, the Triple eight skateboard helmet is here to brace you for an excellent skateboarding experience. It is from durable and long-lasting shell materials that are also high-quality. This helmet has a set of removable sweat saver fit pad to offer a customized fit and an adjustable chin strap with side release buckle. If you mind about safety, don’t go skateboarding without bracing yourself with this gear. It is high-quality and affordable.


  • Suitable for scooters, BMX, skateboarding, biking, commuting, and roller derby
  • Made from high-grade materials that are long-lasting
  • Built with a customizable size to fit almost anybody
  • It has been approved for quality and human-safe

#10. Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set Convenient Knee savers, Elbow savers, & Wrist savers Kit

Skateboarding can be an exciting activity to do, but it’s not safer until you brace yourself with safety gear. Triple Eight Saver Series pad Set is here to offer you a comfortable skateboarding experience. Besides, it protects your wrists, knees, and elbows and makes skating, scooting, and skateboarding more convenient and affordable than ever. This saver series comes with everything you need to protect you all your riding period. The impact-resistant molded ABS splints offer you rigid support and protection to all your body. In addition to that, these gears have easy-on and off the sleeveless design and a wide reinforced elastic straps for safe closure and secure fit.


  • Comes with knee saver, elbow saver and wrist saver for convenient protection
  • wrist guards provide rigid support and stability with high-density
  • The protective gears are from high-grade and durable fabrics
  • All the pads have easy on/off sleeveless design for a secure fit
  • Constructed with adjustable straps to fit almost everybody

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Electric Skateboard & Saver

Some may tend to think to buy a motorized skateboard is quite more comfortable and no need of a guide, however, if you don’t follow a guide, you might end up purchasing a wrong kit at the same spend a lot of your resources. So, before you can spend your earned money on any electric skateboard, check on the following aspects.

Quality of the Wheels

The first consideration is the wheels and their general construction. Skateboards come in two types, namely, generic and clone wheels. The former is branded while the latter is unbranded. And to clarify it, clone wheels don’t offer you the ultimate quality since they are cheaply made, but if you opt for generic wheels, you can expect to get the speed and excellent general performance.

Battery Cell Quality

When it comes to speed and mileage coverage, battery cell quality plays an important role. Ensure to get a battery cell with quality battery performance and the one that can last longer. While doing that, it’s wise to check on the specs and instructions to enable you to note the battery differences.


In this aspect, it doesn’t mean you ought to be a pro to make the right pick, and there are one or two aspects related to connectivity that you should know. It includes the Bluetooth and wireless connection strength and how they can work effectively. Use also the real customer reviews to measure the performance of the connectivity of skateboards.

Weight & Portability

The other most important aspect has to do with weight and portability. The two things come to play if you’ll always be involved in travel most of your time, and you don’t want to leave your skateboard behind. In that respect, you should choose a lightweight skateboard to necessitate movements.

Control & Stability

The last thing you might want to consider is the ease of control. With quick and efficient control of your skateboard, this offers you the best skateboarding experience. Thing subject has to do with the individual’s needs. Make your assessment through real customer reviews and forums before you can make your judgment.


That’s all we had for you regarding the best electric skateboards and savers. As we have seen, these units are bringing a tremendous technical revolution. Also, we have tried all we could to narrow down and present to you the best models in the market. As a skateboarder, nothing should hamper you from acquiring your best electric skateboard. The ten models we have reviewed above have exceptional features that will take your skateboarding experience a notch higher. Read through this guide, and hopefully, you’ll encounter an electric skateboard that suits all your requirements. It’s time to rock out and skateboard like a genius!

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