Top 10 Best Projectors for 2020 Reviews

The Best 10 Projectors for 2020 Reviews

Projectors’ invention has changed the lives of many people in different ways. For instance, instead of using Manila paper to demonstrate ideas in a business meeting, projectors can now simplify things by displaying clear information. Even better, in the learning institution, they are used to teaching students. A projector is known to deliver superb performance with different settings for personalization needs. Whether you want to explore documents, PowerPoint presentations, or digital videos, a projector is the right device to have.

Depending on your needs, the type of projector you select should match and deliver your needs without fail. That being the case, you should pay attention to your selection to ensure you don’t go wrong in your purchase. While it might not seem to be easy-breezy, in our quest to find the top-rated projectors, we were lucky to find the best projectors for reviews. Read on to learn more about our findings.

#1. BenQ MW526AE WXGA 3300 Lumens 1080p HDMI Vibrant DLP Color Projector for Home & Office

If it is all about a high-quality and easy setup projector, then the BenQ projector is at your service. It produces a brighter light of up to 3300 lumen for more explicit images during discussions or demonstrations. The dual HDMI inputs enable different presenters to connect to this device at a time. This device is ideal for delivering commercial and business projection tasks since it has an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a resolution of WXGA 1280*800 for larger images. Additionally, the lamp can be used in a normal mode for up to 6000 hours and on Eco mode for up to 10,000 hours. You can also easily carry it anywhere you travel as it only weighs 2.13 kg.


  • Produces an image of up to 200 inches for a more unobstructed view
  • Easy to focus for brighter and sharper images, videos or movies
  • The fan operates quietly; thus you can never get distracted
  • Triple adjustment feet makes it more flexible and portable
  • Has adjustable picture brightness to suit your needs

#2. Anker Nebula Capsule 100 ANSI Lumen 100'' Picture Smart Wi-Fi Mini Movie Projector (Black)

Amazing results arise from amazing devices. Anker projector has a wide range of features to offer you. This equipment has two rear ports to allow you to connect it to a computer or any streaming device for a bright movie, show, or a game. It comes with a remote control to enable you to control all the operations. You can as well download the Nebula app from the app store to control the activities of the projector from your smartphone. With only a weight of 14.08oz, it means that you can carry it anywhere you go without feeling its weight. Also, it has 100 ANSI lumens for brighter images. The lamp can perform its functions for up to 30,000 hours when used on dim light.


  • Has rear, front ceiling, front, rear ceiling projection modes to suit different needs
  • Durable and robust since it has a high-quality aluminum body
  • 360° powerful speaker that produces sound in all directions
  • Provides larger images and pictures 100 inches bigger
  • The battery can be fully recharged in 2.5 hours

#3. ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lumens HDMI Vertical Keystone SVGA High Brightness 1080p Projector

For more indoor and outdoor fun, you can try out this high-quality image projector model from ViewSonic. This gadget can be used in educational institutions or small business organizations. It provides a wide range of colors to suit your needs since it features a recent technology referred to as a 6 -segment color wheel and diverse lamp control capabilities. You can easily connect your computer, smartphone, and other devices to this projector through the HDMI input to deliver 3D images. In a scenario of crooked images, this equipment gets rid of such photos through vertical correction keystone. Also, it only weighs 7.14 pounds; thus, you won’t face any difficulty if you need to carry with you as you travel.


  • Has up to 3600 lumens for high-quality images and backgrounds
  • Performs its operation quietly since it has a noise range of 27dB
  • On eco mode, the lamp can be used for up to 15000 hours
  • Versatile as it supports various devices like Pcs and Macs
  • Easy to set up as you just need to plug it in and play

#4. Epson Home Cinema HDMI 3 LCD 3300 Lumens White Brightness Image Up to 300'' Projector

Epson projector is one of the units in the market with the brightest light so far. This device has up to 3300 lumens of white and color light to illuminate the object clearly for the best results. The white light is measured as per ISO 21118, whereas the color light is measured according to IDMS. Depending on your projection needs, you can quickly shift this projector on a different axis after installation. It delivers larger sized images up to 300 inches without missing any detail. You can use it on your TV when playing outdoor games or watching a movie. Moreover, it has a fan that operates in two modes: the normal mode and the eco mode.


  • You can connect it to the gaming console, satellite box and many more
  • Easy to operate since it has an HDMI input for quick connection
  • Can be performed at a distance of 19 feet for clearer output
  • Have pixels numbering up to 300,000 dots for best results
  • The fan runs with the slightest noise to avoid distraction

#5. Cocar New Android 7.1 DLP Built-in Battery 1080p Wi-Fi USB HDMI Remote Wireless Mini Projector

When it comes to a smaller sized projector, then the Cocar projector has it best. This unit can be connected to your laptop, PS3/PS4, smartphone, Xbox, and much other equipment through the HDMI output. You can use it to download and install various applications like office, YouTube, Netflix, BBC, and so with the help of a built-in Google play and free click app. To screen share, you can either use the built 2.4G/5.8G Wi-Fi or through a wired connection. With 100 ANSI lumens, the DLP technology provides you the most explicit pictures ever. Also, it has a rechargeable battery, which, when fully charged, can be continuously used for up to 2.5 hours.


  • The led bulb operates for up to 30000 hours when used for up to 8 hours a day
  • Only weighs 285 grams thus you easily carry with you when out camping
  • Has an aluminum alloy shell that durable and withstand most conditions
  • Multifunctional because it can run several applications at one time
  • Saves your time and hassle since it easy to install and operate

#6. InFocus IN112XA DLP SVGA 3800 Lumens 3D Ready Superior Viewing 2 HDMI Projector w/Speakers

InFocus IN112xa projector that offers more with high brightness, ultra-long lamp life, and fantastic connectivity. It beams more excellent images and indulges your audience with VGA, 2 HDMI inputs, video, and audio capability. And the sleek and compact design allows you to move around, and the setup is easy as well. The 3800 lumens ensures you get brighter images on any surface for exceptional image quality. Besides, it uses a 26000:1 contrast ratio that delivers a colorful and vivid image even when light is left on. Moreover, this unit supports a wide range of 3D, including video games, PC, Blu-ray, and 3D broadcasting connectivity.


  • Its lamp life can span up to 15,000 hours when used in a dynamic mode
  • Has a compact, sleek and lightweight design for easy transportation
  • Built-in with 2 HDMI connectivity, S-Video, Video-in and VGA
  • Capable of displaying 3D content from Pc and Blu-ray
  • Delivers excellent performance and connectivity

#7. NEC NP-V332X Higher Brightness ECO-Mode Dual HDMI Input Quick Startup Video Projector

The main focus of this NEC V332X projector is brightness for better performance and sleekness for portability needs. This affordable model boasts an unrivaled quality that enables you to present content with top-notch contrast brilliance. Moreover, it uses the latest DLP engine to display bright images with an easy-setup. What’s more, it’s lightweight, making it suitable to be used in conference rooms and meetings. Also, it uses an eco-mode hi-tech to extend the lamp life and lower the power consumption. The built-in dual HDMI input connects you to high-definition sources. Don’t hesitate to select this option if you find meeting all your requirements.


  • Eco-mode technology extend the lamp life and reduces power consumption
  • It’s compact, lightweight, easy installation and easy to user requirements
  • Has faster startup, shutdown, cooling that minimizes projector setup
  • Built-in dual HDMI input connects you to high-quality sources like PC
  • Ideal for use in conference rooms and learning institutions

#8. Laser Beam Pro C200 Focus Free HD 768P 120 Min Rechargeable Battery 1 Laser Projector w/HDMI

For those who aren’t sure about the type of a projector to purchase, this portable Laser Beam Pro projector has an easy setup and high-end features to interest you. It can deliver vibrant and distinct colors using 768P native resolution. You can use this device as a standalone projector or project video from other sources. Aside from excellent resolution, this projector has laser high tech embedded in it for better performance. In terms of wireless connectivity, this device can connect through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for the extra-thrilling streaming experience. Finally, the built-in battery is rechargeable and lasts longer.


  • The built-in rechargeable battery is durable and delivers reliable performance
  • It output 1366 x 768 HD native resolution for crispy and bright content quality
  • This projector is Focus-free, class one eye-safe laser, and FDA-approved
  • Has built-in USB ports, Micro SD slot and HDMI input connect

#9. ERISAN LED Android Wi-Fi Bluetooth 220 ANSI Lumen 1080p HD Projector Video Home TV Theater

If you are a gamer enthusiast or like watching theater movies, then the ERISAN LED projector is your best gadget to have. It supports connection with a fire stick, Blu Ray DVD player, Roku stick, Game Console, etc. Besides, the Bluetooth connectivity pairs with Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth touch-pad, etc. More exhilarating, this appliance supports front projection, ceiling-mounted, rear projection, and tripod installation. The wireless HDMI adapter makes this projector to be better than those without this feature. As if that’s not enough, it adopts a smart noise reduction hi-tech with an innovative cooling system to ensure you have a joyful time without any disturbance.


  • You can project your contents with ease using HDMI, AV, VGA and USB ports with ease
  • Has a built-in stereo speaker & Bluetooth connectivity for excellent sound quality
  • Built with a compact and lightweight design to allow you to use in anywhere
  • Has 220 ANSI lumen brightness to deliver a cinematic viewing experience
  • Healthier & quieter than other models with over 90 DB fan noise

#10. WOWOTO A5 Pro 1080P HDMI USB Wi-Fi Bluetooth Android 7.1 100 ANSI Lumen Video Projector

When it comes to finding the best projector with a plethora of features and outputs remarkable performance, then WOWOTO A5 Pro has proven to us to be a potential model. This upgraded mini DLP mini portable projector allows you to make a business presentation with efficiency and also make your watching needs more exciting. In case you’re hosting a party soon, don’t hesitate to grab this selection because it brings the hidden fun and joy. The resolution of 1080P ensures it displays unique content with vivid colors. Lastly, it supports 1080p resolution.


  • It’s genuinely wireless and uses android 7.1 system & 2+32GB storage
  • Built to have an adjustable projection size of up to 150-inches
  • Has a small compact size that delivers powerful performance
  • Displays high-quality videos and crystal clear contents

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Projector

Brightness Level

If you are concerned with the brightness extend of a projector, consider paying attention to the lumen. Higher lumen offers you a cinematic viewing experience even when in a dark environment. Brightness also is affected by the resolution a projector comes with; therefore, you ought to check for a medium resolution projector to obtain the best.


Unlike in the past, where most projectors came corded, the current models are 99% wireless. With the development of wireless utilities like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, connecting a projector is now simplified. This functionality offers you great convenience and enables you to work efficiently. When you have a Bluetooth enabled projector, it means that you’ll connect other devices like Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, etc.


Most people would like to have a projector that can be packed in a backpack and get moving; that’s why mini projectors offer the same needs. More and more compact and sleek projectors are being manufactured but with mighty functionalities. We’ve reviewed some of the best rated portable projectors, and you can always go on a trip while it stays unnoticeable in your bag.


The last aspect you should consider when shopping for the best projector is your budget. Remember, projectors don’t come that cheap; staying on your budget will enable you to maintain your expenses on the low. Don’t be attracted by the low priced projectors because you might end up purchasing a poor quality projector that will make you lose your money altogether. Pay attention to all other factors before coming to this.


Projectors have gone a notch higher in terms of their features and general functionality; that’s why projectors the most searched appliance in this era. Whether you want a movie theater projector or an office projector, this review offers you some of the best choices in the market. Read through this post, and we’re sure that you come across a projector that meets all your needs. And if you find it difficult to choose, you can learn more about these units by reading the guide. These units are convenient and effective in displaying clear and bright contents.

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