Top 10 Best College Backpacks for Reviews

For most students, a backpack is an important unit for carrying books, laptops, tablets, books, notebooks, and other essential belongings while in school. Of course, it isn’t a requirement, but it’s good to invest in a college backpack. These backpacks are known to offer complete protection to your belongings that could have been rained on. In essence, a backpack is also compact and can act as a travel bag. And if you’re out there looking for the best college backpack, we may be of help to you.

You agree with me, the market has been flooded with different types of backpacks, and choosing from the hundreds of options is a challenge. And even to make it worse, most brands claim to offer the best which makes it more confusing to choose. However, we have come to straight the records straight. We’ve made things easier for you by reviewing a list of the ten best college backpack for reviews. The review is precise and to the point, so don’t get tired, read along.

#1. 5.11 Tactical 24 Liter Small Rush12 Molle Bag Rucksack Pack Style 56892 Backpack

Are you looking for a spacious backpack? Look no further than 5.11 Tactical college backpack. The unit has a capacity of 24 liters and weighs about 2.6 lbs. Also, it has up to 16 compartments to keep your backpack organized. The main compartment is spacious enough to hold most of your accessories. This bag is water-resistant hence keep all your essentials in your backpack dry always. The two external compression straps keep your whole luggage intact. This multipurpose backpack can be used as a range bag, hiking bag or hunting bag. The internal multi-slot compartment allows you to keep varied items in just one space. And finally, it is a perfect gift for a friend who loves outdoor events.


  • Zippered pockets to keep your items safe and secure
  • Lightweight to avoid fatigue after carrying it for long
  • Constructed from high-quality, durable materials
  • Adjustable height sternum strap for a perfect fit
  • The laptop compartment can hold a 15′ laptop

#2. The North Face Padded Air-Mesh Panel Flex-Vent Injection Borealis College Men's Backpack

Get a large-sized backpack that fills but don’t stick out as you travel by the North Face. The unit weighs about 2 pounds this makes it easy for you to carry it for long distances without tiring. This backpack is built to last since it is constructed from durable high-quality fabric. Besides, it is padded and ventilated to avoid sweating and remain comfortable. The large main compartment is spacious enough to hold your 17-inch laptop. Also, it has side mesh pockets to store your water bottle or an umbrella. You can keep your other stuff like thin clothes and other stuff on the secondary compartment.


  • Has various strap that keeps the bag in place and perfectly fit
  • Has several compartments to keep your stuff organized
  • Shoulder straps with PE foam to keep you comfortable
  • Has elastic bands at the top to clip your pens onto it
  • Water-resistant as it can be used during rainy days

#3. Yorepek Extra-Large Travel USB Charging Port TSA-Friendly College School Backpack (Black)

If you are a student who travels often then you ought to carry with you Yorepek college backpack. The backpack has several compartments to store your various accessories. This backpack can be used by men, teens, boys, girls, adults, and women. The unit is well ventilated to avoid sweating and keep you comfortable always. This the best birthday or Christmas gift for your family members. This backpack is designed from tear-resistant and water-resistant to keep your bag always dry. Also, it is perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities. It quickly unfolds to 90°-180° for a quick checkup at the airport.


  • The side elastic pockets allow you to store your water bottle or umbrella
  • Breathable mesh shoulder strap to relieve you of shoulder strains
  • Has a headphone jack to allow you to listen to music as you travel
  • Designed from high-quality fabric for a longer-lasting backpack
  • Has a capacity 45 l thus it can hold most of your items

#4. MATEIN Slim Durable Water Resistant Anti-Theft USB Charging Port College Backpack (Grey)

MATEIN backpack is designed from high-quality fabric materials making one of the durable backpacks in the market. Also, it has several compartments to store various items. The laptop compartment holds a laptop of up to 17 inches. The main compartment holds your clothes, magazines and many other accessories. It also has a front compartment that can hold your purse, keys, and pens. The shoulder straps are breathable and adjustable to avoid shoulder strains.


  • Made from water-repellent materials that keep your stuff dry
  • Has a theft back pocket to keep your valuable items like cash
  • Has high-quality metal zippers that keep your stuff safe
  • Well-padded front handle for tireless long carriage
  • The luggage strap allows it to fit into a suitcase

#5. AmazonBasics Fits Up To 17'' Laptops Multi-Compartment Mesh Side Pocket College Backpack

AmazonBasics backpack has several compartments to store different accessories and items. The larger compartment has a padded sleek to hold up to a 17-inch laptop. The side mesh pocket holds your water bottle when you are out there. Also, it has a mesh compartment on the left strap to keep those items you want to quickly access like cellphones. Additionally, since it comes from high-quality fabric material you can be assured of its durability. This backpack is spacious enough to hold most of your stuff as you travel, going to the gym or for other purposes.


  • Weighs about 1.98 pounds so that you won’t feel its weight at all
  • The first compartment can hold smaller items like pens and cards
  • Has a smaller pouch to hold your tablets or larger cell phones
  • padded shoulder straps to prevent shoulder strains
  • Versatile as it can serve you different purposes

#6. Mancro Water-Resistant Anti-Theft Laptop W/USB Charging Port College Backpack (Grey)

Are you in college and hopeful to come across the best backpack? Your patient has paid off and you can instantly shop for Mancro water-resistant college backpack. This unit has a perfect size and can hold your 15.6-inch laptop or 15-inch, 14-inch MacBook. The main compartment is convenient for binders, IPad, chargers, clothes and more. Also, it has front slanted pockets that are perfect for quick access of your keys for opening the door, school ID. The mesh side pockets are good for storing an umbrella, water bottle for a great organization. With the USB port design, charging your device should not give you any challenge. Even better, for safety reasons, this backpack comes with a lock that ensures all your items are safe even when in a congested place. So, feel free to shop for this exciting college backpack.


  • It is versatile and can be used as a backpack, school backpack, laptop backpack, etc.
  • Constructed with many compartments that make your items look organized
  • The anti-theft backpack comes with a lock to keep your essentials safe & secure
  • Has a USB port design that makes charging of your device a breeze
  • Made from water-resistant and durable eco-friendly nylon fabric

#7. VASCHY Casual Water-Resistant Light SBC Zipper College School Backpack for Men & Women

VASCHY Casual college school backpack is an incredible unit with a stunning look. And if you love unique items, then this backpack is nailed it for you. Also, it is a heavy-duty backpack and best suits an individual who likes casual attires. Besides, for students who take along college textbooks and notebooks, this can be one of those carriers to help you since it has a rugged construction. Aside from being durable, this unit is also waterproof and lightweight with polyester and smooth SBS zipper. It’s the best option, have it!


  • The big compartment is spacious and has a laptop compartment padded
  • The backpack enables you to organize all your belongings with ease
  • Has a drawstring construction that makes it convenient to store
  • Water-resistant and suit student who carry textbooks
  • It is a great choice for individuals who like casuals

#8. Himawari Waterproof 14.9'' Travel College Vintage Backpack for Students (Pink, Grey)

For those who love the slim and compact backpack, here is a thrilling unit that can fulfill your need at an affordable price. Himawari waterproof college backpack is a scratch-resistant with leather decoration and a smooth metal zipper unit. To have secure storage for your belongings, the main compartments are constructed with two zipper closure. And it is capable of fitting up to a 14-inch laptop or iPad. Besides, the other many compartments can be used to store cell phones, pens, and other small necessities. The inner and outer side pockets offer safe storage for an umbrella and water bottle. The straps are padded to offer you a pliable fit on your shoulder regardless of the weight of the backpack. Grab it while stock lasts!


  • The backpack comes with many compartments to store all your school necessities
  • The side pockets offer a safe place to store umbrella and water bottle
  • The small slots can keep your cell-phone, keys, pens, etc. securely
  • Made from high-quality waterproof scratch resistant nylon
  • The main compartment has two zippers for added safety

#9. Lekesky 15.6'' Stylish Water-Repellent Travel College Backpack for Men & Women (Grey)

Ready to commute, ready to travel, ready to store everything in an organized manner for easy access. That’s is what Lekesky stylish backpack is here to offer you. The gear is not only fashionable but also stylish and brings a fashionable ambiance into your way. You can now go to school even when it is snowing without being worried about books been snowed. And for reliability and maintenance, this backpack comes with a strong outer-designed that will surely last longer. Besides, it is a great gear for both men and women who are Up to style and functionality. The large compartment is enough to keep all your belongings at a go.


  • It has a dedicated laptop compartment for screen size up to 15.6”
  • The double zipper on the main compartment offer safe storage
  • Multi-pockets offer storage and organization for smaller items
  • It is water-repellent and can suit any weather conditions
  • Constructed with strong materials that make it durable

#10. Modoker Fashionable USB Charging Port Vintage Laptop College Backpack for Men Women

Unfortunately, we’ve come to the end of our list however, Modoker college backpack is here to end our list more professionally. The unit is functional and comes with many features. First, it has an external USB charging port and built-in charger cable when you can charge conveniently any electronic device while walking. Secondly, it has a total of 6 compartments that store your belongings safe. The strap, on the other hand, is well-padded and adjustable for a perfect fit. Besides, the construction is from durable 600D nylon fabric yet it still becomes lightweight and scratch-resistant.


  • Perfect for going to school, weekend get-away, travel, camping, biking, etc.
  • The charging system built provides you with easy charging way
  • The nylon material that makes this backpack is durable and scratch-resistant
  • Has well-padded straps that are adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Built with 6 compartments that store your belongings safely

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best College Backpack

We’re not done yet, we’ve just cleared reviewing each product, and the next step is to consider some aspects to make your shopping easier. They include;

Materials Making the Backpack

Don’t settle for less, a good backpack must come from best-quality materials like leather or nylon. The material you choose determines its durability. Choose the right material and you can be sure to use it for quite sometimes. The outer and inner should materials should be different. The soft fabric should make the inner side while rugged and sturdy materials should make the exterior region.

Comfortable Straps

Backpack straps will dictate the comfort that you get from it. The straps are so important when you intend to carry heavy items in the backpack. And to enable you to walk comfortably carrying the bag, it should have well-padded straps. Besides, a backpack having adjustable straps is an idea because offers you a comfortable fit. Choose also the right positioned straps, either for holding by hand, carried at the back or both.

The Size of the Backpack

What you intend to carry will enable you to decide to choose a certain size of a college backpack. In other words, a backpack comes in different sizes. If you need a large size to keep various items, then the one which is compact and spacious is good for you. Even better, the bigger size will mean you carry anything you want two yet maintaining a low profile.

The Number of Compartments

You can consider this factor if you carry differentiated items like gym equipment, electronics or any other fragile item. Each compartment will ensure each item is stored safe and secure. And if it includes a laptop, ensure to keep it in its designated compartments with very thick fabric.


We have just presented you with some hotcakes units on the market currently. They come with impressive features and choosing one should not give you a headache anymore. As a fact, the backpacks we’ve offered you are not only high-quality but also budget-friendly. And, because students like stylish and fashionable backpacks, the list incorporates all styles you can think of. Besides, we pinpointed features for each backpack to enable you to have an idea of what each unit offer. Go ahead now and make a decision, hoping this article has offered you helpful information that will enable you to shop wisely.

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