Top 10 Best Cordless Tire Inflators in 2021 Reviews

The last thing you can expect when you’re in the middle of a trip or journey is a flat tire; however, it occurs now and then. Even though we always hope that it never happens to us, it certainly will at one time in our lives. And to stay ahead of any eventuality, you’re going to need the best cordless tire inflator. The absence of a spare tire in your vehicle can leave you stranded on the roadside. Fortunately, you’ve options. So, how do you ensure you pick the best cordless tire inflator?

Indeed, the tire inflator market is highly saturated, and pinpointing at the best choice isn’t a simple task. But worry less, we have your back. This review will help you in choosing the top-ranked cordless tire inflator. Plus, we’ll offer you a quick buyer’s guide to keep you in line as you try to select the best choice. Let’s hit the trail!

#1. CRAFTSMAN 6 Gallon Pancake Oil-Free CMEC6150K W/13 Pcs Accessory Kit Air Compressor

This brand of cordless inflator is equipped with an air compressor that has a holding capacity of up to 6 gallons that store the air. It is designed with an ease to maintain an oil-free pump that has a longer lifespan and does not require any form of maintenance. The pump has a light body design that enhances its portability. The pump is easy to start even in cold weather. It delivers up to a maximum of 150 PSI that ensures adequate pressure supply for different uses. This compressor has a quicker recovery time with the help of 2.6 SCFM, each with 90 PSI. Additionally, the compressor comes with 13 accessories for different uses.


  • Dual couplers that allow two users
  • Has a storage capacity of 6 gallons
  • Easy to start even in cold weather
  • Comes with 13 accessories
  • Oil-free and highly durable

#2. DEWALT 20V DCC020IB Three Power Sources LED Light 110V Max Cordless Tire Inflator

DEWALT inflator is a versatile tire inflator that can be powered using three different power sources. These power sources could be 12 volt DC battery, 110 volts AC source, or 20 volts max battery. This 20 volts maximum air inflator can either be cordless or corded. It is suitable for use in a garage or emergencies during traveling. This tire inflator is designed with a durable high-pressure hose made of rubber material. It is equipped with an onboard-accessories and a threaded chuck that makes it possible to carry different tires and balls. Also, it is fitted with a digital gauge and LED lights that allow ease of pressure settings.


  • Has high modes of inflation and deflation
  • Has a convenient accessory for storage
  • Fitted with LED lights for illumination
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle
  • Equipped with automatic shutoff

#3. Makita DMP180ZX 120 PSI Capability Lithium-Ion 18V LXT Cordless Tire Inflator, Tool Only

Makita 18 volt LXT is a suitable tire inflator suitable for inflating bicycle tires, car tires, or sporting balls. This inflator is designed with a powerful and durable motor that delivers up a maximum of 120 PSI. It is equipped with a pressure gauge system that has LED lighting for ease of visibility. Additionally, it has an in-built timer with an auto-shutoff function. This tire inflator is designed to have a small and compact body style that makes it easy to carry or store. Lithium-ion batteries power it with 18 volts. These batteries also have a slide style, faster in charging, and useful for longer hours.


  • Fitted with a powerful motor that delivers up to 120 PSI
  • Suitable inflation of balls, bicycles tires among others
  • Programed with an auto-stop function
  • Has an ergonomic handle design
  • Equipped an LED display unit

#4. Fansmart Cordless Portable Tire Inflator w/Digital LED Lights & 2000Mah for Suitable for Car

This cordless air compressor is designed to help you eliminate leg or hand inflation that makes you so exhausted. This cordless inflator uses a rechargeable battery rated 2000mAh. This enables the pump to deliver fast inflation of the tire. Its inflation rate is twice much quicker than the rate of inflation in a standard handheld air compressor. This portable inflator is equipped with an LED control panel that makes it possible to be used even at night. The power display unit allows you to preset the pressure to suit your needs. Additionally, after the inflator to your desired unit, the auto-shut timer will automatically switch the pump.


  • It has an auto-shut function on reaching the desired pressure
  • It has five pre-programmed inflation modes
  • Designed with an LED display panel
  • Equipped with up to converters
  • It uses a rechargeable battery.

#5. CRAFTSMAN CMCE520B Red V20 Inflator Tool Only 3-Power Source w/Digital PSI Gauge

This brand of cordless inflator is a versatile inflating machine that uses three power sources. This feature gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose whichever Source of power you decide to go for. It can use a 20 V battery, 12 V car battery, or an AC plug on the wall. This cordless inflator can perform inflation duties ranging from automobile tires to air mattresses. It is equipped with an automatic shut off function that allows you to program the inflator to your PSI level and carry on with other things. Additionally, it is equipped with a digital display unit that allows easy monitoring of pressure gauges.


  • It has High volume and pressure output
  • Designed with three modes of power
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Its inflation capacity 160 PSI
  • Has a digital gauging unit

#6. Oasser P1S 2000mAh 12V ACDC 120 PSI 20L/Min Air Compressor Portable Air Inflator

Are you looking for a portable cordless tire inflator? Look no further than Oasser cordless air inflator. With only a weight of 600 grams, you can easily carry it while traveling for more convenience. It has a built-in battery protection device that allows you to protect your device against low voltage. The 8 LED light beads will enable you to inflate your tires during emergency night periods quickly. Besides, the LCD digital display has a backlight that makes it easier to read the digitals while pumping. Even better, it has a maximum air pressure of 120psi, which makes it suitable for inflating motorcycles, balls, bicycles, swimming rings, and many other inflatables.


  • Saves your time since it inflates tires at a faster rate
  • The motor operates quietly to avoid disturbances
  • Remembers the previous settings for easier use
  • Battery driven thus requires no tangling cables
  • Only weight 1.2 pounds for easier transport

#7. Kensun AC/DC Digital Tire Inflator 12V DC & Home 110V AC Digital Tire Inflator for Car

You can inflate your tires and other inflatable objects within the shortest time possible with a Kensun cordless tire inflator. It is equipped with a 120W solid metal motor powerful enough for a quick and fast inflation process. When the preset pressure has been achieved, this unit automatically shuts off, so you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. Not only can it be used to inflate car tires but also bikes, balls and other inflatables.


  • Free from dirt and dust particles with the zippered carry bag
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use with the power cords
  • Easier to operate with the bright LCD
  • Has a lightweight design for easier transport
  • Made of quality materials that last longer

#8. Tonsim Portable Cordless Tire Inflator Air Pump w/LED Lighting & Tire Pressure for Car Bike

Tonsim cordless tire inflator is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your inflation needs. It has a speed of 30-60 liters per minute to allow you to inflate your tires at a faster rate for more convenience. The built-in large 2000mAh battery enables you to inflate a tire within 3-6 minutes. Moreover, it uses a proprietary technology for an automatic shutoff whenever your desired pressure is reached. Better still, you can quickly check and monitor your tire pressure with the easy to read LCD screen with the bright LCD backlit digital display. Not only can it be used on cars but also swimming rings, balls, and other inflatable objects.


  • Comes with two adapters for use at home and in your car
  • You can quickly charge your phone through the USB port
  • The LED lights make it convenient to operate at night
  • It only takes 15 seconds to inflate a basketball fully
  • A tool bag is included for easier storage reasons

#9. Eastvolt Max 150 PSI 12V Multi-Purpose Electric Power 12V Tire Inflator Air Compressor

If you are looking for a more versatile cordless tire inflator, this brand by Eastvolt is an ideal choice. You can quickly turn it on and use it to inflate motorbikes, cars, inflatable toys, balls, bicycles, and many more. Depending on what your tires need, you can easily preset tire pressure with the power display. Moreover, It can be used during the daytime and nighttime because of the pump equipped with LED lights. The long PVC air hose is well designed to avoid overheating during fast speed airflow. Assembly is an easier task because it does not require any extra tools and comes with a clearly instructed manual.


  • Equipped with clear LED display for easier operation
  • Has a maximum inflatable pressure of up to 150psi
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • Charges quickly for more convenient operations
  • Designed from quality materials that last long

#10. BLACK + DECKER BDINF12C High Pressure & High-Volume Outputs Cordless Tire Inflator

You might want to try out this cordless tire inflator by Black + Decker to handle various inflation operations. This unit has a high volume output, which allows you to inflate rafts, and most air mattresses quickly. With the deflation function, you can quickly empty air for quick cleanup and maintenance. You can as well inflate your car while on the go with the 12V DC outlet. You no longer have to worry about turning off your inflator for high-pressure applications because it automatically shuts off when the desired pressure is reached.


  • The power cord is long enough to ease maneuverability
  • Operates quietly with no unnecessary disturbances
  • Saves you on storage space with its compact design
  • Has a lightweight design for easier portability
  • The digital pressure gauge is easier to read.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Cordless Tire Inflator


Of course, you’ll come across various models and brands of cordless tire inflator, and you’ll want to opt for a model with above-average reviews. It would be best if you had a brand that has been in the market for quite a long time with positive thoughts. Luckily, the models above are from reputable brands and will satisfy your needs.

Quality of the Materials

We can’t insist on quality enough – it determines the tire inflator’s durability and how smooth it will serve you. The best quality also will assure you of the best performance, and for that case, you should look for a professionally constructed unit. You don’t want to settle with a pump that will break down after a few uses. Spending extra money on a higher quality unit will later save you on maintenance costs in the long run.

Ease of Storage in your Vehicle

Although several cordless tire inflators are compact and small, it’s vital to ensure that you’ve sufficient room in your vehicle. As a fact, having one of these units will not help you in a crisis if you leave it behind because it’s too heavier for your car.

Efficiency & Quickly

Choose the best cordless tire inflator that can work efficiently and quickly. You’ll come across some models that are well-built, more ergonomic, and even affordable. You don’t want to stay long on the road’s side as you try to fix a flat tire. Go for a unit that is going to function seamlessly and quickly as possible.


It would be best if you always kept a proper tire pressure to ensure you enjoy a safe ride and economize your fuel. Plus, it’ll extend the tire longevity. And since the tire can run flat when least expected, you need to carry with you one of these best cordless tire inflators. The aspects we’ve put forth will guide you as you try and make a selection. Besides, we’ve invested our time researching these models, and therefore, you shouldn’t fret picking one of them as your selection. We hope this review will place you in a better position to buy the best cordless tire inflator.

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