Top 10 Best Juice Blenders of 2024

Did you know that homemade juices or smoothies are important for your health? Well, the best option is to buy a blender. The unit is a great way to drink natural and healthy juice right in your home. Also, blenders are known to be faster and versatile. With the advancement in technology, many manufacturers are producing blenders that can make purees, hummus, smoothies, soups and juice with the blender.

When looking for a juice blender in the market, you’ll tend to get confused because there are many factors to consider when purchasing this unit. Also, the many models and styles will make purchasing even more daunting. But we went out of or ways and researched for the best units and our findings are incredible. In this review, we present to you the best ten juice blenders for 2020 Reviews. Go through the list and hopefully you’ll find the one that suits you.

#1. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z 1200W Three Precision Speed Juice Blender Combo (Dark Gray)

It is a great deal purchasing Nutribullet blender since it serves you the best juice on earth. The machine has 3 precision speeds for different blending purposes. The 200-watt power allows you to make smoothies, soups, sauces and many more within a few seconds. This blender has stainless steel materials that are durable and resistant to rust. The pitcher and cups are of high-performance plastic materials that are BPA free thus always safe. The pitcher and cups can be cleaned in the dishwasher whereas the extractor can be cleaned using soap and water. This 64 Oz blender allows you to extract multiple blending anytime anywhere.


  • Versatile as it works as a single-serve cup and multi-serving pitcher
  • The nutria-cups allows you to carry your blended juice with you
  • Has a sleek design that makes it easy for portability purposes
  • Leak-proof lids that keep your kitchen clean with no mess
  • Operates quietly thus causes no noise disturbances

#2. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Pcs High-Speed 600W BPA-free Juice Blender Mixer System

Show off your blending prowess using Nutribullet blender as it gives you the best blending experience. Load it with fruits, vegetables, nuts or ice and it does all the work for you within a few seconds. Also, it has a powerful 600-watt motor that crushes your stuff as you desire for the best output. The nutrient extraction blades extract vitamins and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables. These extracted nutrients are easily absorbed by the body thus keeps you healthy at all times. This blender comes with 24 Oz and 18 Oz cups for carrying your juice as you travel. And lastly, it is easy to clean because all you need to do is just twist the blade and rinse using soap and water.


  • Has a compact design that saves your kitchen space
  • Blends in less than a minute thus save your time
  • Portable hence you can easily carry it anywhere
  • Breaks through the toughest nuts and skins
  • Made of safe materials that are BPA free

#3. Ninja BL660 1100W Base 72 Oz Crushing Pitcher Professional Countertop Blender

Go healthy, go for Ninja juice blender because it gets you the most nutritious blend. You can use it to crush fruits, veggies, and ice for smoothies frozen drinks like ice cream. With the power of 1100 watts, you are assured of quicker results in a few seconds. You can carry with you the blended juice using the 2 16oz nutria-ninja cups. Moreover, it has 3 different blending speeds to serve different purposes and suit your own needs. Additionally, it is packaged with a clearly instructed manual that guides you on the operation of this blender. The lids of the nutria ninja cups are leak-free and keep your juice or smoothies safe. This blender gets the most nutritious blend at long last that is best to keep your body healthy


  • Well-designed to blend with your kitchen decor
  • Lightweight for easy portability purposes
  • Crushes in seconds thus save your time
  • All its parts are dishwasher safe
  • Durable for a long usage life

#4. CASORI Upgraded 10-Pcs 800W Auto-Blend 2 x 24 Oz Cups Smoothie & Shakes Blender

Are you looking for the best quality blender in the market? Look no further than CASORI blender. You can easily extract juice and nutrients from nuts, fruits, and veggies. Not only does it gets you smoothies and shakes but it also blends up salsa and spices. And besides, it has 3 different blending edges to serve you different purposes. The sharp edges are for crushing veggies and fruits. The blunt edges are used for crushing ice and nuts. The whole blade can be used for extracting vitamins and nutrients from your fruits and vegetables. Also, it has 3 different buttons: start button, stop button and auto mode button for different applications.


  • Has a cleaning brush that makes it easy to clean the sharp blades
  • The 800 w motor blends at the highest speed for faster results
  • The auto mode button helps you to quickly blend the stuff
  • Has to overheat and overload protection for safety purposes
  • High torque base for a stable and steady operation

#5. CHULUX 1000W High-Speed Tritan 32 + 15 Oz Travel Bottles Smoothie Bullet Blender

Do you love having a simple and healthier lifestyle? Get CHULUX blender for the best nutritive juice. The blender has two types of stainless steel blades: one for grinding and another for blending. With the power of 1000 watts, you are assured of quick results. It breaks down fruits, vegetables, and ice in just a matter of 30 seconds. The crushed substances are easily absorbed into the body system hence you are assured of good health. Furthermore, it provides you a stable operation as it based is designed with non-slip suction cups. This blender is compact and sealed well to ensure that your juice doesn’t leak while you do the blending.


  • Has 32oz and 15oz cups which you can carry with you
  • Made of high-quality materials for a long usage life
  • Easy to use as it is a one-touch operation blender
  • Blends and grinds without producing any noise
  • Sharp steel blades resistant to rust and wear

#6. FOCHEA High-Speed 700W 5-in-1 BPA-Free Personal Blender for Smoothies & Shakes

FOCHEA juice blender has stainless steel blades that do not rust and strong to crush fruits and veggies. The motor body is made of pure copper that makes it one of the durable blenders in the market. With one button you are good to start blending your fruits. This multifunctional blender includes a smoothie blender and a food chopper. Also, it makes smoothies, shakes and grind nuts as fast as possible thus you would not require much time to blend your stuff. The powerful motor crushes your fruits and any hard nuts so easily for the best juice. It has a built-in safety lock meaning that your blender has to be twisted to start it as it won’t start all by itself.


  • Has a portable bottle for carrying your smoothies
  • Has leak-proof sealing to avoid your juice leaks
  • All detachable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip feet to avoid sliding as you blend
  • Detachable blades make it easy to clean

#7. La Reveuse 1802 300W Personal Size BPA-free Portable Smoothies 18 Oz Blender (Silver)

Seventh on our list is La Reveuse blender. This 550 ml blender has a motor that is from high-quality copper materials making it one of the durable blenders. With 300 watts power and 4 leaves high-speed blades you are assured of quicker results. You can use it crush fruits, veggies, nuts, ice for smoothies, shakes or protein drinks. This mini-blender weights 3 lbs. making more convenient to carry it to you as you travel. Operating this blender is easy because all you have to do is to press it down and twist to lock it. All you need to clean this kitchen equipment is water and soap and your blender will be sparklingly clean.


  • Has overheating protection and auto-recovery function for safety
  • Has a convenient size that fits in cup holders and your bag
  • You can carry it to your office or gym as it is lightweight
  • Made from BPA free materials making it safe for usage
  • The stainless steel blades are durable and do not rust

#8. Hamilton Beach 52400 32 Oz Jar 8 Oz Grinder 2 Portable Cups Juice Blender (Black & Silver)

You will love this blender since it works great to suit your needs. Hamilton beach blender is a 32 Oz blender with a lid that prevents any leaks. Also, it comes with 2 Oz bottles and an 8 Oz bottle that allows you to carry your drink when you are on the go. Additionally, it performs different tasks like grinding, pureeing, chopping and dicing for great food and drink. Moreover, its parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free. The powerful 600-watt motor operates so fast and does blending within a few seconds. This blender is large enough to serve smoothies, juice or shakes for a family. It is a kitchen equipment that you would not miss to have in your kitchen to avoid missing out on the great drinks.


  • The clear shatterproof Tritan allows you to see your blending take place
  • The pulse action enables you to control how chopping is done
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning purposes
  • Great for making smoothies because of its strength

#9. Secura 300W Stainless Steel Blade Single Serving Bottles Blender for Shakes & Smoothies

Healthy living starts by drinking homemade-juice from a high-end blender. That can be a reality if you use Secura blender. The blender can make tasty fruit, healthy protein shake, veggie smoothie, yummy frozen drinks and more in minutes. Also, the two travel bottles are BPA-free and their drink spouts enable you to drink anywhere anytime. With stainless steel chopping blades, you can expect to prolong usage with great efficiency.


  • Uses 300W high-speed motor to offer efficient and guaranteed durability
  • Two travel bottles for blending are BPA-free for healthy drinking
  • Offer 2-years warrant and ETL certified for safety
  • Simple blender to use and connect its parts
  • Weights under 2lbs with grab & go handle

#10. Sboly Single-Serve 2-Tritan BPA-free 300W Small Juice Blender for Smoothies & Shakes

Do you want to get yourself a healthy drink in just 10s? Well, Sboly blender for smoothies and shakes is right here for you. The unit is easy to operate; fill the bottle, switch clockwise for locking, press the button and enjoy your delicious and healthy drink. Also, it is a great appliance for making juices, food preps, smoothies, protein shakes, drinks that bring health and great happiness. The blender is easy to clean since it is dishwasher-safe. Besides, it comes with two bottles for blending and drinking. With a travel lid, you can always enjoy your healthy drinks anywhere anytime. Moreover, it has four high-quality suction cup that keeps this blender secure on the countertop or table. So, surprise your family now with this breath-taking unit!


  • Dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning with an additional brush bottle
  • Two replacement bottles will offer you sweet drinking enjoyment
  • Has a simple one-touch operation for you to make a favorite drink
  • Safe and secure with all parts being BPA-free for safe drinking
  • Powerful and compact using a 300W robust motor

Things to Look Out When Purchasing for the Best Blender

We do hope you’ve checked the products above. But before we can conclude, here is a complete buyer’s guide that will enable you to buy exactly the suitable juice blender. These include:

Engine power & Varied Speed

The initial factor to consider is engine power. The best option to go for is the one with at least 100-watts that delivers quick and efficient juice production. The power of a blender will determine how hard or soft it can grind the ingredients. If you want a blender to grind soft particles, then go for a blender with 600-watts or below. Besides, the one with changing speed is good to enable vary your blending depending on the substances you are blending.

The jar Size

It is fundamental to choose the appropriate pitcher’s size prudently. And making this selection will have to consider the people who will drink the juice. For instance, a blender for parties and large families should be at least 64 Oz. In addition to that, a large size blender will mean that you shouldn’t necessarily cut the ingredients into small sizes. On the other hand, if you want a blender for a small family, then a small jar is preferred.


The last thing you would consider is the warranty. Even though the blender is not a machine to serve you for decades, a year warrant is necessary for any electrical issues that may develop along. And also, you ought to go through the warrant instructions very carefully. To add on that, ensure to keep the purchase receipt safe to prove what’ve purchased and enable you to claim the warrant.


You’ll agree with me, there are tons of blenders to select from, but hopefully, we’ve made your decision easier. Our #1 pick in this list is Nutribullet blender, the main reason being its high-torque power base with its extractor blade. But all in all, the ten selections are the most popular and affordable units in the market currently. Besides, they offer the simplest way of drinking healthy juice in the comfort of your home. And it’s a comforting thing knowing that you’re drinking smoothies or shakers from your machine. That’s said, look no further than the above exhilarating blenders!

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