Top 10 Best Sensor Liquid Dispensers in 2021 Reviews

With the ongoing global pandemic, health experts are emphasizing on washing hands to keep the virus at bay. Although washing your hands with normal soap is good, using an automatic soap dispenser is better. Unlike bar soaps, soap dispensers minimize contacts that can aid in transmitting cross infections. Ideally, these units use modern technology that detects your hands when near the sensor and releases the soap sparingly.

You, therefore, don’t need any effort to maintain clean hands with these automatic soap dispensers.
The current market is flooded with several manufacturers that are competing to meet the rising demand. As such, you may end up being overwhelmed with every brand claiming to be the best. But if you’re reading this post, we’ve you covered. With extensive research, we managed to come up with the top 10 best sensor liquid dispensers in reviews.

Read on to familiarize yourself with these selections.

#1. Hanamichi Touchless High Capacity Motion Sensor Waterproof Base Automatic Soap Dispenser

You can now enjoy a more healthy and hygienic life with Hanamichi automatic soap dispenser. This unit has a capacity of 400ml; thus, it can be used by your entire body while washing their hands. It requires 4AAA batteries to power and enjoys a hands-free soap dispenser. You can easily adjust and control the soap volume to avoid drips that can waste your soap. You are assured of a long-lasting unit because it is designed from high-quality ABS and plastic components. It automatically senses your hands and releases the soap or sanitizer to avoid any cross infections.


  • Has a waterproof base to keep the battery compartment dry
  • Both the switch and power buttons are easier to operate
  • Well designed to avoid corrosion by water or soap
  • The rubber seals prevent it from sliding off

#2. LARMHOI IP X7 Waterproof Anti-Leakage Countertop 400ml Automatic Soap Dispenser

If you’re looking for a lightweight automatic soap dispenser, this model from LARMHOI becomes the best choice. It only weighs 14.4 ounces making it easier for you to carry it from one corner of your house to the other. Moreover, it is equipped with an infrared sensor motion that detects your hands and releases the soap to avoid any infections. Not only can it be used for dispensing soap but also sanitizers, lotion and many other liquids. You can easily adjust the volume of the soap being dispensed since it features adjustable switches. It has a capacity of 400ml for use by your entire family.


  • Has a transparent cabinet design to check on the remaining liquid
  • Waterproof to keep the battery compartment safer
  • More convenient since it releases liquids in seconds
  • You can mount it on the wall or countertop

#3. Secura 17 Oz. Touchless Premium Battery Operated Automatic Soap Dispenser (Chrome)

Are you looking for an automatic soap dispenser with a larger capacity container? Look no further than Secura automatic soap dispenser. It has a larger capacity of 500ml to allow you to dispense your liquids for a long time before refilling it. With the adjustable soap dispenser volume control switch, you can dispense the right amount of soap to keep your hands cleaner. Installation is a pretty easier task because you can mount it on the wall or place it on the countertop. The infrared sensor automatically detects your hands as far as 2.75 inches to avoid touching this unit.


  • Transparent to allow you to check your soap remains
  • Has a chrome and black finish that looks attractive
  • Can be used for sanitizers, body lotions and so on
  • Touchless to prevent any cross infections

#4. TROPRO Waterproof Base Hands-Free Stainless Steel Dish Liquid Automatic Soap Dispenser

When it comes to a versatile automatic soap dispenser, TROPRO is a great pick. Not only can it be used in dispensing soap but also body lotions, disinfectants, sanitizers and many more. You can use it in your bathroom and home kitchen because it is equipped with a 9.56oz to replenish bottle. It adopts a leak-proof and waterproof base that keeps the circuit boards safe from any corrosion. Additionally, you can control the amount of soap by moving away from your hands since it automatically stops dispensing. The base bracket has rubber seals that keep the battery compartment safe.


  • The thickened base secures the battery compartment
  • Easier to turn it on and off with separate buttons
  • Has an upgraded sensor with a long working life
  • Requires 4AAA batteries for extended service life

#5. HAYI 10.2 Oz Infrared Motion Sensor w/2 Levels Dispensing Volume Automatic Soap Dispenser

This model from HAYI is also an excellent soap dispenser you need to try out. It has wide compatibility; thus, it can be used for shampoos, hand lotions, sanitizers and many other liquids. The infrared sensor detects your hands at a distance of up to 7cm within 2-4 seconds for quick operations. It has a capacity of 300ml with a visible volume to allow you to check on the remaining amount of the liquid. Additionally, this container is designed from high-grade plastic components for a longer usage life, high mechanical strength and moisture resistance.


  • Has a waterproof design that can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • You can install in kitchens, schools, clinics, offices and more
  • Operates quietly under low decibels to avoid disturbances
  • No dripping or trailing thus less soap wastage

#6. HAYI Hands-Free Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser w/Upgraded Base Infrared Motion Sensor

Do you need a better washing experience for your family members? This automatic soap dispenser from HAYI is the answer. First of all, it’s designed from high-quality stainless steel materials that are durable and user friendly. This unit uses a free-standing adjustable button with the sensor detection technology that dispenses liquid when it senses your hand. With the leak-proof and waterproof technology, the circuit boards are free from any corrosion. You can easily control the volume of the dispensing liquid to avoid any drips and smears that could lead to wastage.


  • Compatible with hand soaps, sanitizers or body lotions
  • Powered by 4AAA batteries for efficient operations
  • Available in two color options to choose from
  • Designed from quality materials that last

#7. SKEY 11.8 Oz Waterproof Countertop Electric Touchless Foaming Automatic Soap Dispenser

SKEY automatic soap dispenser is equipped with top-notch features to ease hands cleaning. This equipment has a fast response time of 0.25 seconds; thus, you won’t wait for long to clean your hands. All you need to do is to place the hands below the sensor after switching on the power button. This machine reduces the contact of dirty surfaces that helps to curb any cross infections. Furthermore, it has an innovative bubble pump technology that converts the soap into the foam to lower consumption. The high-performance motor consumes low power and operates quietly to avoid any disturbances.


  • Well-crafted making it a great addition to your home
  • Free from any corrosions with the waterproof base
  • Made of quality ABS and durable plastic materials
  • Has a humanized design for easier use by children

#8. GMCOZY Countertop Liquid No Touch Waterproof Foaming Sensor Soap Dispenser for Home

If you’re looking for a high-quality automatic soap dispenser, Gmcozy model is your ultimate choice. This item is of high-grade and durable plastic materials. The PIR sensor and infrared motion make it very sensitive, so you don’t have to touch it with your hands. It’s equipped with a high-quality motor that operates quietly for better cleaning experience. Moreover, it ensures a waterproof performance to avoid any internal damage and corrosion. You can install in your kitchen sink countertop, family bathroom, restaurants, toilet and many other places.


  • You can use it to store shower gel, gel soap or sanitizers
  • Occupies less storage space since it has a sleek design
  • Has a larger capacity to avoid frequent refilling
  • Easier to operate making it more convenient

#9. CAVN Touch-Free Motion Sensor Electric Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser for Kitchen bathroom

All your family members can maintain high hygienic standards with CAVN automatic soap dispenser. It weighs 11 Oz making it easier for you to carry it from one corner of your house to the other. With a capacity 350ml, your entire family can use it without any frequent refilling. This unit featured PIR sensor technology and built-in precise infrared motion that ensures touchless security. Additionally, it is made of environmentally friendly ABS materials that are durable. You can easily adjust the outflow volume to meet your needs since it has an adjustable foam outflow.


  • Compatible with various liquids such as sanitizers and more
  • Blue light signifies a full charge while red shows low battery
  • Easier to use by placing your hands below the sensor
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space

#10. MIXIGOO Touchless Sensor Liquid IP65 Waterproof Electric Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser

Children can now keep their hand with this easy to access automatic soap dispenser from MIXIGOO. It detects your hands in front of the sensor and releases the dispensing liquid. With the larger capacity, all your family members can frequently use it without refilling it each day. Furthermore, it is of excellent ABS materials that are corrosion free and long-lasting. The base is made waterproof to keep the battery compartment always dry and free from any corrosions. You can use it with most kinds of sanitizers, body lotions, soap and more. This makes it ideal for use in bathrooms, hotels, bars, schools and more.


  • Equipped with a plus and minus button for adjustments
  • Transparent to allow to check on the remaining soap
  • Has a lightweight design for convenient handling
  • Has a non-slip design for sturdier operations

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Automatic Soap Dispenser

If you want to get more from your hard-earned money, consider the following factors.


This is ideally one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an automatic soap dispenser. It will depend on where you are going to use it. An example is, if you need a dispenser for the family, then you might want to consider a smaller or medium capacity dispenser. For restaurants, bars or offices, you can consider one with a larger capacity. This helps to prevent regular refilling.


An ideal automatic soap dispenser should not be bulky or so large to take more space. It should have a compact design to ensure that it does not take much storage space. Furthermore, it should be lightweight to make it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. Alternatively, it should be stable and small for easier installation on countertops or mounted on the walls.

Power supply

Batteries can power some of these automatic soap dispensers while others are equipped with USB for recharging purposes. For battery-powered devices, they can’t be so convenient because they can die at any moment and you, therefore, need a socket near you. The battery compartment is usually placed at the bottom and well-sealed to avoid any corrosions. This makes it easier to replace your batteries.

Volume control

This feature helps to ensure that the dispenser releases the required amount of the soap to avoid any misuse or wastage. Most of these units are equipped with adjustable volume controls to suit different needs. The plus and minus button helps you to increase or decrease the dispensing liquid.


These are indeed the best brands of automatic soap dispensers in the current market. Each brand is equipped with unique features that make it different from other brands. You’re at will to settle with either of the above units, given that you like it. An automatic soap dispenser is even more important than before at this time of a pandemic. Washing hands is more beneficial than ever before. So, order yours now while stock lasts!

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