Top 10 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks in Reviews

Over the years snorkelling has grown more popular as one of the vacation activities. Whether you are a seasoned or first-timer snorkeler, you will always enjoy your time out in the sea with a full face snorkel mask. This unit will always keep your face well protected while diving in the sea. Since it offers you a better and comfortable way to adventure the deep sea, you can always carry it with you. That aside, they can be used by both kids and adults who love snorkelling. They are well designed to ensure a free flow of air particles while you are in the water.
How do get to pick the best with the recently flooded markets? It gets so tiring to go through all the full face snorkel masks available today. We have therefore made your work much easier by compiling the best brands to meet all your needs. With the list below of the top 10 best full-face snorkel masks, you will never make a blind buy since you will always be well acquainted with the present brands.

#1. W WSTOO Foldable Anti-Leak Anti-Fog 180 Degree Panoramic Full Face Snorkel Mask

When it comes to a more portable and compact full face snorkel mask, you can put your trust in this brand by W too. Whenever you need to carry it with you while traveling, you can easily fold it into a compact size to save your storage space. Both the inlet and outlet channels are well separated to avoid the mixture of gases that can cause fogging. Installation is such a hassle-free task because you only need to rotate the breathing tube. To keep the breathing tube intact and free from falling, you can use the anti disengagement tape. In case you have an emergency while snorkelling, you can easily get out by pressing one button.


  • Made from strong and durable silicone components
  • You can mount the camera for more adventures
  • The flat lenses allow you to see clearly
  • Well designed to avoid the buildup of gases
  • Has an efficient anti-fogging system

#2. W WSTOO Foldable Anti-Fog 180 Degree Panoramic Full Face Snorkel Mask (Black/Blue)

When snorkelling, you will never feel dizzy or any discomfort with Wwstoo full face snorkel mask. It has a 180 degrees panoramic view which allows you to see the fish and much other aquatic life in the water. The detachable camera stand makes it easier for you to mount your camera to capture many memorable moments in the water. With the two outlets and one inlet, you are assured of a free flow of air to avoid the mixture of gases. The liquid silicone is made from high-quality materials that are durable and make it comfortable to wear. You can as well store it in your suitcase or briefcase while travelling because it takes less storage space.


  • Has a complete fitting to prevent any leakages
  • Equipped with a separate channel to avoid fogging
  • Can be easily folded for a compact storage
  • The anti-shedding band keeps the breathing tube safe
  • Takes less time to fully install it

#3. DIVELUX Anti-Fog Original Full Face Snorkel Mask w/Longer Ventilation Pipe

Do you need a snorkel mask that ensures easy breathing? Well, this brand by Divelux is a great pick. It features a 180 degrees panoramic view which enables you to view absolutely everything while out diving in the sea. You can easily breathe through your nose or mouth since it offers you much-needed comfort. This diving mask is available in three different size options making it suitable for use by children and adults. Under any condition, you are guaranteed safety and clear visibility because it does not leak or sweat. Moreover, it fits snugly in your face but softly to keep you more comfortable.


  • Has a longer pipe construction for more convenience
  • Comes with a protective phone case to keep your phone safe
  • Designed from safer and durable polycarbonate plastic
  • Well made to prevent water from entering the breathing tube
  • Only weighs 0.73 kilograms thus easy to carry around

#4. HIEHA Anti-Fogging Anti-Leak Detachable Camera Mount Full Face Snorkel Mask

For every snorkelling trip, you should never forget to carry with you this full face snorkel mask by HIEHA. It is equipped with two separate breathing channels for optimum performance in air intake and breathing. These channels prevent exhaled gases from building to prevent fogging. Additionally, the transparent flat lens is designed from high definition PU resin components to allow you to enjoy a crystal clear view in water. Both the two floating balls and the anti-leak silicone seal system prevents salty water from entering your mouth. The removable camera brackets are an added advantage because you can easily capture your oceanic moments in the water.


  • The silicone lining ensures comfortable wearing
  • Can be used by beginners, adults, and children
  • Designed from durable plastic materials
  • Protection lining does not have any weird smell
  • Equipped with earplugs to keep you safer

#5. QingSong Anti-Leak Detachable Full Face Snorkeling Mask for Kids & Adult (Black)

As a snorkelling lover, a full face snorkel mask becomes one of your must-have accessories. Qingsong full face snorkel mask has a full design which enables to have a larger viewing area while in water. With the camera mount design, you can easily mount your favorite camera and capture all the desirable moments. Since it is equipped with separate breathing chambers, you are assured of longer snorkelling trips free from fogging. This dry snorkel system helps to prevent any salt particles from getting into your mouth. The panoramic lens is well designed to offer you a crystal clear and stable view.


  • The breathing tube is easy to install and detach
  • You capture your moments by mounting a camera
  • Comes with a clear manual for easy setup
  • Has a full-face design for comfortable breathing
  • The floating ball prevents salty water from entering

#6. Thirty-Seven DAYS Anti-Leak Anti-Fog Detachable Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids/Adults

Both adults and kids can have more comfortable snorkelling activities with Thirty-seven days full face snorkel mask. It is designed from high-grade PC and silicone components that are safer and long-lasting. You do not have to worry anymore about pulling your hair because it is comfortable to wear with the adjustable elastic ribbon. Besides, it is equipped with a lens that offers you a wider and reality view while in the deep seas. This lens has an anti-fogging coating that prevents fogging while in use. This makes it one of the best gifts for a friend whole loves snorkelling.


  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Available in varied sizes to fit different persons
  • Prevents any water particles from entering your mouth
  • Made sturdy for more stable snorkelling operations

#7. WILDHORN OUTFITTERS 180 Degree V2 Advanced Breathing Unit Full Face Snorkel Mask

With Wildhorn outfitters ‘ face snorkel mask, you are assured of an enjoyable and safer snorkelling experience. It is equipped with four intake valves and 2 chambers which allows for maximum air circulation. You now have a wider viewing area thanks to the 180 degrees V2 lens that it has. Even better, the silicone insert prevents leakages thus offering you a comfortable watertight seal at all times. The removable action camera mount fits all GoPro cameras for more adventurous events. At the base of this unit is a one-way drain system that gets rid of any water that gets in.


  • The separate breathing chambers prevents fogging
  • You can easily customize it for a perfect fit
  • Meets all safety requirements for safer operations
  • Ensures free movement since the tubes stay above water
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable tasks

#8. ALEORON Men & Women Anti-Fog Foldable Full Face Snorkel Mask for Youth & Adults

Aleoron full face snorkel mask is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. With the latest technology, this unit is capable of stoping any salt particles from entering your mouth and choking. It has a custom-built mount that allows you to install your camera and capture all the moments in the ocean without holding your camera. This unit can be used by first-timers because it has a safer silicone and full-face Google design to keep you more comfortable. Both adult swimmers and kids can use it because it is made lightweight and always comfy to wear.


  • Has separate airflow for comfortable breathing
  • Can be worn by anyone with the adjustable straps
  • Safer for use since it an antileak design
  • Easy to store as it can be folded into a smaller size
  • The waterproof earplugs keep your ears safer

#9. COZIA Safe Breathing Unit Anti-Leak Anti-Fog Full Face Mask for Longer Diving

If you are looking for a high-quality full face snorkel mask, this brand by Cozia design is an ideal choice. This equipment is designed from high-grade microfiber components that are durable and super absorbent. It is equipped with a new dual-chamber system that allows exhaled air to get out through the vents at the top. Besides, it offers you a wider view while inside the water for more experience and fun. Better still, it is fitted with a flat hi quality screen and soft food-grade silicone to keep comfortable at all times. The camera mount allows you to install your camera to capture all the moments down there.


  • Smaller in size to fit into compact spaces
  • Offers you a longer and anti-fog experience
  • Has a lightweight design thus more portable
  • Good clipping prevents any leakages
  • The adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit

#10. DEEP Sea 02 Soft Nose Universal Size Anti-Fog Full Face Snorkels Mask

You can capture every experience out in the sea with Deep full-face snorkel mask. This unit is well designed to protect you against the dangerous build of gases while diving. The patented breathing system allows you to breathe in oxygen whereas minimizing fogging. Additionally, it is equipped with a silicone nosepiece that helps to balance the pressure in your head for more exploration. With the soft straps, you will always feel comfortable inside this mask without pulling your hair. Also, the earplugs keep your ears safer since it prevents ocean water from entering.


  • Easy to put on and off with the included clip
  • Ensures easy camera mounting to capture all moments
  • Has a full HD viewing window to explore more
  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • The air-filled seal offers optimum comfort

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

Level of visibility

A good full face snorkel mask should offer you the best clarity. Most of these masks are equipped with 180 degrees panoramic lenses that offer you a wider view to see the aquatic life in the water. Since the frame is behind the vision line, nothing can interrupt your viewing.

Natural breathing

You should always consider purchasing a mask that enhances a natural and normal way of breathing. They are equipped with dual breathing channels that prevent the buildup of gases. The inlet takes in oxygen whereas the outlet takes out carbon dioxide. This ensures a free flow of air to avoid fogging.

Presence of wave guards

Wave guards help to prevent ocean water from entering your mouth. This will always keep you feeling comfortable since it blocks away from the salty waters. These little flaps prevent water from entering into the snorkel In case of the presence of waves. The presence of these features makes your sea adventures more enjoyable and memorable.


With a good-sized full face snorkel mask, you are always assured of a perfect fit. You should always measure your face and refer to the sizing chart to get a perfect size. They are available in different to fit both children and adults. A bigger mask can let in some water whereas a smaller one can block your vision.


A perfectly fitting full face snorkel mask will always make your adventures more comfortable and enjoyable. All the brands in the above list are well designed to ensure that it offers you the best results. They perform the same functions but only differ when it comes to their features. Depending on your needs or preference, you will be prompted to pick one brand over the other. We do hope we have been of greater help in aiding you throughout your choice.

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