The 10 Best Jewelry Boxes of 2024

Anyone who treasures jewelry would want every piece he or she owns to last for decades. And one of the best ways of achieving that is by giving them proper care and maintenance. The most important care and maintenance practices is by storing the jewelry when not in use. But you know that storing your jewelry in a dresser or drawers isn’t ideal, because they might get damaged or get lost. The most excellent solution to store your jewelry safe and secure is by using a suitable jewelry box. It does not only keep your jewelry safe but also keeps them organized, not to mention the ease of access.

In this article, we are going to present to you some helpful information regarding jewelry boxes and offer you our best ten jewelry boxes you might consider. This article has been put together by our experts who have done thorough research, and their findings are exceptional. Without further ado, let’s jump into our list.

#1. Kendal LJC-SHD5BN Huge Cleaned Lined Sleek Sturdy Leather Jewelry Box (Brown)

What a great way to make your room more tasteful with a phenomenal jewelry organizer by Kendal. This case comes with exciting features that include a top lid that has a large beveled glass mirror fitted inside. If you expect to get maximum storage for your jewelry, this is the unit to count on because it has five removable drawers to meet your needs. It has stepped up with clean lined, contemporary, and sleek design that makes it a popular selection among ladies — made from leather material that is strong and durable. Even better, each drawer has an ergonomic handle to make the opening of the drawers quite easy. Hope for a safe, secure and organized storage of all your jewelry in this all in one alluring organizer.


  • It only weighs 8 lbs. making it easy to transfer to a different living space
  • Has two swing cabinets, each having eight necklace hooks & 2 storage ledges
  • Built with a brown leather finish to add a beautiful accent to your room
  • Comes with five removable drawers for maximum jewelry storage
  • Has a sturdy construction that enables it to last

#2. HEZALA Large Removable Drawers & Mirror 6-Layer Leather Jewelry Organizer

Are you wondering how you would store your jewelry in your small room? Well, here is a great solution, HEZALA jewelry organizer. It takes less space and offers an enormous capacity to store various jewels. You can keep your earrings, rings, necklaces, waist chain, mascara, glasses, perfume, nail polish, pendants, hair ornaments, brooches, watches, and more. The organizer suit both men and women. The built-in mirror will offer you maximum comfort. In case you are looking for the best gift for a lover, look no further, this is it!


  • Constructed with a grab and handle to make it convenient to carry around
  • Has a velvet interior that offers a long-lasting effect and protects your jewelry
  • Has an attractive appearance to add a fresh style to your living space
  • Made from protoplasm PU leather that makes it sturdy and durable
  • The many slot areas enable you to store all your jewelry easier

#3. Homde 2-in-1 Huge Faux Leather Jewelry Box for Girls & Women (White Wood Grain)

Anyone who is looking for a no-fuss unit will undoubtedly fall in love with the Homde 2-in jewelry box. This unit features white leather decorated with wood-like grain that makes this organizer look gorgeous and distinctive. Also, the small bottom doesn’t take much dresser space, while the heightened structure offers ample space. Even better, different compartments enable you to store any kind of jewelry accessories. This unit was specially designed for on-the-go women who need to take their pieces of jewelry whenever they go. The mirror in it makes you see your jewelry as you wear. The two layers offer one suits for keeping earrings and rings while the other smaller outfits enable you to store small bracelets.


  • The mini travel case is convenient to store earrings, rings, and bracelets while traveling
  • The organizer doesn’t occupy ample space and can be placed anywhere at home
  • Constructed with an MDF board frame that is durable and considerate
  • Has one deep drawer that is great for keeping large jewelry
  • The two side compartments keep all your jewel safe

#4. SONGMICS Large 6-Layer & 5 Drawers Wooden Jewelry Organizer (Dark Brown)

Leather jewelry boxes are quite fancy and beautiful looking, but there are still certain alluring things to wooden jewelry boxes. First of all, wooden jewelry cases are sturdier than their leather competitors, which enable them to be durable altogether. Furthermore, wooden models don’t hamper moisture development while offering full insulation to all your jewelry. SONGMICS Large jewelry organizer has 6-layers, each having multiple compartments, thus providing ample space for storing all your accessories like earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. It is constructed from selected materials with exquisite craftsmanship. If you expect to have safe storage for all your jewelry, try this affordable model by SONGMICS


  • Has a 6-tier structure having top jewelry tray and five drawers for maximum storage space
  • Enables you to organize all your jewelry types like bracelets, earrings, rings, hairpins, etc.
  • Comes with exquisite carve patterns that add elegance to your home décor
  • Made from superb MDF with soft velvet lining for guaranteed durability
  • Each drawer has an ergonomic handle for easy opening

#5. Mele & Co. Bette Hourglass Shape Mahogany Finish Elegant Wooden Jewelry Box

If you are hoping to create a joyful experience because all your jewelry is organized, why don’t you consider Mele & Co Bette wooden jewelry box? Well, with style and simplicity in mind, this case can turn your living space to a palace. The storage convenience for all your jewelry it offers you is magical. It suits any lady out there searching for a unique organizer. It features drawer pulls, pretty pearled doorknobs, softly scalloped top, and dual necklace doors that offer endless style and ingenious convenience. What’s more, the hourglass silhouette finish provides a contemporary flair with a shapely footed platform base.


  • Hourglass shape with mahogany finish adds an antique look to your living space
  • Comes with elegant jewelry holder that will keep your jewelry safe
  • The included in-built mirror on the inside to offer you convenience
  • It is constructed to durable materials that make this unit to last
  • Comes with convenient necklace and storage drawers

#6. Uptizer Large 6-Layer Removable Drawers Leather Jewelry Box for Women (Brown)

Gift your woman this coming season with Uptizer jewelry box, and she will love it. This jewelry box has six drawers, 5 of them being removable. All these drawers have a different number of compartments to store various kinds of accessories. It has been enclosed fully with PU leather materials and with a velvet lining making it durable. The top lid has a large mirror to check on your worn jewelry if they are matching. This multi-layered box can store your earrings, bracelets, watches, glasses, ear studs, and many more. The top section has a lock to allow you to store your stuff securely. The 1st drawer has 20 slots, 2nd has 12 slots, 3rd drawer has four slots, whereas the swing-out cabinets have eight hooks and two pockets.


  • The several layers allow you to keep different items
  • Very sturdy to avoid breakage of your jewelry
  • Has ample space to keep all your jewelry
  • Has a delicate lock to keep your things safe

#7. RR ROUND RICH DESIGN 4 Drawers 2-Open Doors Mirror Wood Jewelry Box (Brown)

Are you a jewelry lover? You would need the right storage box for your jewelry. The round Rich design jewelry box has four removable drawers and one ample open space to store large-sized jewels. You can use it to store bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ear pins, rings, hairpins, and many other pieces of jewelry. It has a natural wood structure that is long-lasting. The double chain and drawer handle to make it easy for you to access your accessories. It has been lined with soft velvet that keeps all your belongings safe from any moisture or corrosions. This unit weighs only 5.76 pounds making one of the portable jewelry boxes in the market.


  • Easy to clean as you just need to wipe it and leave it on the shade
  • Large cosmetic mirrors to choose jewelry to match your outfit
  • Designed from environmentally friendly materials thus safe
  • Multifunctional as it can store all types of your jewelry
  • Has six necklace hooks to hang a variety of your jewelry

#8. Rowling Mg-002 Extra-Large Armoire Ring Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer (Brown-2)

At first glance, you will realize how Rowling jewelry has an elegant look. This jewelry box is constructed from durable wood materials. This jewelry box is large enough has it has up to 4 removable drawers with different compartments. The 1st drawer has nine compartments, 2nd compartment has six compartments, and the 3rd drawer has four chambers, whereas the 4th drawer is an open space. It has a large mirror on top to check on the worn jewelry. The lock and the key help you secure your belongings from children and also thieves. This unit is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for a friend with a lot of jewelry.


  • Has earring hangers to keep your earring intact without losing them
  • Stores your jewelry in a neat manner hence keeping your room tidy
  • Has a soft velvet to keep your jewelry safe from corrosion
  • The 4th drawer has an open space to store larger jewelry
  • Beautifully crafted for an elegant looking design

#9. Legoyo Rose Hand Carved 6-Layer Real Wooden Jewelry Box Upper Lid (Wine Red)

Anyone looking for a no-fuss jewelry box? Then don’t hesitate to get the Legoyo jewelry box. This jewelry box is available in a wine red color, which is an excellent blend to your room decor. It is handcrafted from high-quality wood materials for an extended usage period without frequent replacements. It has six layers with five drawers with up to 52 compartments. That means that you can store as many jewelry as possible. The upper lid is from full explicit acrylic materials that keep off any dust particles. Also, it has a pearl velvet interior lining that keeps your jewelry safe always. It weighs about 7.3 pounds; thus, you can easily carry it with you anywhere.


  • The compartments are sized differently to store different pieces of jewelry
  • Has a key and a lock for an added security of your jewelry
  • Has wood latches to prevent it from slipping when moving
  • Made dustproof to avoid dust settling on your belongings
  • Unique metal hinge to keep your stuff all safe

#10. Mele & Co. Brigitte Ten Hook Necklace Drop 3 Drawers & Mirror Large Jewelry Box

You will instantly fall in love with this the moment you check it out if you own many pieces of jewelry. Mele jewelry box is designed from wooden materials with an antiqued walnut finish giving it that stylish look. This jewelry box is designed to store as many jewelry as possible. It has three drawers with the top drawer having 21 sections, 2nd drawer with ten slots, whereas the 3rd one is just an open space. All these drawers have brushed nickel- tone drawers that make it easy to push and pull these drawers. The lift lid has an interior mirror and also ten hook necklace drop to store more of your jewelry. With only a weight of 8 lbs., you can carry it with you as you travel.


  • Well lined with fabric materials to keep your jewelry safe
  • Well-crafted hence one of the stylish jewelry box
  • Designed from high-quality materials to last long
  • Spacious enough to hold a lot of your jewelry
  • Made lightweight for easy portable purposes

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Jewelry Box

Let’s help you out in picking the right jewelry box by following these aspects at a glance. Just get tired, spare you a minute, and the best will come your way.

The Size

The foremost thing to consider is the size of the jewelry box you wish to purchase. These units come in different sizes, so it’s upon you to choose the one that can hold all your jewelry comfortable. Also, the size of your room will dictate the shape and size of the jewelry organizer that you’ll buy.


The next aspect to consider is the materials used to make a jewelry box. If you expect the unit to offer you a long-lasting service, it is advisable to settle for the model with sturdy and high-quality materials. In most cases, wood and leather materials are preferred because they have proven to be reliable.


For safety and security reasons, it is highly recommended that you purchase a jewelry box with a lock. Jewelry is expensive, and losing them can cost you a lot. Ensure to check for the strength and general construction of the lock to prevent being broken easily.


Also, the number of slots that the jewelry box comes with is very important to consider. If you have any jewelry, you must go for the model with many slots. Let’s say you have necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so on; it’s a great idea to pick the slotted box.


The last aspect you might tend to consider is the availability of a mirror. The goodness with this extra-bonus is that the list we have presented to you has a built-in mirror. The mirror is perfect for enabling you to dress as you wear your adorable jewelry.


The number of jewelry you have doesn’t matter if you lack the best jewelry box. If you treasure your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry, it’s worth looking for the best jewelry box. A jewelry box will enable you to keep your jewelry organized, safe, and secure, which in turn extends their lifespan. When you are looking for an organizer for your jewelry, consider the one we have provided you above. They not only beat the odds by being affordable but also known for their strength and durability they offer. We hope this post has shed light on jewelry boxes in the market and how you can grab one that suits your needs.

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