The 10 Best Standing Desks of 2024

Standing desks are the most popular units in any modern office because of their versatility. In a layman language, you work while standing in front of a computer or at your desk. They are also commonly referred to as standing workstations, sit-to-stand desks or stand-up desks. Sometimes you might want to replace your old desk or opt to use a standing desk converter, it all depends on you. The standing desk comes with different prices depending on the features they come with. If you want to get the value for your money, please go through this review and everything will go right.

If you’re already rummaging all over the market for the best adjustable height standing desk, stop for a while, we can indulge you with some top-rated units. In this article, we have selected the best ten standing desks for 2020 reviews. You should find what can work best for you then. The list caters to the needs for everybody; affordability, quality, and styles. Check out for each product below.

1. FEZIBO 33-Inch Black Ergonomic Fit Dual Monitor Standing Desk with Height Adjustable

Suffer no more from debilitating back problems as FEZIBO 33” standing desk offers more support to your back. It has a two-tier-design that makes it easy to operate on your computer as the top deck and your mouse on the lower one. With a width of 32 inches, this desk can accommodate 2 computers or 2 laptops. The keyboard deck is spacious enough to hold the standard keyboard. This standing desk weighs approximately 37.48lbs and supports a weight of 28.6lbs. Also, its frame has a black finishing that gives it that cool look and elegance. The structure itself is made of steel that’s why you got that simple and smooth adjustment. It can be adjusted from 4.5″ to 19.5 inches.


  • Easy to operate with just some little squeezes on the handles
  • Has a sturdy structure for stable and steady working
  • Ergonomically design for comfortable operations
  • Has a hidden design that makes it more elegant
  • Easily adjustable handles to suit your height

2. FEZIBO FZ-SD02B 36-Inch Black Stand Dual Monitor Tabletop Riser Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Second, on our list is FEZIBO FZ-SD02B adjustable height standing desk. The unit is known for creating a healthier working environment that is incomparable. You cans witch form sitting and standing throughout your working time for many health benefits. Expect body posture to be enhanced and increased blood flow just but a few benefits to mention. Also, your mind will remain alert and focus throughout the day. Moreover, it is constructed with a small handle that makes height adjustments an easy task. And the hidden design makes the desk look concise. Furthermore, the dual-tier design offers an upper display surface for your screen and a lower spacious deck for your mouse and keyboard.


  • Sturdy and ergonomic structure keeps your desk safe to hold up to 3 pounds
  • Manufactured from reliable metal and wood for enhanced durability
  • The height of this standing desk can be adjusted from 6.4” to 19.5”
  • Has steel structure with a pneumatic cylinder for a smooth transition
  • The standing desk offers healthy and better working station

3. EleTab 33-Inch Black Tabletop Electric Power Riser Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Do you always have to work for long hours in your office? EleTab standing desk is here to create a comfortable working environment for you. It has 3 compartments making your working easier. The top compartment holds your computer and other writing materials. The lower one holds your keyboard and mouse. The small storage box allows you to access your phone anytime you need to. Its frame is made from strong steel materials that hold the weight of up to 33lbs. Also, it has an adjustment system that allows you to adjust your desk to a convenient height.


  • Comes packaged in a way that you would not face any difficulty assembling it
  • Has touch screen control that enables you to adjust your stand in some seconds
  • Spacious enough to accommodate dual computers or laptops
  • The two-tier design holds both your keyboard and the mouse
  • Holds your computers or laptops in a stable and steady way

4. FlEXISPOT M3B 47-Inch Wide Platform Quick Release Keyboard Standing Desk (L-Size-Black)

FlEXISPOT standing desk has a width of 42″ thus it can support up to two computers. The unit also can hold two screens up to 27-inch. Besides, it offers you a flexible working environment that saves you a lot of space as well. With quick release large keyboard tray, you can easily remove the keyboard tray when the task you are doing doesn’t need the use of a keyboard. Also, the straight and up movements offer you are personal desired comfort because you choose the height that suits you. And, it can be placed on almost any type of a table for smooth working. Even better, this standing desk is affordable and thus become popular among customers.


  • Uses a single-handle height adjustments mechanism for smooth and easy adjustments
  • Quick-release keyboard tray enables you to remove the unnecessary item when not required
  • Has a more spacious desktop space of 47-inch of width and supports two screen
  • Spaces your offices more space since the desk can move straight up and down
  • Ergonomically designed to fit individuals having different heights

5. G-PACK PRO Height Adjustable Two-Monitor Size Surface Sit-To-Stand Work Desk Riser

Life has been made easier for you with this exhilarating G-PACK PRO adjustable height sit-to-stand workstation desk. The unit offers you a comfortable way to change the sitting and standing position in a hassle-free manner. If you’re waiting for another convertible infinitely standing desk, then you should first try this one set for once. It enhances the work experience by two times. Compared to other models, this one doesn’t limit your options. Besides, it can raise and lower vertically, which saves you a lot of space in your office or home office. That also has to do with offering you a more comfortable reading distance and good stabilization. What’s more, it has an improved single-handle spring hovering system that makes height adjustment easy and safe.


  • Great standing desk to change position from 5.7” to 29.7” for the perfect height
  • The improved single-handle hovering spring makes adjustments safe and easy
  • Save you a lot of space in your office without the need of taking a new room
  • Made of heavy-duty and high-quality materials with a sturdy triple leg base
  • Comes with very minimal out of the box assembling for with no tools needed

6. Techni Mobili Graphite Color Mobile and Compact Stand-to-Sit Standing Desks

Techni Mobili workstation desk is a perfect suit for your home office desk or kid’s computer desk. And also, it is made of high-quality wood materials and coated steel that doesn’t get scratched. Included in this unit are double wheels with locking caster that enables you to move around in the office with the desk with ease. The shelves are adjustable to the center, right and left of the table. Moreover, it features a removable keyboard having a safety stop and monitor shelf. You can expect another alternative unit to offer what this high-end standing desk has for you in-store, grab it now!


  • Constructed with non-marking nylon wheels with locking casters for smooth mobility
  • Made from heavy-duty MDF panels with moisture-resistant surfaces
  • Scratch-resistant powder-coated steel frame enhances the durability
  • Built with an adjustable monitor or printer shelf for convenience
  • Have graphite finish that makes the standing desk elegant

7. Rocelco 37-Inch Black R-DADRB-DM2 Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Bundle

Did you know that there are more health benefits are working on a standing desk? And that more comfortable with an appropriate standing desk. Rocelco standing desk converter is the surest deal to give a try. The unit comes with an optional dual monitor mount and standing mat. Whether you work at home or from the office, a standing desk will offer you more health benefits. You can add this unit to any desk and it comes ready to use out of the box. Don’t bother about installation procedures, no installation needed. In addition to that, the desk has an improved height adjustment with a side lever. The materials making this desk are high-quality that offers high-end performance.


  • Monitor mounts enable monitors to be positioned well to prevent bad posture
  • Offer maximum productivity with articulating triple monitor mount
  • Infinite height choices from 5-Inch to 18-inch above the desk surface
  • Standing mats reduces the strain on feet, legs, back, and knees
  • Capable of supporting monitors of all screen sizes

8. TechOrbits 32-Inch Height Adjustable Wood Brown Sit Standing Desk Converter Workstation

How about elevating your office with TechOrbits’ standing desk converter? Well, its 21st century and you should not let stress kill you on that tiny desk. This unit offers you maximum comfort and great convenience. As a fact, it enables you to adjust the height of your desk and easy transition from sitting to standing while you continue working. The preset-hole enables you to install a monitor stand mount and you can create a dual monitor in just a minute. Also, it is built to hold any size monitor with a maximum weight of 33 pounds. For sure, this sit-to-stand desk will revolutionize your office or home in a magical manner.


  • Uses a gas spring to raise the standing desk height securely
  • The standing desk is suitable for 13” – 30” monitors
  • It can support up to 33 pounds plus keyboard
  • Embedded with groove for tablet or phone
  • Non-skid silicone pads protect your desk

9. VIVO Black Desk VOOOV 36-Inch Dual Monitor Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter

The greatest way to enhance your work experience is by leveraging on DESK-VOOV, VIVO’s height adjustable tabletop desk. The unit can sit on your desk and offers you a versatile working preference. With this standing desk, the keyboard tray is removable to users as per their preference. Also, it comes with more health benefits like an increase in blood flow, reduces back pains and aches. Also with that, standing will enable you to remain active and productive the whole day. Besides, it readily adjusts to variable weights that offer an easy upward and downward movement. You have a chance to adjust to your preferred heights with this unit because its adjustable points are from 6.5” to 17” desk surface.


  • The top 36” x 22” spacious working area can easily hold even two side monitors
  • Comes with unlimited height adjustment for you to get your perfect position
  • Designed with a steel frame with pneumatic spring to hold up to 33 pounds
  • The removable keyboard tray is more ergonomic to save you more space
  • Offers an active and healthy working environment

10. Serville Classics Height Adjustable from 29.3'' to 43.5'' H 24-Inch Standing Desk Maple

It now the right time to embrace a stand-up desk to get yourself out of the risk of sedentary behavior. Again burn calories and stretch your legs and remain active while at work by talking to your office Serville Classics height adjustable standing desk. Also, it is designed to offer you great comfort and adjustable using a pneumatic lever. The beveled edges serve as a wrist-rest when you are working on the desk. Moreover, the desktop is waterproof with a maple print finish. Additionally, the unit is adjustable from 29.3” to 43.5” with easy control. And the rounded corners offer great safety and the beveled edges double up as a wrist-rest when working. Finally, the smooth-rolling base will move smoothly to your respective location in the offices.


  • Has an ergonomic tabletop that fits almost any size laptop, monitor or tablet
  • Built with four 2.4” caster swivel wheels that offer smooth-gliding mobility
  • Height is adjustable from 29.3” to 43.5” high using a pneumatic lever
  • Features steel frame finish that is easy to maintain and durable
  • All the tools required for assembly are included

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Standing Desks

Weight Capacity

Every standing desk comes with a specific weight capacity. Some you should be sure about the weight that your sit-to-stand desk supports. Some can hold your laptop desktop and detachable keyboard at a go. Besides, there are those models that can enable you to lean on them without collapsing.

Surface Space

The area for working is also important to consider. As you know, if you can place a laptop, and other small items on them and still leaves you a lot of space to do your stuff, then it’s okay. Don’t go for the model with small table size that holds a mini-laptop and that’s it. At least it should hold more than one laptop and other documents.

Construction Quality

This factor has to do with the materials used to construct the standing desk and how it is put together. In most cases, these units come fully constructed with quality-assurance for great support. At least, they’re flexible and straightforward in their performance. The high-quality unit makes durability a guarantee as well.

Maximum Desk Height

The reason why this desk was introduced to the market is to incorporate all people having different heights. But then, the adjustability differs. If it’s an office standing desk, it’s worth going for a large height range to incorporate anyone who may come to work in your office without height discrimination. So, check the height that your desk supports for better comfort.


That’s what we had for you for today. We have done all we could to present to you the best standing desks for 2020 reviews. Make everything look elegant in your office by just making a change-over in the presentation of your desk. Truly, standing desk has come a long way and the high-end models available on the market are life-savers. You would complain of back pains or neck pain anymore plus, they’ll offer you more comfort. They enable you to place your laptop, desktop computer and other essentials documents that are easy to retrieve. What’s more, it’s your turn to show us your gratitude by ordering one of the above units without any fear. Begin your new year with style!

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