The 10 Best Bedside Lamps of 2024

Bedside lamps are essential units for most sleepers. They offer great lighting to your bedroom for reading and other nighttime activities, and most of the current models come equipped with USB ports, Chargers, and other useful add-ons. Also, most of these units are affordable, and therefore, they shouldn’t cause a massive increase in the electricity bill. Besides, some of these lamps have advanced features such as dimmable function, Bluetooth speakers, and more functions.

This review is here to offer you knowledge on the best practice to have when choosing the right bedside lamp. We simply offer you an array of these lamps and some aspects to consider, which makes it simpler for you to make a selection. Given below are our best ten bedside lamps for reviews, read on to learn what each one offers. Remember, our selections based on verified owners and customers who have had experienced using them and our research and analysis.

#1. AUKEY Touch Sensor Dimmable Warm White Light Color Changing RGB Bedside Lamp

All your lighting needs are well catered for by the AUKEY bedside lamp. This bedside lamp offers three lighting modes, soft glow, ambient warmth, and bright light. The touch-sensitive base allows you to adjust the brightness to suit your needs. You can use it for your bedroom, office, living room, or study room. It has an energy-saving LED technology that saves both your energy and finances. You can pause on your favorite colors by selecting from the auto cycle great colors. These colors include red, green, and blue. It only weighs 1.6 pounds, making it easy for you to change its positions in your house. Even better, it is an ideal gift for a friend or family member.


  • The LED has an extended life of up to 10 years
  • Has a non-harmful glare to protect your eyes
  • Produces an environmentally friendly light
  • Has a circular shape for stability purposes
  • Suitable for use in small spaced rooms

#2. TaoTronics Flexible Gooseneck 5 Color Temperatures 7 Brightness Level LED Desk Lamp

You don’t need anything more than a TaoTronics bedside lamp to bring a great ambiance and lighting to your house. This lamp has five lighting modes and seven brightness levels to enable you to choose the brightness level that best suits you. It has a sleek construction that makes it easy to fit it into your living room, study room, or office. You can easily adjust the light beam to the required direction as it has an adjustable gooseneck. The flicker-free light beam allows you to study or work without harming your eyes comfortably. It produces a maximum light of up to 386 suitable for reading. This lamp has a height of up to 14 inches and more stable without tipping over.


  • The LEDs are long-lasting hence you do not need to replace them
  • Easy to assemble as it only requires to plug in the power adapter
  • Produces a high-quality light that can light up your whole room
  • Has a low energy usage hence saves much of your energy
  • It has a smaller size making it suitable for smaller spaces

#3. Aooshine Modern Solid Wood Nightstand 2 USB Ports Grey Fabric Shade Bedside Table Lamp

It takes a sound lighting system to get your entire room look wow, right? Aooshine bedside lamp has a square base and fabric shade for great light. Besides, it can be usable for a nightstand, bookshelf, or coffee desk. You don’t need to wake up to turn off this lamp as it a pull chain that makes it easy for you to turn it off when in bed. It has weights of about 2 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and install. Not only can you use as a bedside lamp but also a living room lamp and office lamp.


  • Has a compact design thus occupies less space in your room
  • The rocker switch gets both the USB ports and lamp working
  • Made from high-quality materials for a long usage life
  • It is lightweight making it easy to change its position
  • It can either use 2 watts or 3 watts LED bulbs

#4. Lifeholder Warm White LED Bulb Built-in 2 USB Ports Power Outlet Table Lamp for Bedroom

Light up your entire room with Lifeholder bedside lamp for a great bedtime lighting. Lifeholder bedside lamp has a black iron base with a linen fabric shade that lasts long. The shade color is light brown mixed with cream, making it one of the best lights. This lamp has dual 5v/2.1A USB ports that allow you to charge your phone just beside the lamp. It is the right decoration in the bedroom, living room, coffee desk, or college dorm: this an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for a friend or family member. The high-quality light bead offers a long usage time before replacement. You can also use a crisp white or smart color changing bulb for more desirable effects.


  • Has a round iron base that makes it stable and steady when in use
  • Easy to use as you just need to press on the button after installation
  • Brings about some warmth to keep you comfortable when cold
  • Produces flicker-free light that is harmless to your eyes
  • It is universal as you can use it with E26 type of bulbs

#5. Brightech Modern LED USB Side Unique Lampshade Bedside Nightstand Light (Havana Brown)

Brightech bedside lamp weights up to 4 pounds making it easy for you to assemble. This lamp has a height of fewer than 20 inches. It works well with both 110v and 220v outlets with a 220-110v voltage converter. You can quickly charge your phone through the built-in USB outlet at the side of the wood base. Also, the advanced 3000k warm light LED technology with 800 lumen makes it one of the outstanding lamps in the market.


  • Easy to access as it has an on and off switch to get it working
  • Durable as it can light for up to 20 years without blowing up
  • Has a built-in pull chain switch that makes operation easy
  • Well-crafted to blend well with your bedroom decor

#6. CO-Z Set of 2 USB Charger Modern Metal & Brushed Nickel Finish 21''-Height Bedside Lamps

Why can’t you try the contemporary and coziness this bedside lamp bring? The simplistic lines add a great appearance alongside the off-white fabric shade. CO-Z bedside lamp delivers a beautiful light to your living space and creating a warm ambiance more straightforwardly. Also, it is UL certified for superior safety, while the pull chain offered an easy way to turn on and off. The lamp has USB ports at the base, thus enabling you to charge your smartphone and tablets with ease. The metal construction is durable with a nickel finishing make it incredibly fantastic unit.


  • Has a gorgeous design with USB ports for easy charging of your phone
  • Constructed with a nickel finish that complements your room decor
  • The metal construction body will serve you for years to come
  • Built with an on/off pull chain for a convenient control
  • The whole Lamp is UL listed for guaranteed safety

#7. HAITRAL Small Set of 2 Fabric Shade 15'' Bedside Table Lamps for Living room & Bedroom (Black)

Are you looking for a simple and modern bedside table lamp? Look no further than HAITRAL compact bedside table lamp. This set of two lights has a modern design to match the needs of any bedroom. The lights use high-quality black metal to bring a modern touch and physique right in your room. Also, the metal base is from high-quality metal with a fabric shade, which delivers the beauty of its kind while lasting longer. Besides, these lamps support the standard E26 light bulbs that have a maximum of 60 watts. Apart from being bedside lamps, these lamps are usable as office desk lamps, bedroom table lamps, living room lamps, and more. Lastly, grab these lamps as a holiday gift for your family or friends!


  • Uses a standard E26 bulb that supports a maximum of 60 watts
  • The cord & plug for these lamps are UL listed for safety
  • Offers modern feeling, enduring, aesthetic and durable
  • Lamp dimension 15.4” x 8.8” x 3.9” ideal for any desk
  • Great for bedroom, living room, a girl’s room, etc.

#8. Brightech Noah Traditional Elegant Black Wood Base LED Side Bedside Table & Desk Lamp

Brightech Noah bedside lamp is a marvelous addition to your room and matches the beauty of your house. It suits well your living room or bedroom. It has a black and sleek finish that makes it blend well with the contemporary and industrial décor. Moreover, this gorgeous lamp can make an excellent gift for your family or friends. In addition to that, this Noah lamp can emit a warm and beautiful light to bring a pleasant and comfortable sleeping environment. This lamp is an excellent choice for your bedroom, den, nursery, office, and other home space.


  • Offers warm and beautiful lighting for any office or home
  • Backed with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • The corded lamp works with any décor
  • Built with a convenient on/off switch
  • It is a durable and energy-saving lamp

#9. LEONC Design 61'' Softlighting Minimalist Contemporary with 2 Bulbs & Fabric Shade Bedside Lamp

If you need to add warmth and accent light to your sweet home, then you’re missing a lot from the LEONC bedside lamp. The modern design floor lamp weighs about 3.95 pounds with a total height of 5.1 feet. Also, the light offers you the best brightness to your bedroom and turns your space into a tranquil environment. Moreover, this unit can work comfortably with Alexa and other smart home devices; however, it should be connected to a smart plug to work correctly with the same. For installation, the package comes with all the necessary tools to make it simple and easy. Also included in the box is a 7 watts power saver bulb for convenience.


  • Easy to assemble and clean with 15 minutes, no extra tool needed
  • Comes with a long-lasting, stable and energy-saving bulb
  • The light is lightweight weighing only 3.7 pounds
  • Has a perfect size and looks great with any décor
  • Delivers a beautiful warm light environment

#10. Macally 4 High Powered USB Ports 3 Level Brightness Touch Sensor Dimmable Bedside Table Lamp

Last but not least is the Macally lamp charge. The unit is a three-level brightness touch-enabled lamp and serves as a charging station for your smartphones and tablets using USB ports. Indeed, this is a perfect lamp for your bedroom. When you want to control the brightness level, you simply tap and close quickly with a long tap. It emits a warm cozy bright but not dazzling light that will soothe your eyes.

Additionally, it is lightweight and a compact shape yet sturdy, which makes it a perfect suit for your next newly built home. The base is anti-slip to keep the lamp in place all the time. Lastly, it comes with a long AC cable that offers excellent flexibility.


  • The IC system delivers safe charging to your devices with no overcharging
  • A small and convenient table lamp that suits your bedroom perfectly
  • Comes with four USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets
  • Has three levels brightness adjustable to suits all needs

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Bedside Lamp

When shopping for a brand new bedside lamp, you ought to take into consideration the given considerations.

Lamp Size/Weight

Here is where you consider your bedside lamp to the bedside table. In many cases, if you have a sturdy nightstand, it should be enough to support any size of light. However, there are some models with excessive weight and taller that might need a more robust surface. Most importantly, you should measure the area around the table to ensure even the irregular lamp can fit more comfortably.

Brightness Level Preference

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to the brightness suits their eyes when reading. So, it’s essential to choose the light with varying brightness levels. More bright light can be sensitive to other people’s eyes while dim can suit at the same time bare others from seeing right. A suitable bedside lamp should offer enough lighting without being extremely bright or extreme dark. In either way, ensure to choose a light with adjustable brightness settings to suit everyone at home.

Type of the bulb the Lamp Use

Well, this is worth noting before tipping off your money. Although most lamps can accommodate bulbs of up to 60 watts, some current models are kind of restrictive. Even they now being manufactured with a maximum wattage stacked on the sides. In that respect, you should check the wattage that suits you.

The Cost

Despite the price unit vary depending on the design and features of the lamps, the average cost of a bedside lamp should be less than $40. Go for the light that matches your budget, which also goes hand with your expected features. Lucky enough, we have offered you some of the affordable having stunning features.


Hopefully, this article has offered you some helpful information regarding the best bedside lamp in the market. While it might seem more natural to buy a bedside lamp, it is worth going through this review to ensure your purchase is the best. Having a relaxed and serene bedroom environment starts by getting your excellent bedside lamp. And that is what we have offered you. From now onwards, purchasing a bedside lamp wouldn’t be challenging because we have done everything for you. Have an incredible shopping experience!

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