The 10 Best Mounted Child Bicycle Carriers of 2024

Many people opt to use a bicycle over automobiles for all their commuting needs. Reasons well known for them. But how will you make it possible to cycle with your child on the ride? Well, it’s very simple, get a mounted child bicycle carrier. This is the wisest decision you take to ensure your child stays safe and comfortable. And again, it fits seamlessly to the bicycle and the child is kept close to you. These bike seats are known to have reliable construction and extreme versatility to fit any standard bicycle.

Now the tough question comes in, where are you going to get the best child bike seat? You don’t have to worry, we have your back. With many bicycle carriers flooding the market, choosing the one that fits your needs can pose a great challenge to you. However, after we did rigorous research, we come up with thrilling options. In this review, we present to you the best ten mounted child bicycle carriers for reviews. Without further ado, let’s unleash the list.

#1. SCHWINN Deluxe 3-Point Harness Adjustable Headrest Bicycle Mounted Child Carrier

Are you a bike enthusiast and wish to take your baby with you? Well, Schwinn baby bike seat is great for you. The seat has a polypropylene construction that makes it long-lasting. Also, it has a 3 point safety harness that assures you of the safety of your baby throughout the ride. The crossbar is well padded for added comfort of your kiddos. This child seat can be used by kids aged 1 year and above. A well-cushioned pad lines the seat to ensure that your baby always stays cozy. The adjustable footwalls can accommodate your growing kid up to a certain age. This unit only weighs 1.92 ounces to allow you to easily mount and dismount this baby’s seat onto your bike.


  • Removable headrest for an added comfort while riding
  • Can accommodate babies weighing up to 40 pounds
  • Sturdy to hold your little one stable and in place
  • It is well vented to avoid any form of wind drag

#2. WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Deluxe Safety Harness & Oversized Buckle Headrest Child Bike Seat

Keep your baby next to you while keeping her safe and comfortably with the WeeRide bicycle carrier. This bicycle carrier is suitable for children between the ages of 1-4 years. And it can accommodate children weighing up to 33lbs. Besides, it has a 5 point safety harness to protect your baby always while on the bike. The adjustable foot cups hold your baby’s feet safe and keep them safe. The seat is well padded to keep your baby comfortable. You can easily communicate with your child as he or she is just right in front of you. The opening in the foot cups improves your baby peacefulness and comfort


  • Can be easily removed when you want to ride alone
  • Allows you to surround your baby’s arms for safety
  • Stays centrally at the bicycle for a good balance
  • Padded shoulder straps for a comfortable ride
  • Classic mounting design for an easy setup

#3. Bell Shell Front & Rear 3-Point Harness Adjustable Foot Beds Mounted Child Bicycle Seat

Do you desire to carry along your baby for a ride with your small bike? Bell Shell bicycle carrier is at your disposal. This bicycle carrier has your kid at the Centre for a balanced ride. The mount snaps and suspension rack snaps have made installation easy taking a few minutes. Also, it has a unique mounting system that keeps your child intact. The rear back of this carrier is well ventilated to ensure that your baby is always comfortable when out there. It also has molded spoke guard keeps your baby safe as rear bike tire spins. It is designed to accommodate larger loads of up to 2 children. You are assured of a long-lasting bicycle carrier as it is constructed from high-quality steel materials.


  • Has a high back to prevent your baby from falling backward
  • A weather-resistant pad that keeps your baby comfortable
  • Adjustable footbeds to accommodate growing children
  • The quick-release latch makes installation easy
  • 3 point harness system to keep your baby safe

#4. IBert Center Mounted Sturdy & Reliable UV Inhibitor Child Bicycle Safe T-Seat (Red, Pink & Green)

IBert bicycle carrier has a center mount design to keep balance while maintaining the center of gravity. Your kid can view the surroundings and enjoy the ride. The child remains safe at the back of the handlebars as the parent rides the bike. Also, it keeps your child safe from any pieces of sand and dust particles from entering his or her eyes. With a weight of 7.5 pounds, you can easily mounts and dismounts it onto the bike. The outer materials are made from aluminum to keep your bicycle carrier strong and durable. Lastly, it accommodates children weighing up to 38 pounds.


  • The bar snaps in front of the laps to keep your kid safe
  • Has a helmet and safety straps to keep your kid safe
  • Easy to install as it does not require extra tools
  • Increases mobility of the parent riding the bike
  • Suitable for kids aged between 1-4 years

#5. Bellelli Lightweight Water-Resistant Bicycle baby Carrier Mounted in Seat-post Stem Rack

Adapt your bike to any occasion with the Bellelli bicycle carrier. This bicycle baby carrier is constructed from high-quality materials that last long. It weighs 7.25 lbs. to allow easy mounting unto the bicycle seat. Even better, it accommodates a maximum weight of 50lbs. The 3 point safety harness keeps your baby safe while riding. Also, it has well-designed shoulder support for a comfortable ride. The high sideburns keep your kid in place while on the go. The footrests are adjustable to accommodate different sized users. This bicycle carrier can perfectly fit round seat tubes of 25-46mm and oval seat tubes of 30- 60 mm. It can be washed when it gets dirty.


  • Push-button allows for easy switching between different bicycles
  • Water-resistant to keep your kid always dry when on the bike
  • Has a reclined angle to comfortably support the neck
  • Easy on and off anchoring system with a quick release

#6. WeeRide Kangaroo Center-Mounted Seat Harness Padded Front Bumper Child Bike Seat

WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is the best seat to deliver comfort and safety of its kind. The unit is mounted at the center of the bike to deliver a balance position for your child. Also, the position offers you a great way to interact with your baby and ensures the weight is distributed evenly. Also with that, the carrier can be mounted on the rear side of the bicycle and can still stand stable. With this seat, your child enjoys more than the ride by also facing you with smiles and interesting views. The modern unit has a sleek design to conform to the bike’s needs. Having 5 safety harness, you can expect incredible safety for your child. Grab it today!


  • The center-mounted position offers better communication between you and your child
  • Adjustable foot cups offer protection and support to your child’s feet and legs
  • Improved balanced due to the child’s central position on the bicycle
  • Comes with new mounting bar design that makes setup easier
  • The dashboard and the seating area are fully padded

#7. Thule Yepp adjustable Padded 5-Point Max 33lbs Versatile Perfect Fit Mini Child Bike Seat

Are you looking for a bicycle child seat that will keep them close and safe while you ride? Look no further than The Yepp Mini baby seat. This unit is suitable for carrying babies who are at least 9 months old but not exceeding 3 years and can sit by themselves. Also, it supports kids of up to 33 lbs. of weight. Besides, this model is light and offers your baby a full view of the road while delivering a safe seating area for your baby. Even better, Yeppi is designed to grow with your baby, so, when he/she gets bigger, he/she can move to the bigger large back seat. Furthermore, mounting to handlebar stem of the bike is easy and quick.


  • It fully complies with the most stringent European safety requirements
  • Made from a flexible yet sturdy rubber material that is easy to clean
  • 5-point harness with easy to use buckle for enhanced safety
  • Soft shoulder pads are included to offer added comfort
  • Quick and simple to fit into place and detach

#8. CyclingDeal USA Safety Standard Universal Quick Release Mounted Child Bicycle Carrier

CyclingDeal baby bicycle carrier is another great child seat with impressive safety features. First, it has been certified fully with USA safety standards for safety. Also, it includes all the accessories needed to make the mounting and detaching. The seat is fitted on the front side of the bike and it will offer your baby a closer view of the road. With a universal quick release bracket, mounting and dismounting are even easier. It is suitable for children from 9months to 3years old and weighing up to 33lbs. If you have an interest in this safety bike seat, don’t hesitate to go for it.


  • Has universal quick release bracket that makes seat mount and dismount quick
  • Tested and good for kids from 9 months to 3 years of age
  • Meets the USA safety standards for guaranteed safety
  • Doesn’t require extra-tools to mount or dismount
  • The baby bike seat is strong and stays stable

#9. UrRider Ultra-Light Foldable & Portable Front Mount Child Bicycle Carrier with Handrail

Do you want to give your child a share of your riding experience? order child carrier is offering you him/her the fun to ride along with you while staying safe. And it is a front-mounted bike seat that mounted and dismounted without the need of any tool. Expect comfort, safety, and delightful riding experience out of this bike seat. The saddle is soft and comfortable with adjustable handrail and fork arm that offers extra-safety. Your child can view the scenery clearly and also offer a great way for parent-child bonding. When at home or when not in use, this gear can fold seamlessly to fit into a packing bag. Finally, it is suitable for children from 2- 6 years old.


  • Easy to install and uninstall without the need for extra tools
  • Offer a better view and more exciting riding experience
  • Easy to fold and ultra-light to fit into packing bag
  • It is safe, comfortable with an attractive design

#10. Lixada Safe Saddle Cushioned with Backrest Foot Pedals Child Bicycle Carrier Front Seat

What a convenience to get cycling with your baby with Lixada child bicycle carrier front seat. The seat enables you to have a close look at your baby while you ride on the road. How great is it to have a good time with your kids? The padded seat offers phenomenal comfort while the pedals offer safety rest for your baby’s feet. Even better, this unit is constructed with a sturdy aluminum alloy tube that can bear a weight of up to 55 lbs. And it comes with three colors to choose the best for your kid. What’s more, assembling is easy and detachable as well.


  • Available in three colors for you to choose your best
  • Made of high-quality and sturdy aluminum materials
  • Convenient for you to ride a bicycle with your baby
  • Easy to assemble and detachable as well
  • The seat is padded for a superior comfort

Things To Look Out for When Shopping for the Best Mounted Child Bicycle Carrier

It is worth considering these factors to enable you to make a well-informed decision regarding the bike seats for your child. Just spare your minute and read through it.


It is fundamental to have a budget. Don’t buy an overpriced unit that doesn’t meet your budget because it will interfere with other essential things. And again, you should not buy an item that is too cheap because its quality might be compromised. If you wish to buy a baby bike seat and you’re on a fixed budget, consider shopping for an item with essential features like backrest and strong harness, because the more features a seat comes with the higher it costs.

General Construction

As we earlier said, mounted child bicycle carriers ought to have a strong and reliable construction. This is a requirement, otherwise, you risk the safety of your child. It should have a shape that can seat steadily either at the back or on the front. The materials that make up this unit should be rugged and durable.


Another feature that you should check for in any child baby seat is the safety. How safe can it hold your baby while you cycle? Here, you need to check the number of harnesses points and how it seats on the bicycle. More than one harness will ensure the seat is held on the bike firmly. Also, a flat-bottom seat means that it will stay balanced on the bike.


The last aspect you ought to ascertain is the comfort the seat offered to your baby while you ride along. Features like backrest and footrest should have sufficient padding to offer the desired comfort to your baby. Besides, the space that is left between the seat and the bike should deliver comfort, without the baby feeling uncomfortable.


That brings us to the end of this extensive review. We hope we have touched on all the basic things that you ought to know with regards to the mounted child bicycle carriers. We have tailored it to the ten best units so that you can make a quick comparison before you can settle with the best. With these seats, expect a guaranteed safety and the baby to stay close to you as you ride. We have reviewed each product from a genuine heart, and any parent can order with confidence knowing it’s the best of all. And that said, make your shopping count today by picking either of the above models!

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