The 10 Best Folding Hand Trucks of 2024

If at one time you wanted to carry heavy luggage, you truly know how a hand truck is of great help. From bulky essentials, light accessories to fragile packaging, taking them on your back to your office can be an arduous task. However, a folding hand truck can assist in a significant way. You can be able to carry luggage right into your office more efficiently.

While these folding hand truck may offer the same service, each model comes in its design, style, and features. And for that reason, there are tons of brands of folding hand trucks that will lower your chances of choosing the best. However, we have your back. The review below consist of the ten best folding hand trucks. This list consists only of the top-ranked products in the market. Read through it and make your judgment after that. Let’s get set and go!

#1. Harper BKB85 600lbs P-Handle Solid Rubber Wheel 48'' Height Folding Hand Truck (Green)

First off, Harper BKB85 folding hand truck offers you a secure mechanism of carrying luggage and other goods. The load capacity of this unit is 600lbs, which is suitable for heavy-duty functionalities. It is 25 percent great in performance compared to its competitors. The 8-inch rubber flat-free tires are easy to maintain and can move in different terrains. Besides, the ‘P’ handle construction offers an easy one or two-hand control by the person operating it. If you have large loads, the 48-inch height works for you, while the curved back will take care of curved loads.


  • Constructed with heavy-duty flat-free 8-inch solid wheels for natural movement
  • The maximum load capacity for this hand truck is 600 pounds
  • The P handle construction offers easy hand control
  • Reasonable price and no need to inflate tires
  • Can hold both massive and curved loads

#2. Magliner HMK11AA1 Durable Nose Plate Horizontal Loop Handle 500lbsLightweight Hand Truck.

Are you frustrated with those traditional hand trucks that carry a handful amount of goods? And you are looking for a modern model to carrying absolutely everything? Well, Magliner HMK11AA1 hand truck is the best choice for you because it has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. The frame and nose of this hand truck are from aluminum, which is lightweight and resistant to corrosion and rust. On the other hand, the wheel has a start-of-the-art design with bearing that lower friction and support weight fully. All the tools needed for installation are equipped with this package, and installation is quite easy with a manual.


  • Built with 8-inch mold-on rubber wheel for hassle-free movement
  • Dimension of aluminum die-cast nose plate -14” x 1-1/2”
  • Has a straight back frame and horizontal loop handle
  • Offer transportation for bulky goods and luggage
  • It has a load capacity of up to 500 lbs.

#3. Macete Portable 460lb Capacity All-Terrain Heavy Duty 6 Wheels Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Macete hand truck is what you have been looking for to aid you in transporting your luggage. This hand truck has its wheels constructed from high-quality materials that are durable and produces no noise. The poles of the handle are designed can increase from 2 poles to 3 poles to improve in its capacity. The 10mm thick rope is easy to install and made it simple to carry anything upstairs. It weighs up to 27.1 pounds and can support a load weighing up to 460lbs. The fact that it is designed from a heavy-duty frame allows you to carry the heavier weight. It comes with a well-instructed manual to guide you on how to install it.


  • Has four wheels that allow you to maneuver quickly and faster
  • The climbing rope assists to pull the heavy load up the stairs
  • Has a substitute handle to carry more massive weight or luggage
  • The rope has a handle grip to avoid injuring your hands
  • Tight handle to keep it always intact and stable

#4. Black Bull 2020 Multifunctional 440lbs Capacity 6 Wheels 360 Rotation Folding Hand Truck Dolly

Are you looking for a handy folding hand truck? Look no further than a Black bull folding hand truck. This hand truck has up to 6 wheels to enable you to transport your luggage easier. It can be used in airports, at home or in the office. It can be folded when you want to store it or carry it with you. This unit only weighs 7.2 lbs. Yet you can use it to transport heavier luggage. It can rotate up to 360° when you desire to change direction. Also, it can be adjusted at three different levels to suit your luggage needs. The heavy-duty frame supports your entire luggage more safely and stably. The wheels are durable, as they do not wear quickly.


  • Comes with free elastic rope for more convenience
  • It accommodates luggage weighing up to 440 lbs.
  • Has a foldable handle making it easy to store it
  • Small size to avoid taking much of your space

#5. ROYI 155lbs Heavy Duty 4 Wheels Utility Cart Lightweight & Compact Folding Hand Truck

ROYI folding hand truck offers an easy way to carry your luggage. It is suitable for use in supermarket airports or at homes. You can use it to carry large size packages and goods. You can fold it easily within a few seconds and store it in your backpack. It weighs up to 4 lbs. when folded, meaning that you won’t feel its weight at all, it accommodates luggage weighing up to 155lbs. The drawbar is constructed from high quality thickened steel materials for longer usage time. The top graded wheels are stable and wear-resistant. It calmly holds your luggage without shaking or falling off the hand truck.


  • Extended long handle for smoother operations with no accidents
  • High-quality wheels that produce no noise when in use
  • The base plate is designed from high-quality plastic
  • Small and handy to save you much of your space
  • High-end resin joints allow you to move easily

#6. Vergo S300BT 275 lbs. Capacity Lightweight & Sturdy Collapsible Hand Truck Dolly (Silver)

You don’t have to hesitate to purchase a Vergo hand truck because it necessitates easy carrying of goods. The hand truck allows loading any kind of luggage during any occasion. The whole hand truck weighs approximately 10lbs and can support a weight of up to 275 lbs. The sturdy aluminum frame with a silver finish is strong enough to withstand more luggage. No assembly needed because it comes when fully assembled. The wheels are large enough to ensure that your luggage is always stable. It does not take much of your space as it is compactly folded to fit into smaller spaces.


  • Made lightweight enable you to carry it with no difficulty
  • The button placement prevent any accidental unfolding
  • Has a long handle to avoid kicking the metal frame
  • Can be folded easily for easy package and storage
  • 7″ rubber wheels that are more stable and sturdy

#7. Cosco 12323ASB1E 4-in-1 Larger Storage One-Hand Conversion Looped Handle Hand Truck (Steel)

Are you usually involve in carrying heavier materials? Cosco hand trucks can work better for you. This hand truck can be used at home or when working. It can be easily converted into two wheels upright, four-wheel cart or four-wheel hand truck depending on your choice. It is constructed from high-quality materials that are durable for prolonged usage time. This item weighs about 29 pounds; hence you can easily transport it. It can support load weighing up to 800lbs as a two-wheel hand truck. You can use it when performing various tasks around your home, like when moving items to the store. It is ergonomically designed to ensure that you are always comfortable while using it.


  • Well-made tires that never go flat even after long usage hours
  • The folding toe plate allows for transporting heavier stuff
  • Has a looped handle that makes it easy to move around
  • It does not require much maintenance as it is durable
  • Easy to assemble as it requires no extra tools or pins

#8. Wellmax Push Cart 330lb Weight Capacity 360 Degree Swivel Wheels Folding Hand Truck (Yellow)

If you need a compact and lightweight folding hand truck, Wellmax folding hand truck with wheels that can rotate 360 degrees is your ultimate solution. The innovative design will offer a compact storage ability. Also, it is constructed to allow you to move around carrying luggage with ease. The four heavy-duty wheels provide seamless and convenient transportation. The support guard will guarantee the safety of all your items. It is engineered from high-quality materials that boost its durability. The unit can be used anywhere anytime. For instance, you can move gardening tools, household items, luggage, wood planks, and even office supplies.


  • Made from high-quality materials that guarantee durability
  • Comes with an innovative design to offer compact storage
  • Durable multi-purpose unit for anywhere anytime use
  • The functionality is built to move around with ease

#9. Harper Truck 400lbs Weight Capacity Lightweight Glass Filled Nylon Hand Truck & Dolly

Harper Truck Steel-Tough Glass Filled Nylon filled is super-light compared to steel, yet it still possesses that same strength as aluminum or steel hand trucks. It has built-in glides that necessitate smooth movement up and down the stairs and curbs. Besides, the wheels are 8-inch with solid rubber and 3-inch swivel casters for seamless mobility. All the frames come when fully assembled; its only wheels and base plate that require simple assembling. The hand truck is comfortable convertible from 2 wheel dolly into a four-wheel cart to be able to carry all the luggage necessary. It has a 300lbs vertical weight capacity and 400lbs platform weight capacity.


  • Built-in frame glides for a breeze movement up and down the stairs
  • The dolly supports 300lbs while the cart support 400lbs capacity
  • Can convert in second from dolly to carts to meet various needs
  • Has 8-inch wheels that have unbroken rubber thread for longevity
  • Constructed with lightweight Glass Filled Nylon Plastic Frame

#10. Magna Cart 150lbs Rust-Proof Capacity Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck (Black/Red)

When it comes to a folding hand truck that is engineered with toughness in mind, Magna cart won’t miss appearing at the top — made with rust-proof aluminum material hence suitable for travel and home use. It can even be stored in the airline overhead compartment because it can fold quite easily. It is also lightweight, which in turn makes storage quite easy. Besides, it is sturdy enough to hold up to 150lbs of weight capacity. Even better, the 5-inch rubber wheels will glide through various terrains with ease. The sturdy construction offers durable use.


  • Has ball bearing wheels that make it be used in almost any floor
  • Uses steel, aluminum, and polypropylene in its construction
  • It is compact and a fold-up within seconds for secure storage
  • Suitable for transportation of tools, moving cartons, etc.
  • Able to carry up to 150lbs weight capacity

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Folding Hand Truck

It is a wise idea to consider the following factors when shopping for the best folding hand truck. The elements not only keep you on track but also offer saving money strategically. These factors include;

Frame Materials

Well, this is the most important thing to consider when purchasing the best folding hand truck. The frame connecting the car MUST be very sturdy and robust to offer support to the heaviest luggage without breaking. Of course, each hand truck comes with maximum weight capacity, but what we’re putting across here is the ability to sustain that load capacity. In most cases, steel and aluminum materials dominate the construction of these appliances. The reason being their strength and durability.

Weight Capacity

Next, you should consider the weight capacity of the hand truck you pick. Each hand truck is weight capacity determines the weight of contents it can carry at once. At least if a hand truck is capable of carrying 100 pounds is suitable. And even if you want to have a larger size, you can always get. Just for the capacity that you know, it will suit your daily use.


Any folding hand truck is never complete without a pair or so wheels. Wheels play the most crucial role in enabling you to maneuver around with ease. There are two types of wheels, namely, rubber tires and pneumatic wheels. Both offer smooth riding experience and durable. Choose the one that seems okay with you.


Having the best folding hand truck makes moving of your luggage easier than you might think. These must-have appliances introduce to the market for those who wish for the convenient carrying of their goods. And if you are one of them and you have not purchased one, this guide will simplify everything for you. Even with the small buyer’s guide, we have offered you; you can rest assured that you are on track. You don’t have to spend a fortune since we have presented you with high-quality hand trucks, which are also affordable. Let’s hope this review has offered you quite helpful information regarding folding hand-folding carts; you’re welcome for more!

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