Top 10 Best Jewelry Organizers for 2020 Reviews

The jewelry organizer is a must-have item for most ladies. It’s so since ladies have several jewelry pieces spanning from bracelets, necklaces, earrings, among others. Failing to keep your jewelry organized may take you a lot of them to find matching pieces when you need them. That’s where jewelry organizers come into play and complete the organization menace, thus saving you a significant amount of time when dressing up. And as if that’s not enough, a jewelry organizer complements your room’s décor with its glamorous look.

There’re tons of jewelry organizers on the market currently, and finding the best model is easier said than done. As you know, people have different expectations and tastes; therefore, the critical thing here is to understand your needs. That’s said, we’ve compiled a list of the best ten jewelry organizers you might consider this season. Let’s find out what each model offers.

#1. TEEHOME Wooden Wall Mount Rustic Jewelry Organizer w/Wooden Barn Door for Home Décor

With skilled craftsmanship, Teehome jewelry organizer will turn messes into organized units. This jewel is designed to keep your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many other accessories more intact and organized. It has reinforced hinges that keep you safer and your jewelry more intact to avoid losing them. You can install in your house, apartment, dorm, condo, or any other smaller spaces since it has a compact design. Installation is a hassle-free task because wall mounting screws and hanging hooks enable you to mount it on the wall or over the door. Furthermore, it is designed from quality rustic wood materials that last longer.


  • You can use the top shelf to display photos or flowers
  • Spacious to hold more than 40 different accessories
  • Saves your time since it takes 5 minutes to install it
  • The rustic materials match most home decors
  • Extremely lightweight making it more portable

#2. HollyHOME Touch Screen LED Light Armoire Wall Mount Lockable Jewelry Cabinet (White)

As a woman, you would not afford to meet this decorative jewelry organizer with a wooden door from Hollyhome. It is constructed from high-grade MDF components that are durable with a soft velvet lining that keeps your jewels free from any scratches. This spacious unit has 33 earring holes, 52 earring slots, two storage shelves, 18 hooks, and three lines for finger rings. With only a weight of 5.2kg, you can carry these lots of jewelry from one place to another without feeling its weight. The real glass mirror allows you to check on your makeup or outfit from your head to toe. Also, it has an elegant style that makes it ideal for installing it in your bathroom, bedroom, closet, or dressing room.


  • It takes a few minutes to install thus saves your time
  • The LED lights make all your items more visible
  • Made sturdy for stable access and operations
  • Prevents tangling and losing your jewelry
  • Has two anchoring screws for easy assembly

#3. Homde Wall-Mounted w/Mirror Storage Organizer Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire (Brown)

If you are looking for a modern and unique jewelry organizer with a wooden barn door, then this beauty from Homde is all you need. Not only does it help you to dress well, but stores as many pieces of jewelry as possible. This spacious cabinet has 24 necklace hooks, two cosmetic shelves, 78 ring holes, and 56 earring slots. You can easily mount it on your wall or over the door since it comes when preassembled with included screws and equipped hooks. Additionally, it is constructed from high-quality MDF materials that are durable and lined with soft velvet to keep your jewels free from any scratches. This is a perfect gift for a female friend or family member.


  • Can be hanged on the door or mounted on the wall
  • Larger capacity to store most of your accessories
  • The strong magnets to keep the cabinet closed
  • Three adjustable heights make installation easier
  • Has a lockable cabinet to keep all items safer

#4. LANGRIA Armoire Wall Mounted Diamond-Shaped Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Organizer w/Mirror

You can’t afford to miss Langria exceptional jewelry with a wooden barn door in your bedroom or dressing room. This item is constructed from high-grade wooden materials that are strong enough and lasts longer. The included screws make it easier to mount this jewelry cabinet on your bedroom wall to save your storage space. Furthermore, it features a lockable design that enables you to keep your accessories or cosmetics safer and out of reach by children. The two-door magnets hold the door securely since it’s neither too weak nor too strong.


  • Crystal clear mirror allows for a full-body view
  • Displays your jewels in an organized manner
  • The soft velvet lining prevents any scratches
  • Remains stable with the double-sided tapes
  • Has a premium finish to match most decors

#5. Excello Global Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer w/Wooden Barn Door Décor for hanging jewelry

Fifth on our list is this durable jewelry organizer from Excello global products. This organizer is from real wood with a barn wood finish that gives a rustic look to complement most of the house decors. It is spacious enough to accommodate necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, and many other jewels. Additionally, it has strongly reinforced hinges that keep your accessories intact to avoid losing them. All screws and anchors are included making installation a pretty more straightforward task since it comes when preassembled, and all you need to do is to mount it on your wall. Also, it has a top display shelf that helps you to hold any other additional accessories.


  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • The storage bar can be used to hang longer jewels
  • Available in a rustic brown, white and black color
  • Only weighs 5.1 pounds making it more portable
  • Hanging bar holds your bangles and bracelets

#6. Y&ME YM Wall-Mounted White Wood Jewelry Organizer w/Wooden Barn Door for Jewelry

If you have a smaller apartment and require a compact jewelry organizer with a wooden barn door, then this model from Y&ME YM is a great pick. This cabinet is from high-grade solid wood materials that last longer. It includes a silver wire mesh to hang your earrings, hooks for necklaces, slots for rings, corks for pinning studs, and a hanging bar for bracelets, bangles, and many other jewels. It can fit either in your dressing room or bedroom since it can easily be mounted on the wall. Since it comes when preassembled, all you need to do is mount it on your wall. Also, this rustic jewelry box keeps all your accessories intact and in a neat manner to avoid losing them.


  • Designed from materials that complement your decors
  • Has strongly reinforced hinges to keep your jewels safe
  • Saves you on storage since it has a compact design
  • Can be used separately to store longer accessories
  • Top additional shelf holds any extra accessories

#7. Homfa Full-Screen Display Door Mounted Jewelry Organizer w/5 Shelves & 2 Drawers (White)

The Homfa jewelry organizer is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your decoration looks. This cabinet has a larger storage capacity, which includes 31 necklace hooks, one long bracelet rod, one large ring cushion, 40 stud earring holes, six shelves, 75 earring slots, and more. At the center is a full-length gleaming mirror that provides more elegance and allows you for a full-body view. It has a lockable cabinet that keeps your jewels safe from any access by children or unwanted persons. Moreover, it is designed from medium-density fiber wood that assures a longer-lasting, more reliable, and scratch-resistant and mold proof.


  • The interior is felt-lined to avoid scratches and scuffs
  • Saves your home as it takes few minutes to install
  • Has two lock keys to keep all your jewels safer
  • Made from sturdy materials to keep it stable
  • Spacious enough to store more accessories

#8. Sunix Jewelry Cabinet w/Mirror Wall Lockable Jewelry Armoire holder Storage Cabinet (White)

What happens if you often lose your jewelry? So disappointing, that is why you would require the Sunix jewelry organizer with a wooden barn door. This cabinet is lockable to avoid losing your jewels by access by children or unwanted persons. The internal storage has four shelves, 78 ring slots, 90 earring slots, three cosmetic tool cups, 30 stud holes, one bracelet holder, and one bottom grid. With three adjustable heights, you can easily hang the cabinet over the door with the hooks or on the wall with ideal screws. Besides, it is equipped with a full-length mirror that enables you to check on your makeup or outfit from head to toe.


  • Transparent storage cups to enable you to view your stuff
  • Designed from high-quality, durable materials
  • Has a velvet lining to avoid any scratches or damages
  • Only weighs 19.84lbs thus easy to carry around
  • Requires little assembly that takes little time

#9. KEDLAN Space Saving Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Wall Door Organizer in Bedroom (Brown)

Are you looking for a high-quality jewelry organizer with a wooden barn door? Look no further than the KEDLAN jewelry organizer. This unit is from high-grade MDF materials that are durable and resistant to any kind of deformation. Its surface is wrapped with PVC materials that keep it moisture-proof, beautiful, elegant, and resistant to corrosion. The superior frameless mirror enables you to check on your makeup or jewels from your head to toe. Additionally, it has a larger storage capacity, which includes 48 ring slots, four earring racks, 22 necklace hooks, and two-compartment to store all your jewelry. This is an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for your lady or mother.


  • Available in a brown and black color to choose from
  • Made lightweight making it easier to carry around
  • Fits perfectly into your bedroom or dressing room
  • Comes with detailed instruction to ease assembly
  • Can be mounted on the wall to save your space

#10. Nicetree 6 LEDs Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer w/Full-Length Mirror (White)

If you are looking for a more spacious jewelry organizer with a wooden barn door, this brand from Nicetree is an ideal choice. This unit helps you to store rings, chains, bracelets, watches, earrings, and much other jewelry in a more organized manner. It features 75 earring slots, 40 earring holes, three hanging rods, 60 ring slots, 22 necklace hooks to store all your jewelry. Not only can it be used as a jewelry storage unit but also a full-length mirror that enables you to view your outfit from head to toe. This cabinet has LED lights that automatically turn on when you open it to allow you to visibly access all your accessories since it displays them in a shiny manner.


  • Soft blue lights enable you to see your jewels at night
  • 6 LED lights display your accessories more visibility
  • Four shelves allow you to store more of your jewelry
  • The detachable earring frame for easy access
  • Has hooks that will enable wall or door mounting

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Jewelry Organizer


The first consideration is the design. The design should be ergonomic to allow you to access with ease. Also, it shouldn’t be hard to use, and most importantly, it should be portable. It is therefore advisable to consider reputable manufacturers to ensure you obtain one of the well-designed models. At least, you should find a jewelry organizer that comes with holes, hooks, among other essential features.


Before you can invest your money and time in any jewelry organizer, ensure it’s going to serve you for decades. Don’t pay for a model that’s going to bend after a while of use because of a lack of sturdiness. In case you want to keep off yourself against coming across such issues, you ought to consider a high-quality organizer that will be able to stay strong and offer you unmatched durability.


Thirdly, the material making the best quality jewelry organizer should be of superior quality in a way to enhance durability. The outer section should be of sturdy material to make it stay strong. At least the interior part should be of velvet material to protect all your jewelry against any scratches. Ideally, the quality of your model’s material determines its durability.


Ladies use several numbers of jewelry that are usually different concerning model, shape, and size as well. For that reason, your jewelry organizer should, therefore, be versatile enough so that it can neatly organize all these different accessories in one place. While considering this aspect, you should find an organizer that has designed to hold many kinds of jewelry.


Jewelry and most fashion accessories are usually associated with ladies. With the best jewelry organizer, you can simply organize your life. We’ve not only provided you with the best selection of jewelry organizers but also a buyer’s guide that will allow you to choose the best model with ease. We hope that the list above has offered you all information you need to get yourself the best jewelry organizer. And if you find yourself in a dilemma or confusion while making the purchase, you can infer on the buyer’s guide to being assured of the model you’re about to buy. Stay abreast and organized with any of the above exclusive products!

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