Top 10 Best LED Desk Lamps in 2021 Reviews

The use of an LED desk lamp is becoming the most convenient and inexpensive way of lighting your workspace. These LED lamps are becoming a perfect replacement for incandescent lamps which are quite expensive in terms of electricity consumption. Most of these LED lamps are durable and can withstand long use. They’re handy for any person who is looking to light up a room with controlled light. If you want to save yourself a lot of your precious time and money, read this post to find more revelation on the same.

LED desk lamps deliver the desired lighting solution with options of adjustments of the brightness to suit various activities or moods. The majority of them are also equipped with USB ports that allow you to comfortably charge any USB powered device. We have compiled a list of best rate LED desk lamps in this review to help you pinpoint the best choice. Also with that is a buyer’s guide that will keep you on track.

Let’s dive in.

#1. Neatfi XL White 2200 Lumens 20'' Wide LED Task Lamp w/Clamp w/4 Level Brightness

Neatfi XL LED desk lamp is a 2200 Lumens brightness lamp designed with a wide shade measuring 20 inches. It is an ideal energy-saving lamp with power ratings of 24 watts. This LED lamp has a CRI of 80 and a color temperature that ranges between 5600K and 6000K. These two features enable the lamp to produce a bright illuminating beam that is free of glare. It features a sufficiently long arm that is easy to adjust and a head joint with multiple positioning. This design of the desk lamp allows you to disperse a large beam of evenly distributed light over a wide area. Also, the good about this lamp is that it doesn’t become hot with long hours of usage.


  • These last LED lights have a long lifespan
  • It is equipped with dimmable features
  • Has up to 4 levels of brightness
  • It is easy to assemble

#2. TaoTronics 5 Color Modes Adjustable Brightness Dimmable Office Lamp w/5V/2A USB Port

TaoTronics is a perfect lighting appliance that will give you an. enhanced life experience full of joy. This type of LED desk lamp is designed with many considerations given to the needs of the end-users. It is designed to provide solutions to daily needs and deliver the most desired results. This desk lamp is equipped with memory function and smart touch controls that give you the freedom to choose between 5 modes of colors. These color modes include cool, warm yellow, white, yellow, and natural. Additionally, it produces a large beam of illumination that is free of flickering and covers a wide working area.


  • Has 5 modes of colors and brightness levels
  • It has a durable and stylish design
  • Allows customizable illumination
  • It is equipped with USB ports

#3. KIRKAS 1200 Lumens 5-Diopter Adjustable Swivel Arm Magnifier Lamp w/Clamp for Desk Table Craft

Addie LED magnifying desk lamp is designed with clamps and has an output of up to 1200 lumens. This lamp is a perfect solution that addresses problems related to brightness and annoyance caused by dim lightings. It is equipped with the optical magnifying glass that delivers high brightness. The dimensions of the optical lens are 4 inches and have a magnification strength of 225%. Also, it neither has fog nor optical distortion making it ideal for use by people with aging eyes. It is built using dimming technology that allows adjustment of light brightness and eliminates glare. Above the lamp head is a button designed for use when switching the brightness level of the desk lamp. You can adjust the brightness level to super bright or soft bright.


  • The magnifying glass is protected using a lens cover
  • Equipped with a 4-inch magnifier lens
  • Designed to use dimming technology
  • Fitted with an adjustable arm

#4. Bostitch VLED 1821 White-BOS Dimmable Modern Gooseneck LED Desk Lamp w/USB Charging Port

Bostitch Office LED lamp is a captivating dimmable desk lamp suitable for crafters, teachers, and office employees. The lamp is equipped with a dimming function that allows you to conveniently choose from the 6 pre-installed levels of brightness. It is easy to power on the lamp by use of a slide touch fixed on the lamp. The lamp also has three modes of color temperatures for handling different tasks. This LED desk lamp is uniquely designed with a flexible neck made of silicon material. With the integrated USB charging port, you can comfortably charge any device chargeable by a USB. Additionally, this desk lamp is energy efficient and can save up to 85% of the power.


  • Easy positioning with an adjustable silicone neck.
  • Designed with up to 6 levels of brightness
  • It uses an easy-to-control slide touch
  • Equipped with USB charging ports

#5. PHIVE Silver CL-1 Highly Adjustable Office LED Architest Desk Lamp Metal Swing Arm Lamp

Phive LED desktop has a contemporary design built from a combination of the durable metal clamp and a strong arm made of premium quality aluminum material. It is designed to save on desk space while providing an ideal lighting solution at the same time. This lamp is equipped with eye-care technology that allows the emission of soft light which protects your eyes against flickering or glaring. It has a long and adjustable arm made of metal and 180o swivel head. The body of this lamp can rotate and cover a wider working area. Moreover, it comes with durable clamps that can be used on tabletops with 2.36 inches.


  • Uniquely designed with an eye protection mechanism
  • Produces soft, even & diffused light
  • It is an energy-saving desk lamp
  • Fitted with an adjustable arm

#6. Niulight 9W Eye-Caring Dimmable Swing Arm Lights LED Desk Lamp w/Clamp for Study

Niu Light is a modern architectural table lamp ideal for reading/studying or carrying out a task at home or in the office. This lamp has a stylish, sturdy design that matches with any professional working surface. It is constituted by a double-hinged arm, swiveling LED light panel, and a rotating base. With this body design, you can easily adjust the lamp and focus the beam of light to where it is needed. The lamp features a stepless dimmer and 6 different color modes. This LED lamp is much convenient to use with an energy efficiency of up to 80%compared to incandescent lamps. Also, the lamp comes with a metal clamp and screws for use when mounting the lamp on desks.


  • Produces diffused and even light that protects your eyes
  • Designed with swinging arms for covering a wide area
  • Has adjustable brightness and color temperatures
  • The versatile design saves on space

#7. JOLY JOY Black Eye-Care Dimmable Light 6 Color Modes Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp

Joly joy is a model of desk lamp equipped with a long style of flexible swinging arms and swivel shade. The lamp is designed with 3 adjustable positions that allow easy focusing and directing of beams of light. Its arms are long enough to extend up to 40 inches covering the large top surface of the desk. This lamp is built with eye-care LED lights which are adjustable. It produces and evenly distributes a clear light that is free of glare and flickers. Adjustable modes of color temperatures between 3000k and 5500k qualify Joly joy desk lamp as a perfect lamp for use during any occasion. Furthermore, it is equipped with a stepless and memory function.


  • Equipped with memory function and adjustable color temperature
  • Designed with customizable arm angle and directions
  • Saves up to 80% of energy thus efficient
  • Comes with easy to attach clamps

#8. OMaggie Eye-Caring Table LED Desk Lamp w/USB Charging Port Night Atmosphere Lamp

Omaggie LED desk lamp is a multi-purpose lamp suitable for use in the office, home, bedroom, kid’s room, school, or dorm. This desk lamp is equipped with up to three levels of dimmable brightness. The lamp is designed with a base style that makes an ideal lighting appliance for use in a night atmosphere. The neck of the lamp has a gooseneck design with an adjustable lighting angle that allows you to direct the beam of light to cover a wider working space. It is equipped with touch controls that let you easily set your LED desk lamp.


  • Preprogramed with calendar and clock display
  • Has an in-built USB port for charging
  • Has 256 color changing scheme
  • Equipped with pen holding unit

#9. Donewin 10W Colorful Night Light Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp w/USB Charging Port

Donewin desktop lamp is equipped with soft LED lights which makes the lamp deliver excellent results. This soft light helps in the elimination of glare, eye fatigue and enhances visual effects. It is equipped with an advanced technology that includes an LCD screen, an integrated USB port for charging, and a pen holding unit. It is designed with up to 3 levels of brightness and color-changing lighting modes that have a decoration effect on your desk. The lamp allows you to select your favorite night color by simply touching on the button. More so, the LCD unit conveniently displays the date, time, week, and temperature readings.


  • The lamp has been programmed with 256 RGB colored lights
  • Fitted with an LCD screen that lights up.
  • Equipped with a USB port for charging
  • It has a pen holder style

#10. Sunbeam Set of 2 Flexible Neck Adjustable Light Eye-Caring Dimmable Office LED Desk Lamp (Black)

If you are looking for a lamp that is not only eye caring with a dimmable mode, but also energy efficient, look no further than the Sunbeam desk lamp. It can stand on the table stably. The dimmable mode will adjust itself to the prevailing conditions. It’s suitable for reading and delivering light for a different purpose in your home. Since it comes as a set of two, you can place it in different rooms. As if that’s not enough, it’s very sturdy and lightweight – it’s very easy to handle. If you’re doubting its stability, its base is heavy enough to keep it sturdy. However, it’s light to move around. What’s more, it has an adjustable neck for convenient handling.


  • The adjustable neck offers convenient lighting
  • The light is dimmable to suit different needs
  • Has a stable base to keep it sturdy
  • It’s lightweight for easy handling

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best LED Desk Lamp

When planning to buy the best-LED desk lamp, here is a straightforward guide that will help you in your endeavors.


Choose to settle on purchasing a desk lamp that is equipped with various options of articulation, swinging, goosenecks, adjustable head, and boom arms. These features will enable you to adjust the beam direction when carrying out specific tasks.

Switch Location

The location of the switch button of your desk lamp should allow easy access. The best desk lamp is the one equipped with base switches, touch interface, and pull chains. Choose any among the aforementioned switch designs for a breeze operation.

Quality of light

Though incandescent bulbs provide clear and bright light, they consume a lot of energy thus renders them expensive. LED desktop lamps are energy efficient and very versatile. When making a purchase check on the color temperature and CRI (Color Rendering Index) of the lamp. The recommended LED lamps are the ones rated with higher CRI ranging from 85 to 100. The color temperature should be between 2700k and 4500k.


Generally, desktop lamps come in various sizes and styles. Clip-on lamps and lamps made equipped with a small base are ideal for use in small desks. Choose the lamps designed with swinging arm if you have a large desk. Note your desk lamp must always be positioned slightly above your head but the light should be away from the eyes.


Finally, if you want to have quality illumination of your working area, go for an LED desktop lamp. They not only deliver quality illumination but play an important role in eliminating eye strain and related symptoms. Additionally, with a good desk lamp, you will have a motivated working mood and good production. The above review has been well researched to help you in choosing the right desk lamp that suits you.

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