Top 10 Best Portable Lap Desk in 2021 Reviews

Lap desks are the best solution for preventing stresses related to hunching over a laptop while at home or in the office. A quality laptop desk plays a key role in ensuring that you spend long hours using your laptop without exposing you to any form of discomfort. This stand helps to eliminate pain in both your arms and the neck. It is also responsible for the fixation of the right posture.
Lap desks are available in various forms and styles. Not all of them can satisfy you with the comfort and luxury you desire to achieve. When purchasing a lap desk, it is recommended that you choose a portable and versatile one that has an exquisite design. Such a lap desk will suit your lifestyle and satisfy your needs.
Making a final decision on which lap desk to buy becomes a challenging task more especially when you don’t know what to look for. In this article, we have listed the best rated portable laptop desks. We will also enlighten you on what to look for when choosing a portable lap desk.

#1. SAIJI PVC Leather Adjustable Bed Tray Table Portable Standing Desk (Large, Grey)

Saiji is an adjustable laptop desk that has been ergonomically designed. This is a multi-purpose lap desk for working, eating, gaming, writing, and drawing. It comes with a storage compartment. The foldable design and movable legs of this lap desk make it easy to store it under the sofa or bed. It can also be used as a floor eating table and bed tray.
This lap desk is fitted with a convenient drawer on the sides for storing cables, pens, hold a standing phone or coffee mug. This desk is made of PVC leather material which has strong friction and non-slippery. Additionally, it has a recovery force and good rebound.


  • Suitable for 17” or smaller laptop
  • Highly stable with foldable legs
  • Comes with an anti-lock design
  • It features a storage drawer
  • Has a movable stopper

#2. NEARPOW Large Adjustable Foldable Portable Laptop Bed Tray Table for Sofa Couch

Nearpow is a lap desk that has a flexible design that allows you to live a simplified life. This lap desk is suitable for 17″ or smaller laptops. It comes in a foldable size measuring 23.6″ by 13″ by 2.32″. Materials used in constructing this desk are ABS Aluminum, a sheet of EO, and non-slip silicone. These materials make the lap desk very light in weight.
This lap desk can easily be converted into a workstation, mini-writing table, couch table, standing table, or book table. It comes when it is fully assembled with a pair of auto-locking buttons fitted on every side. These buttons facilitate easy adjustments of heights. This lap desk allows up to 5 levels of height.


  • Has flexible combinations to suit various needs
  • Equipped with a button for height adjustment
  • Designed with easy-to-adjust angles
  • Has an anti-lock design
  • Very easy-to-use

#3. AVANTREE American Cherry Adjustable Height Portable Lap Desk w/Foldable legs

Neetto is a multi-purpose standard bed tray and laptop table. You can use it while lying on the bed or as a snack tray when watching your TV while seated on the floor. This lap desk features a pair of auto-lock buttons fitted on the sides. It can be set to sit firmly anywhere between 9.4″ and 12.6″ high. The lock button allows you to adjust its surface by pulling it. It allows you to adjust up to a maximum of 35o.
The lap desk comes in a lightweight and foldable design. This makes transportation and storage very easy. It is ergonomically designed and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it is built using strong and durable materials.


  • Has a maximum tilting angle of 35 degrees
  • Can accommodate a 17″ or smaller laptop
  • Comes in a foldable and portable design
  • Can be adjusted up to 5 heights
  • It can be used as a snack tray

#4. UNCAGED ERGONOMICS Workez Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Cooling Lap Desk

WorkEZ Best is an adjustable laptop desk that has been designed with fully ergonomic features. It does not only improve your comfort but also improves your posture and general health. This lap desk allows you to comfortably use it almost everywhere. You can stretch out yourself in the bed and position your screen to suit your needs. Also, with this cooling lap stand, you can easily lounge on your couch and comfortably use your laptop.
The height of this lap desk can be adjusted up to 5 levels. These levels will prevent you from hunching when using your laptop. The tilting angle allows you to adjust glare on the screen and provide a better viewing angle. More so, aluminum material used in construction facilitates cooling through the natural dissipation of heat.


  • Has an attachment of mouse pad
  • Comes with adjustable height
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • Cools the laptop
  • It is foldable

#5. LAPGEAR Ergo Fits Up to 15.6'' 20 Adjustable Angles Pro Laptop Stand (Black)

The best way to eliminate pains related to poor working posture is through the use of a quality lap desk. Ergo Pro Laptop desk is an ideal lap desk that has been designed to offer solutions in the reduction of such body strains. This type of lap desk features several levels of elevation that allows you to customize the desk to suit your needs.
It has been equipped with a pad for keeping the mouse and other types of hand-held controllers. Dual-bolster cushioning of the table provides additional comfort when using the lap desk. Furthermore, it has a built-in handle for easy transportation of the desk.


  • Designed with an anti-slip device ledge
  • Has up to 20 positions for adjustments
  • Equipped with anti-slip elevation bar
  • Has a non-slip slot for the phone
  • Features a slot for a stylus pen

#6. JIIKOOAI Portable Table Dorm Desk Foldable Small Bed Tray Lap Desk for Watching Movie

Jiikooai is a foldable and portable lap desk that has been built from MDF, solid-wood particleboard. The tubular legs of the desk have been constructed using aluminum alloy. These materials are safe and friendly to the environment. This lap desk has a smooth, moisture-proof, temperature resistant, non-toxic, and scratch resistant surface. Also, this surface is thick enough and reasonable in its structure.
This lap desk has an ergonomically curved edge on the desktop. The edge act as a protective layer that prevents your laptop from slipping over. You can conveniently and easily place your tablet, phone, magazine, or book on the card-slot designed on the desktop. Additionally, this lap desk can be easily folded into 2 halves for ease of transportation and storage.


  • Can be folded into halves for easy storage
  • Made of environment-friendly material
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • Convenient to travel with
  • Has a wider application

#7. MAVO CRAFT Laptop Desk Serving Tray Lap Desk Extra-Storage for Kids & Adults (Blue)

Mavo Craft is a portable and practical all-in-one lap desk that is ideal for use by the kids. They can use it when doing homework, reading, writing, or drawing. It can comfortably use it anywhere. It comes with foldable legs that allow easy packing and transportation.
This lap desk is equipped with a large working surface which is also used as the lid of a storage compartment. It comes in a collapsible folding design that facilitates easy storage and mobility of the lap desk. This tray is built with durable and premium quality materials that neatly hold your items in place. Additionally, the strong closure on the top part ensures that your items are securely kept in place.


  • Equipped with a large working surface
  • It has large storage compartments
  • Made durable and quality material
  • It is a multi-purpose lap desk
  • Easy to pack with folding legs

#8. AboveTEK Non-Slip Heat Shield Portable Laptop Desk w/Sturdy Stable Cooler for Travel

Abovetek is a portable lap desk that delivers coziness and productivity in your work. It allows you to enjoy your movies within the comfort of your bed without straining your neck, back, or arms. You can work comfortably anywhere using this backpack laptop pad. It has been designed with a non-slip surface. This surface will strongly grip your laptop and prevent it from sliding.
It is built from a highly durable material that is thick enough to prevent heat transfer. The material will also eliminate overheating of your laptop from occurring. It has a simple and ergonomic design that facilitates easy storage and portability of the lap pad. Additionally, it is equipped with a retractable pad for holding the mouse. This retractable pad can be extended to either side to suit different users.


  • Comes in a multi-functional design
  • It features a non-slip surface
  • Portable and easy-to-carry
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It is thermal-resistant

#9. HONEY-CAN-DO Solid MDF Surface Lightweight & Compact Portable Lap Desk (White)

Honey-Can-Do lap desk is a portable laptop desk that has been designed with handles. This lap desk has a compact and ergonomic design that can accommodate various types of laptops. It comes in a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry it with you wherever you go. You can comfortably use it in the office, bed, on the table, outside the house, seating on the couch, or while on a trip.
This laptop desk has been constructed with solid MDF material. The material ensures that the working surface remains cool while you are working. Apart from the handles, it also features cord protectors for preventing tangles.


  • The surface is made of a solid MDF material
  • Has a built-in handle for easy mobility
  • Comes in a lightweight design
  • Easy-to-clean and care
  • Equipped with cord protectors

#10. WELLAND Fits Up to 17'' Colorful Dot Laptop Lap Desk for Sofa, Car, Bed, and Couch

Welland laptop desk is a multi-purpose lap desk that is portable and extremely lightweight. This lap desk can accommodate your laptop, iPad, tablet, or other e-readers. Also, you can convert it and use it as a cushioned tray for drinks or food when relaxing on the bed, floor, or the couch. It can be used anywhere within your home or when traveling.
It is fitted with a wood frame on the edges to prevent your items from falling. The frame will also prevent your device from sliding when you adjust it to any angle. This lap desk features ergonomically designed handles for ease of carrying. Furthermore, it has a robust and sturdy construction.


  • Fitted with a wood frame to prevent falling of items
  • Can accommodate up to the 14-inch laptop
  • It is made of micro-foam beads material
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry
  • Can be converted into a food tray

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Portable Lap Desk


The cost of any equipment is a basic necessity that should always be considered before the acquisition of any asset. Most versatile portable lab desks come with a price that is slightly higher than the ordinary laptop desks. Do extensive research on various prices and buy a stand with a relatively affordable cost. The price of your lap desk must march with the quality of the desk.


Design is among the primary things to consider before buying a lap desk. Because laptops come in various sizes, ensure to take the measurements of your laptop. This will help you in choosing a complimentary laptop desk. Also, remember the right design of your lap desk will contribute to how comfortable the desk will be when using it.


When purchasing a portable lap desk, check on its durability. Choose one that will suit the needs of your laptop. Buy one which is more durable, strong, and sturdy enough to withstand swaying when a laptop is placed on it. A durable stand will serve you long enough without the need for purchasing another lap desk. Additionally, this lap desk should be easy to carry from one place to another.


Installation in this case means setting up your laptop on it. To avoid the frustration of setting up your lap desk, choose one that is good looking but very breeze to set it up. Your lap desk should also give room for height adjustments. This will allow you to conveniently set it to a convenient height. Furthermore, a desk with a foldable design will be highly suitable.


To achieve the desired results of investing in a portable lap desk, ensure you consider the aforementioned factors among others. This is a good investment that will ensure you achieve your desired comfort and relieve any form of pain when using your laptop. We hope this guide is going to help you in providing guidelines to help you choose an ideal portable lap desk for your laptop. You are now also set to go ahead and make a choice that will meet your needs.

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