The 10 Best Office Chair Covers of 2024

With the modernization of current offices, there is an increasing demand for office chairs that blend with each office’s interior décor. Modern office chairs are now becoming a necessity of every individual office. This trend calls for the need to have chairs covers that suit the needs of your office décor. The main aim of equipping your chair with covers is to upgrade its look and protect the chairs from damages.

Since office chairs are not washable, chair covers will play an essential role in ensuring that they remain as clean as possible. The surge in demand for quality chair covers has created stiff competition among companies that produce these covers. This has left the consumer with a tough choice to make when it comes to purchasing chair covers. Here are the best-ranked office chair covers that will help you in narrowing down your search.

#1. GAEA.TEX Large Slipcover Durable Stretch Soft Protector Computer Office Chair Cover (Black)

For a natural transformation of your old looking office chair, choose GAEA.TEX chair cover. The cover creates a perfect blend with a traditional and modern office style. It also protects your chair from dust and dirt. Every package of this chair cover arrives with a pair of armrests with a similar design.

It is designed from jacquard fabric with a combination of 15% of spandex material and 85% of polyester material. The chair cover is very elastic and has zippers on the sides, making it easy to install the cover. Moreover, this cover is machine washable with cold water and mild detergent for laundry.


  • Each pack has a bonus of 2 covers for the armrest
  • The cover is machine washable with cold water
  • Made soft and highly durable material
  • Comes in three different sizes

#2. H.VERSAILTEX Machine Washable Protective & Stretchable Universal Chair Covers (Large)

H.VERSAILTEX Chair Cover is a universal chair cover made from soft, elastic, and durable jacquard fabric. It is sized to fit most sizes of office chairs perfectly and comes with a similar pair of armrest covers. This brand of chair cover is eco-friendly, soft, and very ergonomic.

It has been upgraded with an aesthetic décor design with small and vibrant checked patterns. With high-quality material, the cover has elastic loops sewn on the edges and zippers for firm fixation. Additionally, the non-slipping quality allows you to install the cover with ease. Further, the cover is machine washable with cold water and does not require bleaching.


  • It is made of thick and breathable jacquard fabric
  • Its elastic corners ease the installation
  • Very stretchy and fitting to most chairs
  • Comes with two similar arm covers

#3. CAVEEN Large Universal Boss Chair Modern Style High Back Office Chair Cover (Black)

CAVEEN covers are super stretchable seat covers that give your office furniture a renewed look and maximum protection from any possible damages. Each cover comes with a unique size that fits perfectly with most sizes of office chairs. Ensure to measure the size of your chair before placing an order.
This chair cover is made of a firm and tight fabric with an ergonomic texture. The fabric is water-resistant but not waterproof, and there you need to wipe spills to avoid soaking the cover immediately. Its soft texture and good stretching ability creates more comfort and eases the installation.


  • Offers protection against dirt and scratches
  • Made of an ergonomic and stretchy fiber
  • Quality zippers for secure fixation
  • Comes in various chair sizes

#4. Smiry Soft Fit Universal Stretch Printed Computer Office Chair Covers w/Zipper (Beige)

Smiry Stretch chair covers are sewn from a mixture of 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric. This fabric combination creates a durable, soft, and comfortable material that is also long-lasting. The cover is highly elastic and perfectly fits into your office chair, providing protection against stains, tearing, and spills. It comes in different fashions with a printed pattern on each cover.

The durability and style create an ideal combination that adds a new look to your office chair. Additionally, zippers are fitted on both back sides of the chair cover. These zippers help in making the installation of the chair cover a breeze.


  • Fitted with zippers for ease of installation
  • Machine washable with cold water
  • Suitable for a variety of chair sizes
  • Has two ties for tightening

#5. Melanovo Universal Stretch Computer Office Chair Covers for Rotating Chair (Large)

Melanovo office chair slipcover is designed with fashionable patterns printed on it. The cover is made from high-quality material that withstands wear and tear. Its material comes from a mixture of 8% spandex material and 92% polyester material. The elasticity of the cover material makes it wrinkle-resistant, durable, soft, and comfortable and non-peeling.

Apart from renewing the look of your old chair, it also protects it against scratches and all forms of dirt. It also allows you to spend far much less cost in revamping your chair. Additionally, this cover is safe to be washed by machine and exposed to the sun for drying.


  • Made of 100 percent polyester material
  • It does not emit any strange smell
  • Easy to install and stays fixed
  • It is quite affordable.

#6. WAMACO Large Water-Repellent Waterproof Jacquard Waterproof Office Chair Cover (Black)

This is the perfect cover that will significantly enhance the look of your office chair. It doesn’t matter whether your chair is new, old or slightly broken, this cover will enrich it with a facelift. 85 percent of the cover was made of polyester material, while the remaining 15 percent is spandex material. These two materials make the cover to resist wrinkling, be very soft, stretch, durable, and avoid fading.

It has a water-repelling quality that protects your chair against any form of wetting, for example, from food spillage and wet stains. You only need to immediately wipe any liquid spillage on the cover using a sponge or a duster. Also, this slipcover protects your chair from wear, scratching, and tear.


  • Made of a non-slipping material
  • The cover is machine washable
  • It is relatively cheap
  • It stretches to fit

#7. Mocaa M006 High Back Office Computer Stretchable Large Chair Covers (White Square)

MOCAA Office chairs have been designed specifically to offer protection against specks of dust, food spill, stains, wear, and scratches. It not only offers protection but also has a decorative feature that gives your desk a facelift. This brand of chair cover is designed with a size that makes it to securely fit the majority of office chairs with a standard size.

Polyester and spandex fabric, which constitute 85% and 15%, make the cover stretch with much ease. Zippers on sides of the cover allow you to install it with ease. Furthermore, the cover is machine washable and endures wrinkling if washed by hands using cold water.


  • Ideal cover for protection against pet scratching
  • The cover is free from chemical emission
  • Easy to install and holds to place well
  • It upgrades the look of your chair.

#8. WOMACO Medium Leaves & Flowers Printed Modern Office Computer Chair Cover

Womaco printed chair slipcover is made using cozy and more ergonomic fabric. This cover provides maximum protection of the chair against stains, dents, wear, scratches, tear, hair, and accidental spillage of food and liquids. It is an impressive and affordable décor that makes your furniture look brand new. The cover is a must-have accessory for a home that has pets and playful kids.

It is made from 95% polyester fabric and 5% spandex fabric. The combinations of these two fabrics make the cover more durable and stretchy. It also resists wrinkling and fading, stretching quality and elasticity help ease the installation of the cover.


  • The cover flexibly stretches when sliding it in
  • Less prone to fading and wrinkling
  • Fits with ease and stays secured
  • Made of soft and comfy fabric

#9. SARAFLORA Computer Chair Slipcovers Large Size Universal Office Chair Cover (Pink)

If you want to facelift the look in your company office or replenish your seats, choose Saraflora cover for your chairs. This cover type will deliver the best results right from refreshing the look of your chair to making it clean. It will give your office a decorative look while providing optimum protection against scratches, dust, and pillages.

Each chair cover is tailored from 90% fabric of polyester and 10% fabric coms from spandex. With the chair cover’s elasticity and flexibility, it makes it good for covering most computer chairs. Furthermore, the cover is designed with zippers on the sides. These zippers help in enhancing fixation and eliminating shedding.


  • Made from flexible polyester and spandex material
  • Protect your chair from any damage
  • Designed with zips on both sides
  • It does not bleach

#10.SARAFLORA Large Size Washable Universal Rotating Office Chair Stretch (Black)

Is your office chair wearing out? Do you no longer find its original color un-attractive? You have the desire to upgrade the current look of your office chair. Saraflora cover has all the solutions for you. The makes your chair clean and has a fresh appearance. It also creates a loveable atmosphere in your office with its decorative features while cushioning your chair against all the possible damages.

It is sewn from an elastic fabric material comprising 10% spandex and 90% polyester material. The elastic fabric is flexible enough to fit into most office chairs suitably. Ensure to measure the size of your chair before making the order.


  • Zipper design facilitates fixation and also eliminates shedding
  • It is machine washable with cold water
  • Protects and redecorate your chair
  • Made an elastic fabric

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Office Chair Cover

Before you commit your money to the purchase of any of these aforementioned chair covers, you must consider the following considerations.


Color is equally an important factor to be considered when choosing a chair cover. The choice of an ideal color of the cover creates a matching effect with your office’s interior décor. The color will significantly impact the general look of your office. It is advisable to choose the color that does not get dirty quickly.


The nature of the fabric used in making the chair cover you want to buy is very important. It determines the ergonomic effect, durability, and lifespan of the cover in question. The fabric will significantly dictate the care and maintenance needs of the chair cover. Cotton fabrics are usually the best cover material for people with kids and pets, while covers made of polyester material are highly durable.

Cover Maintenance

Ensure that the chair cover you want to purchase has clear instructions and washing guidelines. The best covers should be machine washable with cold water, bleachable, and wrinkle-wrinkle free. Also, go for the easy-to-remove covers because they can be easily removed and re-install during cleaning without any difficulty.

Furniture Design

Most office chairs come in different styles and sizes. When buying a chair cover, always remember to go for a cover that suits your furniture design. You also need to choose the right size of a cover to create a perfect fit for your chair. Further, go for the one with matching armrest covers.


You no longer have to worry about the aged appearance of your office chair. This article is a great insight that has enlightened you with the necessary know-how you needed for upgrading the look in your office and maintenance of your office chair.

By applying the factors mentioned above, you are in an excellent position to settle down to purchasing a chair cover to give satisfaction to your needs. One of the above top 10 ranked chair covers could be the solution you need. Don’t be left behind, incorporate your traditional office to a modern office by renewing the look of your office chairs.

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