Top 10 Best Guillotine Paper Cutters in 2021 Reviews

A guillotine is named after a medieval instrument that delivers quick death. Its sharpness indeed delivers the quickest cuts like never before to save you time. More than that, its accuracy allows you to cut through your projects, cards, papers, photos, and other items. This tool turns the most tedious tasks into comfortable operations. Aside from that, it’ll save you tons of hours that you’d spend cutting otherwise. They can be used in schools, offices, studios, homes, among other places.

There’s a wide range of options currently available in the market; as such, making a direct selection becomes a nightmare. That notwithstanding, we’ve done the homework for you. In this post, we look into the top 10 best guillotine paper cutters in reviews. At the tail end of this article, we’ve taken you through a precise buyer’s guide.

With the outline out of the way, let’s now proceed with the reviews!

#1. Flexzion 12'' A4 Heavy-Duty Scrapbooking Metal Base 400 Sheet Capacity Guillotine Paper Cutter

Are you looking for a high-quality guillotine paper cutter? Look no further than the Flexzion model. Its steel is designed from high-quality hardened steel that lasts long. It’s ideal for cutting A4 sized papers and cards into smaller sizes for different purposes. With the firm clumping system and adjustable side, you rest assured of clean straight cuts. This makes it ideal for offices, printing houses, churches, businesses, schools, and other places.


  • Prevents unnecessary cuts with the easy lock safety lever
  • Has adjustable paper clump that eliminates any shifts
  • The surface is coated to avoid any scratches
  • It’s durable and reliable

#2. HFS R Heavy-Duty 12'' Adjustable Paper Clamp Hardened Steel Cutting Blade Guillotine Paper Cutter

If you’re looking for a more convenient guillotine paper cutter, the HFS brand is ideal in the market. It is equipped with a movable fence that allows you to multiple stacks of papers at the same length to save your time. The hardened steel blade is sharpened and can be easily replaced for more precise cuts. You can quickly measure rough cuts because it has rulers printed on the cutter base, which makes it ideal for cutting postcards and half-page flyers. Finally, it’s designed from high-grade steel materials that last.


  • Blade holders make it easier to store old and new blades
  • Requires less cutting effort the unique hinge system
  • The handle can be easily removed to ease storage
  • Has rubber feet to prevent it from sliding

#3. Swingline ClassicCut Ingenito 15 Sheet Capacity 15'' Cut Length Trimmer Guillotine Paper Cutter

Do you need to cut any delicate tissues or photos? It’s easier to use the Swingline guillotine paper cutter. This unit has a stronger trimmer that allows you to cut up to 15 sheets of paper. It’s designed from heavy-duty steel components that assure you of longevity. Besides, it features a cutting length of about 15 inches, making it ideal for working on a wide range of creative projects. The alignment grid and dual scale ruler ensures precise cuttings with the visible markings.


  • The ruler is marked in centimeters and inches for ideal cuts
  • Steel tension springs keep the blade in place
  • It’s equipped with a protective guard rail
  • Offer safe and stable operations

#4. X-Acto Heavy-Duty Square 15 x 15 Commercial Grade Guillotine Paper Cutter Up to 20 Sheet at Once

When it comes to a more stable paper cutting machine, the X-Acto guillotine paper cutter is at your disposal. It is equipped with a solid base that allows you to operate cutting operations most stably. This commercial paper trimmer can cut 10 to 15 sheets of paper while saving your cutting time. Not only can it be used in cutting papers but also photographs, films, and more. With the perpetual edge self-sharpening system, the blade remains sharp at all times for convenient cutting operations. The reduced-edge profiles allow you to make awkward sizes and shapes of the papers easily.


  • Has grid on the base for correct orientation and measurement
  • Equipped with hardened steel for clean and straight cuts
  • Ensures high volume cuts with the wide solid base
  • The safety guard keeps your fingers from any cuts

#5. Dahle 40018-12568 ½'' Gridlines 18e Vantage Paper Trimmer 18'' Cut Length Guillotine Paper Cutter

For a more versatile guillotine paper cutter, Dahle is a perfect choice for you. It can be used by artists, photographers, crafters, students, office professionals, scrapbooks, crafters, and more. It has a machine ground that is very sharp to allow you to cut the thinnest film of sheets for accurate cuts. The automatic clam offers you firmer solutions and even pressure to avoid any paper sheets. With the metal base, you rest assured of sturdier operations. It has marked metrics and angled guides that help you in alignment with more precise cuts. This makes it an ideal choice for offices, schools, and homes.


  • Has a spring action handle that prevents unexpected falls
  • The adjustable backstops ensure accurate repetitive cuts
  • Equipped with non-skid feet that prevent slipping
  • It’s lightweight for convenience movement

#6. Homdox 18'' Cut-Length Trimmer A3 Guillotine Paper Cutter Blade Gridded Photo Craft Machine

Whether you need a single sheet or twelve sheets at the same time, the Homdox guillotine paper cutter is your ultimate solution. It has an alignment grid and dual scale ruler that ensures precise measurements for straight cuts. You rest assured of a long-lasting unit because it’s constructed from high-grade steel, plastic, and wooden materials. With a weight of 5.94 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. The blades and the metal base are made sturdy to ensure that you can make the most accurate and straight cuts.


  • Can be used to cut photos, papers, cards, pictures and so on
  • Ideal for use in offices, printing shops, schools and more
  • The arm hook locks it into place when not in use
  • Ergonomic to ensure comfortable operations

#7. Swingline ClassicC ut9312 12'' Lite Trimmer 10 Sheet Length Capacity Guillotine Paper Cutter

You can now perform your trimming and cutting tasks efficiently with the SWINGLINE guillotine paper cutter. Also, it weighs 2.3 pounds for convenience. Even better, it’s equipped with a sharp guillotine blade and an alignment grid. The built-in sturdy plastic base allows the cutting of materials in a more stable way. With a cutting length of 12 inches, it is ideal for use at homes, offices, schools, and other places. This little trimmer can cut through photos, papers, or ten sheets at the same time. Moreover, the dual scale ruler is marked in inches and centimeters to allow you to measure accurately.


  • The guard rails keep your finger safe from the blade
  • Blade latch hook keeps in place when not in use
  • This unit is durable and reliable
  • It takes less storage space

#8. Fiskars Widest Base 6 ¼'' 152490-1004 12'' SureCut Deluxe Craft Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Fiskars guillotine paper cutter is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your cutting needs. You are assured of accurate cuts with the high profile blade carriage and surecut wire cutline. Additionally, it only weighs 1.2 pounds making it easier to move. You can’t only use it for cutting papers but also photos, specialty materials, scrapbook pages, etc. With the wider base, you can now cut through cards easily.


  • The ruler is easier to read for convenient operations
  • Sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations
  • It offers smoother operation
  • Blades are more durable

#9. WORKLION Portable Small Paper Cutter for Card, Origami, Coupon, Cardstock, & Laminated Paper

If you’re looking for a lightweight guillotine paper cutter, this unit from WORKLION is a great pick. It weighs 7 ounces, making it easier for you to carry it. This unit has a useful design and stylish appearance that makes it an essential tool for your studio, school, office, and home. The round sponge mats at the bottom of the cutter prevent sliding while cutting your papers. With the twelve-inch cutting board, you can cut a variety of size papers such as A4 and A5. Its mini-blade is precisely sharp and durable for a convenient cutting process.


  • Ideal for use by beginners because it is easier to operate
  • The blade is so sharp to cut any size of a paper
  • Its hidden blade design for safer operations
  • It’s marked and orientated

#10. LETION 12'' A4 Trimmer Titanium Cutter w/Automatic Guillotine for Craft Paper & Photo (Black)

If you want to achieve perfect straight cuts, you need LETION guillotine paper cutter. It has a maximum width of 31cm, which allows you to cut A4, A5, and A6 paper sizes. It’s designed from high-grade plastic and alloy components to guarantee durability. With only a weight of 380 grams, you can easily carry it to perform trimming operations. You can use it to cut papers, labels, photos in your office or home. Besides that, you can use it for mixed projects because it can cut up to 12 papers of paper simultaneously.


  • Has a safe pressing design to avoid unnecessary presses
  • Ideal for kids for use during school and home projects
  • Super accurate to ensure precise cutting results
  • It’s made of quality materials

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Guillotine Paper Cutter

Read through the below factors to be in the right position of purchasing the best choice guillotine paper cutter.


This is one of the prime considerations. It should be made of quality materials for longevity. Most of these units are designed from wood, metal, and plastic components that last longer. It should also have a quality finish to prevent any scratches or damages while transporting it. A quality unit helps to save your costs since it helps to minimize frequent replacements.

The sharpness of the blade

The blade should be very sharp to ensure precise and accurate cuts. This helps to cut through thicker papers, photos, scrapbook pages, and so on without facing any difficulty. Additionally, it can cut through 10 sheets of paper at its maximum and with so much ease. Dull blades can cause wrong cuts and tend to break easily. These blades should as well be easy to be replaced to keep them sharp at all times.

Ease of use

A paper cutter should be easy to use since you might need to cut papers during the agent period, and you are required to cut through a lot of papers. Therefore, it should take much effort in performing such tasks. The presence of an alignment grip and the dual scale ruler allows you to achieve precise cuts with no errors.


Cutting machines should always be safer to avoid cutting your fingers. They should be equipped with safety features such as safety guards that keep your fingers safe during your cutting operations. The presence of an arm hook also helps lock in place when not in use to avoid accidents. Also, the non-skid feet help to maintain stable operation free from any sliding.


Whether it is all about DIY or school projects involving cardstock, a large number of sheets, or designing invitation cards, you are unlikely to go wrong with the above ten products. All the brands offer peace of mind because they’re reliable, durable, quality, etc. They tend to vary in smaller details with different price points and uses, but they offer the best cutting operations. Make sure you keep the above points in mind, and you are likely to end up with a durable, easy to use and long-lasting guillotine paper cutter. Have fun shopping!

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