Top 10 Best Home Driver Kit in 2020 Reviews

Drills are slowly becoming a necessity in most of the households and workshops. It is no longer equipment found in a professional contractor’s toolbox but also with homeowners and an average handyman. Drilling machines are used in making holes on the surface, driving screws, or removing screws from surfaces.
Drills come at various sizes, designs, prices, and shapes making it difficult to choose them. There are two main types of drills; corded drills and cordless drills. Corded drills are equipped with power cords for plugging into a power source. While cordless drills do not have power cords but instead they come with rechargeable built-in batteries.
The cordless drilling machine is the most preferred drill because of its portable and lightweight features. These qualities give a cordless drill a competitive edge and its widespread application in various drilling tasks. The cordless design does not require the use of electricity to operate. Therefore, it is more convenient for use in areas where there is no electricity. We have compiled a review of the best-rated cordless drills to help you to narrow your search for the best drilling machine.

#1. Milwaukee M18 2697-22 18V 1/2'' w/Bag 2 Batteries & Charger Home Tool Combo Kit

Milwaukee cordless drill is a dual-tool combo kit that brings together a popularly known hammer drill/driver and ¼ ”hex impact driver into one kit. Every unit of this drill comes with a pair of high-capacity Li-Ion batteries, a contractor’s bag, and a charger. This drilling machine is highly durable, ergonomically designed, and user friendly. This compact hammer drill is equipped with overload protection. This protection prevents the tool and the battery from damages arising from any abusive situation. Both of these tools are equipped with an LED lighting system that provides illumination when you are working on poorly lit surfaces. Furthermore, it is equipped with a ¼” hex chuck that allows easy changing of bit and variable-speed trigger.


  • Integrated with LED lights for illuminating working areas
  • Programed with an overload protection
  • Easy to use with quick-change chuck
  • Equipped with a variable speed

#2. PORTER PCCK604L2 2 Tool 20V Impact Driver Max Cordless Home Combo Kit

Porter-Cable is a cordless drill/driver with a 20V Max. This drill is equipped with a high-performance motor with a speed of 1,500 revolutions per minute. It has an integration of an LED lighting system that helps in the illumination of dark or lowly-lit working areas. Also, the high-performance torque delivers optimum power for various range of applications. This cordless drill/driver is characterized by a compact, lightweight body, an ergonomic handle, and bit storage. The packages come with 1.3 Ah Li-Ion batteries of 20V max. These are professionally graded batteries that have a long runtime and have a lighter compared to NiCd batteries.


  • Has an attachment of bit storage
  • Has an ergonomic handle design
  • Comes in a compact design
  • Equipped with LED lights

#3. Makita Tool Only ½'' XFD12Z Brushless Cordless Driver Drill LXT Lithium-Ion Combo Kit

Makita is a brushless cordless drill/driver ideal for drilling and making holes using a superior ratio of power-to-weight. It is equipped with a brushless motor which delivers up to 50% more work after every charge. It has increased power, speed, and extended lifespan. For professional users, it gives them more driving and drilling power with greater productivity. When this cordless drill is converted into driving mode, adjustable torque allows you to have more control of a wider range of applications. This cordless drill has a lightweight design that weighs 3.4 lbs. only. It also has a greater power-to-weight ratio and increased comfort.


  • Equipped with extreme protection against dust
  • The handle rubberize to provide a soft grip
  • Designed with water-resistant material
  • Has an ergonomic and compact design

#4. Dewalt DCD771C2 ½'' Lightweight 2 Speeds Ergonomic Handle 20V Max Home Driver Kit

Dewalt is a Li-Ion compact drill/driver kit that comes in a compact and lightweight design suitable for use when working in tight spaces over a long period. It operates with a high-speed transmission that delivers a variation of 2-speed. This speed variation (0-450 rpm and 0-1500rpm) allows you to choose a suitable performance level depending on your job application. It has a powerful motor that produces up to 300 units of power. This cordless drill comes with a pair of Li-Ion batteries with a max of 20 volts. , a charger, and a contractor bag. The integration of a ½ inch single sleeve chuck allows tight bit-gripping strength.


  • Designed with a comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • Has a lightweight design that fits into tight areas
  • Features a high dual high-speed transmission
  • Equipped with high-performance motors

#5. Ridgid Power Tool 100 Setting R86116 18V Brushless Compact LED Lighting Home Driver Kit

Ridgid R86116 is an 18-volt cordless drill that makes working on masonry, metal, and wood very easy. It has a brushless and powerful hammer drill that will bore many holes by making 2100rpm. This drilling machine comes with a 100-position clutch that facilitates easy management and a maximum of this powerful drilling machine. This cordless drill comes included with an auxiliary handle design that can be flexibly attached to either side of the drilling machine. The ergonomic handle design of the drilling machine helps in maintaining control. This handle is coated with rubber for maximum comfort. Furthermore, LED lights illuminate your dark working area.


  • Illuminates dark working spaces with integrated LED lights
  • Comes with an adjustable clutch with 100+ positions
  • It is equipped with a brushless motor
  • Comes with a flexible auxiliary handle

#6. Bosch 12V Charger 2 Lithium-Ion Battery PS31-2A Power Screwdriver Bit w/Carrying Bag

There is no more ideal drilling tool to carry to your work site than Bosch PS31 cordless drilling machine. It is a drill/driver with pro-grade power more than 90% of the application. This cordless drill comes in a lightweight design that weighs slightly over 2 lbs. It is a portable drill for handling tasks like installations and any other electrical related tasks which require overhead drilling. This cordless drill/driver has a versatile and easy-to-handle design. It is equipped with a sleeveless chuck that can accommodate most of the common applications. You can easily adjust the 21+torque settings and 2-speeds of this cordless drill. Additionally, this cordless drill is equipped with LED lights that enhance visibility at night and when working in dark corners.


  • Has an integration of LED lights for visibility
  • Comes with a pair of Lithium batteries
  • Equipped with two-speed settings
  • Designed with high torque speed

#7. Unknown Bulk Packaged Tool Only P208B ½'' 18V Cordless Home Driver Kit w/LED Light

Ryobi is a motorized cordless drilling machine with power ratings of 18 Volts. This is very powerful and professional drill equipment provides unsurpassed utility compared to other available brands in the market. This drill/drive is specialized budget-friendly drilling equipment for the hardworking homeowner.
This is designed with easy and tool-free bit changing. The replacement of bits does not require chuck keys. It operates with a 24-position clutch and 2-speed gearbox that allows you to get access to a various range of applications either from the comfort of your home or when in the construction site. It also has an integrated magtray for easy storage of fasteners or extra bits.


  • Has 24-position clutch for a wide range of application
  • It has a magtray for convenience storage
  • Comes with variable speed and torque
  • Easy-to-change the bit

#8. BLACK + Decker LDX120PK Black/Orange 68 Pcs 32 Screwdriver Bits Home Tool Kit

Black Decker is a cordless drill designed with a 20 Lithium battery. The battery can hold its charge for as long as 18 months. This drilling machine is ideal for various home projects, wall décor or hanging pictures, building a birdhouse, and assembling furniture. It comes with a clutch that has 11-positions. It also helps in preventing stripping and overdriving screws. This drilling machine comes with several components which include; 1 lithium battery, a charger, LDX120 driver/drill, tape measure, storage bag, a wrench, manual screwdrivers, 12-ounce hammer, utility knife, screw driving bits, magnetic holder, saws, spade bits, and drilling bits. It is important to know that this drilling machine comes with small parts which might be very hazardous to children.


  • Comes a storage bag for storage convenience
  • Designed with an easy-to-control clutch
  • Equipped with an adjustable wrench
  • Has a long-lasting battery life

#9. KIMO 3/8'' Concrete Wood Variable Speed 20 Impact Drill Set 350lbs Keyless Chuck Driver Kit

You don’t need to keep worrying about the death of your battery cells anymore because the KIMO battery has got you covered. This cordless drill/diver is designed with advanced KIMO Li-Ion Tech that has been associated with great progress. This battery produces more power and has a long-lasting run time. KIMO drills/drives have all the solutions for your drilling needs. It is designed with a 3/8 inch keyless chuck that serves as an auto-spindle lock. This will allow a quick one-hand changing with accessory compatibility. With 3-in-1 working modes, you can do impact drilling, screw drive, and drill. Additionally, it comes with a variable speed setting of 0-350rpm and 0-1359rpm.


  • Has a flexible shaft designed for tight spaces
  • Equipped with an automatic metal chuck
  • Comes with a brush head for cleaning
  • Operates with variable speed

#10. Craftsman CMCD701C2 Compatible 20V Max ½'' Versatile Cordless Drill Home Driver Kit

Craftsman is a cordless driver or drilling machine equipped with a high-performing motor. This motor generates up to 320 watts of power. This high-performance makes the drilling machine suitable for handling various applications. It is designed with a pair of speed gearboxes having a speed of 0500/01 and 800 fastening speed. It delivers an enhanced bit retention with the help of ½” ratcheting chuck. With the integration of LED lights, it becomes very convenient to use this drill in dark working areas. The drill comes included with a Lithium battery rated 20 Volts. This is a high-performance battery that has a longer runtime and enhanced performance.


  • Equipped with LED lights for visibility in darkness
  • Designed with a high-performance motor
  • Comes with Lithium battery charger
  • Has an improved bit-retention

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Home Driver Kit


The torque refers to the force applied to a surface by the drill. This force results from the twisting of the drill as it works on a surface. The nature of the surface you intend to work on will dictate the torque of the drilling machine you should buy. A hard surface such as metal and concrete needs a drilling machine with lower speed and higher torque. While soft surfaces like plastic and wood surfaces do not need many considerations. Buy a 400+ lbs. torque for a heavy-duty drilling task.


The power of a cordless drill is determined by the voltage ratings of the machine. Higher voltage ratings are equivalent to high power. Consider the nature of the work you intend to do with your cordless drill before checking the voltage. Light-duty drilling machines use 6V to 12V and are suitable for use for household purposes. Heavy-duty drills ones, usually used by professionals are rated 18V to 36V.


Different cordless drills come equipped with various speeds. Some drills are designed with the ability to control their speeds. Some operate with dual speeds while others come with a single speed setting. Dual speed models can be converted from drilling to driving. Basic cordless drills come operating with the least speed of 300 revolutions per minute. Consider advanced drills that allow adjustments of speed.


When buying a cordless drill, it is equally very important that you consider the user comfort of the machine. Consider buying a drill with the most ergonomic design. This is because some of the drilling tasks will expose you to long hours of holding your drill. If you want to be comfortable, it is recommended that you choose a drill with an equivalent size of your hand.


With the advancement in technology, newer versions of cordless drills are evolving with more ergonomic designs. It does not matter if you are buying a drill for the first time or upgrading your old drilling machine, you need to know what to look for before making a purchase. It is with great hope that this article has enlightened you on what to look for in your search for the best cordless drill.

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