Top 10 Best Laser Hair Removal for 2020 Reviews

Keeping unwanted hair from your body is not a plain sailing task, as most individuals might presume. For that reason, you ought to give it the attention it needs by shaving, epilating, or using any other efficient method. Even so, shaving only gets rid of the hair for a while, then it mushroom again. Therefore, if you are searching for a permanent way of doing away with unwanted hair, the best laser hair removal is the solution.

With tons of these machines in the market today, chances of making a snap decision dwindles. Besides, technical terms and features will also lower your chances of securing yourself the best laser hair removal. That’s why we’ve reviewed the best ten laser hair removal for reviews on the market. Read through this article and you’ll be able to make a wise buying decision.

#1. Silk'n Flash & Go 5000 Pulses Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device for Men & Women

One of the first hair removal to be approved by the FDA was Silk’n Flash & Go. There is no need to visit a salon to spend a lot of money on what you can do at home with this removal. It will leave your skin looking smooth and soft. This new invention enables individuals to target and get into areas that need treatment correctly. Being a light-based hair removal, this unit is used on the whole body, including the back, face to get a permanent outcome. Even better, it’s easy to use and painless. Besides, it’s loaded with about 120,000 pulses of hair removal power.


  • Very useful for treating more sensitive areas or targeted zone
  • The innovative light-based device is helpful for the entire body
  • Easy to use with a painless application that lasts permanently
  • Home Pulsed Light (HPL) system disable further hair growth
  • It’s loaded with 120,000 pulses of hair removal energy

#2. Feeke B1 Pro IPL Treatment Whole-body Painless Upgrade Hair Removal for Men & Women

If you have a lighter complexion, it would be best to give Feeke laser hair removal a try for the best skin results. This unit uses IPL technology to get into the roots of the hair by retarding its growth, thus remaining dormant. For great results, it is advisable to use it at different periods, one week to 12 weeks. The two treatment modes: manual mode and auto mode, allows accessing different parts of your body. You can use it to remove hair in your legs, armpits, face, lip, and other body parts, and within some ten minutes, you will be done with your entire body. Due to different skin sensitivity, it has five different energy levels. They are easily adjustable to suit your hair removal needs.


  • Made lightweight thus you can carry it with you as you travel
  • Easy to operate as it comes with the necessary instructions
  • Designed from high-grade materials that last long
  • Applicable to light brown skin and hair color
  • Removes hair in a safe and painless manner

#3. DEESS Series 3 Plus Blue 350,000 Flashes Home Use Corded No Downtime Hair Removal System

A professional laser hair removal is what everyone desires for a painless removal system; that’s why you ought to try out this model from DEESS. With up to 25 flashes in minutes, you can clear your hair in your legs in just 8 minutes, and for your face, it will take less than that. This assures you of a quicker hair removal unit. It is ideal for use by people with the following skin colors beige, white, ivory, or light brown. One needs up to 12 treatments with one treatment each week for up to 12 weeks for the best hair removal. Also, it only weighs 2.15 pounds; thus you can never feel its weight when carrying it with you. You are safe using this system since the FDA has cleared it.


  • The adjustable light levels make it suitable for different skins
  • Has a smaller design thus you can store it in your backpack
  • Removes all the hair since it has a skin rejuvenation lamp
  • Comes with protective glasses that do not need any gel
  • Easy to use since it has few buttons to operate on

#4. Tria Beauty 3X Eliminating Energy At-Home Powerful Hair Removal for Men & Women (Fuschia)

Are you looking for a laser hair removal for your underarm use? Well, look no further than this unit from Tria beauty. It has more eliminating energy that hair follicles to this laser for complete removal. You can use it anywhere at any time with many conveniences since it is powered by a battery and not a cord-like other IPL device. It emits safer light; thus, you can use it on your legs or face without harming your eyes.

Moreover, it is recommendable to use this device for approximately two weeks for the best hair removal results. You can as well use it for thicker hairs like those in your chin area. Operation is an easier task since it comes with clearly instructed guidelines.


  • For a full 2 hour recharge of the battery, you can use it for 40 minutes
  • Powerful to emit more lasers thus takes less time for hair removal
  • Has a built-in skin sensor to check if it is suitable for your skin
  • Ergonomically designed this easy to hold and pass it around
  • Ideal for use from black to light brown body hair

#5. AMINZER IPL Painless Facial Professional Permanent Hair Removal System for Women (White)

When it comes to a much lighter laser hair removal, then the AMINZER model only weighs 1.7 pounds. This makes it easy for you to carry it as you travel from one place to another. It takes up to 12 weeks to completely get rid of the hair. You can use the manual mode in your bikini line, lips, fingers, or armpits, whereas the auto mode can be used on large hair removal areas like legs, back, and stomach. Additionally, it comes with 4 level adjustment goggles to keep your eyes safe from lashes from the device. You can use it on medium brown, dark brown and light brown colored hair. It is an ideal gift for a friend or a family member this coming season.


  • Saves your time since it only takes 10 minutes for a hair body removal
  • Accommodates different skin types as it has five energy levels
  • Makes the skin smooth as it removes hair in a painless way
  • Has two treatment modes for use in different body parts
  • Durable because it is from high-quality components

#6. IMENE 500,000 Flashes IPL Comfortable Laser Hair Removal for Full Body for Men & Women

Are you tired of your laser hair removal session probably because it’s time consuming and painful? IMENE laser hair removal is here to streamline your session one again. It has 500,000 flashes that enable 9 to 11 people to undertake a full body hair removal. Besides, it’s integrated with an ice compress cooling system that can run simultaneously with your treatment. The cooling system is very beneficial because it regulates the skin temperature and does away with skin damage, burns, and redness. It recommended that you don’t use sun sunscreen two weeks before and after the treatment.


  • Has 500,000 lashes to allows you to remove hair in your body quickly
  • The ice compress cooling mechanism prevents skin damage
  • For best results, it is recommended for use up to 8 weeks
  • Made sturdy for stable operations through the process
  • Well-built to ensure that it performs its intended use

#7. Remington iLIGHT Ultra-Face & Body Permanent Results At-Home IPL Hair Removal System

Meet this robust hair removal device for permanent hair reduction that you can obtain right in your home. The Remington iLIGHT Ultra-Face & Body is a new invention system that uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) high tech. Besides, this unit is FDA approved and clinically tested to leave you with safe and smooth skin. Additionally, to enable you to experience the magical benefits of this device, it has five power setting levels with a tone tester that lets you determine if the unit is suitable for your skin. It includes an instructional manual in the package to ensure you set up everything by yourself to start the treatment.


  • Offers powerful flash with more significant hair reduction and fewer reduction
  • Accompanied by an instructional manual that makes it easy to use
  • It’s clinically proven, and FDA cleared for face and body use
  • Has IPL iLIGHT light energy get rid of hair permanently

#8. LumaRX IPL Corded 3s Flash Speed Full Body Permanent Hair Removal Machine for Face & Body

Are you thinking of getting yourself the best at-home hair removal unit? We have all the reasons why we recommend you to go for the LumaRX model. First, it’s capable of delivering light energy at a higher wavelength that is capable of reaching hair at the root using an energy level that is distributed along with the pulse. You’ll also get exceptional IPL treatment for permanent hair removal using this device. Both men and women can leverage on this hair removal to get rid of hair in areas like the bikini line, arms, underarms, chest, legs, and stomach. Depending on the area being treated, the time of treatment varies; for instance, if it’s a small area, it can only take less than two minutes, while if it’s a large area, you can expect your treatment to be entirely after 20 minutes.


  • Offers you permanent hair reduction in just three treatments
  • Uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system to delivers its treatment
  • It is corded hence it doesn’t need pre-charging before use
  • It’s suitable for intensive and large areas of treatments
  • Used on the female facial hairs and the body

#9. PretiHom IPL 900,000 Painless Anti-Allergy Permanent Hair Removal for Men & Women (Pink)

Do you often find yourself in a salon to get rid of the ugly hair that grows after a while? And you probably heard about laser hair removal, and you don’t know which model suits your needs? PretiHom IPL hair removal system is the device to go for because it suits both beginners and experts. This professional, painless hair removal is suitable for getting rid of any unwanted hair in any part of your body. It has an IPX7 waterproof design that enables you to use it even in the shower while the charging base offers convenience charging mode. It uses the IPL principle to ensure it gets rid of unwanted hair within no time. What’s more, the five energy levels are adjustable to enable you to have some personalized skin treatment.


  • Built with five energy levels that can be adjusted for customized skin treatment
  • It’s very portable therefore much easier for you to carry to any place
  • Uses high-tech IPL principle to achieve permanent epilating
  • Has two flash modes that can be changed with ease

#10. LOVE DOCK WPL Facial & Body Laser Hair Removal with Ice Cooling Function for Women

Of course, the principle that IPL and WPL uses is the same; however, WPL is considered to be gentler and offer full protection on your skin. That’s why we recommend LOVE DOCK laser hair removal to you. In the package is a manual that shows you the right steps on how to use this laser hair removal. Count on this machine to reduce up to 96 percent hair reduction. Besides, the integrated ice-cool utility ensures the area on focus is cool down and provides your skin is fully protected. Finally, the 350,000 flashes give an equivalent of fifteen years of the whole body treatment.


  • Offers you five energy settings that enable you to have customized treatment
  • Has imported quartz bulb that allows for faster reloading and quick pulses
  • It improves skin quality by delivering smooth and good-looking skin
  • The integrated UV filters lower the chances of your skin being damaged
  • Provides up to 96 percent hair reduction using three treatments

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Laser Hair Removal

Speed of Reduction

The initial consideration to take into account is the rate of reduction. If you come across a hair removal that can eliminate the hair 80%, the better. Better yet, the time it takes to reduce the hair also matters in this case because you’ll want to save more time for other essential duties. When you’re sure that everything concerning this aspect is taken care of, move to the next consideration.

Ease of Use

Who has time to read technical and connect clutter cables? It’s wise to opt for a machine with less complication and straightforward mode of getting rid of unwanted hair. The model you choose should have an instructional manual indicated in the package section to ensure setup and use is simple and easy. Avoid going for models that consume a lot of time to set up and those with many connection systems.

Light Intensity

The other vital aspect of putting into consideration is the light intensity of the laser hair removal it has. Hair removal should come with variable light intensity. That being the case, you can use laser hair removal as per your needs.


Any laser hair removal you choose to shop should remove hair from back, armpits, legs, and any other part of the body with unwanted hair. With that, you’re able to use the model in a versatile manner. Of course, while you consider these factors, you can also find price as the last thing before you can seal a deal with a particular laser hair removal.


As you have seen, laser hair removal is a tricky toiletry to purchase; making a rapid decision out of the countless options in the market is close to impossibility. Therefore, it’s worth going through this simple post for a hassle-free purchase. We’ve reviewed some of the outstanding laser hair removal devices on the market with the best price offer to help you make a shop hassle-free. We’re proud to inform you that this review has arrived after we studied what other customers’ recommendations. Be assured; unwanted hair wouldn’t be a problem to you again because, with one of the above models, you’ll have them removed.

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