The 10 Best Hair Dryers of 2024

The hairdryer has come a long way in shaping beauty dynamics. And without a good hairdryer, women’s life sounds incomplete. These beauty appliances are capable of not only making your hair dry but also offer you different hairstyles. In combination with other hair styling products, hairdryers can be used to provide a look of luminous hair. Sometimes, a hairdryer is also referred to as a blow dryer.

Searching for the best hair dryer can become troublesome since the market offers a wide range of options. Imagine how hard you might have to scout out the best model with tons of resources available. It is close to impossibility, yes? And it is for that reason that we’ve come to help you find the best blow dryers without the need to go through a myriad of options. After completing our research, we managed to distinguish the best ten hair dryers for reviews. Read along as we unravel the list for you.

#1. Dyson Supersonic Ultra-Fast Drying Lightweight & Balanced Blow Dryer Fuchsia

First off, Dyson Supersonic blow dryer protects hair against extreme heat with the quickest drying plus controlled styling that assist increase the smoothness of the hair by 75% while increasing the shine by 132%. Even further, it decreases the flyaway and frizz by up to 61%. This blow dryer has been engineered to offer a range of hairstyling. Also, it is lightweight and balanced; hence you can take anywhere. For quiet operation, this unit is acoustically tuned to produce inaudible frequency. Additionally, the negative ions help lower the static in the hair. Even in close-up styling, the surface of its attachment stays cool for a cool touch.


  • Has a small, powerful Dyson digital motor that produces high-velocity jet controlled air
  • The powerful engine operates quietly for convenience and efficient operation
  • Has precise heating and speed settings that deliver fast drying and styling
  • The ingenious heat control measures prevent extreme heat damage

#2. BabyBlissPRO Nano Titanium Heavy-Duty 2000W Lightweight 6 Heat Setting Hair Dryer

BabyBlissPRO combines speed, power, and design to offer lightweight, ergonomic handling and heavy-duty 2000 watts performance. Even better, the removable filter makes cleaning quite easy. It uses Nano Titanium technology to deliver to you smooth and shiny hair. The blue color can offer a touch of style to your home or salon. Besides, this beauty unit has received positive comments worldwide directly because it delivers professional hairstyles. Trust us, and this model will stand the test of time as you make use of it.


  • Has a powerful motor of up to 2000-watts that deliver a stellar performance
  • The cool shot button and concentrator nozzle offer a wide range of styles
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handling provides you simple operation modes
  • The removable filter makes cleaning quite easy and simple

#3. WEIERJIA Jackyshop Negative Ionic 1800W Quick Drying 3 Temperature Hair Blow Dryer

If you need a professional hairdryer that offers efficient performance, the Jackyshop brand will suit your needs. It has three heat, two speed, and one cool shot hence meet different hairstyle needs. The relaxed model of heat control suits your daily hair drying and styling. Besides, the built-in negative ions dissipate a large number of negative ions 7-times that of a standard hair blow dryer. The negative ions are the task of smoothing your hair frizz and adding shine to your hair finish.

On the other hand, the three nozzle design style your hair and bring the natural curls and waves. Furthermore, the hair dryer has an overheating protection unit and thermal disposal unit for guaranteed safety. Lastly, it is perfect for travel and home use since it comes in a portable design.


  • Comes with three heat, two speed and one cool shot settings for different hair volume
  • Has a high concentration of negative ions seven times higher than the standard models
  • Overheat protection unit with disposal thermal protecting fuse
  • It is small, lightweight and easy to carry anywhere and store
  • Built with one diffuser and two concentrator nozzles

#4. Aproca Hard Eco-Friendly Super-Protection Case Bag Fit Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (Black-Large)

Well, a more related unit to a hairdryer is a storage case that helps you store your unit when traveling on when it’s not in use. The exceptional and extraordinary model that beats its price is Aproca Hard eco-friendly storage case bag. This model suits the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Also, it has a black color that goes handy with the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Additionally, it is of high-density EVA and 1680D material for guaranteed longevity. It has a practical design, comfortable handles that offers super-easy portability. What’s more, this gear will provide you with protection against your blow dryer getting damaged or scratched caused by an accidental fall or bumping.


  • Offers super-protection against damages brought by accidental bumping
  • Made of high-density EVA & 1680D material for enhanced longevity
  • Built with a comfortable handle that makes it portable
  • Design to perfectly fit Dyson Supersonic blow dryer

#5. TREZORO Professional Ionic Powerful 2200W Ceramic Hair Dryer (Black & Rose Gold)

If you’ve waited for the time a new and advanced salon choice styling tool, then your patience has paid off, TREZORO Professional Ionic Powerful Hair Dryer is here at your disposal. The motor is way powerful, 2200 watts DC, which offers you effortless salon hairstyles. Also, the cutting edge ionic system will provide you with shiny hair always while the three heat and two speed settings make your hair look attractive. Moreover, the two professional concentrators offer quick drying and precision styling. For easy maintenance, it comes with detachable rear filters that also increase its lifespan. Finally, it has a 2.7 m salon cable well-insulated for convenient handling.


  • Built with three heat and two speed settings that style hair to look attractive
  • Comes with two professional concentrators that make your hair dry quickly
  • The enhanced 2200 watts DC motor offer effortless salon hairstyles
  • The rear filter is detachable thus offering you easy cleanup way

#6. ZoeeTree 1800W Professional Fast Drying 2 Concentrator 3 Temperature Ionic Hair Dryer

If you have been wondering how to get a salon looking hair at your home, ZoeeTree hairdryer does precisely that. It has seven- vane swept-back turbofan with 12 airflow channels to dry your hair quickly. The filter is safe with the double safety net that prevents hair from drawing into the duct. You can use it on straight, thin, short, curly, long, or thick types of hair since it has two functional concentrator nozzles. This blow dryer is flexible since it has three heat settings and two speeds to adjust to your favorite settings. You are assured of the safety of your hair dryer because it is equipped with an overheat protection device.


  • Low wave magnetic structure allows you to save energy
  • Has a U shaped heating wire to distribute heat evenly
  • Equipped with low electromagnetic to keep it safe
  • The 1800 watt AC motor has a high rotating speed
  • Heavy-duty 7 feet cord that is strong and durable

#7. Kaleep 1875W Infrared Negative Ionic AC Motor Lightweight Stylish Comb Hair Dryer (Black)

If you are looking to make a statement about your hair, then Kaleep hairdryer is here for you. It features a 1875w motor AC that produces mighty wind with less noise to dry your hair at a faster rate. The negative ion technology breaks down the water particles in your hair for more rapid evaporation to dry your hair in no time. You rest assured of the safety of your hair because the far-infrared heat penetrates the cuticles, thus distributing heat evenly. Also, the cool shot button enables you to direct cold air onto your hair to prevent dizziness. Depending on your hair needs, you can adjust three heat settings and two speeds to suit you.


  • The three attachments allow you to blow-dry different types of hair
  • Ergonomically designed making it more comfortable to hold
  • It has a powerful AC motor with an airflow of up to 90km/hr.
  • Created from high-quality matte materials that last long
  • Only weighs 0.75kg for easy transport purposes

#8. Slopehill Professional 1800W lightweight Bio-ceramic 3 Heating Modes Hair Blow Dryer

You will be amazed at the features that the Slopehill hair dryer has to offer you. Not only dries your hair, but it also makes them smooth and soft. This hair dryer is designed with 18 fan blades and a strong permanent magnet motor to blow your hair quickly. It has three attachment magnetic attachments: a styling concentrator, smoothing nozzle, and a diffuser to meet different hair needs. With three heat settings and two speeds, you can adjust this hair dryer to suit the conditions of your hair. Old and young people can use it because it has a technology that reduces noise and prevents explosion.


  • Has intelligent temperature control to prevent overheating damage
  • Has high-speed stable airflow to dry your hair at a faster rate
  • The cool shoot button enables you to lock hairstyles in place
  • Multifunctional for use on curly, straight, thick or thick hair
  • Can be folded to make it convenient to carry it with you

#9. Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Professional-Quality 3 Attachment Quick Blow Dryer (Pink)

If you are looking for a high-quality dryer that takes into consideration your budget, then the Panasonic dryer is the best choice. It has three-separate attachments: the dual airflow quick-dry nozzle, concentrator nozzle, and full-sized diffuser. The Panasonic Nanoe technology draws enough moisture from the air then infused Nanoparticles on the shaft of each hair to dry your hair without drying them out. With only a weight of 1.29 pounds, you can never feel its pressure while blow-drying your hair. If this dryer interest you, don’t hesitate to purchase it.


  • The 9-foot rotating cord that makes it easy to maneuver
  • Protects hair against damage caused by too much heat
  • Has a compact design to fit into your backpack easily
  • Has a removable filter that makes it easy to clean

#10. MHU 1875W Low Noise AC Infrared Heat Blow Dryer with 1 Concentrator & 1 Diffuser (Black)

Who has time to dry and style long hair at home? Well, you can do all this in a spark of time with MHU hairdryer. It has two attachments: the diffuser for curly hair and concentrator for straight hair. This hair dryer produces far-infrared light that gently heats the cuticle of the hair, leaving it shining. In case of any hot spots and burns, it emits cooler air as it dries your hair. With two speeds and three heat settings, you can control the airflow and heat for the best results. The 1875 watt AC motor makes currents more stable, thus low noise and vibrations. You are always safe using this hair dryer because the 9 feet cord is made heatproof.


  • Designed from super-quality materials that last long
  • Made lightweight to ease drying hair operations
  • Ergonomically for a secure and comfortable grip
  • The professional hook makes storage simpler
  • Has removable lint filter that is easy to clean

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Hair Dryer

Heating Power

Well, the power of any blow dryer is determined by the power rated in watts. If you use in commercial environments like in the saloon, you must go for a higher wattage blow dryer. On average, hairdryers come with 2000 watts. Choose the one that goes handy with your needs.

Cool Shot Button

In case you wish to keep your hair looking shining the whole day, it is prudent to shop for a hairdryer with a cool shot button.


For those who might need curly hairs, a blow dryer having a diffuser as an attachment is suitable. On the other hand, if you expect to have hair with a straight and smooth look, then your dryer should have a nozzle. The more attachments a blow dryer comes with, the pricier it becomes.

Ceramic & Tourmaline

This combination of factors has to do with keeping your hair healthy and smooth all along. In simple words, ceramic technology spread the heat evenly on your hair while the tourmaline is an essential mineral that aid in smoothing your hair.


Although a blow dryer is often used in salons and homes, it is worth noting that frequent use might damage your hair by weakening them. But that doesn’t hinder you from using it; actually, you should follow instructions and regulate the heat correctly. It’s safer when used 15 cm in your hair. That said, we have tailored our list, and if you have searched most websites in vain, we are here to offer you exceptional and trusted hair dryers of the time. Trust us, and you acquire a blow dryer without spending a fortune, not to mention their high-quality. Unlike other selections in the market, our incredible ten choices are high-end and functional. Give a try now!

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