The 10 Best Tactical Pants of 2024

Whether you need to go out climbing, hunting, hiking, or any other outdoor activities, you will need to be in comfortable wear. So putting on a tactical pants during such occasions will keep you enjoying such moments. They are designed from the best fabrics that assure you of a long-lasting and wear-resistant paint. It allows you to go out for hiking, hunting, climbing, army training, and many other outdoor events. Additionally, they are equipped with several pockets that allow you to carry a few items with you as you go out. It does bring some sense of style thus you wear it casually or when in your office.

How do we get to choose the best tactical pants out there with these current flooded markets? It requires you to be wise enough to pick the best brands for the best results. You do not need to go through all the available brands because it gets so tiring. We, therefore, have made your work easier by compiling a list to aid you in your choice. The list below contains the top 10 best tactical pants to choose from.

#1. CQR Outdoor Apparel Lightweight EDC Hiking Ripstop Cargo Water Repellant Tactical Pant

CQR tactical pants are equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your wearing needs. It is made of duratex fabric that repels away any stains, dirt, liquids, and many other contaminants. With the multi-purpose cargo pants, you can store your smaller accessories during outdoor events. You can as well install some of your tactical accessories since it has a black nickel-plated D-ring. Both the zippers and stoppers are made of durable materials for longer usage life. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the varied colors and sizes to suit you better.


  • Has deeper pockets to keeps your accessories safe
  • Resistant to any wrinkles fade, and shrinks
  • Lightweight to ensure optimum and free mobility
  • Ensure free flow of air for maximum comfort
  • Designed from quality materials that last longer

#2. Under Armour Machine Washable Ultra-Durable Anti-Odor Men's Tactical Patrol Pant

During winter months, you are assured of the needed comfort and warmth with Under Armour tactical pants. It is designed from high-grade polyester materials making it tough enough to withstand anything in the field. With the UA storm technology, it is capable of repelling away any water particles whereas ensuring a free flow of air. Ideally, it prevents the growth of odor causing microbes because it features an anti-odor technology. The stretch engineered waistband ensures a snug fit for a more comfortable wearing experience. This makes it an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for your husband or male friends.


  • More durable with the reinforced crotch and knees
  • Well designed belt hoops ensure good holster placement
  • Has lightweight design thus easy to carry around
  • Easy to store and transport with its compact design
  • Any stains or sand can be washed off easily

#3. SUSCLUDE Cargo Outdoor Men's Military Trousers Tactical Pants Ripstop Hiking Pant

Do you need a tactical pants with more capacity? Well, this brand by Susclude is the best choice. It is equipped with several functional zippers that allow various accessories to avoid losing them while moving around. This unit is designed from 97%cotton materials and 3% spandex materials which assures you of its long usage life. Since it is made breathable, you will always feel comfortable while out hiking, hunting, and other outdoor events. The stretchable waistband is equipped with wider belt loops which assure you of a better fit. Moreover, it is made lightweight for more flexible movement.


  • Has enforced knee and crotch for more security
  • Keeps you comfortable since it has a relaxed fit
  • The sturdy plastic ring ensures stable operations
  • Made of stretchable materials for a perfect fit
  • Ensures longer useful as it made of ripstop fabric

#4. TBMPOY Zipper Pockets Outdoor Camping Fishing Mountain Men's Cargo Tactical Pant

If you are looking for lightweight tactical pants, you can give a try to this brand by TBMpoy. It only weighs a few pounds which makes it suitable to wear while out hiking, hunting, and many other outdoor events. Since it is designed from quick-dry nylon, it will always keep you cool and dry because it wicks sweat away. Additionally, it has zippered pockets that allow you to keep your items safer while you are moving around. With the comfortable elastic waistband, it can always fit your waist in the best manner since it has belt loops. Better still, it features exquisite stitching that assures you of a strong and long-lasting unit.


  • Has sturdy and high-quality zippers that do not break easily
  • Ensures maximum flexibility with the reinforced knee design
  • You can wash it in a machine for easy maintenance
  • The insulated soft shell surface keep you warmer
  • Can be worn during all four seasons of the year

#5. PROPPER Teflon-Fabric Protector Machine Washable Lightweight Men's Tactical Pant X

Propper tactical pants are without a doubt some of the comfortable pants you will find in the market. It is designed from breathable ripstop fabric which allows free flow air for optimum comfort. The extra-large belt hoops are made of nylon materials and allow you to use a belt to ensure a perfect fit. With the Teflon fabric protector, it can easily repel away any stains and liquid spillages. Additionally, it features an action stretch waistband that ensures a perfect fit for different purposes. You as well add knee pads to your knees since it has internal openings to accommodate such.


  • Easy to maintain by tossing it into a washing machine
  • Resistant to any shrinks fades and wears
  • Made of light fabric to avoid weighing you down
  • Has 9 pockets to offer you different storage options
  • Safer for daily use since it has tested by NTOA

#6 Survival Tactical Gear Military Camo Outdoor Men's Ripstop Pants Tactical Apparel

You might want to consider purchasing an all event tactical pant, well Survival tactical gear tactical pants are all here for you. This durable pair of pants is made of breathable ripstop fabric to keep you more comfortable. With up to 15 different sized pockets, you can store various accessories in them without losing any. The knee areas have double-layer construction to ensure maximum flexibility as you move around. Moreover, it has an inbuilt simple Velcro system that allows you to make adjustments for a perfect fit. You no longer will experience knife clip wears because the fabric pockets are well reinforced.


  • The zippers are made of long-lasting materials
  • Can be worn as casual wear and outdoors
  • Well thickened to keep you more comfortable
  • Available in different colors and sizes to choose

#7. Carwonic Lightweight Rip-Stop Stretch Military Cargo Men's Outdoor Tactical Pants

Whether you are exploring new places or clearing corners with your squad, Carbonic tactical pants are ideal for much of a task. It can be worn during all seasons because it repels away water particles whilst keeping you more comfortable. Since it is designed from breathable materials, it allows for a greater free flow of air. This makes it suitable for most outdoor activities such as hiking, work, cycling, climbing, army training, hunting, and so on. Also, it is equipped with multifunctional pockets that offer you greater storage options. You can get it as a gift for your loved ones.


  • Has a lightweight design for more comfort
  • Keeps you from stains, liquids, and spills
  • The strengthened knees keep you flexible
  • Ensures a perfect fit with the elastic waistband
  • Lasts longer since it has a tear-resistant finish

#8. Antarctica Military Army Jogger Casual Waterproof Men's Hiking Tactical Pant

If you need that sense of decorum whereas maintaining that classic profile that it’s all about they got to try Antarctica tactical pants. It features 6 pockets in total to allow you to store some of your accessories as you move around. With the premium fabric construction, you are assured of a long-lasting and wear-resistant unit. Moreover, it offers you a classic fit which makes it suitable for casual wear and outdoors. Since it is designed from quality spandex, polyester, and cotton, you will always feel comfortable in it. Even with several washes, it does fade or shrink thus retains its original look.


  • Has a 4D tailoring to keep you more comfortable
  • The stretchable waist ensures a perfect fit
  • Can be worn while fishing, shooting, and more
  • Greasy dirt and water-resistant with the Teflon coating
  • You can wear it with a belt since it has belt loops

#9. NAVEKULL Outdoor Military Ripstop Outdoor Lightweight Stretch Tactical Pants

Navecull tactical pants set the bar with a combination of comfort, all-around functionality, and style. It is made of high-grade spandex, polyester, and cotton components that are scratch-resistant and long-lasting. These breathable materials allow you to work more comfortably during outdoor activities. The elastic waistband has a durable plastic ring to ensure that it fits you perfectly. Additionally, it is equipped with 7 different pockets that allow you to store various items while out hiking or any other outdoor event. Since it has a unique tactical design, it considers both style and functionality.


  • The fabric is resistant to both wears and wrinkles
  • Suitable for army training, hunting, and more
  • Has durable zippers for a longer zip up
  • Well thickened to keep you warmer when cold
  • Equipped with various pockets for varied storage options

#10. Free SoldierLightweight Men's EDC Cargo Pants Hiking Apparel Men's Outdoor Pants

When it comes to a high-quality tactical pants, you can put all your trust in this brand by Free soldier. It is designed from high-quality polyester and cotton materials for longer-lasting wear. Since it is equipped with up to 11 cargo pockets, you can carry various tools and accessories with you as you move around. This can be worn while out camping, hiking, daily life, casual, hunting, duty work, tactical, and so on. After several washes, it does not fade nor shrink thus retains its originality for long. The strengthened knees part prevents you from hurting your knees in case you fall.


  • Repels aways stains and liquids in case of spills
  • Well-designed to avoid any scratches and wears
  • The zippers are designed from long last materials
  • Made from breathable components for more comfort
  • Can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Tactical Pant

Materials used

This is one factor you must consider first before purchasing a tactical pants. It is ideal to choose one made of ripstop fabric since it assures you of a long-lasting unit. Most of them are designed from polyester and cotton materials for longer usage life. This saves you on frequent replacement costs.

Comfort level

When it comes to getting tactical pants you should always ensure that you will remain comfortable at all times wearing them. Most of them feature an elastic waistband that can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit. The belt loops allow you to wear your belt for a better fit. Also, they are made of warmer materials to keep you feeling cozy during winter or cold periods.


Most of these tactical pants feature varied pockets that allow you to store some of your accessories as you move from place to place. They are zippered thus it will keep all your items safer from losing them. These wears are equipped with about 6-8 pockets to meet most of your storage units.


Depending on your budget, you can be prompted to go for a cheaper or a bit pricey wear. All in all, they all offer you the same results. Though, you will most of these cheaper units lasting for shorter periods compared to the pricey ones. So it would be a great idea to purchase something that will last long even though it is a bit pricier.


With all that said, you will always have the best if you try out any of the brands above. Your work on choice is now made easier. So all you now have to do is to choose from these units. Depending on your needs and preferences, you will be prompted to pick one brand over the other. These units are equipped with different features but offer you the same results at long last. You now go ahead and choose since you can never regret having done so.

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