Top 10 Best Outdoor Griddles for Reviews

When it comes to holding a get-away party or a barbecue party, an outdoor griddle plays a significant role. This outdoor kitchen appliance would not only offer you the best cooking experience but make cooking more fun as well. An outdoor grill is also versatile and enables your prepare almost every kind of food, including breakfast and dinner.

Today, the outdoor griddle has gained popularity, which has made its demand rise tremendously, and the market has responded positively to meet the increase in its demand. Unfortunately, not all these outdoor griddles match the customers’ needs, and for that reason, you need to be careful as you make a purchase. And again, with closely related features possessed by each model, making a selection becomes even harder.

To make things easier for you, we decided to offer you with the best ten Outdoor Griddles. So, if you are on the hunt for one, continue reading the article to the end.

#1. Masterbuilt SH19030819 Smoke Hollow PT300B Tabletop Propane Grill (Latest Version)

Masterbuilt outdoor griddle has your hand when it comes to outdoor cooking. This outdoor griddle has 205 square inches of cooking space. This unit is large enough to allow you to prepare a meal for your entire family. It is from stainless steel materials for long-lasting use. You can carry it with you when out on picnics, camping or when at home. It operates on 1lb propane cylinders that work together with the grill for efficient results.

Additionally, it has foldable legs that make it easy for you to pack when going out on a picnic or outdoor event. The insides are removable hence simple for a cleanup. It has both hot and chilly ends allowing to grill different foodstuffs at the same time.


  • Cooking area of 305 square inches for use at parties and other events
  • Easy to put together as it takes a few minutes and you are good to go
  • Large front carry handle that makes it easy for transport purposes
  • Has a locking lid which prevents your cooking food from spilling
  • Has an easy to use push-button for a smooth operation

#2. Cuisinart CGG-306 Two-Burner Stainless Steel Professional Tabletop Outdoor Gas Grill

As an outdoor enthusiast, you need an excellent outdoor grill for a tasty meal. Cuisinart outdoor griddle only weighs 22lbs, making it easy for you to carry when out for camping. The two stainless steel burners offer a heat of up to 20,000 BTU. It means that it heats up quickly to enable you to cook your food at a faster rate. The legs can be folded to allow you to store it with no difficulty at all. It’s ideal for picnics, camping, and many more outdoor events. You can use it for cooking large pieces of meat or briskets. Also, you do not turn your foodstuff as it is not directly in contact with the heat. It is an ideal gift for a friend or family member who is a chef.


  • Easy to assemble as it only takes less than 10 minutes
  • Adjustable burner knobs allow you to control heat
  • Has a compact to occupy less space in your vehicle
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry around
  • Each burner offers 10,000 BTU for perfect grilling

#3. Giantex 20,000 BTU Foldable Leg Stainless Steel Two Burner Propane Tabletop Gas Grill

Giantex outdoor grill is designed from high-quality stainless steel materials that are durable and rust-resistant. This unit offers 20,000 BTU enabling the grill to heat for faster cooking quickly. It has a hose on the right side of the grill for a propane connection. The legs are sturdy to ensure a steady operation without sliding. The lid locks compactly to avoid spilling any food while cooking. It has a high-pressure regulator that makes cooking faster and easier. Also, this grill is easy to clean as you only require a paper towel and warm soapy water.


  • Has a large holding capacity suitable for cooking for many people
  • An adjustable burner that quickly heats up for quicker results
  • Easy to use and set up as it only takes a few minutes
  • Have foldable legs hence easy to store saving your space
  • Made lightweight making it easy to carry it with you

#4. Blackstone 17'' Portable Propane Fueled Tabletop Outdoor Griddle for Camping Tailgating

Are you out for an event or any occasion and you desire to prepare some meals. Opting for Blackstone outdoor grill is a wise decision you can make. This cookware has 260 square inches of cooking space; hence you can cook more meals at a go. It is suitable for camping, road trips, and many other outdoor events. This grill has a fast cooking rate as it releases 12,000 BTU heat output. This grill from a high-grade metallic material that is long-lasting. With only a weight of 21 pounds, you can easily carry with you when out camping. It comes with an instructional manual that guides you on how to operate it. You got to season this grill before usage for the best results.


  • Has a small size making it easy to carry it with you when camping
  • Easy to clean as you simply wipe it off using a paper towel
  • The “H” style burner distributes heat at a faster rate
  • Saves space as you can store it top upside down

#5. Blackstone 36'' Flat-top 4 Burner Propane Fueled Quality Outdoor Gas Grill Griddle

If you are cooking for your entire family or some members, Blackstone outdoor grill will do best for you. This outdoor grill has four stainless steel burners that allow you took in 4 different zones. It will enable you to cook your food and also keep them warm. It has an expansive cooktop large enough for use in parties or any catering activities. The flat-top cook your diet while retaining its flavor for yummy cooked food. It has a side shelf that gives the cook a removable cutting board, a paper towel holder, and a well-placed trash bag hooks. The 720 square inches flat top grill is large enough, making it suitable for preparing any kind of meal.


  • Four adjustable heat zones to keep your food warm and ready
  • Rear grease management system to get rid of any messes
  • The caster wheels allow you to move around freely
  • Has an electric push-button igniter for a quick start
  • Versatile as you can use to cook different meals

#6. Royal Gourmet PD1300 Stainless Steel Control Panel Propane Gas 3-Burner Grill Griddle

Do you need to cook multiple items at the same time? Royal Gourmet outdoor griddle should offer you that. This unit contains three stainless steel burners, each with 9000 BTU each heats up so fast and distributes heat quickly. These materials are long-lasting; hence you will be using it for a long time without degrading. The flat-top griddle locks in all the juices making your food tenderer. You can use it to cook your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has a cooking area of about 325.9 square inches allowing you to cook more stuff at a time. You just need a small push, and you are ready to go. It weighs about 30 pounds, making it easy for you to carry it with you.


  • Easy to clean as it just needs a paper towel and warm soapy water
  • Large enough to allow you to cook up to 15 pancakes at once
  • Made portable making it suitable for most outdoor events
  • Has a 20lb regulator tank that aids in cooking your food
  • Removable grease drip cup making it easy to clean

#7. Little Griddle GQ230 Professional Quality with Cross Bracing 100% Stainless Steel Griddle

If you are an outdoor cook and don’t settle for anything but the best cookware, here is high-quality professional cookware that will drive you to your ultimate goal. Little Griddle professional series GQ230 is the ingenious performer when it comes to outdoor cooking. This cookware can turn your grill into an outdoor cooking space and enable you to cook a wide range of cooking needs. For even heat distribution, this grill features sidewalls and underside cross-bracing. Besides, the removable handles fit securely to allow smooth movement and quickly get out for hassle-free cleaning. This outdoor cookware is dedicated to providing you with serious outdoor cooking.


  • It is from food-grade stainless steel material for a long-lasting use
  • Built with detachable side handles for smooth movement
  • Large enough to cook food for an outdoor party event
  • Has underside cross bracing to boost even heating
  • The full-width grease well offer simple clean up

#8. Camp Chef Foldable Shelves 12,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burners Flattop Outdoor Griddle

If you are looking for an outdoor cooking flat grill with high-end features, Camp Chef flat top outdoor griddle can serve you best. It has a large 600 square inches surface that enables you to prepare food for 50 to 100 people on an hourly basis; your party will run smoothly. Unlike other grills with hot spots, this grill can heat food evenly using its large griddle and heat distribution design. This unit commands a lot of customers’ attention because it can work like a grill, griddle, or water heating source. Have one today and start cooking hash browns, sausage, veggies, pancakes, bacon, and even boiling water.


  • Comes with large interchangeable flat top griddle of dimension 20.5” x 31”
  • Has 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners suing matchless ignition system
  • The two foldable shelves bring convenience for easy storage
  • Includes roller wheels that makes transportation a breeze
  • The greasing management system offers easy cleanup

#9. Brasero Portable 26'' 2 Burners Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Outdoor Flattop Gas Griddle

Cooking outdoors can sound impossible and a joke, but with Brasero portable outdoor flat top gas griddle, impossibility does not exist. It can still offer you the same taste and flavor as when cooking on a big skillet. Besides, it doesn’t leave any cold spot thanks to the reliable heat conductivity of cast iron. Unlike other coated power steel, this is from cast iron that doesn’t rust. This outdoor griddle opens to you a wide range of possibilities; you can cook almost everything. It also, it is healthy, no flare-ups hence no pathetic carcinogens. Moreover, it is agronomical because it can heat fast to gain 600 Degrees F within less than 10 Min. And finally, it is easy to clean.


  • The accessories of this griddle include a spatula, cooking dome, and one-pounds propane adapter
  • Saves you propane gas because it can reach up to 600 degrees F of heat quickly
  • Constructed using high-quality cast iron that doesn’t rust of long-lasting use.
  • Cooks food and leaves it with the same quality as when on a big skillet
  • It is convenient and can cook anything from breakfast, lunch to dinner

#10. Concord Cookware 3-Burner 55,000 BTU w/Regulator Outdoor Stand Stove Cooker

Are you looking for the best outdoor grills to take your culinary skills to a notch higher? Look no further than Concord Cookware outdoor stand stove cooker. It is made with string cast iron that is capable of withstanding any harsh weather conditions. The burners can burn up to 55,000 BTU. Even better, the stand has legs which are detachable for secure storage. The legs can support up to 60 qt stockpots. No installation needed, it comes ready to use out of the box. The weight of the unit is 39lbs. If this model interest you, don’t hesitate to order it.


  • Has a heavy-duty cast iron which is weather-proof for a long-lasting use
  • The grill has detachable legs that offer secure storage
  • This three-burner uses a manual ignition system
  • Can support three 60 quarts stockpots

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Outdoor Griddles

Use this guide to enable you to make the right decision when purchasing the best Outdoor Griddle.

The Size

The first thing to consider is the size of the griddle unit. These appliances come in different sizes, so you ought to know the size that suits your needs.


Because this is outdoor gear, it should allow you to move around with it with ease. For instance, casters and handles are some of the notable features for excellent portability. And also, this has to depend on what you need and how you want your skillet designed. If you wish to go for the handle outdoor grill, then you should get the one with ergonomic handle.

The Power Output

Well, different burners come with different power outputs. If you want to gain the best out of your cooking, the higher output power is more preferably. For instance, propane gas is the most used and produces a higher output power for fast food prepping.


Last but not the least thing to consider is the versatile aspect. The best outdoor griddle should offer you versatile functionality whereby you can cook almost any type of food. It should allow you to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


An outdoor griddle is for sure a must-have appliance in your backyard more so for those who want to take their barbecuing a notch-higher. Its versatile nature offers you an opportunity to cook almost everything. By taking into account the factors we have presented to you above, you can rest assured that you buy an outdoor griddle that will work fine for you. And not forgetting, always clean the unit after use to keep in its perfect cooking conditions. The above top ten outdoor griddles for 2020 reviews are unbeatable, try one today!

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