Top 10 Best Food Storage Containers in 2020 Reviews

Food storage containers offer some valuable benefits to today’s lifestyle. For once, you can purchase food in surplus, knowing that they wouldn’t go wrong. This kitchenware comes with a special design that seals food very well, ensuring that all the insects and bacteria are closed out from contaminating food. Most of these containers are developed from non-odor absorbing materials, which implies that your food wouldn’t smell strange even if you keep it for several days. Besides, it comes in packaging with various sizes that ensure the exact amount of food is stored in the appropriate container.

Unluckily, a few food storage containers come with the same performance. To just but one, these containers differ in the materials used. Most buyers opt for glass materials over other models because they don’t break easily, plus they are BPA-free. Plastic materials are also an option, but it’s upon you to make a final decision. Since there are tons of choices to choose from, we managed to coin this post by offering you the top 10 best food storage containers in reviews.

So, let’s see what each option boasts.

#1. Rubbermaid 9 Bases Brilliance 3.2 & 4.7 Cup Clear 18 Pcs Food Storage Container Set

Nothing looks better in your kitchen than neatly organized containers. Rubbermaid food storage containers can be stacked into one another, saving you storage space and keeping your kitchen organized. With the airtight seal, these packs help prevent any spills or leaks most, especially while traveling. They are equipped with built-in vents that allow for splatter resistant microwaving operations. That aside, they feature BPA free clear plastic lids that qualify for 360 degrees clarity of the inner contents. This set included nine containers and nine lids with different sizes and shapes that meet all your needs.


    Made of stain-resistant materials thus retains their new look
    Have a lightweight design, therefore, easier to move them around
    Cleans up in a dishwasher within some few minutes
    More comfortable to open and close without any breakages
    Lids fit correctly to ensure that no liquids leaks

#2. Chef's Path 14 Pcs Kitchen & Pantry Organization BPA-Free Airtight Food Storage Container Set

You are set to keep your pantry organized like never before with Chef’s path food storage containers. These units are sized differently, enabling you to store a wide variety of food substances at ago. Not only can they be used in storing dry foods but also flour, cereals, rice, sugar, and many other foodstuffs. The lids have four-sided locks that ensure that no air or water particles get in, thus keeps your food dry and fresh. Even better, they have a stackable design making them easier to store in a refrigerator, small shelves, cupboards, and other smaller spaces. The bonus labels make it easier to know your content for easier access.


    It takes some few minutes to clean them thoroughly
    Have a space-saving design thus more convenient
    Can be used to hold liquids such as soups and water
    Designed from quality materials that last longer
    Comes in a beautiful box thus ideal for gifting

#3. DWELLZA Kitchen Pantry Snacks Baking Supplies 4 Pcs Same Size Airtight Food Storage Container

Do you plan for a picnic or camping trip? Well, you can carry with you these food storage containers by Dwellza kitchen. This four-piece set has all its boxes sized the same, allowing you to store different food substances. Each container has a capacity of 2 liters; thus, you can store more foods. They have a spacing saving design because they are designed wide and short; therefore, it can fit into shelves, freezers, cupboards, refrigerators, etc. With the easy to use airtight lid lock mechanism, you can keep your foods fresh. You can also dip the containers into a dishwasher for easier maintenance.


    Can be used to store grains, pasta, beans, and cookies and so on
    Stackable thus takes advantage of the vertical space
    The lids can be washed by hand using a damp cloth
    Keeps your kitchen organized and neat at all times
    Have a sleek design to match your kitchen decors

#4. Razab HomeGoods Strong Glass Set of 8 Meal Prep Leak-Proof Food Storage Container w/Lids

Keeping your leftovers fresh and delicious has been made easier for you with Razab HomeGoods food storage containers. All the eight containers are made of borosilicate glass, whereas the eight lids are designed from plastic components for long-lasting units. The lids feature a four tab locking system, which keeps them well sealed, airtight, and watertight. Maintenance is a hassle-free task because you can toss both the lids and containers in a dishwasher. Better still, you can get them straight from a refrigerator to a microwave or wave to the table without warping.


    Fits into your bag since they have a compact design
    Have a square shape making them easily stackable
    Have a lightweight design for easier portability
    Made of non-toxic and BPA free components

#5. FineDine 24Pcs Nely Innovated Hinged Locking Lids BPA-Free Leak-Proof Food Storage Container

Nothing is far much better than having a ready meal after a tiresome workout. Finedine food storage food containers allow you to pack your foods while out in the gym, picnics, or camping to avoid starving yourself. This set contains 24 pieces of differently shaped and sized packs to meet different storage needs. They are crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass materials that are durable and can withstand temperature changes without warping. Furthermore, they are environmentally friendly and safer on hot foods compared to plastic containers. With this, you can quickly transfer hot foods into these packages.


    Dishwasher friendly thus takes some few minutes to clean
    The glossy surfaces maintain your food tasty at all times
    Ideal for storing acidic food as they do not absorb smells
    You can transfer them from freezer to oven in instants
    Have a transparent design to check on the contents

#6. M MCIRCO Airtight Microwave Oven Locking Lid Glass Meal Storage Container & Dishwasher Safe

For ideal meal prepping, all you could ever desire for is M Mcirco food storage containers. These units contain 5 packs of 34oz containers and five packs of 13oz containers to suit different storage needs. They are made from high-grade borosilicate glass, making them stronger and quickly adapting to any temperature changes. Moreover, they use snap-lock lids with silicone seals that ensure that your food is more prolonged than in plastic containers. These kids are easier to use and do not break easily. The glass is free from any stains and odors that could be harmful.


    Allows you to bring your meals and lunch to your office
    Have a smart locking design to keep them leak-proof
    Dishwasher, oven, microwave, and freezer friendly
    Can be well stacked to save you on storage space
    Made sturdy from safer and stable storage tasks

#7. BAYCO 8 Pcs BPA-Free & Leak-Proof Glass Airtight Glass 3 Compartment Food Storage Container

Bayco food storage containers are equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your storage needs. These eight containers are versatile, thus ideal for use during different occasions such as gym, travels, picnics, etc. They can withstand temperatures of over 725 degrees; therefore, they are microwave, freezer, and oven. Both the containers and their kids can be easily tossed into a dishwasher for quick cleanup and maintenance. Ideally, they are airtight; thus, you are assured of leak-proof proof units that retain your food substances’ deliciousness. The borosilicate glass is well designed for easier cleaning and does not absorb any stains or smells.


    Made from BPA free materials thus safer for everyday use
    Each unit is spacious enough to hold more food contents
    Easier to open and closed with improved locking design
    The removable sealing rubber ring is easier to clean
    Can be used to hold liquids such as soups and juice

#8. Fullstar BPA-Free 20 Pcs Long-Lasting Clear Plastic Food Storage Container w/Lids

With Fullstar food storage containers’ help, you can easily store fresh, dried, or frozen foods. This set of 40 pieces includes 20 different sized containers and 20 lids for convenient storage. They are designed from high-quality BPA free components that are safe, reliable, and long-lasting. All the kids have a snap-lock design that assures you of leak-proof and airtight food containers. With only a weight of 5.34 pounds, you can easily carry them from one place to another without feeling much of their weight. You can as well stack them together to save your storage space.


    Have four hinge locking system keeping them leak-proof
    Can be used to store small arts and crafts like beads
    Easy to identify contents with the translucent design
    Available in 10 different sizes to suit all your needs
    They are refrigerator, microwave, and freezer safe

#9. Vtopmart 1.6L 12Pcs Plastic BPA-Free Airtight Food Storage Containers (Blue)

You can now keep your kitchen fully organized with Vtopmart food storage containers. You can use them to store rice, flour, sugar, nuts, cherries, coffee, and many other food substances. This set of 12 containers are designed from BPA free plastic materials that are long-lasting and strong. Whether you have a small or larger pantry, you can use every inch of your kitchen space since you can easily stack them together. The side locking lids have silicone gaskets that make them airtight to keep your foodstuff dry and fresh. Additionally, they come with 24 reusable labels that prevent you from confusing the containers.


    Ideal for dry foods since it keeps them dry and fresh
    Have an excellent sealing design to avoid any leakages
    Safer if you put them in a microwave or freezer
    Very tight though they are easier to open
    The containers are safe for dishwashing.

#10. Utopia Kitchen Glass 18 Pcs Transparent Lids BPA-Free Glass Food Storage Container

Are you looking for high-quality food storage containers? Look no further than Utopia kitchen food storage containers. This set has 18 pieces designed from borosilicate glass and PP components well known for their strength and durability. With close four latch and easy to open lids, you are assured of leak-proof containers while traveling. They are oven safe, freezer safe, and other long term food storage devices for more convenient storage. Better still, you can easily toss them in a dishwasher for easier maintenance and clean up. Also, storage is an easier task because you can easily stack them in your fridge or slide them in your gym bag.


    Have airtight and watertight seal to keep food fresh always
    Dishwasher friendly thus saves the hassle of hand washing
    Heat resistant to up to 400 degrees for ideal storage
    Take less storage space with their compact design
    Made lightweight thus easier to carry around

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Food Storage Container


Plastic and glass are the two primary materials options available for food storage containers. Glass containers tend to be more preferred than plastic options because they tend to work seamlessly in the oven or microwave. The downsizing of a glass option is that they are heavier and break easily; hence if you’re an on-the-go individual, glass containers won’t do you any good. Even though plastic models are now entirely BPA-free and safe, some customers still consider glass safer to stay away from any chances of chemical leaching.


Food storage containers are either rectangular or round. First, the round is more suitable for liquids and salads, while rectangular ones are suitable for cereals, meat, and more because the straight corners organize foods well with no space wasted. Rectangular or round, we like food containers that come with straight corners as opposed to flared to prevent hogging up additional, unneeded room in your cabinets and fridge.


The aim of buying a food container is because of a seal-proof closure; for that reason, you need to ensure the lids of any set you opt for offer an airtight enclosure to keep your food safe from bacteria and air. Most lids offer a press down mechanism while others feature clasps on the sides for tight closure. In most cases, lids that don’t have clasps are suitable because they’re thinner, and storage is seamless.


Well, that’s all about the best food storage containers. We’ve done our best to research and tabling the best-rated food storage containers in the market now, if possible, to coin your search into these limited choices. Our main aim is to offer you quality, well-researched, durable, yet affordable products, so you shouldn’t fret picking one of these essential products. Even if you’ve your taste and preference, you can bet to come across the best of the best model list above. That’s all for now; enjoy your shopping experience!

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