The 10 Best AB Rollers of 2024

An ab roller is simple, yet it stands as the ultimate fitness tool. There is more than enough accomplishment that you may get with an abdominal wheel. Some of the main fitness routines you may do with this equipment include; front rollout, knee-roll out and ab wheel plank to mention but a few. Because of its versatility, this tool has all it takes to be part of your daily fitness regimen. So, how do you know if the roller you’re about to buy is worth your money? This post is here to detail on that.

The cost of the ab roller isn’t a determining factor of the best roller – the most expensive brand doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s the best and vice versa. The key thing here is to keep your needs and goals on the forefront to make the best out of your shopping. In that case, you’ll only pay for a model when all your demands are answered. Meanwhile, check out this review on the top 10 best ab rollers on the market today.

#1. AmazonBasics 2-Pack Portable & Lightweight Comfortable Grip Handle Exercise Fitness Ab Rollers

This type of rollers comes in a set of two. It is suitable for use in strengthening the glutes, core, arms back, and wrist among other body parts. This abs roller can be used against the floor or the wall. It allows you to control your back easily and forth rolling. It engages various body muscles during different body workouts. This Ab roller is designed with a sturdy, large and durable wheel fitted on either side of the rolling bar. These wheels provide a wide and smooth-rolling surface area that facilitates maximum control and balance. Additionally, this Abs roller has a lightweight design and requires minimal space for training.


  • Suitable for strengthening glutes, wrists, core, back and arms
  • It is constructed from highly durable ABS, NBR and PP
  • It is designed with smooth-rolling wheels
  • Have a portable and lightweight design
  • Comes in a set of 2 Ab rollers

#2. LUYATA 10-in-1 Knee Mat Push-Up Bar Home Gym Equipment Ab Roller Wheel for Men & Women

Luhata is a super set of comprehensive ab roller that comes with ten pieces of roller kit. This wheel roller kit consists of a thick knee mat, roller wheel, pair of the resistance band, a pair of push-up bars, stretch bands, two wrist wraps, jump ropes, a gift box and a guide book. This wide ab roller will help you develop strong and bigger ab muscles. It also helps in improving your exercise and overall health. The push-up bar is made of non-slip lines and equipped with protective rubber material from the bottom. This will allow easy mounting to the ground and prevention of slipping. The jump rope is designed with a 9 feet adjustable length that facilitates different heights of its users.


  • Suitable for building strong core and triceps lats
  • It is packed with a pair of resistance bands
  • Easy-to-install and disassemble for storage
  • Very portable to walk around with
  • It comes with AB roller kit.

#3. EnterSports 6-in-1 Resistance Bands Knee Pad Ab Roller Wheel Gym Equipment for Men & Women

Entersports Ab roller is a 6-in-1 roller wheel designed to involve your core and abdominal muscles among other parts. It comes with push-up bars that can be used together with the roller wheel. You can either use it at the back, in front, seated or in a prone position. This will help in building the different muscles in your body. The wheel of this ab roller is constructed from strong non-slip TPR, durable PVC and stainless steel. Apart from guaranteeing you with comfort and safety, it also protects your wooden floor or carpet from damage. The wheel provides superior stability width of 3.2 inches. Further, it supports a weight of up to 600 pounds.


  • Comes with a pair of resistance ropes push-us
  • It is equipped with an extra-wide roller wheel
  • It is portable and convenient to carry
  • Targets your core and abdominal
  • Easy to install and detach

#4. Fitness 3-in-1 Invention Home Workout Equipment Ab Roller Wheel for Abdominal Exercise

Activate the upper body part and the entire core at the comfort of your home with the help of Fitness Invention the roller wheel. It is designed to offer you comfortable training and aid you achieve training goals within a short time. Besides, this ab roller can stimulate effective and compounded movement. This training apparatus is aimed to work on your arms, abdominals, back and shoulder muscles. It comes with a jump rope which is a fantastic full-body and cardio exercise equipment that improves on your coordination and stamina. The jump rope can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of different users. Also, this skipping rope has an ergonomic handle design. Furthermore, the wheels are made of strong non-slip rubber and durable stainless steel material.


  • Comes with knee pads made of high-density foam
  • The jumping rope has ergonomic handle designs
  • It is packed with the bonus of jump rope
  • It is of durable and non-slip rubber
  • Equipped with stainless steel tube

#5. MKHS Heavy-Duty Core Workout Ab Roller Wheel Versatile & Practical for Abdominal Exercise

MKHS Ab roller wheel is a seven inch roller wheel that guarantees you balance and stability without causing any deviation. It has a reinforcement of a metal part that can withstand high-intensity workouts. It is an ideal tool for training the entire core of your body as a whole unit. The roller is designed with multiple layers of materials. This makes the ab roller shock-absorbent, anti-slip and noiseless. With the ergonomic and detachable design of the handles, you will have a comfortable grip. Additionally, it has a built-in system of spiral spring for rebound and prevention of muscle hurt.


  • The wheels are reinforced with plating reinforcement
  • Designed with performance grips for more comfort
  • It is fitted with springs made of carbon steel
  • It is of anti-slip rubber wheels
  • Has an automatic rebound

#6. AUOPLUS 3.5'' Portable Jump Rope & Knee Mat Ab Roller Gym Equipment for Home Exercise

AUOPLUS Ab Roller is a 3-in-1 roller wheel for ABS body workouts. It is the best alternative for those people who do not have time to visit the gym. This Ab roller will not only strengthen your abs but also strengthen the arms, back and shoulders. Apart from increasing the strength of your back, it will also eliminate the risk of getting a muscle injury. This abs roller comes with a large wheel of 3.5 inches wide. This facilitates more stability and balance when you are rolling. The roller wheel is designed from an anti-slip TPR, firm and silent, soft rubber that will prevent your floor from getting any damage. Also, the hand grips are equipped with EVA foam which is soft and sweat absorbent.


  • The wheels are made of durable and non-slip rubber
  • It comes with a jump rope and soft knee pad
  • Equipped with breathable foam handles
  • The tube is made of stainless steel
  • Made of 3.5 inches wide Ab roller

#7. PATHONOR 40-in-1 Women Men Core Ab Roller Wheel Kit for Abdominal Exercise

Accelerate the achievement of your workout goals with the help of Pathonor Abs roller wheel. This is a very easy-to-use 4-in-1 ab machine that delivers the most desirable results with a short period. It is ideal workout equipment for both a beginner and a professional. This ab roller will help you develop your back, arms, shoulders, abs and chest. The wheel of this ab roller has an ultra-wide width to enhance stability and create more balance and easy control of your movement. It is also made of an anti-slip rubber that grips any floor surface. Further, the wheel is made of highly durable stainless steel.


  • Comes with a free skipping rope and dual-core slider
  • Ultra-wide wheel design offers stability and balance
  • The wheel is built from a stainless steel material
  • It features an anti-slip rubber and grip
  • Highly portable and easy to carry

#8. Mocare Automatic Rebound Ab Core Workout Muscle Strength Exercise Ab Roller

Mocare Abs roller is multi-angle side slip workout equipment. This roller wheel is designed ultra-wide with a width of 5 inches. Its built-in bounce system facilitates easy rebounding during the exercise. With the ability to withstand high-density, this abs roller is very simple to use. It is ideal for strengthening your abs, chest, core, arms, back and shoulders. It is designed with an automatic rebound for safety and prevention of sport-related injuries. This rebounding is facilitated by the built-in steel springs. This will provide more resistance when rolling back. Moreover, the roller comes packed with an easy-to-use free knee-pad. Also, it easy-to-install and disassembles whenever a need arises.


  • Made of multi-layered and wear-resistant wheel
  • Delivers multiple angle side slipping exercise
  • Designed with an automatic rebound
  • Engages various groups of muscles
  • Comes with a bonus of a knee pad

#9. Granarbol 4-in-1 Home & Gym Ab Roller Wheel Abdominal w/Knee Mat & Two Bands

Granarbol Abs Roller is a multi-functional wheel roller that comes with a kit of knee pads and resistance bands. It burns calories, strengthening your core and toning your abs. the wheel is designed with ants-lip rubber that firmly grips onto any floor surface. The tube of the roller wheel is also built from thick metal that can support a maximum weight of 400pounds. Handles of this ab roller feature ergonomic handles made of EVA cotton rubber. This roller is designed to improve your back strength and reduce the chances of you getting a muscular injury. For the achievement of effective results, perform rollout exercises repetitively.


  • Made of premium quality and thicker tuber
  • Operates without any noise production
  • Targets multiple muscle groups
  • Very portable and easy to carry
  • Equipped with a soft wheel

#10. RUBEX Ab Wheel Machine Workout Equipment for Full Body Fitness Training for Men & Women

Rubex Ab Roller is perfect workout equipment for full-body fitness, core exercise, muscles and strength. Also, it is built from durable, strong and superior-quality materials. These materials can resist all strength training. Some parts of this Abs roller are built using stainless steel material, durable PVC and anti-slip rubber. The handles of this abs roller are made ergonomic foam coating to maximize safety and more comfort. This abs roller is designed to work on any floor and delivers perfect workout results. It is also important to note that this roller wheel allows being used at multiple angles.


  • It has a solid and strong construction
  • Allows to be used from various angles
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners
  • Has the ability to hold large weights
  • Ideal for use in Ab stimulation

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Ab Roller


As a buyer, you should consider the wheels of the ab rollers because it will determine whether you’ll achieve your workout goals or not. First, you should look for an ab roller that comes with non-slip rubber wheels that will offer you undoubtedly stability on any surface. Most importantly, the wheels need to be wider to stay stable.


The other factor on the look is the overall construction of the ab roller. For excellent stability and extended lifespan, you should opt for a top-notch roller that is made using metallic frames like the stainless steel. Also, you may come across some models that are constructed from the highest quality plastic materials. Acquiring such devices will assure your safety and durability. Besides, the handles of the unit should be thick and padded to offer comfort and stability altogether.


Thirdly, the ab roller that you want to buy should be versatile. In that regard, the unit should be ideal for working the arms, back and the shoulder. Aside from that, it should come with foot and hand grips for using the feet and hands respectively.


If you’re dedicated to doing exercise daily, it’ll be easy to take your body strength to another higher level by buying the best ab roller wheel. Fortunately, we’ve reviewed some of the topmost ranked ab rollers that you may wish to consider. They’re very useful in terms of their performance and overall comfort it offers. Also, these units are easy to assemble and most importantly, they stand the test of time. You can now confidently purchase any of the models above without doubt because they offer practical performance. We do hope that with the information we have provided, you’ll be able to buy one without any fuss. Your workouts have never been this easier. Good luck!

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