Top 10 Best Wet/Dry Vac Cleaners in 2020 Reviews

Dry/wet vac cleaners are designed to clean liquid spills and dry debris on various floors. These types of vacuum cleaners are designed to be used both outdoors and indoors cleaning tasks. Apart from handling dry debris and wet spills, they can also be converted into a detachable blower. They are equipped with a blower port for attaching the blower. This exhaust port reverses the air floor and uses it to unclog the hose or blow dust away.

Generally, these types of vacuum cleaners can clean up all types of dirt, whether wet or dry. They give you the flexibility to adjust to your cleaning needs without having to buy other cleaning equipment.

There are many competing brands trying to outdo one another with these wet and dry vacuum cleaners. They manufacture appealing vacuum cleaners, which is hard to establish how best they can deliver without digging deeper. This article will give you an insight into the best ten rated vacuum cleaners and what to consider before making a purchase.

#1. BISSELL 2306A All-in-One Crosswave Pet Pro Wet/Dry Vac Cleaner & Mop

Bissell CROSSWARE can be used as a floor cleaner. It is designed with a tangle-free brush roll that delivers much better cleaning than cleaning with a bucket and sponge mop. This brush roll removes debris by scrubbing and reduces pet hair wraps. It is also equipped with easy-to-access controls that let you switch between area rugs and cleaning of hard floors. It has a two-tank design that separates dirty water from clean water. This two-tank technology ensures that you are using freshwater and formula in cleaning your floor. PET multiple-surface formula is used to eliminate pet odors. Moreover, it comes with a hair strainer for separating pet hair.


  • Has Febreze freshness for reducing pet odors
  • Comes with a pair of tangle-free brushes
  • Can be used to wash and clean at a go
  • Suitable for cleaning multiple surfaces
  • It has a two-tank design.

#2. BISSELL 18P03-Grey Wall-Mounted Garage Pro Wet/Dry Car Vac With Tool Kit

BISSELL vac is a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner that can also work as a blower. It has a canister design that allows easy maneuverability during cleaning. It comes with accessories that are attached to it during cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is convenient for use when blowing leaves, piling, or clearing dry debris. The wall-mount design of the cleaner helps in saving floor space. With a 32-feet hose pipe, you can clean over a larger area without lugging the vacuum cleaner around during its use. It is fitted with a semi-translucent debris tank with a 4-gallon holding capacity. Additionally, the tank is equipped with an LED indicator that indicates when the tank is full of water.


  • The package comes with a kit for wall mounting
  • It has a dirt tank with a capacity of 4 gallons
  • Designed to pick up both dry and wet dirt
  • Has two stages of filtration

#3. DEWALT Powerful 6 Peak Horsepower Motor Ultra-Durable 14 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac

This DeWALT vacuum cleaner is a 3-in-1 cleaner used in cleaning dry debris, wet dirt, or blowing away dirt. It has a collection tank with a capacity of a gallon. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 6-peak horsepower motor. It comes with a sufficiently long 20-inch power cord. This vac cleaner is designed with Buoy Technology that makes the cleaner automatically go off once the critical level of water is exceeded. It features two sturdy and large rear wheels and front casters with swivel design. With a strong handle, you can easily transport this cleaner from one place to another. A large switch button covered with waterproof material makes it easy and quick to control the vacuum cleaner.


  • It has been equipped with rubberized casters for easy movement
  • It has a large tank with a capacity of 14 gallons
  • Designed with a powerful blower port
  • A powerful 6HP motor drives it
  • Has an in-built accessory bag

#4. Shop-Vac 5.5 Peak Motor Technology SVX2Gallon HP Wet/Dry Utility Vac

Ship-vac is a 4-gallon wet/dry vacuum cleaner designed with an SVX2 motor to generate more power and prolong the motor life. The motor has a peak of 5.5 horsepower. It comes in a compact and portable design that makes it easy to use. Also, this wet/dry vacuum cleaner can be easily converted into a blower. Its hose pipe is attached to the blower port at the vacuum cleaner’s rear, allowing you to blow away dirt in unreachable corners. Cartridge filter and foam sleeve facilitate proper filtration of dry and wet dirt. Additionally, you can dispose of the debris quickly with the help of a non-reusable bag.


  • Has been equipped with durable casters for easy mobility
  • Has been designed with SVX2 Motor Technology
  • It has a debris holding capacity of 4 gallons
  • It can be easily converted into a blower
  • Comes with a 7ft. long hose pipe

#5. CRAFTSMAN Heavy-Duty 16 Gallon CMXEVBE17595 HP Shop-Vac 6.5 Peak

Craftsman is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner equipped with a 6.5 HP powerful motor. It is designed with a large storage tank with a holding capacity of 16 gallons. This large capacity makes the vacuum cleaner suitable for handling heavy-duty cleaning duties such as large renovations, flooded areas, garage, large buildings, and job sites. This vacuum cleaner comes with a utility nozzle, wet nozzle, and car nozzle. The package includes a pair of ½ inch diameter hose pipe reinforced with dual-flex that makes it resistant to crushing and kinks. This vacuum cleaner has an on-board storage accessory for neatly keeping the power cord and hose. Additionally, it is equipped with a large drain that easily and quickly empties the liquid wastes.


  • Has an oversized drain for emptying liquids conveniently
  • Designed with 16 gallons wet/dry debris tank
  • A powerful motor drives it with 6.5 HP
  • It is equipped with an in-built blower port
  • Comes with a bag for collecting dust

#6. DEWALT DXV09P YELLOW Built-in Accessory Storage 10'' Power Cord Wet/Dry Vac

DeWALT DXV09P is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner with a 9-gallon storage tank. It has been equipped with large rear casters and a conveniently designed handle for carrying out large cleaning tasks. This vac cleaner comes with a cartridge filter use for small, wet materials and dry debris. It is designed with a durable and robust handle that facilitates easy carrying. It also features a large and easy-to-access switch for powering it ON or OFF. This switch has a waterproof design to keep it safe. Additionally, you can cover a large cleaning area with the help of a 20″ long power cord attached to the vacuum cleaner.


  • Has been equipped with a large draining tank
  • Features 9-gallon wet/dry debris container
  • Attached with a convenient accessory bag
  • A powerful 5HP motor drives it
  • It has a 10-inched long power cord.

#7. Vacmaster VF408 Blue 4 Gallon 2-Stage Industrial 5-Peak Wet/Dry HP Floor Vac

Vacmaster is a 4-gallon wet/dry vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning tasks around your house. This cleaner is equipped with five peak horsepower. This is a powerful 2-stage motor that operates ultra-quietly. It is designed with HEPA material with an exhaust filter that facilitates filtration and circulation of allergen-free air in your house. This cleaner has a compact, portable, and lightweight design. Large caster wheels allow you to move the cleaner with much ease during cleaning. It comprises several features that include an 18-inch power cord attached to an auto-cord rewind, 7 ft. hose, cartridge filter, HEPA filter, dust bag, foam sleeve, extension wands, utility nozzle, dust brush, and three pieces of extension wands.


  • The cleaner has a multiple surface floor nozzle
  • It is designed with an automatic cord-rewind
  • Comes with an accessory storage bag
  • It uses a 2-stage powerful motor
  • Equipped with 18ft. power cord

#8. Stanley 4 Peak 60-Gallon Shop-Vac HP 3-in-1 Poly Blower with Powerful Suction

This cleaner is designed with a heavy-duty and powerful motor that delivers optimum suctioning for heavy cleaning tasks. Stanley’s SL18116 is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner equipped with a 6-gallon storage tank. It has a powerful blower port on the rear that can easily convert the vacuum cleaner into a power blower. Swivel casters mounted on this dry/wet vacuum cleaner creates easy mobility during cleaning. It is equipped with a waterproof ON/OFF to switch with a large design for ease of accessibility. This vacuum cleaner has a durable handle for easy transportation. Additionally, it comes with a 10-feet power cord attached to a cord rewind.


  • It is has been equipped with wheels for easy mobility
  • Has a large debris tank with a capacity of 6 gallons
  • Has a lightweight and portable design
  • Designed with 4.0 HP powerful motor
  • It is a user-friendly vacuum cleaner.

#9. Stanley 3-in-1 5-Gallon Shop dry/Wet Vacuum with 4 Horsepower

Stanley wet/dry vacuum cleaner is the most convenient cleaning machine equipped with a large tank of 18.5 L. This large capacity allows you to do large cleaning tasks without frequent emptying of the bucket. This vacuum cleaner uses a powerful motor with a peak of 4 horsepower to deliver efficient suctioning needed to handle your cleaning job. It is a 3-in-1 versatile cleaner used in cleaning dry debris, wet liquids, or used in blowing away sawdust, dust and dry leaves. The cleaner comes with 3-extension wands, 10 ft. long power cord, and 5 feet hose. Additional features include the swivel casters for easy maneuverability.


  • Comes with a reusable dry filter bag and disposable wet filter bag
  • It is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner
  • Efficiently collects the dust with ultra-quiet noise
  • Fitted with durable casters for easy movement

#10. Shop-Vac Powerful & Portable 4.5 Peak 5-Gallon 5989300 Wet/Dry HP Stainless Steel Vac

Shop-VAC 5989300 is a powerful vacuum cleaner for both wet/dry cleaning. It operates using a powerful motor with a peak horsepower of 4.5. This cleaner is suitable for cleaning the basement, garage, and workshop, among other surfaces. It comes with several accessories, including a gulper nozzle, three pieces of extension wands, a crevice tool, a floor nozzle, a 7-ft hose, a filter bag, a foam sleeve, and a cartridge filter. The Shop-vacuum cleaner is equipped with durable casters for easy movement between the rooms. Additionally, it is designed with side and top handles for easy portability.


  • It is fitted with a 7ft hose pipe and three pieces of extension wands
  • Has been equipped with top and side handles for easy mobility
  • Designed with a stainless steel tank with a capacity 5-gallons
  • Designed with strong wheels for easy maneuverability
  • It is driven by 4.5 peak HP motor.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner


The floor type you intend to use the vacuum cleaner on will help you make the right decision before making a purchase. An upright vacuum cleaner is recommended for use on carpeted floors. This is because they have floor nozzles, height adjustments, and motorized brush rolls. While on the other hand, canister vacuum cleaners are best suited for cleaning tile and hardwood floors.

Frequency of use

Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you need to consider how frequently you are going to use it. This is because the machine you will choose will impact the ease of storage and retrieval when cleaning. Consider vacuum cleaners with compact and straightforward design if you want to be using it daily. Also, go for lightweight, designed cleaners that are easy to handle during cleaning.

Noise production level

These vacuum cleaners generate some amount of noise during their operations. The noise level caused by this cleaning equipment varies depending on the machine’s size, and the task the device is designed to handle. The quieter noise level is appropriate for offices and office cleaning tasks. Choose vacuum cleaners which have been equipped with the latest motor-technology and insulated housings of the motors. They can operate with the least amount of noise levels.


Every vacuum cleaner needs to undergo regular maintenance to deliver long term service. Vacuum cleaners that come with replaceable bags are more convenient compared to bagless ones. The bagless type comes with dust bins that need periodical emptying and washing. All vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters require regular replacement based on various environments.


For higher efficiency, it is recommended that you buy a vacuum cleaner that provides powerful suctioning. This will facilitate easy and quick cleaning that picks up all types of debris. Remember to consider all your cleaning needs before settling on purchasing a dry and wet vacuum cleaner. We hope that the above review will be helpful when you are profiling an ideal dry/wet vacuum cleaner for your cleaning task.

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