Top 10 Best Neck and Back Massagers for 2020 Reviews

If you are fond of spending long hours working in your office, high-chances are that you’ll feel fatigued, and your muscles will be inflicted with pain, particularly those around the neck and back areas. The main question that most people ask is how to get rid of such pain without spending a fortune. The answer is straightforward, a neck and back massager is a handy solution to your problems. The machine offers you a relaxing feeling on your body to relieve pain inflicted on the neck, waist, and back effectively.

The other question that challenges most customers is which particular model to trust and choose. And it’s for that reason that we present this article to you. After we researched the best massaging gears, we are privileged to offer you the best ten Neck and Back Massagers for reviews. They are functional and reliable units to trust on. Read through this list and the guide before pinning down on a specific choice.

#1. RESTECK Control Heat & Stimulation On-The-Go Multipurpose Massager for Neck and Back

Whether you have a neck, shoulder, waist, and thigh, and foot or calf pain, RESTECK multifunctional massager is a machine to count on. Unlike other massaging gears, RESTECK offers you the value for your money. Your purchase includes a user manual, a leather pouch, a wall Ac adapter, and a car adapter. For portability issues, the leather carrying bag will sort it out. This shiatsu neck and back massager comes from high-quality leather materials for assured longevity and durability. This unit is reliable and affordable; you can’t miss to grab it for your daily massaging needs.


  • Portable and convenient since it comes with car & wall power adapter
  • It features high-quality leather craftsmanship for assured durability
  • Includes leather pouch, car & wall AC adapter and a user manual
  • It is wired with an auto shut down function for secure handling
  • Built with an ergonomic design with eight massage nodes

#2. Nekteck Shiatsu Electric Deep Tissues 3D Neck and Back Massager for Home Office & Car Use

The best way of ending your busy and tiring day is relieving stress with Nekteck Shiatsu Massage Pillow. This versatile shiatsu model enables pressure to melt away effortlessly. The massager came specifically to offer relief pain on some target spots in your lower and upper back, shoulders, and neck. It features eight deep-kneading massaging heads to soothe and heal sore muscles. The ultra-soft fabric offers you a soothing surface, while the attached remote control provides hassle-free operation. Even better, the massaging head can either be directed to the clockwise or anti-clockwise as you want. This massager is worth buying.


  • Has a built-in over-heating prevention system that prevents excessive power flow
  • Built with an automatic timer that powers down the unit after every 10 min cycle
  • Uses 12V DC power supply hence becoming safe for use in the car and home
  • The neck and back shiatsu massager is portable and easy to operate
  • Comes specifically to massage troublesome spot in your neck

#3. FIVE SFS8801 Shiatsu Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Shoulder Neck Back Leg & Foot Massager (Beige)

Sitting too long in an office cause pain and soreness in muscles in your body. And if you need the ultimate solution, consider purchasing FIVE SFS8801 Shiatsu neck and back massager. The unit relieves muscle pain, tension and stress, and also soreness. Also, it is an on-the-go gear because it comes with an AC wall adapter and a car adapter; you can always massage yourself to relieve stiffness after a long trip. Additionally, it comes with easy to use control panel with two massage directions, three speeds, soothing heat function, and overheat protection. When massage and heat therapy combines, you can expect to have increased blood circulation and relieve of all muscle pains.


  • Has an AC wall and a car adapter that enables you to take the unit anywhere
  • The AC adapter cable is 10ft long, and you don’t have to be close to the wall
  • Made from premium PU leather & soft mesh material for longevity
  • Constructed with an easy to read control panel for smooth operation
  • Comes with eight deep 3D rotation kneading massage nodes

#4. MaxKare Shiatsu Heat Deep Kneading Tissue Neck and Shoulder Massager for Muscle Pain Relief

Do you need to relax with reduces fatigued right at the comfort of your home, office, or in the car? Look no further than MaxKare neck and back massager. It is ergonomically-designed to fit in perfectly with the contours of different body parts like waist, abdomen, waist, and calves. This right fit is required for the ultimate massage effect with the right pressure to make it penetrate the deep tissues while doing away with uneasiness from squeezing. This massager is a suitable solution to get rid of fatigue. Also, it is from breathable mesh fabric with evenly distributed holes for easy heat penetration.


  • Quality breathable mesh fabric helps boost heat penetration & cushion massage intensity
  • Has a 15-minute intelligent timer that reminds you of the optional massage time
  • This massager is an ideal choice for you to get rid of fatigue and muscle pain
  • It comes with both a car adapter and AC power adapter for versatile use
  • Made using PU leather which is not only soft but comfortable to maintain

#5. TRIDUCNA Shiatsu Heat 3D Deep Tissue Kneading Neck and Back Massager for Muscle Pain Relief

Do you want to start a neck, back, and shoulder massage therapy right at the comfort of your office or home? TRIDUCNA Shiatsu back neck and shoulder massager will offer you an excellent massage at the palm of your hands. With an ergonomic construction, this model can fit snugly on your back, shoulder, and neck for a generous massaging experience. Besides, it uses eight deep-kneading rotating nodes, which offer you a feeling close to that of a human hand. For sure, this massaging gear works wonders in alleviating aches, muscle tension, knots while leaving with a pleasurable massaging experience. Finally, operating this massager is very simple; all you have to do is sit down, press the ‘ON’ button, and let your stress melt away in minutes.


  • Has a u-shape ergonomic design to fit perfectly into your neck, shoulder, and back
  • The eight heads can rotate in either directional for a versatile massaging experience
  • Built with three-speed adjustable for one to choose the preferred speed
  • Uses 3D-Deep tissue kneading to offer effect on your inner muscles

#6. Blue Elf Shiatsu Heat Electric 3D Kneading Neck and Back Massager Body Muscle Pain Relief

If you are looking for a cushioned massage, you can’t go wrong with the Blue Elf neck and back massager. It is ergonomically-shaped to fit into different body parts like neck, back, waist, abdomen, and many more. This 16 deep-tissue shiatsu massager has eight significant nodes and eight smaller nodes to massage in different directions. The infrared heating unit retains a constant temperature of 113°F for proper blood circulation. Moreover, this pillow has been programmed to shut off after 15 minutes of inactivity to keep you safe. You are assured of a comfortable massage as it is from soft fabric that is soft to touch and easy to clean. You can take the massage at your office or home as it comes with both an AC adapter and a car adapter.


  • Long handle straps to enable you to adjust the position of the massage
  • Has three adjustable speeds for the desired pressure for muscle pains
  • Easy to use since you just need to adjust it at the desired area
  • Designed from skin-friendly materials that keep you safe

#7. Zyllion Shiatsu Kneading Heat Massage Pillow for Neck and Back Pain Relief (Black, ZMA-13-BK)

Select a massager that delivers an intense and deep tissue massage by trying to invest in Zyllion Shiatsu neck and back massager. This massager is of high-quality textured leatherette materials that are durable, easy to clean, and soft. It has four shiatsu nodes that reverse direction automatically for an efficient massaging session. On the other side, the heating function soothes and relaxes all muscles to enhance blood circulation. You rest assured of the safety of your device since it automatically shuts off to prevent any overheating when it exceeds its working temperature. Moreover, it has contours entirely around your neck, calf, thigh, and upper back and abdomen areas because it is ergonomically-shaped. This gear is a perfect holiday for a friend or family member.


  • Comes with a power and AC adapter to use it anywhere
  • Has an ultra-slim and compact design to fit into your backpack
  • Versatile and is usable to relieve pain in different body parts
  • Easy to use adjustable straps to mount it onto your seat

#8. Zuzuro Shiatsu Heat Electric Massage Pillow for Neck and Back Stress Relief and Relaxation

Drape Zuzuro massager around your neck and enjoy the pleasure of 4 powerful massage heads. This unit enables you to adjust the massaging direction as per your current needs. With only a weight of 3.15 pounds, you can enjoy powerful shiatsu sessions anywhere you desire. It has adjustable straps that enable you to secure it onto your office chair, kitchen chair, or a car chair. You can use it to relieve any pain in your neck, back, abdomen, thighs, or calves. Also, it is made of high grade and durable materials for a longer usage time before replacement. The speed of the massage nodes can be adjusted as per your liking.


  • It is soft to enable you to feel comfortable during the massage session
  • The heating function provides a warm and gentle massage
  • Turning it on and off it quite easy and quick
  • It can be used in different parts of the body

#9. Papillon Shiatsu Electric Heat Neck and Back Massager Pillow 16 Deep Tissue Massage Nodes

The Papillon neck and back massager is a top of the line products with most of the excellent features that make massaging comfortable. Also, it has up to 16 shiatsu massage nodes: 4 significant nodes and 12 small nodes. They provide a deep tissue massage on your shoulders, neck, foot, thighs, upper back, waist, and many other body parts. It is designed from top quality PU leather materials that are durable and gives it that classic look. Lastly, it comes with an AC adapter and car adapter to enable you to get a massage in your office, car, or anywhere else.


  • Detachable dust cover to prevent dust from settling on the massager
  • Provides a 360° massage to relieve pain on your different body parts
  • The three adjustable massage speed to intensify your massage
  • Has a curvature design to perfectly fit your neck and back
  • Only weighs 3.75 pounds to allow you to carry it easily

#10. MagicMakers 8 Heated Rollers Kneading Neck and Back Massager Gift for Men & Women

Have a real spa experience when it comes to MagicMakers neck and back massager, which has eight massage nodes. These massage nodes can change massage direction during the massage session automatically. It has an overheat protection device to keep both the user and the equipment from too much heat. Also, this massager comes with a DC car cigarette adapter and power adapter that works with both 110-240v electrical outlets. Even better, it is from high quality textured leatherette materials that are durable and soft for a massage.


  • Adjustable straps allow you to secure it into your seat or sofa
  • Lightweight to enable you to get your massage anywhere you desire
  • Has an auto-shut that switch it off after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Designed from materials that are easy to clean by just wiping
  • Used to relieve stress, fatigue, muscle pains and moods

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Neck and Back Massager

Level of Comfort

When shopping for a neck and back massager, the favor you can do for yourself is ensuring you get a comfortable massager to use. Nothing is compared to comfort when you wish to relieve pain in your neck or back muscles. Of course, you ought to have a massager that fits your neck and back well for a relaxing massage experience.


If you want to enjoy a versatile massager use, it’s essential to acquire the model that is portable and lightweight. In doing so, you can move with it around or keep it safe until the next massaging period. It should not inflict excess weight on your neck or back, and instead, it should offer a warm and soothing feeling to your body.

Massage Nodes

It has been noted that those massagers that come with many massage nodes have high chances of massaging large body parts like hips, back, and legs. On the other hand, massage pillows with fewer massage nodes with even distribution can do a remarkable job of massaging narrow body areas like the neck region from different angles.


Well, most massagers are built with a heating feature. The function of heat in any massaging appliances is to relax muscles and relieve pain. For that reason, most people usually go for heat massagers no wonder its demand is on the rise.


In case you are out looking for the best neck and back massager, the above list offers you the best-ranked options with helpful features that guarantee your comfort, safety, and functionality. Rest assured, with the best massager, and you’ll have good blood circulation, relaxed muscles, and pain relief. They are high-quality models that complement a massage therapy center. Regular massage comes with more health benefits than you thought, choose one today, you will never regret making a step. Finally, we recommend that you select a massage, not because of its popularity but because it meets your needs. Good luck!

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