The 10 Best Air Purifiers of 2024

If you’ve landed on this page, then there is a high chance that you’re looking for the best air purifier. And we’ll also assume that you don’t want to waste a lot of time sifting through various websites for the same. Well, you are in the right place! First, it’s important to know that air in our room isn’t clean, and without proper ventilation, you may inhale air that can’t be cleaned well with your noise. But embracing an air purifier, you can sort out those challenges. You inhale clean and sufficient oxygen that enables the blood circulation to be faster.

Having said that, we want to present to you some distinguishable air purifiers that you might find helpful for your home usage. After experimenting on a couple of options, we narrowed down and picked the best ten air purifiers that are set to excite you. We’ve also found them popular for most buyers and you can give a try as well. Here is the list in ascending order.

#1. Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter UV-C Sanitizer 3-in-1 AC4825 Quiet Air Purifier for Home

Breath fresh ad cleaner GermGuardian air purifier kills viruses, germs, trap allergens, and filter odors by using True HEPA filters. Also, with optional UV-C light, you can be assured of crisp and refreshing air to your living space. It is customizable to three speeds that ensure it meets the requirements of every individual. The lower speed moves quietly that doesn’t disturb people when sleeping at night. If you find this unit useful to you, don’t hesitate to order it.


  • The activated charcoal lower the odor from smoke, pets, and fumes
  • Pre-filter trap allergens like dust, pet air, and other large particles
  • UV-C light kills airborne viruses like staph, influenza Rhinovirus
  • 3-in-1 air purifier to filter air up to 99.97% free from germs
  • Offer you three varied speed settings for convenience

#2. LEVOIT True HEPA LV H-132 Quiet Allergies and Pets Hair Night Light Air Purifier (White)

If you need a portable air purifier that you can take from room to room and also travel-safe then its LEVOIT air purifier. The easy to use features and powerful purification level makes this unit a popular model for most buyers. You can place anywhere you wish. The motor built in this device is stable and has improved efficiency with a longer lifespan. Also, it operates at just 25dB hence offering you a quiet operation that becomes useful at night. The two night light settings offer a warm ambiance and you can swiftly turn them off when you are almost asleep. This is an incredible air purifier to use it at home.


  • High-efficiency air purification with almost 4 times per hour air circulation
  • Night light offers you a soothing and serene sleeping environment
  • Levoit’s replaceable filters are cheap compared to other brands
  • Has three thorough filtration system for perfect air purification

#3. Pure Enrichment True HEPA Filter 3–in-1 UV C Sanitizer Whisper Quiet Air Purifier

Pure Enrichment 3-in-1 air purifier is an exemplary unit that delivers a refreshing air into your living space. Built with an intuitive control panel that enables you to switch on/off and adjust the speed settings with ease. UV-C light mode helps you deal with the micro-organism. Also, it has a portable design that is easy to transport and move around with it with ease; the built-in handle enables you to move from room to room. The HEPA filter traps air pollutants and ensures you have a healthier and more breathable air free from allergy. This should be your ideal appliance if you want to breathe clean and refreshing air.


  • UV-C light safely kills micro-organism like viruses, bacteria, germs, and fungi
  • Whisper-quiet operation offer you easier breathing and silent sleep
  • The easy and efficient operation for immediate use out of the box
  • Uses HEPA filters to remove air pollutants

#4. Winix 5500-2 True HEPA Filter PlasmaWave Odor Reducing Washable Air Purifier

What a great replacement for the most popular 5500 model. Winix 5500-2 air purifier is designed to meet the needs of any home environment and ready to capture pollen, dust, mold spores, smoke, and home odors. This is a perfect air purifier that suits indoor places like the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and more. Besides, this latest model uses three-stage purification stages to deliver almost 100% clean air. It can work up to 360 sq. ft. room size with smart sensor and visual indicator for easy operation. Auto and sleep mode are available to switch off when it’s not in operation. Safety is guaranteed because it has been certified with CUL and CARB certified. The last important thing about this model is energy efficient, it uses only 70watts.


  • Suitable for medium and large rooms including kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc.
  • Uses smart technology to deliver a serene and hospitable living space
  • Uses HEPA filter technology that captures most air pollutants
  • Has a panel control that is easy to operate for convenience
  • Has washable AOC carbon filters to remove all house odors

#5. Winix 5300-2 True HEPA Filter Odor Reducing Carbon Filter Air Purifier for Home

Winix 5300-2 also replaces the widely known 5300 model air purifier. The unit suits any home environment to clean air against pollutants. Also, this is a device that is actively involved in getting rid of the harmful substances found in the air. Even better, it is capable of cleaning air up to 360 sq. ft. Built with a light sensor and auto-sleep mode that saves you more energy. This model is more efficient compared to its predecessors. It has been approved by CUL and CARD certification bodies. With four fan speeds, you use the low speed during sleeping hours for a silent sleep. Don’t hesitate to grab this model if it interests you!


  • It can work up to 360 sq. ft. the room thus suiting any indoor living space
  • PlasmaWave is used as permanent filters to get rid of all pollutants
  • Three-stage of air purification removes a wide range of allergens
  • Automatic mode changes the fan to purifier air as needed
  • Built with a sleep mode that operates silently during the night

#6. Coway Airmega 400 1560 sq. ft. Coverage Washable Filters Smart Air Purifier

Cowboy is here with the most advanced air purifier. Air mega is simply a connected air purifier that effectively, intelligently and silently cleans the air in your house. With a dual filtration system, you can expect 99.9% removal of harmful particles in the air. On the other hand, the pollutant indicator enables you to monitor and manage air quality on a real-time basis. The Coway Airmega can purifier air in a large space within no time. For instance, it can purifier air up to 1560 sq. ft. per hour. Besides coming from a well-established brand, Cowboy sells at a friendly cost. So consider your needs and see whether this model suits you.


  • Combines the true HEPA filter and activated charcoal to offer effective pollutant removal
  • The pollution sensor built in this model communicates with indoor air quality in real-time
  • Auto-setting adjust to its deal setting based on the air quality in the room
  • Cleans the air two times and can clean up to 1560 sq. ft. in size
  • Smart mode with 3-settings offer a convenient operation

#7. Medify White True HEPA MA-40 H13 800sq ft. Medical Grade Sensor Air Purifier

Are you looking for a magical air purifier? Look no further than Medify MA-40 air purifier. This purifier uses four levels of purification to ensure the air you are breathing is purified effectively. It removes all pet dander, allergens, dust, pollens, and more. The front-facing light will change color concerning the current room air quality, therefore it’s a nice unit to offer practical results. For instance, it begins with a red color that changes to blue as the air is free-from allergens and all harmful substances. Don’t fall prey to the heavy air purifier. This one can be moved from room to room because it is lightweight.


  • All the 3-filters come in a single cartridge for simplified replacement
  • The night mode is used to remove air particles quietly as you sleep
  • It uses four levels of air purification to get rid of all air pollutants
  • It has a compact and lightweight design for easy portability
  • A good way to improve health by breathing quality air

#8. Hathaspace 5-in-1 True HEPA Filter Large Room Smart air Cleaner and Deodorizer for Home

If you wish to inhale fresh air always in your living space, then you need to adopt the use of Hathaspace True HEPA air purifier HSP001. The model ensures your lungs are secured against harmful substances in the air. It will ensure air takes you are breathing anytime even when asleep is free from pollutants. Also, it’s the most sophisticated model with five stages of air purification. Known to filter 99.97% of pollutants and allergens, therefore, you can trust this purifier to make your living space safe and conducive. Even better, it uses remote control hence offers you a flexible way to operate even when you are by your bedside or seated on the couch. Why can’t you try this model?


  • Uses a 5-in-1 air purification system for complete clean air from pollutants
  • It can be operated using a remote control for convenient operation
  • The air quality sensor detects and displays your indoor air quality
  • Whisper-quiet in a sleeping mode for a cool night
  • Auto mode offer efficiency and convenience

#9. PARTU Smoke True HEPA Filter Lock Set with Fragrance Sponge Air Purifier

PARTU air purifier is a compact yet powerful unit. The air purifier is strong enough to capture small pollutant particle that is about 0.3 microns. If you wish to avoid the touch mode you can press the lock button for about 5 seconds. This will help in preventing the errors that might come with pets and kids touching while trying to satisfy their curiosity. With the 3-fan settings, you can swiftly control the speed and volume of this unit with ease. Below the air outlet is a sponge that you can add fragrance of any flavor for a long-lasting fresh air.


  • Has a new technology lock-set that prevents kids from disturbing the operation
  • Uses efficient three-stage filtration system for powerful air purification
  • You can add fragrance below the air purifier for a refreshing scent
  • It has been approved by the FDA, FCC, and ETL for guaranteed safety
  • It is compact to fit on the desk but a powerful air purifier

#10. Bissell 2609A Air220 Air Purifier Allergies & Pet Dander Carbon Filter Air Purifier for Home

If you want to capture pet and cooking odors, then the biggest and easy solution is by using the Bissell air220 air purifier. The unique activated carbon filter can capture cooking, gasses, pets, smoke, and other common household odors. The model is packed to a small and sleek design but delivers functionality to its optimum level. This model from a trusted brand offers you nothing but the best air purifier. Also with that, this model includes a soft-touch dial that offers convenient control to features like front filter access and cord wrap. Inside the three-layers of filtration includes activated charcoal filter, pre-filter, and VOCs. Let this air220 clean the air for you!


  • Auto-circulated system monitors and adjusts the unit to its appropriate fan speed
  • It can accommodate room sizes up to 800 sq. ft. like living space, bedrooms, etc.
  • Design with an intuitive control panel that blends into any home
  • Operates quietly with auto-night modes for a peaceful sleep
  • Has three-stage air filtration that is highly efficient

Things to Look Out for When Shopping for the Best Air Purifier

Below is a list of three fundamental aspects that will guide you towards purchasing the best air purifier for your home use.


The first thing to put into account is the type of air purifier. Consider the purpose of your air purifier to pick what best suits your needs. There are various models of air purifiers but you ought to choose wisely to avoid making a wrong decision. Types come according to the filtration system it uses and quality. Also, you should know your room size to ascertain your purchase. Besides, if you don’t have the house heating system, then an air purifier is the best choice.

Air Filtration System

Well, air purifiers’ uses different air filtration system. The most common and effective mode is the HEPA filtration system. Other applicable filtration mechanism includes Carbon filters and ULPA. So, it’s upon you to choose the one that suits you.


Last but not least are the features. Every air purifier has varied functionalities for brand size and model. Common with all purifiers is a fan that sucks air to be purified in. A purifier missing a fan will perform poorly in comparison with the model with the fan. Also, the service indicator is another plausible feature to put into account. It notifies when the next service period is reached. So, keep an eye on those features for the best purchase experience.


An air purifier is for sure a necessity in every household. And instead of questing after the best option on various websites, we made it short and clear. And even better, if you have specific needs that you need to find, then don’t hesitate, let our guide lead you in finding your suit. Bring a refreshing air into your living space, by picking the air purifier that best meets your needs. We wouldn’t lie to you, each air purifiers above claim its superiority in its own unique way.

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