The 10 Best Keypad Door Locks of 2024

As a homeowner, nothing will give you much more satisfaction than a quality door lock that guarantees maximum safety and security of both your family members and property. This is the ultimate concern for every homeowner. You need to prioritize getting to know the most effective way of protecting both your family and property. The market has availed several door lock options for you to choose from.
An ideal way option for protecting your household is through the installation of keypad door locks. These door locks use security codes to allow access. Apart from other security measures you have in place, these keypad locks will help in beefing up the security of your home. They are more advanced compared to the traditional key locks. When using traditional locks, there are higher chances of misplacement of keys. Keypad door locks are the best in providing security, saving time and money.
Choosing the right keypad lock for your door sometimes could be challenging. This is because the market has been flooded by several manufacturers with nearly the same product. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best rate keypad locks to help you in making a choice. Additionally, we have highlighted some features to put into consideration when making a purchase.

#1. AmazonBasics Keyed Entry Traditional Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock (Satin Nickel)

AmazonBasics is a traditional Keypad deadbolt that will not only give you a peaceful mind but also very convenient to use. This is an electronic keypad that has a keyed entry. It is a customizable lock that gives you options to either use the security codes or a key to gain access to your premises. This door lock is suitable for a household with kids, frequent guest, rented guest house, maintenance staff. It can also allow you to grant access to anyone without the keys.
A set of this keypad locker comes with all the necessary components of the installation. You can program up to 6 codes for regular users. Once you open your door, the doors can automatically lock within 10-99 seconds.


  • It features an adjustable latch
  • Allows up to 6 customizable codes
  • Easy-to-install
  • Comes with hardware components
  • Automatically locks within 10-99 seconds

#2. Klwenas Maec IP6 Waterproof Security Digital Keyless Easy to Use Bluetooth Smart Lock

Klwenas Maec is a Bluetooth enabled smart lock with a user-friendly keypad. This door lock gives you three options to lock your door. You can lock by long-pressing the ‘#’ button, using the App or the key. It also supports 3 unlocking options which include a mobile App, key, or using a keypad. With the mobile app, you can easily add, edit, or delete the security codes.
This electronic deadbolt is very easy-to-install and use. You can also adjust the direction of the knob for easy unlocking via the app without uninstalling the lock. It guarantees maximum security with the anti-fingerprint design. The integrated design also makes it difficult to remove the lock from the outside. Further, it is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices.


  • It is user friendly
  • Compatible with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has a low-battery alert
  • Comes with a reliable and stylish design
  • It has an IP6 waterproof rating

#3. SCHLAGE FE595 CAM 619 Georgian Camelot Keypad Entry w/Flex Lock (Satin Nickel)

Bid goodbye to misplaced, forgotten or stolen traditional keys by installing a Schlage Keypad lock. This is an easy-to-install keypad lock that guarantees you keyless, painless, and effortless entry and exit in your premises. It facilitates easy and secured sharing of access without the need for having spare keys. This keypad locker is available in various electronic finish and designs.
It comes with a set of 2 pre-programmed access codes that can be customized. Once installed, it can accommodate up to 19 users with different codes. It is equipped with a low-battery indicator that alerts you when the battery is about to die. The keypad has been integrated with a LED backlight for easy visibility. Additionally, it is a good door lock for operations in standard doors.


  • Ideal for any that needs access control
  • It is weather-resistant
  • Enhances security with keyless entry
  • The keypad has a silicon coating
  • Has an integration of LED backlight

#4. REAGLE Certified IOS & Android Bluetooth Keypad Deadbolt Smart Lock (Dark Bronze)

Reagle keypad lock is a smart Bluetooth enabled door lock that is easy to install. You can use this lock to completely replace an existing lock. This lock is compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices. It allows you to customize temporary access by your family, friends, or guests. You can easily share such access rights through Reagle mobile App.
This keypad lock features an integrated LED backlight that makes the keypad visible. It delivers a keyless experience that eliminates the risk of losing or misplacing your keys. You will be able to receive low-battery notification through the App. This keypad lock can also be customized to auto-lock the door after a certain time interval.


  • Allows customization of access rights
  • Easy-to-install and set
  • Compatible with Reagle Locks mobile App
  • It is Bluetooth enable
  • Sends notification through mobile App

#5. HUGOLOG Bedroom Door Auto-Lock Keypad Deadbolt Lock Entry Door Lock (Black)

Get rid of the daily stressful experience of carrying bulky keys by installing a hugolog keypad lock for your doors. It comes with a one-time passcode. This smart lock allows you to customize up to 20 user codes. The passcode length is between 4-10 digits. After unlocking the door, you can set it to automatically lock after 10-90 seconds. Thus you will not worried about forgetting to lock your door.
This door lock lets you lock or unlock your doors with a single touch making it more convenient. It is an ideal lock for both right and left-handed doors. Hugolog has a secure mode as an additional security feature. Once in this mode, it will temporarily deny the entry of other users until the master passcode is keyed in. Furthermore, it is easy to program and install.


  • Allow up to a maximum of 20 users
  • Comes in a sleek and modern design
  • It is pick-and-bump proof
  • Has the easy and quick installation
  • It is 100% key free

#6. SCHLAGE Accent Lever Door Lock Keyless Entry Keypad Door Lock (Satin Nickel)

Satin Nickel Camelot keypad lock is a smart door lock that is compatible with standard doors. It is suitable for use in the home, offices, utility rooms, computer room, or any other entry point. It can also be used in other accessories. This keypad lock comes with a preset of 2 user passcodes that can be used immediately after unpacking it.
The door requirements for this lock are a thickness of 1 3/8” to 1 ¾”. It can accommodate single residential doors or multi-family doors. This keyless lock provides enhanced security and a sense of safety. It has a reversible lever that can be used in left or right-hand open doors. Additionally, you can easily add or remove user codes directly from the keypad.


  • Easy-to-install without requiring wire
  • Comes with a 9V battery
  • Allows customization of user codes
  • Provides enhanced security with keyless entry
  • Has reversible lever

#7. SIGNSTEK Password/Key Accessible LED Backlit Entry Lever Door Lock (Satin Nickel)

Signet digital lock is an electronic door lock equipped with a touchscreen keypad. The touch panel has been integrated with blue LED lights that facilitates convenient keying of passcodes even when it is dark. This security entry lock is ideal for right or left-handed door handles. In case of an emergency, there is a hidden keyhole for inserting a mechanical key.
This smart lock allows users to create random codes before or after keying in the correct passcodes. This will help in concealing your passcode. It comes with an interchangeable and fashioned door handle. More so, this keypad lock is easy-to-install with the help of a user guide and a hexagon screwdriver.


  • Has a touchscreen panel with blue LED lights.
  • It features a concealed keyhole in case of emergency
  • Designed with interchangeable and fashionable handle
  • Allows easy customization of anti-peep password
  • Comes with hexagon screwdriver

#8. KING FORCE Easy to Install Keyless Entry Door Lock Keypad Deadbolt Lock

King Force keypad lock is a top security and more convenient door lock that can accommodate up to 50 different user codes. This electronic deadbolt lock guarantees you stress-free and convenient entry for you, your family, and friends. It also allows you to set an automatic lock after 3 to 30 seconds to prevent unauthorized entry. Alternatively, you can employ the use of one-touch locking.
This door lock allows you to either use the keypad or physical key to gain access. It comes with a pair of physical keys. The keypad features a back-lit for good visibility even when it is dark. Additional features include a USB socket for emergency charging. Once the battery becomes low, it will give you an alert.


  • Compatible with standard doors
  • Has a USB socket for emergency charging
  • Comes equipped with a low-battery alert
  • Programmed with an auto-lock function
  • It uses 4AA batteries

#9. TURBOLOCK Multi-Function Keyless Keypad Electronic Door Knob w/Lock (Brush Nickel)

TL-111 Pro is an enhanced and multi-functional door lock suitable for homeowners and business owners. This keypad lock offers convenient digital access to entry places. It guarantees your peaceful mind with the safety and security of your property. This electronic lock offers you multiple entry options. You can use physical keys, passive mode, or use passcodes. Passive mode temporarily leaves the door unlocked.
This lock allows you to customize up to 9 passcodes for different users and one for an administrator. It stores the codes on the keypad and can accommodate over a million combinations making hacking impossible. It also features a passcode disguise. You can enter additional digits before or after the correct codes. Furthermore, it is easy to install and use.


  • Designed with buttons facing upward
  • It is a weather-resistant lock
  • Has zinc alloy coating
  • Suitable for external door knobs
  • Allows up to 10 programmable codes

#10. MiLocks Interior Doors Digital Knob Lock w/Electronic Keypad (Satin Nickel)

Milocks TKK-02SN is a digital door lock with an electronic keypad. This keyless door lock is suitable for interior entry points. It is easy to install on either right or left-handed doors. The door required for installing this keypad lock is 1 ¼” to 1 7/8”. It gives you entry options; using the passcode or physical key. It is more convenient to use the security code than the key.
This lock is easy to program through the keypad procedure. You can customize and add a maximum of 6 users apart from the administrator. The keypad has back-lit illumination that enhances visibility when there is darkness. It also has audible tones for locking, unlocking, or when sending a low-battery alert.


  • Adjustable to accommodate either left or right
  • Glows when dark
  • Easy to program
  • Can accommodate up to 6 users
  • Allows direct replacement

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Keypad Door Lock

Type of door

Keypad locks have been designed to serve multiple purposes. Apart from being used in the front doors, they can also be used indoors or outdoors. The type of your door will be a determining factor when buying a keypad lock for your door. Also, consider the number of doors you want to install a keypad lock. This will help you in determining the number and amount of money to spend.


You can install a keypad locker as a supplementary lock to an existing locker or replace the already existing one. The locker you choose to buy should guarantee you easy installation. Familiarize with your current installed door locker before trying to install a keypad locker so that in case the installation fails, you can put back the initial locker without jeopardizing the security of your home or property.


Different keypad lockers have varied costs. Their prices vary depending on the features, installation location, designs, functionality, and connectivity. The cost of a single unit will also affect the total cost you will spend on purchasing the number of keypad lockers you want to buy. The more advanced the keypad lock is, the more expensive it will be. Buy one that will not strain your budget.


Consider buying a keypad locker that allows you to connect to other devices. Your keypad locker should facilitate easy communication with other smart equipment. Connectivity features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-wave. If it can allow such connectivity, it will be easy to integrate your keypad locker to other security systems you have installed. Additionally, it will be easy to access your locker remotely.


Enjoy easy life and convenience in your doors with keypad locks. You will have peace of mind with guaranteed security provided by these door locks. After getting to know all the basics of these door locks, buying one should not be a big deal for you. Use this guide to make a final decision to purchase one that meets both your budgetary allocation and needs.

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