Top 10 Best Wireless Earbuds for 2021 Reviews

The best gadgets to listen to music on the go are wireless earbuds. Whether you’re headed to the gym, commuting, or busking on a sunny day, the appropriate set of earphones will enable you to stay put with extremely quality sound. You’ll be surprised to know that wireless earbuds are much better than standard headphones. Unlike some few years ago, where wireless connectivity was a challenge, the widespread and robust connectivity being enjoyed in the current world has enabled the wireless earbuds to be popular.

The existence of so many brands of wireless earbuds on the market makes the chances of getting the best model to diminish. That’s why we have decided to chip in to offer some help regarding the best wireless earbuds. If you’re looking for the model that will get rid of the cord completely, then this article is for you. Without further ado, check out below for the best ten wireless earbuds for reviews.

#1. 1MORE Stylish Bluetooth 5.0 24 Hour Playtime Stereo Built-in Microphone True Wireless Earbuds

1MORE are available in 4 different hues to enable you to choose which best suits your style. With a 15 minute charging time, you can enjoy an uninterruptible 3-hour playtime. They weigh about 52.8 grams, which makes it easy for you to carry them or fit them into your pocket. The dynamic driver has a composite diaphragm that balances bass for a high-quality sound. These earbuds are coated with an eco-friendly vacuum plate to transmit signals stably. The noise cancellation technology also allows you to pick calls or listen to your music in crowded or noisy environments without interfering with your communication.


  • The carrying headphone case allows you to recharge them for three more times
  • 45° oblique rounded nozzles ensure a perfect fit into your canals
  • Has a compact design for easy portability and storage purposes
  • You can easily connect them to your tablet via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with both android and iOS devices

#2. AUKEY Bluetooth 5.0 24 Hour Playtime Deep Bass USB-C & Qi True Wireless Earbuds Series T10

Life is full of surprises, and it’s no different when it comes to AUKEY wireless earbuds. They come in 3 different sizes of ear tips and in-ear ear hooks for a customized fit. You rest assured of durable and comfortable earbuds since they are from high-quality premium materials. The drivers have graphene diaphragms for a high-quality sound. Also, you can easily ask Siri or triple-tap earbud to access your phone assistant if need be. With intuitive touch control, you can easily control the mics and earbuds without having to press any buttons whatsoever. Your earbuds are kept safe from any liquids since they are made water-resistant; thus, you can do some sports as you listen to your music.


  • Easy to set up because all you need is to connect it to your device
  • Has noise isolation technology to prevent external noises
  • Ergonomically designed for a perfect and comfortable fit
  • Allows for a 24-hour playtime when charged wirelessly
  • The magnets safely secure the earbuds to the case

#3. Soundcore Anker Liberty Air Bluetooth 5.0 20Hrs Battery Life Touch Control Wireless Earbuds

Thanks to Soundcore wireless earbuds, you can now listen to your audio for 7 hours when fully charged. With the support of the charging case, then you can have a total of 20 hours of uninterrupted playtime. You rest assured of a clear sound since the pioneering audio technology delivers a high-quality sound. The noise-canceling microphones get rid of any noise in the background for a flawless connection. Using the integrated touch control, you can listen to music, receive a call, and pause or skid audio. They are compatible with android and iPhone devices through a connection via Bluetooth. This latest Bluetooth technology ensures a stable connection to avoid skipping music.


  • Available in different to enable you to choose that which suits you best
  • Water-resistant to avoid contact with sweats or water substances
  • Produces incredible sound quality with no distractions
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last longer
  • Has a longer battery life for a more extended playtime

#4. Troganic TE1 Bluetooth 5.0 IPX5 Waterproof Deep Bass in-Ear Cobblestone Wireless Earbuds

With unmistakable sound quality, Trogonic wireless earbuds feature the most comfortable fit. It has a 50 mAh lithium polymer battery, which, when fully charged, can be used for up to 7 hours. These earbuds use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip to connect to your phone or tablet. The Sync technology allows you to listen to your music anywhere or any time since your earbuds automatically reset and connect to your phone device. They are compatible with iPad, iPhone, laptop, and Android devices. Also, the built-in silicon mic offers binaural calling where both earbuds support listening, whereas the (L) earbud only supports speaking. While on single calling, both earbuds recommend listening and speaking.


  • Has a compact design which makes it easy for you to store them
  • Made waterproof and sweatproof to keep away water particles
  • Designed from reliable and high-grade materials that last long
  • They only weigh up to 4.6 grams thus comfortable to wear
  • Available in 6 different cup size for a perfect fit

#5. Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth True Buds & Wireless Charging Pad Bundle Internation Version (White)

If an essential aspect of your wireless earbuds is playtime, then this unit from Samsung will be a fantastic choice for you. You can get a playtime of up to 1.7 hours when fully recharged for about 15 minutes. These galaxy buds are compatible with android and iOS devices via Bluetooth. Therefore, you can receive calls or listen to audio when connected to your phone or tablet. The optimized driver allows for excellent bass, whereas the volume drivers offer different sounds. With a weight of only 1.76 ounces, it means that you can never feel its weight on your ears. They come in 3 different ear cup sizes to enable you to choose which bests suit you.


  • The quick ambient mode allows you to pay attention to the external sounds
  • You can use one bud as you charge the other for a continuous playtime
  • The battery has a long life thus you can recharge it once in a day
  • Saves your time since it takes less time to pair with your tablet
  • Ergonomically designed to fit into your ears perfectly

#6. OFUSHO Bluetooth 5.0 Deep Bass 152H IPX7 Waterproof TWS Stereo in-Ear Wireless Earbuds

OFUSHO TWS is the most advanced wireless earbuds with exceptional Hi-Fi sound and with ultra-long playtime. It uses a QUALCOMM QCC 3020 processing chip that ensures stable signal connection, better sound quality, and low power consumption. Besides, the ultra-high capacity of the charging case can offer you an extra 19 times recharge for earbuds. With Bluetooth 5.0, you can’t wait to have a super-strong wireless connection that delivers a transmission speed of up to 2 times that of the traditional models. Finally, they are unique gadgets that stay comfortable on your ears.


  • Advanced TWS earbuds chip enables you to enjoy the incredible sound quality
  • Offers up to 8 hours continuous playtime with low power consumption
  • Certificated with IPX7 waterproof level to repel sweat and water
  • The earbuds auto-connect that makes pairing quite easy
  • Uses super-strong Bluetooth 5.0 connection

#7. BOMAKER True Bluetooth 5.0 Built-in Mic AptX Pumping Bass Graphene Wireless Earbuds

We’ve more reasons to believe that BOMAKER wireless earbuds are the best on the go gadget. First, they have the most portable and sleek charging case, which is also 1/3 size as compared to other bulky cases. Also, it uses a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, which is an ultra-stable connection, lower latency, muddiness, no cut-out, which makes it the most advanced wireless earbuds. Besides, the CVC noise cancellation blocks out lots of outside noise. With a full graphene driver, well-balanced and improved clarity over other sound qualities. The battery can last over 25 hours when fully charged. Hassle-free connection because it turns on automatically, and pairing also is automatic. IPX7 waterproof allows you to use it while doing some exercise and even in the shower.


  • IPX7 waterproof is thoroughly tested in the shower and hiking
  • CVC noise cancellation blocks out a lot of noise
  • Ultra-portable case weighs only 0.14 oz.
  • AptX and ACC offers a well-balanced sound
  • Uses mono and stereo mode

#8. EarFun Free Bluetooth 5.0 Qi USB-C Quick Charge IPX7 Waterproof 30H Playtime Wireless Earbuds

Using 6mm graphene drivers, EarFun wireless earbuds produce incredible sound quality with deep bass. It comes with an ergonomic and lightweight design that fits comfortably and snuggly into your ears, and with three sizes of ear tips, you can get the one that suits you more comfortably. Even when you are in the bathroom or working out, these units wouldn’t slide or absorb sweat. Moreover, it uses the newest Bluetooth technology that offers you ultra-stable connection with high-resolution decoder built-in and AAC/SBC audio coding. The one-touch control enables you to adjust the volume with ease.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight design fit comfortably and snuggly in your ear
  • IPX7 waterproof to seal the internal circuit against sweats and water
  • The one-touch control offers you the flexibility of switching songs
  • These earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0to offer ultra-stable connection

#9. Boltune BH020 Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo 40H Playtime Built-in Mic Wireless Earbuds (Red)

If you are looking for wireless earbuds that can offer you faster transmission speed with stable connectivity and no signal loss, Boltune BH020 is here for you. It can work within a range of up to 50 feet without any cut off during listening and controlling. Also, it uses Bluetooth V5 0 that is more advanced compared to the previous Bluetooth V4 2. Also, pairing is quite simple with one-step pairing technology. The type-C quick charge enables it to charge within 90 minutes fully. And also, type-C offers a more stable and safer way to charge this unit. The battery is long-lasting, and it can provide you with a 40-hour playtime.


  • The unique stereo sound quality offers you a breathtaking music quality
  • One-pairing technology makes the pairing of these devices quite easy
  • Uses Bluetooth V5 0 which delivers a more stable connectivity
  • Come with compact and lightweight magnetic charging case

#10. SoundPEATS Dual Dynamic Bluetooth 5.0 Crossovers APTX Audio27H Playtime Wireless Earbuds

SoundPEATS wireless earbuds offer undoubtedly powerful sound and unique design. It adopts dual dynamic drivers and double crossovers patented design that enable you indulged in premium sound all times. It has a one-step pairing that makes the connection of these units quite simple. Besides, the multi-functional charging case does not only charge your earbuds all times but also serves as a carrying box to keep your earbuds safe. When fully charged, the gadgets can help you for up to 27 hours. Also, the earbuds can work separately after you’ve paired successfully. Be sure to enjoy beautiful moments all day with no interruption.


  • Uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that offers a stable transmission speed
  • Dual dynamic drivers and crossovers deliver perfect sound clarity
  • Gives you a 27-hour playtime in total without any interruption
  • Has a low power consumption chipset with stable connectivity
  • It automatically powers on and enters into a pairing mode

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Wireless Earbuds

Water Resistance

Well, as you’ve seen, most of the wireless earbuds we’ve presented above are IPX7 Waterproof to ensure water doesn’t damage the device. It’s for this reason that you’ll be required to pay a close to this aspect to ensure you obtain the right model. Waterproof earbuds will suit any weather, and even better, you’ll be able to use it in the gym without any worry.

Sound Quality

Before you can seal a deal, it’s an excellent idea to check out the audio specification feature. If you opt for poor sound quality, be assured, you get an awful music experience. Don’t settle for anything less than an earbud that offers excellent sound quality. In line with that, check for the models that use noise-canceling technology.

Battery Life

Most wireless devices rely much on the strength of the battery if you can have a battery that can last you a whole day listening to music continuously, the better. A pair of good earbuds should have a battery that can stay for long before its battery can drain. It’s sometimes referred to as playtime. Ensure to check on that before you can part with your hard-earned money.


We do hope that our review has shed light on the best wireless earbuds to purchase. Don’t bother yourself by delving into the market, because the vast number of options will overwhelm your shopping. But with this tailored review, all the info and products you need are right here at your disposal. We’ve offered you a list of products we found to be the topmost ranked on the market and following the real customer reviews. You rest assured, one model will work for you too. Also, cross-check the consideration we’ve presented because they’ll lead you to the best wireless earbuds. Save your time and money by reading through this precise review.

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