Top 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides for 2020 Reviews

Inflatable water slides offer your children excellent recreation activities during summer. This kit can be easily set up in your backyard with ease. And with this unit, you’ll never waste time and resources to plan for an excursion or to go to the resort to enable your children to have fun. It’s high time for your children and the whole family to relax and have fun right at home. If you have no idea about an inflatable water slide, then you’re missing a lot; this unit offers a charming and fun atmosphere in your home all the time.

This article intends to help you in selecting the best inflatable water slide so that you can have uninterrupted fun in your backyard. We’ve done thorough research on these units, and we’re proud to present to you the best ten inflatable water slides for reviews. We hope you get the best model that suits your home. Let’s unravel the list.

#1. Blast Zone 5 Occupant Pirate Bay Inflatable Max Combo Bounce & Water Slide

Whether you are in pursuit of a calmer environment or wishing to keep teens more entertained, then you got to try what Blast zone water slider has to offer you. It is from commercial grade vinyl materials that last long. When you need to inflate it, all you do is to stake it, then turn the blower, whereas when deflating, you just turn it off. Additionally, it can be used by children aged three years to 10 years with a maximum weight capacity of 100lbs. The sturdy climbing wall allows your baby to access the top of the slide then quickly slides into the pool of water. This is a great Christmas or birthday gift for your kids this coming summer period.


    -The built-in restriction system helps to reduce wasted water
    -Made lightweight for secure storage and portability reasons
    -Has soft safety netting that prevents your kid from falling
    -Spacious enough to accommodate up to 4 kids at a time
    -Meets all safety standards thus keeps your kids safe

#2. Little Tikes River Race Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer 4 Kids with Max of 350lbs

Have the same feeling as that in the mountains with Little Tikes inflatable water slide. Kids can easily climb up to the top through the center wall then slide to the splash pool each for more fun. This playing unit is strong enough to hold up to 4 kids with a maximum weight of 350lbs when combined. It is designed from high-quality fabric materials to withstand more weight and to last long enough before having to replace it. Children between the ages of 5- 10 years can use this bouncer. As the kids climb up the center wall, a surprise dump bucket pours water on them to make them enjoy their and have more fun.


    -The slippery slides ensure that your kid can easily slide to the pool
    -Has a mountain design to enable your kids to slide faster to the pool
    -Comes with stakes that helps to mount this bouncer into place
    -Saves your time since it only takes 15 minutes to set it up
    -Easy to clean by wiping it using a wet or damp cloth

#3. KIDWISE Racer Challenge Bounce 19 Feet Competitive Obstacle Up to 400 lbs. 4 Kids

Do you need a way to make your young one happier with pool sessions? All this is made possible with Kidswise inflatable water slides. This playing unit measures 9 inches for its width and 19 feet length; thus, it can accommodate four kids at a time all weighing up to 400 lbs. Children from the age of 3 years to up to 10 years are recommended to use this water slide. They can comfortably play or bounce in the middle of the bouncer for more fun. Also, two children can go through the obstacle and slide to the double inflatable slide. You are assured of a longer-lasting bouncer since it is from high-quality fabric.


    -Made sturdy to avoid any shaking or falling off the bouncer
    -Brightly colored to attract your kid to use it all the times
    -Easy to assemble since it only takes some few minutes
    -When deflated, it weighs less thus comfortable to carry

#4. MEIOUKA 7-in-1 Kids Inflatable Bounce House Castle Slide with Blower Water Slide Pool

Are you looking for a more elaborate inflatable water bouncer? This brand from Meiouka could be the right choice for you. During a hot summer day, you can have this water slide on the lawn or the backyard. You can as well use it during winter periods as a ball pit whereas excluding any toys. This bouncer has black safety nets that keep your young ones safe from falling. Moreover, it is ideal for use by four or fewer kids between the age of 3 years to 12 years and with a maximum weight capacity of 320lbs in total. You are assured of more fun since this bouncer has both a rocket and water slide pool design, which kids will definitely like.


    -Skin-friendly since the materials it’s made from are non-toxic
    -Multifunctional since it can be used winter or summer season
    -Easy to install firmly to the ground by using a 450W blower
    -Spacious enough to accommodate up to 5 kids at a time
    -Designed from high-quality, long-lasting materials

#5. Island Hopper Recreational Slide Kids Bounce Curved Double House Safe Climbing Wall

There is more than fun activity when it comes to Island hopper inflatable water slides. It supports up to 4 kids weighing up to 400 lbs. For a perfect choice to suit your kids’ favorite, then this water slide is available in 3 different colors (blue, green, and yellow). The safe return curved slide that brings back your kid to the bouncer during playtime. Also, it has two entrances: Side entry that kids climb each time and transparency as they wish, whereas the front gate also helps in sliding. Your kids can quickly get to the curve with the use of an easy to climb the ladder. This bounce house is from high-quality heavy nylon materials that are durable and soft.


    -Free from punctures and fire because it is from quality materials
    -Reinforced PVC jump surface to support a weight of up to 400 lbs.
    -Has a blower that helps in deflating and inflating this unit
    -It is safe for use since it has been certified UL and GFCi
    -Easy to transport since it has an included carry bag

#6. BANZAI Sidewinder Falls 2 Front Pockets Adjustable Wood Durable Rubber Inflatable Water Slide

Be ready for the endless fun in your backyard with Sidewinder Falls water park by BANZAI. Move up the climbing wall and slide down through the banked curve of the enormous slide. You can even crawl via the tunnel and slide down the diving pathway. Both smooth running and cushiony rides finish with a thrilling splash in the large pool! The airflow blower included making the whole kit to inflate in less than 3 minutes. Besides, it comes with heavy-duty construction that ensures this unit is durable and offers lasting strength. Therefore, unfold, inflate, fill water, and enjoy yourself!


    -Has a durable rubber print that offers long-lasting service
    -Two front pockets enable you to keep personal essentials
    -Provides a combination of comfort and warmth
    -The adjustable hood offers a wide range of use

#7. BANZAI Wild Waves Part Inflatable Step-Up Slide & Water-Sprinkling Arch PVC Construction

Are you looking forward to having a complete waterpark in your backyard? Well, consider Wild Water Park by BANZAI. This unit will offer countless thrilling simmer times involving activities. You’ll have to slide down the spraying splash into the pool of water with ease. Even more impressive, you can challenge your colleagues into a game of basketball or even ring toss. All of those activities are possible on this incredible waterpark. It’s spacious enough to accommodate more than two kids to have fun. It features four inflatable rings that offer endless delight.


    -Inflatable step-up slide & water-sprinkling arch make the unit more interesting
    -Feature a basketball hoop and backboard that offer endless fun
    -The ring toss with four inflatable rings for continuous smooth sliding
    -Construction using durable PVC materials

#8. Doctor Dolphin House Jumper Park Combo Inflatable Bounce Slide for Kids Outdoor Party

Doctor Dolphin inflatable water slide is a perfect choice for your young ones for them to burn extra calories while giving them fun and happiness in the safest way possible. This unit can serve as a unique present to your kids for their birthday event or a typical gathering. It has passed through children’s certification bodies for safety. With double sewing design, kids can jump on this slider without any chances of getting spoiled. Moreover, it comes with a perfect size to offer a wide jumping area for your kids. Additionally, it is easy to set up, and takedown and inflation can take less than ten minutes.


    -Come with heavy-duty airflow blower with storage carry bag
    -The materials making up unit pass lab-test for safety
    -Has a water function that is designed with a water gun
    -This model is easy to set up and takedown
    -Offer a large area suitable for kids to jump

#9. Picasso Tiles KC108 Inflatable Bouncing House w/Pool Area Climbing Wall Heavy-Duty 385W Blower

Bonding and entertainment time with your kids has even become better with the introduction of Picasso Tiles KC108indlatabdle water slide into the market. Unlike a traditional bounce, this model is more practical and involving. With a water cannon and shower sprays head mount, your children will experience one of a kind. Additionally, it is easy to install with a quick set up and uses 385-watts. Besides, it is an ETL certified heavy-duty grade blower. Also, it is portable and comes with a carry bag that makes it quite easy to move around. Moreover, the durable, active splash zone (pool area) that offers additional playing area.


    -Manufactured by high-quality non-toxic materials that offer maximum safety
    -The heavy-duty grade blower is ETL certified for guaranteed safety
    -Has a long-lasting splash zone area for additional playing space
    -Offer maximum portability backed with a storage bag
    -It is easy to set up and uses the power of 385-watts

#10. Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center for Ages 2+ with Landing Mat for Additional Padding

Of course, our list couldn’t have come to a successful end without the Intex Dinosaur inflatable playing center. If you are looking for fun splashing and playing zone, then this model is the appropriate choice. With six included colorful fun balls, your kids will have an unforgettable fun time with other friends. You can slide down the volcano water slide with a smooth landing mat to step on. Also, a drain plug is added to offer convenience. This model is suitable for kids aged 3+ years. Have everlasting fun from this thoughtfully designed kit by Intex Dinosaur inflatable playing center.


    -Feature a drain plug in pool floor for easy water drainage
    -Comes with a repair patch for hassle-free repairs
    -Water capacity in this playing center is 57 gallon
    -The landing mat offers extra padding and comfort

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Inflatable Water Slide

The material of the Slides

It’s fundamental to ensure that the material used to make the slides are durable to offer long-lasting service. As long as you get a model with permanent slides, you can rest assured that you will not get damaged soon. Remember, this is an inflatable slide so that any excess pressure can cause a puncture. So take precaution, if you acquire a model with weak material, you’ll not enjoy it prolongs service; it’ll be a waste of money.

Space Required

Although your backyard has ample area, it’s essential to know that most inflatable slides feature an entire waterpark unit. And that’s why you need to consider the space presence to accommodate the whole kit. It’s after you’ve ascertained the space availability that is when you can think of acquiring an inflatable water slide.

Age Limit

Well said, inflatable water slides come with specifications of an age limit. There are those models that suit kids of age 2+ while others suit the teens. Without putting this in mind, you might end up buying a model that is out of space. Therefore, get to know the age of your children and purchase the right model.

The capacity of the slide

The last factor you might want to consider is the load capacity. Most models are capable of accommodating one to two people. However, if you decide to go for an inflatable water park, then the individuals can provide an increase. For that reason, you should first consider the max capacity directly to the max load.


As we’ve seen, in many cases, inflatable water slides come together with the whole inflatable water park. It’s upon you to decide whether you should go for a complete kit or just opt for an inflatable water slide. In the above list, we’ve included the two options so that you may not be forced to search further. We hope this review has offered you useful information that will enable you to purchase the best inflatable water slides in a hassle-free manner. Don’t hesitate to hit the comment section in case you have any queries regarding the products above. Enjoy fun times coming ahead!

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