The 10 Best Electric Toothbrush of 2024

We’re certain that you’ve heard about an electric toothbrush but have you ever taken a step of embracing it in your daily life? Well, this article is about to offer you some tips and some best electric toothbrush of this century. But first, what is the main difference between the normal toothbrush and these electric units? Fine, an electric toothbrush works perfectly and efficiently to deliver you healthy teeth all the time. And also, it’s a great tool for maintaining teeth hygiene. Needless to say, you keep the dentist away.

That said, we want to cut your research into a set of ten electric toothbrushes for 2020 reviews. You wouldn’t have to sift through the wide market anymore. Our selections have been achieved after a thorough consultation with many dentists. We have not only offered you the best products but also added a buyer’s guide that will help you make a well-informed decision. So, let’s get started

#1. Oral-B Black Pro 1000 Power Powered by Braun Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

The first unit on our list is Oral B electric toothbrush. The unit removes 100% of plaque and prevents gingivitis. Also, it has a 2-minute built-in-sensor that notifies you when to change your area of brushing. Its bristles are angled at 16° to clean the deeper parts of your teeth. This toothbrush also has one cleaning mode that removes all the plaque on your teeth. Besides, the 8000 oscillations per minute and 20000 pulsations per minute, leaves your teeth sparkly. So, give your try this choice for your dental needs.


  • Has a charger for recharging your toothbrush when it runs low
  • Has a charge indicator light that notifies when it’s full or low
  • Easily packs into your travel bag as weighs only 21 ounces
  • Gives a floss-like cleanup that protects your gums

#2. Fairywill Sonic Rechargeable 4 Replacement Heads 2 Minutes Timer Electric Toothbrush

A safe brushing experience is a reality with the use of Fairywill electric toothbrush. The equipment has 3 different cleaning modes for different gums. Besides, it has a vibration 40000 strokes in a minute for a thorough cleanup leaving your teeth as white as snow. The interval pauses of 30 seconds allow you to change your cleaning areas to ensure that you clean all the parts. You have this toothbrush as a traveling partner because it is portable. The 4 head brushes allow you to change your brush head when the need arises.


  • Waterproof making it suitable to be used when in the shower
  • Longer battery usage time to avoid charging all the time
  • Has a low battery reminder to notify you to recharge
  • W-shaped head design to clean the deeper areas
  • A 4-hour charge assures you of a 30 days usage

#3. Philips Sonicare 5100 Rechargeable Black HX6850/60 Protective Clean Electric Toothbrush

Teeth cleaning experience is comfortable and friendly if you adopt the use of Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush. The bristles are of high-quality and are heavily packed to remove all plague in your gums leaving your teeth 100% clean. In addition to that, this brush has different cleaning modes including; clean, white and gum care modes. For that reason, it can suit even the most sensitive teeth. And you are assured of the best teeth cleaning always. The high-speed vibrations handle 31,000 brush strokes in just a minute for high-efficiency. This is a worthwhile item to purchase.


  • The curved powerpoint ease the brushing of deep sections of your mouth
  • The compact charging base allows you to charge your toothbrush anytime
  • The travel case allows you to store your toothbrush safe while traveling
  • Has a built-in sensor that detects your brushing extend
  • Can be used for about two weeks when fully recharged

#4. I/M Xiaomi Mi 31000 Times/ Min Metal-Free 3 Cleaning Modes Electric Toothbrush

Do you have sensitive teeth and not sure about the brush to acquire? Worry no more because with I/M electric toothbrush, your needs are well-cared for. The brush weighs less than a kilogram for easy portability. Moreover, it has 3 different cleaning modes to suit your personal oral needs. With the vibration of 31000 times per minute and a torque output of 230gf/cm, you are assured of very clean teeth. The bristles are of high-quality as it keeps your gums safe any sort of scratches. Also, the brush head is of high-density metal-free materials that do not rust and environment-friendly.


  • The app can be connected via Bluetooth to suit your needs
  • Made from healthy materials that do not cause any harm
  • 6 built-in- sensors that discover your brushing gesture
  • The gentle mode keeps your gums safe while brushing
  • Can be used for 18 days when fully recharged

#5. Sboly 2 Sonic 8 Brush Heads USB Fast Charging Smart Timer 5 Modes Electric Toothbrush

Are you searching for a high-quality toothbrush at an affordable price? Look no further than Sboly electric toothbrush. This unit comes with varied cleaning modes including white, clean, sensitive, massage and polish modes. Aside from that, it cleans your teeth at a speed of 40000 strokes per minute removing all the stains on your teeth. Also, it has a USB port that allows you to charge it from a power bank or a computer. And it comes as a set with 2 pieces, 8 brush heads, and 2-pointy picks thus your whole family can use them. When fully charged, it can be used for 30 days without running low.


  • Can be packed into a travel bag as it is lightweight
  • Waterproof thus you can use them in the shower
  • Small heads to reach all corners of your mouth
  • Gentle bristles for an effective cleaning
  • Has a built-in timer with auto shut off

#6. ELLESYE ATMOKO 40,000 VPM Motor 5 Modes Wireless Charging Power Whitening Toothbrush

Try this phenomenal electric toothbrush by ELLESYE and you’ll never regret it. This genuine unit comes with 6 replacement brush heads that can be replaced after 3 months of use. And also it produces 40,000 vibrations per minute to clean the deepest part of teeth. The battery of this brush can be fully recharged for 15 hours and can be used for about 3 weeks. The adult interval pause of 30 seconds allows you to change your brushing area. You ought to replace your brush head when indicator bristles fade away. Furthermore, it has 5 performance modes including; clean, white, soft, massage and polish modes that meet different needs.


  • Super powerful bristles that get rid of any debris left on your teeth
  • The polish mode gets rid of surface stains and brightens your dental
  • Has a fast wireless charging that quickly charges your toothbrush
  • Hardshell travel case for keeping your brush as you travel
  • Operates silently while you clean your teeth

#7. Aquasonic Motor 8 DuPont Brush Heads VIBE Series Ultra-Whitening Electric Toothbrush

Aquasonic electric toothbrush is innovatively designed to offer you stylish teeth brushing. The tool comes with 8 brush heads for replacements for 2 years. When this toothbrush is fully charged, it can be used for a month without running low. The travel case allows you to charge your toothbrush and travel with it. Lastly, it has 4 distinct cleaning modes: standard clean, whiten, soft and massage mode to suit your current oral needs. You’ll love this unit if you are mostly disturbed by the models that produce a lot of noise while you brush. Also, it is an affordable machine that can match your fix budget.


  • The ultra-powerful motor removes all the debris in your teeth
  • Has a sleek ultra-thin design to save space on your travel bag
  • The safe travel case that is made of BPA free plastic materials
  • Turns itself off after stopping 4 times at the interval of the 30s
  • Ultra-modern charcoal metallic handle for a good grip

#8. HIEIE IPX7 Waterproof 5 Brushing Modes 2 Minutes Timer USB Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Healthier gums is always an assurance of healthier teeth and a cute smile. And that is what you’ll get by using HIEIE electric toothbrush. This lightweight toothbrush cleans at a rate of 38000 strokes in a minute leaving your teeth white and clean. The high-quality bristles clean your teeth and gums without any injury. Also, it has 5 cleaning modes and 3 strength options for you to enjoy 15 dental beauty treatments. The charging base allows for faster and safer charging time. When you fully recharge its battery you are assured of 1 full month usage time.


  • The built-in timer reminds you to change your cleaning area
  • Has soft bristles that are safe for your gums and your teeth
  • It only requires 10 hours for its battery to fully recharged
  • Spacious travel enough to accommodate 2 brush heads
  • Has an intelligent memory to avoid switching modes

#9. KIPOZI 508 5 Brushing Modes Built-in Timer USB Fast Charging Waterproof Electric Toothbrush

KIPOZI electric toothbrush is the oral care equipment that will deliver clean teeth every day. The brush adopts the sonic cleaning technology which offers you more clean teeth than the manual toothbrush. Also, it is a unit that keeps your teeth healthier and stronger. Built with 5 high-precision cleaning modes including white, sensitive, massage, polish and clean modes to offer different cleaning needs. Besides, it is built with 2 minutes auto-timer with an interval of the 30s in every dental quarter. Furthermore, the waterproof nature makes it be used directly in water. What’s more, it is charged through a USB cable, which is efficient and universal.


  • Sonic vibration offers 40,000 strokes/ Min removing more stains than a normal brush
  • Has 5 cleaning modes including; white, clean, polish, sensitive and massage mode
  • Uses USB ports for charging making it convenient to be used at home or traveling
  • The package includes three replacement heads with tooth-waved bristles
  • Has DuPont toothbrush head that offers deep teeth cleaning

#10. SOOCAS Cordless Rechargeable Sonic 4 Cleaning Modes Smart Timer Electric Toothbrush for Adults

The most sophisticated electric toothbrush on our list is this electric unit by SOOCAS. The brush uses sonic technology to clean teeth with up to 37,200 strokes/ Min, thus effectively removing up to 7 times plaque than the generic toothbrush. The lasting and strong swing from its motor delivers you deep cleaning. Also, the electric brush doesn’t produce a lot of noise thus offering comfortable teeth brushing experience. Besides, it comes with a convenient USB charger plus the whole part of this brush is IPX7 waterproof. What’s more, it comes with three colors, white, black and pink at your disposal.


  • It is quick to disassemble & assemble and offer personalized functionality
  • The motor brushes with low noise production for comfortable brushing
  • Uses sonic technology with strong power stroking 37,200 per minute
  • The intelligent Bluetooth app that records your brushing routine
  • Convenient with portable USB charging & fully washable
  • Convenient with portable USB charging & fully washable

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Electric Toothbrush


First off, it is prudent to consider the availability of the timer because it will offer you a precise brushing time. With that respect, consider that timer that can offer at most 2 minutes cleaning time. Within that duration, the brushing should do each dental quarter with seconds to offer even teeth cleaning. For that reason, the brush should also come with an alert tone that notifies you to shift to the next dental quarter.

Cleaning Modes

The main cleaning modes these units mostly come with are standard and deep cleaning modes. Although other sophisticated models come with other unique modes that can brush sensitive teeth or tongue. If you have sensitive teeth and you’re not sure about this, it’s important to consult a dentist.

Brush Head Replacement

While checking for your consideration, don’t forget to see if the unit you choose offers replacement heads. That will offer you durable performance and guaranteed durability. Dentist recommendation suggests that you should make ahead replacement after every three months. The main reason being the continuous use of one head offers poor performance.

Battery Life

The extent to which the battery will serve is also important. For that case, a brush with a rechargeable battery is good because you can make replacement with ease. Also, it should have a USB port and a cable for easy charging. And for that reason, the list above includes equipment with rechargeable and durable batteries.


We’re confident that you have what it takes to keep the dentist away. You shouldn’t break the bank to get an electric toothbrush. Our tailored list consists of an affordable toothbrush that is also effective and efficient. Everything else is left for you, select one of the above reputable electric toothbrushes with confidence. And by doing that, we can assure you that you’ll get the best of the best brush you’ve yearned for. Besides, the buyer’s guide will instill courage and certainty during your shopping. So, why don’t you give a try one of the above powerful units? Our suggestions are nothing but the best!

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