The 10 Best Time Clocks for Small Businesses of 2024

Suppose you are looking for the best time clocks for managing your small business yet you have no idea what to go for, you are in the right place. These attendance clocks are great options for tracking employees’ working time and for generating their payrolls. Installing and customizing to meet all your office needs is quite simple and easy. So, the main thing you should be striving for is purchasing the best time clock, and the rest is sorted.

The market currently is stocked with various kinds of these time clocks, which might deter you from selecting the one that meets all your requirements. Also, the many features and specifications to consider, choosing a model for your business, can even become a nightmare. However, we have prepared this article to help you during the selection time. Below is a list of the ten best Time Clocks for Small Businesses.

#1. Pyramid 2500 Small Business Time Clock with 2 Security Key 1 Ribbon 100 Time Cards

Yes, keeping track of your employee’s time is simple, with Pyramid 2500 small business time clock. It records attendance of the employee for each pay working day, including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly. The 6-column time card will handle up to three in/out punch cycles each day. Even better, it can handle an unlimited number of employees. The system has an easy top-loading while the auto-aligning time card system makes punching in/out hassle-free. The compact design is suitable for a small working place. Setup this unit is a breeze with all the required accessories available. This time clock is a winner item, have it!


  • Top-loading time card with automatic punch alignment
  • Tracks worked time for an unlimited number of employees
  • Two-sided time card accommodates 31 days
  • Records three in/out punch cycles per day

#2. Lathem Heavy-Duty 2100HD Large LCD Maintenance-free Thermal Print Time Clock

If you are looking for a heavy-duty constructed time clock for your business, look no further than Lathem 2100HD maintenance-free time clock. The unit can withstand harsh environments while offering extensive usage. It is built with a large and high-contrast LCD to show time and date. Also, it is designed with an EZSet rotary knob that makes it easy to customize the clock settings and pick from the six varied print formats. When the employee makes a punch, this system has an LED indicator for perfect alignment.


  • Whisper Print Technology do away ribbons for maintenance-free operation
  • Built with six different print formats for printing month, date and week
  • Intuitive EZSet rotary knob enables you to configure settings faster
  • It includes a power adapter, 25 Lathem E8 time cards, and 2 Keys
  • Has a significant, high-contrast LCD that is simple and easy to read

#3. uPunch CR1000 Digital 1 Ribbon 50 Time Cards & 2 Keys Time Clock & Date Stamp

uPunch CR1000 time clock enables you to track employee time and stamp documents, mail, and more. It brings order in your life whether you are using it as an employee time clock or a digital time stamp. Also, the user-friendly gadget makes it easier to load and punch time cards and documents via the strategically placed window. Setting up is a breeze! Besides, the auto-daylight saving time feature adjusts the clock automatically without the need for your intervention.
Moreover, it is the best device to eliminate manual errors in employee time tracking. Sit back and track employee’s attendance. Also, the date stamp will display the date when documents were received and processed.


  • Simplifies operation of an organization by offering proof of when the doc was received and processed
  • Has a strategically placed window that makes loading of cards and documents easy
  • The package includes Digital time clock, 50-time cards, 1 Ribbon, and Date Stamp
  • Eliminates manual errors in employee time tracking by offering digital time clock

#4. uPunch Starter HN1500 1 Hour Card Rack 1 Ribbon 100 Cards Time Clock Bundle

With a no-nonsense clock, you rest assured of a great track of your employees’ working time. UPunch HN1500 time clock for small business comes with a one-time watch, 100 timecards, two keys, and one ribbon. It helps you to get rid of any manual errors that might from inaccurate records. The cores are from high-quality materials that are durable and always safe. It has an option where you can manually enter workers’ time data into a free online account. The cloud-based software allows you to track all the events for accurate payments. Late employees can be identified with punches that are marked with red ink.


  • The six punch per day clocks track time of unlimited employees
  • The time is made durable for a long usage life without folding
  • Has 12 alarms each day to notify workers of their break times
  • Has a large LCD backlight display that is easy to read

#5. Pyramid 4000 50 Employees 25 Time Cards Small Business Auto-Totaling Time Clock

Use the shortest time possible to record your employees’ working time with the Pyramid time system. This system sums up weekly, biweekly, semiweekly, and monthly pay periods of up to 50 employees. It accurately calculates working time between punches for accurate payments. It saves up to 13 minutes per day and 54 hours a year in payroll savings for each employee. It also has a well-instructed manual that guides the user on how to operate this time system. The LCD screen displays the time, date, and year and is easy to read.


  • Has a compact and sleek design that makes it suitable for all environments
  • The top-loading card feed allows for quick and precise punches
  • The auto-feeding card alignment provides for quick punches
  • It resets automatically in case of short months or leaps years
  • Simple to set up thus suitable for small operation business

#6. Pyramid 3500 25 Time Cards 2 Security Keys Multi-Purpose Time Clock & Document Stamp

It serves best to give credit where credit’s due though paying workers the amount of time they have worked. Pyramid time system comes with document stamp and one-time clock, one ink, 25-time cards, two security keys, and ribbon cartridge. This system has 14 preset messages to tracks all the occurring events. You can easily set it up to ease picking the settings and follow the records. It allows you to monitor weekly, biweekly, semiweekly, and monthly tracks of many employees. It saves up to 6minutes in a day and 25 hours per year. With a weight of up to 2.6 pounds, you can easily mount it onto your wall or table.


  • The side-loading document feed that allows for both right and left feeding
  • Versatile as it records employee in and out punches and stamps
  • Has a battery for a backup to avoid date and time resetting
  • Tamper-proof security lock to prevents against time theft
  • The alignment guide guides in aligning up the punches

#7. uPunch HN3540 Auto-Align Time Clock Start-Up Kit 400 Time Cards for Small Business

Are you looking for a time clock for your small business? Look no more, uPunch HN3540 time clock is here for you. This system is complete with two card racks, one-time clock, four ink ribbons, 400-time cards, and two keys. It allows you to monitor breaks, starting and ending time, weekly, and monthly cycles. The uPunch decorations allow for highlighting odd punches with either black or red ink. It has six columns to enable the capture of each punch every day. Also, it schedules up to 12 alarms in a day to notify employees about breaks, meal times, and ending times. You can manually enter the employees’ data into a free online account that can be accessed from any internet-connected device.


  • Cloud-based software allows you to track all events accurately
  • Easy to mount on your table and wall as it takes a few seconds
  • High-quality time cards that do not fold easily or wear off
  • Has an LCD backlight that is easy to read and enter

#8. Allied Time USA AT-4500 Easy Set Up Totals Regular & Overtime Hours' Time Clocks

Ooh no, you don’t have to pay extra for your workers when they are indulged in work for a few hours. Allied time USA time clock allows you to track each detail work of your employee, whether overtime or breaks. It calculates the time and sums it right on the employee’s card. It does not require any connection and only has to do with mounting on the wall. The operation is smooth, and all you need to do is to drop yours for printing. It prints the time cards accurately with no errors. It includes a starter pack of cards and a cardholder for a great start. The well-instructed manual guides you on how you are going to set it up within a few minutes.


  • You can fill the time cards on both sides in case of longer working
  • Any breaks deductions require its specific time cards
  • Automatically calculates time worked with no errors
  • Saves times as you just drop the card for punching
  • The auto-align feature makes it easy to operate

#9.uPunch HN4500 Calculating Time Clock Bundle 200 Time Cards 3 Ribbons 2 Keys

You really would want to pay your workers as per the time they have indulged in work. uPunch HN4500 time clock bundle allows you to monitor your workers without encountering any manual errors. This system includes uPunch calculating clock, two ten slot time card racks, 200-time cards, three ribbons, and two keys. It calculates the time worked on the time cards for up to 50 employees. Also, it calculates overtime and deducts any breaks for accurate results. You can use the free optional uPunch cloud software to enter the number of hours manually worked each day. With a weight of up to 8.8 pounds, it makes it easy for you to mount it on the wall as it is light.


  • Flexible as you use it as a standalone time clock or with cloud-based software
  • The time clock settings allow recording time at any time of the day
  • The keys are from high-quality, durable materials
  • Allows you to enter the records at a faster speed saving your time
  • Easy to use as it easily can be mounted on the wall

#10. Acroprint TimeQplus Magnetic Stripe Attendance System Time Clock for Small Business

It only takes a few pennies from your pocket to get an outstanding time and attendance system. Acroprint time and attendance system record their time in and out through the magnetic stripe badges. This system features a timeQplus network software, 15 magnetic stripe badges, and one barcode terminal kit. It supports up to 12 workgroups, each with their own starting time and ending time. Additionally, it can display all the required records in various languages like English, Spanish, and French. It supports from weekly to monthly pay periods. The three levels of permissions: admin, user, and employee, allows for a more secure recording.


  • Has an Ethernet and USB flash drive connection for data transfer
  • It permits for any multi-level user permissions for security
  • Easy to install as it made lightweight ease mounting
  • It has a memory capacity of up to 50000 transactions
  • Has a monochrome LCD to display the current time

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Time Clock for Small Business

Time clocks come with many features, all geared towards making your business flourish and manageable. Here are the main aspects that you should double-check to ascertain their presence.


At least, a time clock for small businesses should come with a scheduling system that enables an organization to assign a shift for employees within no time. The scheduling system should offer a way of tracking the time employees report to the job and leaving time.

Notifications and Alerts

To run your business should not give you a headache; the warnings and alerts built with this time clock should relay information regarding the smooth running of your business. In case there is an employee who comes in late, it should tire the message and alerts you via email or text message. Also, when payday is nearing, you should be able to receive notifications about it.

Clocking Option

Many times clocks give employees different ways to clock in and out every day. Some standard tracking options include web browsers, time clocks, mobile apps, text messages, and social media.

Software Compatibility

This factor is also vital in making your time clock versatile. It should be possible to connect the system to other software like the payroll system without any problem. Besides, it should connect seamlessly to printing services and other devices.


There are tons of Time Clocks for Small Businesses available in the market that can suit your business. However, we tried presenting you with this tailored list to enable you to make a more exceptional decision. And also, at least this article will offer you some features you should look for while hunting for the best Time Clock. Check also the detail description of each product to be able to know the differences that exist from each unit. Importantly, you ought to know that we only offer you suggestions for the excellent choice, your job is to choose the one that meets your needs. Bon voyage!

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