The 10 Best Portable Mini Printers of 2024

Advancement in technology and innovations have led to the emergence of mobile offices in almost every sector. The establishment of paperless offices could be a great idea though there are some instances where documents on hardcopies become a necessity. A good example of these documents includes legal documents. This calls for the use of a printer in printing most of the documents. You will need different sizes of printers depending on the size of your business or the nature of your targeted customer needs.

Among the available types of printers is the portable mini-printer. This type will not only be very flexible to use but also highly convenient. It is also portable and easy to work with whenever a need arises. To avoid frustration brought about by these mini-printers, it is always recommended that you choose with a lot of care. This will give you the best return on your investment by delivering the best services. We have highlighted some of the factors to help you in making the right selection that will suit your needs.

#1. NEEGO 30 Sheets USB Charging Cable HP Sprocket Select Instant Wireless Mini-Printer

HP Sprocket is a portable mini-printer that enlightens your moment with exclusive features. This pocket printer has been designed with frames and stickers for producing instant photos using your smartphone. The contents are only available for HP-sprocket select users. These photos are extra-large compared to Sprocket. You can easily connect it to your phone via the Sprocket App. It transforms your photos into curated memories with a breeze.
This pocket printer comes with all the necessary accessories. These include an adapter for wall charging, a protective case, and an extra 20 sheets of Zink Photo sheets. When in the Shared Print Queue, it can accommodate multiple users to print using the same printer. Additionally, to initiate a shared queue, the host must have a connection with the printer.


  • Comes sticky-backed photo paper
  • Prints bigger and better photos
  • Designed with an exclusive app
  • Perfectly fits into the pocket

#2. UpdateClassic Advanced Inkjet Wi-Fi Connect Handheld Full Color Portable Mini Printer

Updated classic is a handheld portable mini-printer that produces colored photographs. This mini-printer has been creatively designed to be super lightweight. It can easily fit into your palm. This portable printer is easy to set up and can easily be operated with a single touch of a button. You can easily connect and print photos from your phone.
It uses an advanced print technology developed by inkjet. The quality is also of high quality. This mini-printer can print differently on a variety of surfaces which includes wood, paper, glass, leather, and textile. It comes with new cartridges that are durable and quick-to-dry and waterproof. Moreover, its mobile app is compatible with IOS and Android phones.


  • Has a compact and lightweight design
  • Equipped with one button for printing
  • Can produce up to 415 pages
  • Prints colored photos
  • Easy-to-set up

#3. KODAK Premium Quality 3 Retro Laminated Finish 4 Pass Mini Portable Printer (White)

Kodak mini-short 3 Retro printer suitable for both indoors and outdoor activities. It is highly convenient and produces quality printouts. With this portable mini-printer, you can instantly print and retain your Instagram photos. It has been designed with a very high speed that takes less than 50 seconds to produce your photos. You can print directly from this printer or print from your phone through a Bluetooth connection.
This Kodak printer has been equipped with 4 Pass Technology that delivers outstanding real printouts. It can print 3”X3” HD photos in layered ribbons and a laminated finish. The photos produced by these mini-printers are finger-proof and waterproof. There they will last for long.


  • Packed with an ink cartridge and photo paper
  • Allows connection via Bluetooth
  • Prints squared paper output
  • Produces quality papers
  • Has fast printing speed

#4. Fujifilm Instax Dusky Pink Glossy Photo Paper Bluetooth-enabled Mini Portable Printer

Fujifilm Instax is a portable mini-printer that is compatible with a smartphone. This mini-printer produces colored output using laser printing technology. It has been designed with two printing modes which are print mode and fun mode. Print mode allows you to easily print both photos and videos from your phone. On the other hand, the fun mode allows you to print with your friends. It allows connection with up to 5 friends.
You can easily edit your photos using your phone before printing. It features up to 27 designs of frames that create more fun for you. Also, you can create collage print using the available 14 styles installed in this mini-printer. Furthermore, it is easy to download the Instax mini-link App from the Google play store or App store.


  • Easy-to-edit and print photos over the smartphone
  • Features blue and red LED for print or fun mode
  • Prints continuously with high speed
  • Can print photos from a video
  • Compatible with smartphones

#5. Canon IVY Super-Portable Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Mini Portable Printer (Rose Gold)

Canon IVY is a mini-photo printer that lets you keep your memorable times afresh and produces your favorite snapshots from Facebook and Instagram. This mini-printer comes with peel-and-stick photo papers that are stuck to various surfaces. It produces 2”X3” photos which are tear-proof, water-resistant, and smudge-proof. This mini-printer is small and portable enough to fit into any pocket thus you can carry it anywhere.
With a smartphone, you can connect to this mini-printer through a Canon mini-print App which is freely available on Google Play Store or App Store. It is compatible with iOS 9.0+ and android 4.4 and above. The recommended temperature for operating this mini-printer is 15o to 32oC. Further, it requires a relative humidity between 40% and 50%.


  • Prints photos with sticky backing
  • Uses Zink printing technology
  • Produces colored output
  • Allows Bluetooth printing
  • Light and highly portable

#6. VICTURE 4 Pass Tech Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Connection Portable Photo Printer

Victure photo mini-printer is a portable printer suitable for partying and traveling. This portable printer has been designed with the ability to produce up to 35 printouts per full charge. It comes in a small size of 5.2 inches by 3.1 inches by 1.1 inches. Its maximum weight is 10.24 ounces.
You can instantly connect this mini-printer with your phone through Bluetooth. Instant Color App from Google store allows you to establish a quick connection of fewer than 3 minutes. Apart from its compatibility with android and IOS phones, it is also compatible with Bluetooth enabled tablets. It comes with all the necessary accessories. These include an ink cartridge, 10 sheets of printing paper, a user manual, and a charging cable.


  • Allows Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has a lightweight of 0.5 gb
  • Can print up to 50 photos
  • Has faster printing speed
  • It is rechargeable

#7. ZINK Trendy Pop-Open Design Bluetooth Smile Instant Mini Portable Printer (Green)

Animate and transform your memories with Kodak Smile digital mini-printer. This is an ideal mini-printer to pack into your travel handbag. It comes in a small size that is suitable enough to fit into your purse. You can also keep it in your pocket without causing any discomfort. It comes with a smile app that allows you to edit, share, and print your photos whenever and wherever you wish.
With built-in Bluetooth, you can easily connect to any compatible smartphone. Thereafter, you can edit your photos before commanding the printer to print them. It has been equipped with a super-efficient battery design that fully recharges after 2 hours. Every full charge can be used to produce a maximum of 40 printouts.


  • Equipped with rechargeable batteries
  • Produces sticky-backed photos
  • Has a waterproof design
  • It is Bluetooth enabled
  • Has a USB port

#8. WEICHA Bluetooth-enabled Mini-Thermal Printer Label Memo Portable Printer

Weicha is a wireless photo mini-printer that is ideal for traveling. It comes in a lightweight and very small body that can perfectly fit into your palm. This photo printer is an ideal gift for office workers, friends, lovers, family, or students. With the use of thermal printing technology, this multifunctional smart printer can be used to produce labels, photos, stickers, records, QR codes, and lists among other printouts.
It has been equipped with a rechargeable built-in 1000mAh Li-ion battery. This printer produces the least amount of noise while operating. It is more economical since it does not require the use of an ink cartridge. This thermal mini-printer is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices. Additionally, it features a 203DPI resolution that produces quality printouts.


  • Uses thermal printing technology
  • Equipped with a built-in battery
  • Allows Bluetooth connections
  • Features an integrated cutter
  • Comes with a USB port

#9. Aibecy Bluetooth-enabled Glossy Photo Portable Mini Pocket Thermal Photo Printer

Aibecy is a wireless mini-pocket printer that uses thermal printing technology to produce adhesive photographs. This mini-printer has been designed to use thermal printing technology. It can be used in the production of labels, records, lists, QR codes, web printings, photos among others. This portable mini-printer comes with a relative app that allows you to edit and apply various themes and fonts in your photos.
This mini-printer is supported by any wireless Bluetooth with version 4.0. You can connect it with your PC using the cable or connect it to your phone through a Bluetooth connection. It has been equipped with a built-in rechargeable. Since it is a thermal printer, it does not require ink cartridges thus relatively low to operate. Additionally, it produces low and manageable noise when operating. Furthermore, it has a lightweight and small design that enhances its portability.


  • Comes with a powerful rechargeable battery
  • Has an integrated cutter for safe operations
  • Designed with a high-quality thermal head
  • Prints using thermal technology
  • It features a USB port and cable

#10.Phomemo M02 Bluetooth Wireless Thermal Portable Mini Mobile Printer Sticker Maker

Bring your ideas into realization with the Phomemo M02 wireless mini-printer. It is an ink-free printer that uses thermal printing technology. This pocket printer is compatible with Android or iPhone devices. You can edit your photos via the Phomemo App on your smartphone and connect to the printer directly via Bluetooth. The app has been equipped with a variety of images, graphics, and templates. You can also use the saved images on your phone.
It has been programmed with a continuous working period of 6 to 8 hours or 1 week when in standby mode. The battery takes 1.5 hours to get fully charged. This mini-printer produces high-quality images in 203dpi for images and black/white texts. Additionally, it has a friendly user interface for easy programming and printing.


  • Easy-to-operate and change the paper rolls
  • Comes with various types of printing papers
  • Allows wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with a free phomemo App
  • Uses ink-free printing technology

Factors to consider when buying Portable Mini Printer

Ease of use

When investing in a portable mini-printer, always consider its user-friendliness. Do not only focus on its specifications and Features but also direct your attention to how easy it is to use the machine. The usability of a mini-printer is an important factor that helps you avoid frustration. It should accommodate more than one user and be easy to set up. Your preferred printer should also have an easy-to-navigate control panel.


Before making a final decision on which type of printer to invest in, consider the connectivity of such a printer. Check on its ability to handle other media. It should be compatible with other printing devices to allow flexibility and wider application. Choose one that can connect to as many devices as possible. Apart from its regular computer connectivity, it should also allow wireless connection.


The size of the mini-printer you wish to buy will be dictated by the kind of images you wish to produce. Choose a printer that will meet the daily needs of your customers. From the variety of sizes available in the market, identify the common one. For heavier and longer rolls, choose wider mini-printers but smaller printers are ideal for shorter rolls.

Image quality

Check on the image quality of the printer you want to purchase. This will largely depend on the market you are targeting. Image qualities will vary depending on the line of products you are dealing with. For high-quality images, check on the density, ink-droplet size, image resolution, ICC profile, color, and ink configuration.


Finally, it is very important to know that most portable mini-printers might come with their complications. Therefore you must choose a mini-printer that you can easily and comfortably work with. The good thing with these types of printers is that they are highly convenient and very versatile. They will change your traditional working environment and give you a very flexible one. We hope this article will be helpful to you when investing in a portable mini-printer.

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