Top 10 Best Digital Bathroom Scales in 2021 Reviews

People have different reasons for investing in a digital bathroom weighing scale; however, whether you intend to maintain weight, gain weight or lose weight, accuracy is fundamental. And with improved technology, the scales available in the market can track beyond your weight. The sophisticated models in the market can offer you other helpful health stats, including bone density, body fat, and water percentage in your body. These machines are a must-have unit if you’re trying to monitor your workout progress or diet.

As we pointed out earlier, not all bathroom scales offer you accurate results; therefore, before committing your funds to a particular model, you need to ascertain its accuracy. While it may not be practical to do this, we went out of our ways and tested the most reliable and reputable brands. And out of the research, we managed to get the top 10 best digital bathroom weighing scales.

That said, the fruits of our labor are at your disposal!

#1. RENPHO 396 lbs Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale w/Smartphone App (Black)

What are your health and fitness goals? You can achieve all that with Renpho digital bathroom weighing bathroom scale. This item helps you track your body fat, BMI, body fat, protein, metabolic age, visceral fat, and many more. You can easily track all this through the Renpho app through a Bluetooth connection. It gives you an overview of your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to keep you aware at all times. With the electrodes and high sensitivity sensors, you rest assured of more precise and accurate measurements. This makes it an ideal gift for your loved one during this holiday season.


  • Gives accurate 13 essential measurements for great records
  • Supports a maximum user capacity of up to 396 pounds
  • Only weighs 2.86 pounds thus easier to carry around
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last long

#2. SMARTCARE SCO181 Glass Top Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weighing Scale (Black)

Are you looking for a lightweight digital bathroom weighing scales? Look no further than SmartCare digital bathroom weighing scales. It only weighs 3.79 pounds, yet it can support a maximum user capacity of up to 180kg. The tempered glass platform is well designed to help different people with different feet sizes. This platform is made slip-resistant, and rust-resistant making it ideal for bathrooms and assures you of longer usage life. Moreover, it has precision strain gauge sensors, making it perfect when a heavier weight stands on it. With the battery level indicator, you are alerted when your battery is running low.


  • Has an overload indicator to notify you of more weight
  • The LCD is very clear thus easier to read and use
  • Lightweight making it easier to carry from place to place
  • Requires 2AAA batteries to power on

#3. 1 BY ONE ZOETOUCH Wireless BMI Digital Body Bathroom Weight Scale (Black)

You can now monitor your health goals and progress more efficiently with ONEBYONE digital bathroom weighing scales. It allows you to track eight essential measurements such as BMI, BBR, body weight, bone mass, visceral fats, water, body fats, and many more. You don’t need to turn on the switch because you get instant readout the moment you step on the scale. Additionally, it has four sensors that work together with the latest technology to support a maximum user capacity of up to 400lbs. Moreover, it only weighs 2.65lbs; thus, you can carry it from one place to another to keep track of your body weight.


  • Easy to use and allows you to monitor your body at all times
  • Accurate thus offers you consistent and real results
  • Powered by 3AAA batteries that last long
  • Tempered glass supports more weight

#4. EatSmart One-Size Clear Digital Weighing Bathroom Scale w/ Tape Measure & Lighted Display

Do you need to track your weight loss more quickly and easily? You can do it with EatSmart products digital bathroom weighing scales. With only a weight of 4.24 pounds, it is strong enough to support a maximum user capacity of up to 400 pounds. It has four high precision sensors that assure you of consistent and accurate measurements of up to 180kg. The 8mm tempered glass is well designed to prevent you from slipping while checking on your weight.


  • Comes with a well-instructed manual for easy assembly
  • Easy to use thus ideal for both beginners and athletes
  • Ensures safe and sturdy use with the sturdy base
  • Has an extra-large LCD that is easier to read

#5. Etekcity Stepon Digital Body Tape Measure Weight Bathroom Scale (Elegant Black)

Etekcity weighing scale is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. This unit gives you instant reading when you step on the scale; thus, you do require any turning on of the switch. The four precision sensors give you accurate measurements up to 0.1lb graduation. It has a large platform that can support different users with different feet sizes. You can easily view and check on your measurement results on the pristine backlit LCD. Additionally, it has antiskid padding that keeps you more stable in slippery surfaces.


  • Has a slim modern design thus takes less storage space
  • The tempered glass is sturdy to keep you stable always
  • Comes with batteries to allow for an immediate use
  • Strong enough to support a weight of up to 400lbs

#6. Triomph 10 Users 400 lbs Digital Bathroom Weighing Scales Analyzer w/Backlit LCD (Black)

If you’re looking for a high-quality digital bathroom weighing scales, this model from Triomph is an ideal choice. The surface is designed from high-grade tempered glass, whereas its base is of ABS plastic materials that are strong and durable. It has slip guards at the bottom that keep this unit in place to avoid sliding. Additionally, you can read your measurements immediately when you step on the scale since it is displayed visibly on the large LCD. This scale is also equipped with four sensors that give precise and accurate readings down to 0.1kg graduation.


  • Allows you to track BMI, body weight and body fat
  • 4 AAA batteries are pre-installed inside this unit
  • The LCD lights up the moment you step on it
  • Scale can recognize your past stored readings

#7. 1BYONE Digital Body Tape Measure ZOERTOUCH 400 Pounds Weight Body Bathroom Scale

When it comes to a slimmer and compact digital bathroom weighing scales, this brand from 1BYONE is a great pick. Its LED display is well lit with large digitals to allow you to read on your measurements without facing any difficulty. The rounded corners make this unit look slimmer and sleek to save you on storage space. You are assured of reliable and accurate results because it is equipped with four high sensitivity weight sensors. Additionally, you can download the 1BYONE health app to allow you to monitor your progress at any time in any place. You can also track your progress on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis depending on your needs.


  • The unique cloud storage functions safely save all your data
  • Has a 6mm tempered glass that remains sturdy at all times
  • Comes with 6AAA batteries to allow you to power it
  • Well designed to support a weight of 400 pounds

#8. SMARTAKE 400 Pounds Tempered SmartTake Precision Digital Bathroom Weighing Scale (Black)

You have more than enough reasons to try out this durable digital bathroom weighing scale from Smartake. It was constructed from high-grade tempered glass with a thickness of 1.5 inches to support various users. Its surface is waterproof to keep you safe from slipping off during wet conditions. The large LCD backlit assures you of accurate and easy to read measurements. With four high precision sensors, your measurements will be more reliable with an accuracy resolution of 0.09kg. You do not require any switching on the unit because it automatically shows the results when you step on it.


  • The grinding edges are well designed to avoid any accidents
  • Equipped with a waterproof surface that is easy to clean
  • You can quickly turn on this unit from the bottom button
  • Has a sleek design thus saves you in storage space

#9. Etekcity 400 Pounds Large Blue LCD Backlight 6mm Tempered Glass Digital Bathroom Scale

Staying fit and healthy is a hard task without Eteckcity digital bathroom weighing scales. The tempered glass platform is well designed to withstand heavier weights of 400lbs. This platform also has an auto on and off feature that ensures a maximum battery life and more convenience. With the large LCD and digitals, you can now check on the measurements more visibly to allow you to track your progress. Furthermore, it has four inbuilt, highly sensitive sensors that deliver the most precise results with 0.1kg accuracy. Assembly is a pretty more straightforward task since it comes with a well-instructed manual.


  • Weighs less, therefore, easier to carry from place to place
  • You only need to step on the scale thus easier to use
  • Has a low battery indicator for notification purposes
  • Lasts longer because it has a sleek and robust design

#10. Bucanim 396 Weight Capacity Digital Bathroom Weight Scale w/Temperature Function

Never worry about longer assembly time because Bucanim digital bathroom weighing scales has the easiest setup. You don’t need any tiring assembly because all you need to do is to step on the scale and read on the measurements. It has an elegant black surface made of high-quality tempered glass that lasts longer—the four latest version high precision sensors give you consistent and accurate measurements at all times. You rest assured of maintaining your floors safe from scratching since it is equipped with four non-slip pads. One extra padding is packed with an extra gift for more convenience.


  • Highly visible LCD allows you to read your measurements
  • The tempered glass is resistant to any form of shatters
  • Easy to use with the step-on technology that it uses
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Digital Bathroom Weighing Scale

Before paying for any particular digital bathroom scale, you may want to consider the following factors.


Before you can seal a deal with any of the scales, it’s imperative to consider the machine’s accuracy level. That’s tied with the brand you choose. In that case, you need to settle with a model with a reputation in the market for accuracy and quick response. Using an accurate bathroom weighing scale assures you of up to date readings.

Ease of Use

When searching for the best weighing scale, it’s paramount to consider the ease of use. The display should be bright with LCD lighting. If it connected with smartphones through the app, it shouldn’t offer you a problem while connecting. If possible, opt for a model with step-on technology to make switching on and off easier.

Type of Bathroom Scales

There’re different bathroom scales currently found in the market, and it’s upon you to choose the type that best suits you. Some of the common kinds include; Body fat scales, digital scales, and mechanical scales. The models we’ve reviewed are mostly digital scales that offer body fat measurements as well.


Price comes as the last factor to consider before it matters when you’re sure with all the other factors. In terms of price, we’ve reviewed low-priced scales in a wide range of prices. You’ll not miss finding the model that works according to your needs. For instance, we’ve reviewed from least to high price range but can still meet your market demands.


We’ve finally come to the end of this involving review. If you weren’t sure about the scale to purchase, you’re now up to speed with this post. If you work out daily and need to track your progress, a digital bathroom weighing scales is a must-have device in your home. You’ll always know when to pull up the socks or when it’s time to take a break. Besides, a weighing scale is portable, and you can use it on the go.

We’ve done more than enough work relating to the best weighing scales; therefore, don’t bother yourself searching endlessly for what may not bear fruits. Before we compiled the list, we checked their reputation and quality. Indeed, they offer unmatched services. You can further check on the customer review for each product to rest assured of the model you’re about to buy.

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